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1 of the Greatest Actors of the Studio Era Has His TCM Month

1 of the Greatest Actors of the Studio Era Has His TCM Month
Ronald Colman: Turner Classic Movies' Star of the Month in two major 1930s classics Updated: Turner Classic Movies' July 2017 Star of the Month is Ronald Colman, one of the finest performers of the studio era. On Thursday night, TCM presented five Colman star vehicles that should be popping up again in the not-too-distant future: A Tale of Two Cities, The Prisoner of Zenda, Kismet, Lucky Partners, and My Life with Caroline. The first two movies are among not only Colman's best, but also among Hollywood's best during its so-called Golden Age. Based on Charles Dickens' classic novel, Jack Conway's Academy Award-nominated A Tale of Two Cities (1936) is a rare Hollywood production indeed: it manages to effectively condense its sprawling source, it boasts first-rate production values, and it features a phenomenal central performance. Ah, it also shows its star without his trademark mustache – about as famous at the time as Clark Gable's. Perhaps
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3 Bad Men

What's this? John Ford's last silent western is as exciting and entertaining as his later classics. A trio of horse thieves turn noble when given the responsibility of a young woman lost on the prairie; Ford gives the show comedy, drama and spectacle. 3 Bad Men Blu-ray Kl Studio Classics 1926 / B&W / 1:33 Silent Ap. / 92 min. / Street Date August 23, 2016 / 29.95 Starring George O'Brien, Olive Borden, Lou Tellegen, Tom Santschi, J. Farrell MacDonald, Frank Campeau, Priscilla Bonner, Otis Harlan, Phyllis Haver, Georgie Harris, Alec Francis, Jay Hunt . Cinematography George Schneiderman Original Music Dana Kaproff (2007) Written by John Stone, Ralph Spence, Malcolm Stuart Boylan from a novel by Herman Whittaker Produced and Directed by John Ford

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

What a great discovery! Last year Kino brought us a good-looking disc of John Ford's Hurricane and now they take the bold step of issuing one of the director's oldest intact features,
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Cummings' Ten-Year Death Anniversary: From Minor Lloyd Leading Lady to Tony Award Winner (Revised and Expanded)

Constance Cummings: Actress in minor Hollywood movies became major London stage star. Constance Cummings: Actress went from Harold Lloyd and Frank Capra to Noël Coward and Eugene O'Neill Actress Constance Cummings, whose career spanned more than six decades on stage, in films, and on television in both the U.S. and the U.K., died ten years ago on Nov. 23. Unlike other Broadway imports such as Ann Harding, Katharine Hepburn, Miriam Hopkins, and Claudette Colbert, the pretty, elegant Cummings – who could have been turned into a less edgy Constance Bennett had she landed at Rko or Paramount instead of Columbia – never became a Hollywood star. In fact, her most acclaimed work, whether in films or – more frequently – on stage, was almost invariably found in British productions. That's most likely why the name Constance Cummings – despite the DVD availability of several of her best-received performances – is all but forgotten.
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A Unique Superstar: 20th Century Icon Garbo on TCM

Greta Garbo movie 'The Kiss.' Greta Garbo movies on TCM Greta Garbo, a rarity among silent era movie stars, is Turner Classic Movies' “Summer Under the Stars” performer today, Aug. 26, '15. Now, why would Garbo be considered a silent era rarity? Well, certainly not because she easily made the transition to sound, remaining a major star for another decade. Think Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, William Powell, Fay Wray, Marie Dressler, Wallace Beery, John Barrymore, Warner Baxter, Janet Gaynor, Constance Bennett, etc. And so much for all the stories about actors with foreign accents being unable to maintain their Hollywood stardom following the advent of sound motion pictures. A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer star, Garbo was no major exception to the supposed rule. Mexican Ramon Novarro, another MGM star, also made an easy transition to sound, and so did fellow Mexicans Lupe Velez and Dolores del Rio, in addition to the very British
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Wright and Goldwyn Have an Ugly Parting of the Ways; Brando (More or Less) Comes to the Rescue

Teresa Wright-Samuel Goldwyn association comes to a nasty end (See preceding post: "Teresa Wright in 'Shadow of a Doubt': Alfred Hitchcock Heroine in His Favorite Film.") Whether or not because she was aware that Enchantment wasn't going to be the hit she needed – or perhaps some other disagreement with Samuel Goldwyn or personal issue with husband Niven BuschTeresa Wright, claiming illness, refused to go to New York City to promote the film. (Top image: Teresa Wright in a publicity shot for The Men.) Goldwyn had previously announced that Wright, whose contract still had another four and half years to run, was to star in a film version of J.D. Salinger's 1948 short story "Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut." Instead, he unceremoniously – and quite publicly – fired her.[1] The Goldwyn organization issued a statement, explaining that besides refusing the assignment to travel to New York to help generate pre-opening publicity for Enchantment,
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Godzilla Trailer Release Date Announced?

Godzilla Trailer Release Date Announced?
The Godzilla trailer is unarguably on of the most anticipated bits of marketing awaited by movie fans literally across the globe. From Corvallis, Oregon to the Pacific coast of Honshu in Japan. Today, Legendary Pictures has teased the first teaser, dropping a trailer release date on Godzillamovie's Twitter. (Though, it must be noted, this has not yet been confirmed by the studio in an official press release yet.)


Godzilla (2014) (@GodzillaMovies) October 3, 2013

Kaiju and Gojira fans will unite on November 13, just before the Thanksgiving holiday, to find out whether or not director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) has done this iconic monster proud. The film stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche and Ken Watanabe in what promises to be one of the biggest sci-fi spectacles of summer 2014.

Will we see Godzilla himself in this first footage? Its very likely, as the original Japanese Kaiju was teased extensively at Comic-Con this past summer.
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Which character should be next for the EastEnders axe?

Sam James, Aj Masood and more are exiting the Square. But why stop there when there are so many other characters worthy of being written out?

EastEnders has been rubbish lately. This is something that everyone would know if they still watched EastEnders, but they don't, because it has been rubbish lately. However, let's credit EastEnders with this: at least it seems to have woken up to exactly how rubbish it has been.

After realising that literally not a single thing of any real worth has happened since Ian Beale was found in a bin dressed as Catweazle all those months ago, EastEnders has finally pulled its finger out, determined to win back its former viewers by any means necessary. They sacked the boss and rehired a former boss. They sent Phil Mitchell into another car crash, because nothing spells ratings gold like seeing Steve McFadden pull a face like a scared egg again.
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Sexy Garbo, Wrathful Censors, the End of Stardom, and Brutal Murder: Novarro

Ramon Novarro and Greta Garbo in ‘Mata Hari’: The wrath of the censors (See previous post: "Ramon Novarro in One of the Best Silent Movies.") George Fitzmaurice’s romantic spy melodrama Mata Hari (1931) was well received by critics and enthusiastically embraced by moviegoers. The Greta Garbo / Ramon Novarro combo — the first time Novarro took second billing since becoming a star — turned Mata Hari into a major worldwide blockbuster, with $2.22 million in worldwide rentals. The film became Garbo’s biggest international success to date, and Novarro’s highest-grossing picture after Ben-Hur. (Photo: Ramon Novarro and Greta Garbo in Mata Hari.) Among MGM’s 1932 releases — Mata Hari opened on December 31, 1931 — only W.S. Van Dyke’s Tarzan, the Ape Man, featuring Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O’Sullivan, and Edmund Goulding’s all-star Best Picture Academy Award winner Grand Hotel (also with Garbo, in addition to Joan Crawford, John Barrymore, Wallace Beery, and
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And the 51st Annual Grammy Winners Are ...

"The Insider" has the updated list of the 51st Annual Grammy Award winners as they come in! See the winners names below underlined. For recordings released during the Eligibility Year: October 1, 2007 through September 30, 2008: Record Of The Year -Chasing Pavements/Adele -Viva La Vida/Coldplay -Bleeding Love/Leona Lewis -Paper Planes/M.I.A -Please Read The Letter/Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Album Of The Year -Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends/Coldplay -Tha Carter III/Lil Wayne -Year Of The Gentleman/Ne-Yo -Raising Sand/Robert Plant & Alison Krauss -In Rainbows/Radiohead Song Of The Year -American Boy/William Adams, Keith Harris, Josh Lopez, Caleb Speir, John Stephens, Estelle Swaray & Kanye West, songwriters (Estelle) -Chasing Pavements/Adele Adkins & Eg White, songwriters (Adele) -I'm Yours/Jason Mraz, songwriter (Jason Mraz) -Love Song/Sara Bareilles, songwriter (Sara Bareilles) -Viva La Vida/Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion & Chris Martin,
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