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April Fool’S Day at 30: The Cast Discusses Working with Fred Walton, Each Other and Moments We Missed

A film that has been a longtime favorite of mine ever since I discovered it on VHS as a kid decades (and decades) ago, April Fool’s Day recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. To mark the occasion, I was fortunate enough to round up several cast members, as well as director Fred Walton, to chat about the horror comedy that dared to turn the slasher subgenre on its head back in 1986.

April Fool’s Day brought together a talented crew of young actors, including Deborah Foreman, Amy Steel, Tom Wilson, Deborah Goodrich, Ken Olandt, Clayton Rohner, Leah Pinsent, Jay Baker, and Griffin O’Neal, who all gathered on Victoria Island in British Columbia to create a mystery-fueled horror comedy that’s hugely underrated and was certainly ahead of its time.

For many of the cast, the twists and turns of April Fool’s Day were part of the film’s
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April Fool’S Day at 30: The Cast Reflects on the Cult Classic Horror Comedy

Creating a slasher movie in 1986 wasn’t a monumental feat, as the horror genre had seen its fair share of cinematic killers over the years, but it was a culmination of many elements that made April Fool’s Day one of the best of its era. With a focused and experienced director at the helm, a clever script filled with laughs and unexpected thrills, and an affable ensemble of actors who were infectiously likeable and endlessly talented, April Fool’s Day is an underappreciated gem and is truly unlike any other genre film of its, or any, time.

Written by Danilo Bach and directed by Fred Walton, April Fool’s Day follows a group of college students—Kit (Amy Steel), Rob (Ken Olandt), Nikki (Deborah Goodrich), Chaz (Clayton Rohner), Arch (Tom Wilson), Harvey (Jay Baker), Skip (Griffin O’Neal), and Nan (Leah Pinsent)—who head out to their pal Muffy
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April Fool’S Day at 30: Director Fred Walton on His Horror Comedy Cult Classic

Today, the cult horror comedy April Fool’s Day celebrates its 30th anniversary. Written by Danilo Bach (Beverly Hills Cop) and directed by Fred Walton (1979’s When A Stranger Calls), the film follows a group of college students who spend spring break at their friend Muffy St. John’s family estate, unaware that the weekend will be filled with frights and unexpected surprises.

Released the same weekend as The Money Pit, April Fool’s Day became a modest success for Paramount Pictures, taking in $13 million during its three-week theatrical run and finding even more of an audience once it was released on VHS. Even though it has largely flown under the radar over the last 30 years, Walton’s slasher send-up with an Agatha Christie flair has remained a beloved cult film among genre fans and this writer in particular.

Looking back at the horror comedy, Walton discussed how his involvement
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Jeff Lieberman Restores and Reprograms His Remote Control for DVD and Blu-ray

The year was 1987. Kevin Dillon (better known as Johnny Drama from the HBO series "Entourage") was just a pup, and Squirm director Jeff Lieberman would pit him against an alien invasion. Any of this sound familiar? Well, if it doesn't, get ready to rediscover a long lost classic.

Lieberman dropped us a line to let us know that he has personally produced a 25th Anniversary Edition of his Eighties favorite Remote Control, and even cooler? You can order the movie here - Right Now!

The flick also stars Jennifer Tilly, Deborah Goodrich, and Christopher Wynne.


Video store employees Cosmo Diclemente and Georgie go to one customer’s house to drop a video off, only to see the girl’s boyfriend strangling her. They discover that videos of the 1950s science-fiction film ‘Remote Control’ contain subliminal mind-control messages that turn all who view the film into mindless killers. As they investigate further,
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