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DVD Review – Heretiks (2018)

Heretiks, 2018.

Directed by Paul Hyett.

Starring Michael Ironside, Rosie Day, Clare Higgins, Hannah Arterton, Ciarán McMenamin, and Dilan Gwyn.


A young woman about to be executed for being a witch is saved by a nun and sent to a convent to repent, only there is a greater evil lurking within the convent walls.

More often than not, the shared experience of watching a movie on a big screen with an audience can elevate a film from mediocre to something more enjoyable, even if technically the film is not great; see any number of low-budget slashers shown at a festival for proof. However, occasionally the opposite is true and a movie that failed to have much impact on the big screen can work better in a more intimate setting, the chills creeping in when you’re sat in a dark room on your own watching it on a small(er) screen.
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Trailer For The 17th Century-Set Supernatural Witch Horror Film The Convent

I’ve got a freaky little trailer here for a new supernatural horror thriller called The Convent and the story is set in the 17th century during a time when being a witch was frowned upon.

This movie tells the story of a young woman who is falsely accused of being a witch and sent to be executed. However, she is saved from the execution and taken to a priory to repent her sins. While she is there, she discovers that something more sinister and evil is lurking there.

The main character, Persephone (Hannah Arterton) starts having horrific visions and she realizes that she won’t find salvation among the nuns because at this convent, nuns can’t be saved. They’re all evil!

Here’s the synopsis:

In the early 17th century, innocent young Persephone is falsely accused and put on trial for her life. Her fate seems sealed
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Freaky Official Trailer for Reverend Mother Horror Film 'The Convent'

"Something horrible had happened here many years ago. This place is damned." Vertical Entertainment has unveiled an official trailer for a horror film titled The Convent, which first premiered at FrightFest last year. Set in the 17th Century, the story is about a young woman who is saved from execution and sent to a priory to repent her sins but discovers a greater evil lies within. Persephone, played by Hannah Arterton, is plagued with terrifying visions upon arrival and soon realizes that it’s not salvation that awaits her but a battle for her very soul itself. The full cast includes Clare Higgins as the Reverend Mother, plus Michael Ironside, Rosie Day, Ciarán McMenamin, Dilan Gwyn, Grahame Fox, Freddy Carter, and Ryan Oliva. This does look scary as hell, with some freaky visuals in the trailer. Convents are always scary places. Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Paul Hyett's The Convent,
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Organisers unveil Nfmla programme

Organisers unveil Nfmla programme
Britweek organisers announced on Wednesday the day-long NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (Nfmla) programme set for April 30.

Celebrating cinema from the UK, the event will concentrate on two InFocus short programmes along with a line-up of features.

Between films, audiences can watch Q&A’s with film-makers and enjoy cocktails in Downtown La.

Shorts Program #1 will showcase Patrick Maxwell’s Delicate Things featuring Paula Malcolmson from The Hunger Games and The Green Mile and newcomers, Ciaran McMenamin and James Stockdale.

The line-up include mystery The Balance by Daniel Lament, as well as sci-fi Scattered by Joshua Bregman, thriller Textual Relationship by Syd Heather, and drama Talgar The Hunter from Charlie Crane.

Shorts Program #2 includes’ Alex Kyrou’s drama White Awake, Andrew Jonathan Smith’s drama Jellyfish, Cousins Richard’s wartime tale Waiting For Dawn, Steven Huffaker’s comedy Blast From The Past, and Breathe, a dark drama from Paul Kowalski.

The Feature Film Program includes rom-com Kickstarted, and [link=tt
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Causeway kicks off Irish Gothic label

  • ScreenDaily
Causeway kicks off Irish Gothic label
Belfast-based Causeway Pictures is launching its Irish Gothic label, which is focused on genre films that have inspiration from Irish legends.

Causeway MD Chris Patterson is teaming with writer/director Richard Crawford and writer/director Spence Wright to plan the ten-film slate to be produced over the next five years. The films will include Wright’s Vampires vs Leprechauns and the series Hy-Brasil set on a phantom island.

As Chris Patterson, explains, “Irish myths and legends are rich with wondrous and terrible creatures. The Irish Gothic banner will put them in front of a modern horror audience and create a lasting legacy that hopefully will become a genre of its own.”

The label kicked off last week in London at a stage reading, hosted by Northern Ireland Screen, of The Morrigan [pictured] by writer/director Richard Crawford.

Aisling Walsh directed the stage reading at the Soho Theatre, which starred Games of Thrones alums Fintan McKeown and Hannah Murray with Ciaran McMenamin
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The British Independent Film Festival Award Nominations Announced

On the 3rd and 4th of May the Empire cinema in Leicester Square will play host to the British Independent Film Festival and the Film Festival Guild have today announced the list of nominations for their annual awards.

With a keen understanding of the often London-centric nature of celebrations of UK Independent film both the feature films and the series of shorts are playing in eleven cinemas across the country over the month of May. This is a welcome state of affairs, one which the London Film Festival embraced last year with a similar nationwide programme, and it should enable the films and the filmmakers to reach a far wider audience.

To see which cinemas near you are playing the festival films click here, and below is a taste of the talent and happenings from the festival last year.

The award categories and nominees are listed below, and click here
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'Primeval' series five to air on ITV1 a year after Watch broadcast

'Primeval' series five to air on ITV1 a year after Watch broadcast
The fifth series of Primeval is to finally air on ITV1. The sci-fi drama's most recent run will premiere on June 16, producers Impossible Pictures have confirmed. The show was renewed for two more series by ITV and digital channel Watch in 2009. Under the joint agreement, ITV had first broadcast rights on Primeval's fourth series, with Watch then being able to air the episodes at a later date. Watch would then air the fifth series first - which it did between May and June 2011 - with ITV having second run rights. The six latest episodes - starring Andrew-Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt and Ciarán McMenamin - will now air on ITV1 over a year after their first digital broadcast. The future of the original Primeval is currently unclear with no further episodes (more)
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Win Saving the Titanic on DVD

There have been many stories and dramas of the final few hours of the Titanic, but the unique tale of how a team of engineers attempted to save the stricken vessel has never been told before. Now 100 years later this gripping true story is told in Saving the Titanic, which comes to DVD for the first time on 16th April 2012, and we have two copies of the film to give away to our readers. Take a look at a synopsis, and read on for details of how to enter...

Saving the Titanic tells the story of the disaster from below deck. Based upon eyewitness accounts, this remarkable docu-drama recounts how nine men attempted to courageously hold back the power of the sea and keep the power systems running, even when they learned that all was lost. Most of these men died but their actions saved many lives.

The film features
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Primeval Volume Three

  • Comicmix
Thank goodness the wicked Helen did not bring about the end of mankind and civilization as we knew it. This meant the characters of ITV’s Primeval could come back for a fresh go-round. The show took a breather after the third season ended in 2009 and came back in seven and six episode arcs, making for abbreviated fourth and fifth seasons respectively and they are now available as a combined third volume in either standard DVD or, for the first time, as a Blu-ray option from BBC Video.

I find myself enjoying the series more for the characters than the writing, which either leaves holes as big as the anomalies the heroes deal with or are overly convoluted, leaving me wishing for a happy middle ground.

Season three ended with three of our heroes – Connor Temple (Andrew Lee Potts), Abby Maitland (Hannah Spearritt), and Danny Quinn (Jason Flemyng) – trapped in
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Primeval: Win Seasons Four and Five on DVD!

At the start of the fourth season of Primeval, we find it's been one year since the death of Johnson (Belinda Stewart-Wilson) and the Arc has been shaken by the long-term disappearance of Abby (Hannah Spearritt), Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) and team leader Danny (Jason Flemyng). The government has appointed entrepreneurial-scientist Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig) to take charge of the operation, with a brand new building and new team. Ex-soldier and zoologist Matt (Ciaran McMenamin), the highly efficient if unconventional Jess (Ruth Kearney), the mysterious Gideon (Anton Lesser), and anomaly-travelling Ethan (Jonathyn Byrne) all join the team, but are they ready for the challenges ahead?

As Connor and Abby finally escape the terrifying creatures of the Cretaceous to an uncertain welcome back at the Arc, Danny continues to fight his way through a Pliocene age Rift Valley, desperate to return to the team with a vital secret
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TV on DVD Round-up: ‘The Adventures of Merlin,’ ‘An Idiot Abroad,’ ‘Primeval’

Chicago – We’re back with another DVD Round-up of recently released titles that may catch your attention when you’re browsing the DVD store this week. (Do they still have DVD stores?) This time, read this entire piece aloud in a British accent. Once again, these round-ups are designed as informative, to let you know about releases that might not get as much attention and what special features to expect if you pick them up. Having said that, this is a particularly strong round-up. Ricky Gervais, Camelot, and dinosaurs? You really can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

All three titles were released on January 10th, 2012.

The Adventures of Merlin: The Complete Third Season”

The Adventures of Merlin: The Complete Third Season

Photo credit: BBC

Available: DVD

Starring: Bradley James, Angel Coulby, Katie McGrath, Richard Wilson, Colin Morgan, Anthony Head, and the voice of John Hurt.
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New Pics and TV Spots for Tomorrow Night’s Season Premiere of Primeval

Time to welcome back the dinos and anomalies, as Primeval returns for a fifth season on BBC America tomorrow night at 9/8c, stepping into BBC America‘s Supernatural Saturdays slot held earlier in the year by Doctor Who and most recently, Bedlam.

To whet your anomaly action appetite, we have some pics from tomorrow night’s episode:

[Click on the Gallery to Blow Sh!t Up]

But what you’re really here for is the dinos, right? Here you go.

Primeval Prime 5 for Season 5: Top Frights:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Primeval Prime 5 for Season 5: How to Pulverize a Predator:

Click here to view the embedded video.

TV Spot:

Click here to view the embedded video.

For those of you who haven’t been watching, or who have forgotten where we were when we left our intrepid group, here once again is the BBC America press release about season 5 and about the whole series:

This November,
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More Dinos in the Future of Primeval, Returning to BBC America November 12

Hopefully you’ve already seen the four previous seasons of BBC America’s (and subsequently Syfy’s) Primeval, which returns on November 12. If you haven’t seen the series yet, Yes you can jump in with season 5 because BBC America has provided a handy quick outline of the setup of the show, along with what’s coming up in season 5. If you’re a veteran, you’ll want to know that Yes they will apparently be doing more time travel this season:

This November, Primeval comes roaring back to BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday – bigger and badder than ever before. In the highly-anticipated new season, dark secrets bubble to the surface, testing relationships to the limit as anomalies – holes in the fabric of time – become more unpredictable and numerous, with more far reaching consequences than ever before. The end of the world seems to be just around the corner – will
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Primeval Series 5 Hits BBC America This November +Episode Guide

Primeval will return to BBC America this November with six episodes beginning on Nov 12. The season stars Ciarán McMenamin, Andrew-Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt, Ben Mansfield, Ruth Kearney, Ben Miller, Alexander Siddig, Janice Byrne and Ruth Bradley. When rips in time, called anomalies, started opening across the UK, dangerous creatures from the past and future began appearing in the most unexpected places, endangering lives and putting the whole of humanity at risk. A crack team of specialists were appointed to deal with these “creature incursions,” creating the Anomaly Research Center (Arc), which has now become privatized. This season an underground creature causes chaos to a city, a nuclear submarine encounters an anomaly in the sea and a raptor roams the same streets of the infamous murderer Spring Heeled Jack in Victorian London. Episodes: Episode 1 An underground creature brings chaos to a city, forcing the team to chase around its streets
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Colm McCarthys British Horror Outcast To Make Us Debut On VOD This Month

Scotland-based monster flick 'Outcast' will finally make its debut in the Us. Having already enjoyed a DVD release here in the UK last January the Colm McCarthy helmed feature will arrive stateside, courtesy of Indomina Releasing, on VOD this coming 30 August. 'Outcast' stars Hanna Stanbridge, James Cosmo, Niall Bruton, Kate Dickie, James Nesbitt ('Cold Feet'), Karen Gillan ('Doctor Who') and Ciaran McMenamin ('Primeval')....
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TV Review: Primeval, 5.1

As part of ITV’s co-financing deal with BBC America, Germany’s Pro Sieben and UKTV, that allowed the return of their axed sci-fi drama Primeval, it’s UKTV’s digital channel Watch who receive the British premiere of series 5. This results in mixed fortunes: loyal fans get new episodes mere months after series 4 ended on ITV, but it’s no longer accessible to everyone and isn’t being simulcast in HD. It also strikes me as odd that Watch have moved Primeval from its customary Saturday timeslot, as I suspect they could have lured a sizeable post-Doctor Who audience their way…

Regardless of the business decisions behind its scheduling, Primeval itself remains a frustrating sci-fi series that’s never achieved its huge potential to be Stargate-meets-Jurassic Park. Its fans are eager to excuse its failings on grounds Primeval‘s never trying to be anything more than a romp with impressive-for-television CGI,
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TV turn-ons and turn-offs

This week's hits and misses


Rhs Chelsea Flower Show

The swish of pashmina against makeshift pergola: the musky bouquet of Titchmarshis in full bloom. Bliss

The Apprentice

Maximal corporate synergy + strategised cufflink manoeuvrement = 130% amazingality

The Joy of Easy Listening

Auntie affixs biog to balloons; adjusts bow-tie as results soar Up, Up and Away

BBC4's Heath vs Wilson:

The 10 Year Duel

Bringin' bare shocks to brain area via well nang "politics" ting


Primeval is back . . . on Watch

Enfeebled digital outpost squeezes crusted-over bubo; out pops Ciarán McMenamin in utility trousers

Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers

Glazed endomorphs fog up windscreen with further tales of semi-articulated imperilment

Celebrity Five Go To . . .

Memories of careers/hope glimpsed through two-star porthole en route to Costa del Dole



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McKenna & McCann 'Jump!' Ni Filming Underway

  • IFTN
Production has commenced on the set of new Irish co-production, 'Jump!' from Dublin's Blinder Films and Northern Ireland's Hot Shot Films. Kieron J. Walsh (Sensation) directs the feature which is currently shooting in Derry and Belfast with stars Charlene McKenna (Raw), Martin McCann (Killing Bono), Ciaran McMenamin (Outcast). The film is based on Lisa McGee's play of the same name the story of seven people whose unrelated lives suddenly collide at the strike of midnight on New Year's Eve. McGee has adapted her drama for the screen and shooting commenced Friday, March 8th and will wrap on Friday, March 29th.
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Primeval Boss Tim Haines Talks Series 5 & Movie Version

Following the cliff-hanger ending of Primeval's fourth season, show boss Tim Haines has been teasing about what could be in store for the dinosaur hunters. "There's a much bigger story beginning to brew," he revealed at SFX Magazine's annual convention this month. Haines revealed that viewers will find out more about the reason behind new character Matt Anderson's (Ciarán McMenamin) journey into the past.
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Primeval Episode Five Teaser From The New Season Four!

Connor and Abby are sent to investigate an odd anomaly signal, and uncover the existence of an ancient Labyrinthodont in a small coastal town. While trying to track it down, they discover a group of farmers smuggling dangerous fuel. Back at the Arc, Matt sets out to find Emily after her mysterious disappearance. Stars: Jason Flemyng as Danny Quinn Andrew-Lee Potts as Connor Temple Hannah Spearritt as Abby Maitland Ben Miller as James Lester James Bradshaw as Duncan Ben Mansfield as Hilary Becker Lucy Brown as Jenny Lewis Ciarán McMenamin as Matt Anderson. Ruth Kearney as Jess Parker. Alexander Siddig as Philip Burton. Ruth Bradley as Emily Merchant. Anton Lesser as Gideon. Jonathan Byrne as Ethan Dobrowski. LEEE777 - Primeval episode five airs tonight on BBC America 9/8c and ITV 1 at 7pm.
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