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Articles (10)

Classic Images (US) January 1996, Iss. 247, pg. 43-44, by: George Katchmer, "Remembering the Great Silents"
Classic Images (US) April 1995, Iss. 238, pg. 41-42, by: R.E. Braff, "Additional Film Credits for Jack Perrin"
Classic Images (US) June 1991, Iss. 192, pg. 18 et passim, by: Richard E. Braff, "An Index to the Films of Jack Perrin"
Classic Images (US) November 1987, Iss. 149, pg. 13-14, 17, by: George A. Katchmer, "The Kids Loved Jack Perrin"
Classic Images (US) August 1987, Iss. 146, pg. 26, 28, by: John Cocchi, "The 2nd Feature; A History of the B Movies"
Classic Film Collector (US) 1974, Iss. Spring, pg. 14-15, X8, by: Carlos de Paulo Couto, "Jack Perrin and _The Lion Man_"
Moving Picture World (US) January 31 1925, pg. 495, "Jack Perrin"
Moving Picture World (US) May 8 1920, pg. 833, "Two Weddings in Filmland (married Hill)"
Moving Picture World (US) August 2 1919, pg. 694, "Universal Introduces Two New Western Actors"
Moving Picture World (US) July 12 1919, pg. 234, "Jack Perrin Engaged by Universal"

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