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Lebowski Meets Truman: Rewinding 1998

Every once in a while my brain returns to 1998, the first full year I worked as a film critic. What happens is that something will remind me of a movie that has aged particularly well, something like The Big Lebowski or A Simple Plan, and I'll notice that there were quite a lot of good movies that year, and that many of them didn't get much love at the time. But then I'll start thinking about all those movies that did get lots of love -- especially Oscar love -- and how they haven't aged well at all. By looking at the Oscars and the box office list, you'd think it was a terrible movie year, but in reality it was a great movie year. How does this happen? One of the things I ask myself is: why wasn't Jeff Bridges nominated for Best Actor for The Big Lebowski? And come to that,
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Irish horror Dorothy Mills on R1 DVD

Agnès Merlet's taut, atmospheric, and creepy as all hell looking psychological horror Dorothy Mills is up for pre-order on R1 DVD. The French/Irish co-production the pic has garnered excellent reviews on it’s turn around the festival circuits. With a stunning performance by Jenn Murray in the lead, Dorothy stars Carice van Houten, Gary Lewis, Eamonn Owens, Gavin O'Connor, Niamh Shaw and Charlene McKenna. Synopsis: Dorothy Mills is suspected of assaulting a young baby in a contemporary but timeless rural village...
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