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Turkey Shoot

Brian Trenchard-Smith's outrageous futuristic gore-fest imagines an Australian extermination camp run by the sadistic Michael Craig and Roger Ward, where jaded rich folk come to hunt human prey. The leading targets for this week's jaunt are Steve Railsback and Olivia Hussey. It is snarky? Is it subversive? An alternate title was Blood Camp Thatcher! Turkey Shoot Blu-ray Severin Films 1982 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 93 80 min. / Escape 2000, Blood Camp Thatcher / Street Date September 22, 2015 / 24.98 Starring Steve Railsback, Olivia Hussey, Michael Craig, Carmen Duncan, Noel Ferrier, Lynda Stoner, Roger Ward, Michael Petrovitch, Gus Mercurio, John Ley. Cinematography John McLean Film Editor Alan Lake Original Music Brian May Special Effects John Stears Second Unit Director / Executive Producer David Hemmings Written byJon George, Neill Hicks, George Schenck, Robert Williams, David Lawrence Produced by William Fayman, Antony I. Ginnane Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Who cannot appreciate a movie that carries the alternate title Blood Camp Thatcher?
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‘BMX Bandits’ is pure retro-80′s goodness

BMX Bandits

Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith

Written by Patrick Edgeworth and Russell Hagg

Australia, 1983

The 1980′s saw a big boom in the sport of BMX racing, and the bikes began appearing in several Hollywood and non-Hollywood productions. Long before Rad, and a year before E.T. put BMX bikes on the world stage, Ozploitation legend Brian Trenchard-Smith (Turkey Shoot, Dead End Drive-In), directed BMX Bandits – a breezy, action-packed adventure most famous for employing Nicole Kidman in her very first movie role. The film has grown to become a considerable cult hit in many circles and with reason. Bandits is an irresistible time capsule, showing what the sport, and bikes, were once like. These were the days when you could actually sit on a BMX bike seat and didn’t need to rely on your feet to break. And while the Kuwahara was made famous thanks to Spielberg’s ’84 masterpiece, Bandits featured a blue Mongoose,
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DVD and Blu-Ray Releases for March 15, 2011

It’s Monday! That means it’s time for us to give you the new DVD & Blu-Ray releases for this week. We got some hi-def Brian Trenchard-Smith plus some kaiju, an Asylum release and Sharktopus! Read on fiends to see the full list.

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The Absent

Format: DVD


When twin brothers Oscar and Vincent discover their parents are plotting to kill them for insurance money, they beat them to the punch.
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Blu-ray and DVD date for BMX Bandits

Severin Films has set a street date of March 13, 2011 for this hard to find movie from Aussie filmmaker Brian Trenchard Smith. This was an early turn for actress Nicole Kidman.

After The Others, Quentin Tarantino says, this is my favorite Nicole Kidman performance! The future Academy Award® winner made her movie debut at 16 years old as the pouffy-haired star of this action/comedy about a cache of stolen walkie-talkies, three BMX-riding friends, and the ruthless bank robbers who will pursue them through every graveyard, shopping mall, construction site and waterpark in New South Wales, Australia. It s a high-flying ride to adventure filled with wild stunts, cool BMX outfits, creepy innuendo, cheezy synth music, an obnoxious fat kid, and gobs of fast & furious fun. John Ley (Mad Max), David Argue (Razorback) and Bryan Marshall (The Long Good Friday) co-star with thrilling cinematography from future Oscar® winner John Seale (The English Patient
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