Santiago Horror Film Festival to Celebrate 20 Years of Genre Films in Chile This October

A horror and fantasy film festival that brings together both Chilean and international filmmakers, the first-ever Santiago Horror Film Festival will take place in Santiago, Chile starting on October 4th:

"We already know that Chilean films can have international success. But what about the fantasy and horror films made in Chile? This is what the Santiago Horror Film Festival (Shff) seeks to answer, an event that brings together, for the first time, national and foreign directors to show their work and discuss this film genre.

To be held in Santiago, Chile, from 4th to 6th October 2018, Santiago Horror will offer a varied agenda of activities. One of the milestones will be the forum "Women in Genre Films", which will feature the participation of actresses Carolina Arredondo and Blanca Lewin, film director Andrea Ozuljevich and writer Francisca Solar. The space will be moderated by journalist and film critic Daniel Olave.

In addition,
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Visit films to sell Berlinale selections 'the bomb', 'Dayveon'

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Visit films to sell Berlinale selections 'the bomb', 'Dayveon'
Exclusive: Ryan Kampe arrives at the Efm with a sales roster that includes Sundance premieres Family Life and Columbus, Rotterdam entries X500 and Rat Film, and Oscar-nominated Tanna.

Kevin Ford, Smriti Keshari, and Eric Schlosser’s Berlinale Special selection documentary the bomb screens on Friday and explores the power and fascination of nuclear weapons. the bomb premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year as a multimedia installation.

Amman Abbasi’s feature directorial debut Dayveon premiered at Sundance last month and screens in Forum on Friday. Newcomer Devin Blackmon plays the eponymous 13-year-old grieving the loss of his older brother who falls in with a local gang. FilmRise acquired North American rights after the premiere in Park City.

Alicia Scherson and Cristián Jiménez’s Family Life premiered at Sundance before going to the Rotterdam Film Festival. Jorge Becker, Gabriela Arancibia, Blanca Lewin and Cristián Carvajal star in the story of a lonely fabulist who concocts a tale
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Sundance Exclusive: Domestic Bliss Gets Complicated In Trailer For ‘Family Life’

Families bring together people from different backgrounds, with different stories, all forming into a cohesive unit. But what happens when one person has built their new life around a series of lies? That’s the basis of the Chilean film “Family Life,” which heads to the Sundance Film Festival for its World Premiere.

Directed by Alicia Scherson and Cristián Jiménez, and starring Jorge Becker, Gabriela Arancibia, Cristián Carvajal, and Blanca Lewin, the story revolves around the aimless Martin, who is asked to housesit for his cousin who is taking his family to France for a few months.

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Life of Fish, The (La vida de los peces) | Review - Cine Las Americas 2011

Director: Matías Bize Writers: Matías Bize, Julio Rojas Starring: Santiago Cabrera, Blanca Lewin Andrés (Santiago Cabrera) is a 30-something Chilean-born travel writer who now finds himself based in Berlin. Back in Santiago after being away for 10 years, Andrés has returned to the city of his youth long enough to take care of some personal business, including dropping by a birthday party. While his friends are all married with children, they attack (if not partially out of jealousy) Andrés’ free-wheeling bachelorhood. A constant analogy that other characters make is that Andrés has lived his entire life like a tourist or day-tripper, never becoming too attached to his surroundings; but other than his career's inherent allusion of freedom, Andrés does not seem too keen on living his life in airports, airplanes and hotels. It soon becomes apparent that Andrés left something -- specifically someone -- behind when he moved away from Santiago 10 years ago.
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Foreign Film Oscars: International Beauty Pageant.

If you'd like to read about the now official Oscar submissions for Best Foreign Language Film, click away. But because you -- make that we -- can't see most of the films, due to the hideous state of international distribution, let us use this Academy press release as an excuse to take a different view, a sexytime view... a Beauty Break if you will. Let's gawk at the actors and actresses who are in the submitted films. We'll pretend it's like a Miss Universe pageant (how do you say "shallow" in Finnish?). Randomly selected hotties follow (it's not easy to find info/photos.) whether you're into the men, the women or other. Don't judge!

Beauty Knows No Borders

I presume you'll let me know your very favorites in the comments. Do I presume too much?

Handsome Guys...

Left: Bill Skarsgård a.k.a. Alexander's lil brö (20) for Sweden's Simple Simon.
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Venice Days: Bertrand Blier, Denis Villeneuve, Tanovic and Antonio Capuano Make the Cut

Here's the press release for the Venice Days selections folks: lots of names we know! Official Selection   World Premiere La Vida De Los Peces/The Life Of Fish by Matias Bize with Santiago Cabrera, Blanca Lewin Chile - Production co.: Cenecca Producciones A young Chilean returns to Santiago after 10 years in Europe and ponders his past and future over a long night of encounters with old friends and his great love. This sentimental, urban comedy depicts a South America far from the stereotypes and folklore.   International Premiere - Opening film Le Bruit Des Glacons/The Clink Of Ice by Bertrand Blier with Jean Dujardin, Albert Dupontel, Anne Alvaro, Myriam Boyer France, Sales co.: Wild Bunch An alcoholic writer is confronted by an incarnation of his own cancer in this no-holds-barred, black comedy on illness and death. Nothing is spared politically incorrect derision - except for the desire to live and love.
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