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Brody Morelia Diary 2.5: Bunuel's 'Daughter of Deceit,' 'Magnificent Obsession,' 'Beyond the Walls'

Brody Morelia Diary 2.5: Bunuel's 'Daughter of Deceit,' 'Magnificent Obsession,' 'Beyond the Walls'
Daughter of Deceit” turns out to be unlike any other Buñuel film I’ve ever seen. Its melodramatic story of a man betrayed by his unfaithful wife who punishes her by giving away their baby, and then turning into a brutal nightclub owner who almost kills his unknown daughter’s husband -- before everything is briskly resolved happily and tied up with a bow -- is told with none of his trademark irony. I find myself wondering if I’d have the slightest inkling if it was by Buñuel, if somehow I’d seen it without any credits. Only two years before “El,” I think! It’s entirely enjoyable in a trashy-movie way, with a comic-relief duo, scenes of shabby nightclub dancers and a singer dressed in tight satin with an amazing cantilevered bosom, and a committed performance by Fernando Soler as the brute. And it has the distinct advantage
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DVD Double Feature - Luis Buñuel's Susanna (1951) and The Brute (1953)

Luis Buñuel. You know. Spanish director. He did Un Chien Andalou, with the eyeball slicing and the meat dragging. Belle du Jour, with all the kinky French sex. Not so keen on God and churches. Dalí’s number one homeboy. That Luis Buñuel.

Mr Bongo Films are releasing two of his lesser-known films, remastered for DVD, presented in shadow-tastic black and white. There’s no DVD extras; the scene selection set-up leaves a lot to be desired... but it gives us more space to talk about the films...

Susana: The Devil and the Flesh, 1951.

Starring Rosita Quintana, Fernando Soler, Víctor Manuel Mendoza and Matilde Palou.

Thunder rolls. Lightning flashes across the sky. Inside a reformatory for wayward girls, Susana (Rosita Quintana) is led to a dark, stone-walled cell, kicking and screaming and flailing at the swarthy ladies in white carrying her. It could almost be Doctor Frankenstein’s castle,
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