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  • In 1971, he produced and wrote the teleplay for an unsold sitcom pilot called "S.A.M." The title stood for "Stories About Men."
  • (1952 - 1956) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1952) Stage Play: Leonard Sillman's New Faces of 1952. Musical revue. Featuring songs by Ronny Graham, Arthur Siegel, June Carroll, Sheldon Harnick [earliest Broadway credit], Michael Brown, Murray Grand and Francis Lemarque. Featuring songs with lyrics by Ronny Graham, Arthur Siegel, June Carroll, Sheldon Harnick, Michael Brown, Elisse Boyd, Alan Melville, Herbert Farjeon, Francis Lemarque and Peter DeVries. Sketches by Ronny Graham and Melvin Brooks. Additional text by Peter DeVries, Roger Price, Alan Melville, Paul Lynde, Luther Davis and John Cleveland. Musical Director: Anton Coppola. Music orchestrated by Ted Royal. Special orchestration by Anton Coppola. Conceived by John Murray Anderson. Sketches directed by John Beal. Musical Staging by Richard Barstow. Scenic Design by 'Raoul Pène Du Bois'. Costume Design by Thomas Becher and Raoul Pène Du Bois. Choreographed by Richard Barstow. Directed by John Murray Anderson. Royale Theatre: 16 May 1952- 28 Mar 1953 (365 performances). Cast: Virginia Bosler, June Carroll, Robert Clary, Allen Conroy, Virginia de Luce, Michael Dominico, Alice Ghostley, Ronny Graham, Patricia Hammerlee, Eartha Kitt (as "Featured Singer"), Joe Lautner, Carol Lawrence, Paul Lynde, Bill Mullikn, Carol Nelson, Rosemary O'Reilly, Jimmy Russell. Understudies: Lance Avant, James Komack [credited as Jimmie Komack/Broadway debut], Dorothy Love, Clark Ranger, Dinnie Smith. Produced by Leonard Sillman.
  • (1955) Stage Play: Damn Yankees. Musical comedy. Written by George Abbott and Douglass Wallop, from Wallop's novel "The Year of the Yankees." Music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. Lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. Book by George Abbott and Douglass Wallop. From the novel "The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant" by Douglass Wallop. Musical Director: Hal Hastings. Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Dance arrangements by Roger Adams. Dances and Musical Numbers Staged by Bob Fosse. Directed by George Abbott. 46th Street Theater (moved to The Adelphi Theatre (6 May 1957- close): 5 May 1955- 6 May 1957 (1019 performances). Cast: Stephen Douglass (as "Joe Hardy"), Gwen Verdon (as "Lola "), Ray Walston (as "Applegate"), Rae Allen (as "Gloria Thorpe"), Richard Bishop (as "Welch"), Shannon Bolin (as "Meg Boyd"), Frank Bouley (as "Singer"), Russ Brown (as "Van Buren"), Fred Bryan, Betty Carr (as "Dancer"), Ronn Cummins, Cherry Davis (as "Teen-Ager/Singer"), Robert Evans (as "Dancer"), Timmy Everett (as "Dancer"), Patricia Ferrier (as "Dancer"), Nathaniel Frey (as "Smokey"), Jeanne Grant (as "Singer"), Marlyn Greer (as "Dancer"), Janet Hayes (as "Singer"), Del Horstmann (as "Lynch/Commissioner/Singer"), Elizabeth Howell (as "Doris"), Janie Janvier (as "Miss Weston/Singer"), William Joyce (as "Dancer"), Harvey Jung (as "Dancer"), Joan Keenan (as "Singer"), Marie Kolin (as "Dancer"), James Komack (as "Rocky") [credited as Jimmie Komack], Al Lanti (as "Henry/Dancer"), Albert Linville (as "Vernon/Postmaster/Singer"), Suzanne Lovell (as "Singer"), Ralph Lowe (as "Singer"), George Marcy (as "Guard/Dancer"), Julia Marlowe, Svetlana McLee, Eddie Phillips, Jackie Scholle, Robert Shafer (as "Joe Boyd"), Jean Stapleton (as "Sister"), Ralph Strane, Mark Ward. Produced by Frederick Brisson, Robert E. Griffith and Harold Prince. Produced in association with Albert B. Taylor. Note: Filmed as Damn Yankees (1958).
  • (1956) Stage Play: Sixth Finger in a Five Finger Glove. Written by Scott Michel. Original Music composed by Charles Strouse. Directed by John Holden. Longacre Theatre: 8 Oct 1956- 9 Oct 1956 (2 performances). Cast: Leopold Badia (as "Vincent Vanyard") [final Broadway role], Conrad Bain (as "Dr. Peter Hoenig") [Broadway debut], Wyrley Birch (as "Grandfather Holly/voice"), Frank Campanella (as "Frank Castellano"), Charles Campbell, Bruce Evans, Walter Fisher, Samuel Gray, Gladys Holland, Paul Huber (as "Dr. John Evans"), Salome Jens, Mike Keene, James Komack [credited as Jimmie Komack] (as "Matt Holly") [final Broadway role], Charles Mendick, Bill Zuckert (as "Andy Barrett"). Produced by Gertrude Caplin and Thelma Finger.

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