News Down Under: Lesbian representation over the years on "Shortland Street"

Ruth Callander is a New Zealander living and writing in Melbourne. She hopes to cover stories from both sides of the ditch. Tweet tips about the things you want to hear about to @RuthCallander.

"You'll never guess what's been happening in triage. Apparently everyone’s a lesbian!" — Shortland Street Receptionist, 2011

There’s this thing that happens at my house on week nights when my housemate Sarah comes home from work.

Sarah: Oh it’s 6:30, Neighbours is on!

Me: Ergh, Neighbours. Back in New Zealand, where everything is awesome, Shortland Street is way cooler and better in every way than Neighbours.

Sarah: Shh, it’s starting!

[Silence for approximately 45 seconds.]

Me: Pfft, you call that drama? This one time, on Shortland Street, Donna and Rangi continued to have an affair even after they found out they were half-brother and sister; it was amazing! Oh, or this other time, a truck crashed into the hospital
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