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DVD Review - Wish Me Luck, Series 2

Going into it, I was really afraid that the second series of Wish Me Luck would be much like that of Enemy at the Door: incomprehensible unless you'd seen series 1. Luckily, that was not the case with Wish Me Luck, which follows British women undercover as secret agents in France during World War II. And, unlike the similarly-set Enemy at the Door, Wish Me Luck is immediately watchable. Series 2, which hits DVD on January 25, is surprisingly great.

That's not to say that some of the plots aren't carried over from the first season (also available from Acorn Media). Kate Buffery's character Liz Grainger has demons in her past left over from the first season, but those are only really evident from distant glares that overcome her in nearly every scene she's in. It's possible to work it out from context clues, but there's obviously an entire season's worth
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DVD Playhouse: December 2010

DVD Playhouse December 2010


Allen Gardner

America Lost And Found: The Bbs Story (Criterion) Perhaps the best DVD box set released this year, this ultimate cinefile stocking stuffer offered up by Criterion, the Rolls-Royce of home video labels, features seven seminal works from the late ‘60s-early ‘70s that were brought to life by cutting edge producers Bert Schneider, Steve Blauner and director/producer Bob Rafelson, the principals of Bbs Productions. In chronological order: Head (1968) star the Monkees, the manufactured (by Rafelson, et al), American answer to the Beatles who, like it or not, did make an impact on popular culture, particularly in this utterly surreal piece of cinematic anarchy (co-written by Jack Nicholson, who has a cameo), which was largely dismissed upon its initial release, but is now regarded as a counterculture classic. Easy Rider (1969) is arguably regarded as the seminal ‘60s picture, about two hippie drug dealers (director Dennis Hopper
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