Starting a Theatrical Experience Online

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Philadelphia-based theater company New Paradise Laboratories incorporates the internet as an interactive introduction to its fictional theater productions. Audiences can watch stories and characters evolve on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and other social networks before seeing the show on stage.For an Npl production called "Fatebook," the performance began online, following the characters' virtual interactions with each other. The theatrical experienced culminated in a live performance where they met at a party."I feel like it’s like a medium where stories can be told in a whole bunch of ways," Npl’s artistic director Whit MacLaughlin told Mashable. "I wanted to find out how you use translate theater into an online space. You have to figure out the narration of social media — how to convey something about a person."The theater company works with actors to develop characters across multiple social networking accounts. Actress Annie Enneking, who played Fess Elliot in Npl's latest.
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