Songs for Screens: How JanSport Tapped Artists (Who Already Were Customers) for Its Latest Ad Campaign

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Songs For Screens is a Variety column written by Andrew Hampp, a VP at New York-based music sponsorship and experiential agency Mac Presents and former branding correspondent for Billboard. Each week, the column will highlight noteworthy use of music in advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as new and catalog songs that we deem ripe for synch use.

Music supervisor Todd Porter has helped send Fun. to the top of the charts by synching “We Are Young” for a 2012 Super Bowl commercial with Chevrolet, and added dimensions to Rae Sremmurd’s “Over Here” video courtesy of Doritos.

For his latest project, Porter is shining a light on emerging artists like New York-based DJ/producer Equal, Seattle rock band Naked Giants and Sacramento rapper Chuuwee in a series of digital commercials and short films for American backpack brand JanSport showcasing the company’s latest products Hatchet and SuperBreak. The work was
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I am soooooo fucking elated right now. Ok, so back in law school, drinking conversations would ofter turn to TV shows, as drinking conversations are oft to do. Sometimes, naturally, these conversations would be about shows we watched as kids. I would always talk about one of my favorite shows, and the explanation would go something like this:

So I used to get up wicked early on Saturday mornings to watch this show that was on either before or after "Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse," another awesome show (which had a fucking frog who talked like Edward G. Robinson!). Anyway, there was this kid on Earth and this chick living in space, on a space station or something. And they would talk to each other through their TVs. And there were puppets. And they would watch old "Laurel and Hardy" clips together. And I kinda had a crush on the chick.
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