Epic Live-Action Chicken Fight Inspired by Family Guy!

This. Is. Awesome! If you watch Family Guy, then you know about Peter Griffin's intense rivalry with Ernie the Chicken. We've seen some epic fights between the two over the years.

Now you get to see an insanely badass action short that was inspired by the legendary rivalry. It's called Epic Chick Fight, and it features stunt women Jessie Graff and Tree O'Toole as they fight to the death wreaking havoc along the way. I promise you that you're going to love this video!

I've also included a video of my favorite Peter and Chicken fight. 
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Watch Two Stuntwomen Re-create Family Guy’s Chicken Fight Scene

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Watch Two Stuntwomen Re-create Family Guy’s Chicken Fight Scene
What’s the Internet for, if not helping stuntwomen crowd-fund the money to re-create the chicken fight scene from Family Guy? Well, that’s exactly what happened. Jessie Graff and Tree O'Toole raised $2,995 on IndieGogo to do a live-action version of the show’s very famous scene. It’s not shot-for-shot — as $2,995 is not boat-renting money — but it’s very close and, appropriately, very violent. It’s also kinda Nsfw if you work at PETA.
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'Family Guy' Chicken Fight Gets Glorious Irl Remake

Fans of "Family Guy" are all-too-familiar with the 'fowl' antagonist to Peter Griffin, Ernie The Giant Chicken. The "chicken fight" sequences have given tongue-in-cheek tribute to just about every action trope in the book.

Now the long-running cartoon gag is getting a live-action, satirical tribute of its own, with a gender twist added for good measure. Check out the video above entitled "Epic Chick Fight," featuring stuntwomen Jessie Graff and Tree O'Toole in a comedic "fight to the death, crashing through walls, windows, and wreaking havoc on anything in their path."

See who finally wins the battle between Peter Griffin and Ernie The Giant Chicken in this live, female version of events.
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