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Listen to Horror BFFs Heather and Patrick Discuss The Crazies (2010) on a New Episode of Corpse Club

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"I'm not sick!" Following last year's episodes on 2009 horror remakes, this year Horror BFFs Heather Wixson and Patrick Bromley will be looking back at horror remakes from 2010, and they're kicking things off with the reimagining of George A. Romero's The Crazies.

Kicking off their retrospective episodes on horror remakes released in 2010 that celebrate their 10th anniversaries this year, Horror BFFs Heather Wixson and Patrick Bromley put on their hazmat suits and head into Ogden Marsh for a revisit of The Crazies remake. Listen as Heather and Patrick discuss Breck Eisner's reimagining of George A. Romero's 1973 film of the same name, including the government-imposed quarantine, the unsettling behavior (and appearance) of the infected, the film's creepy kills, how it compares to its source material, and the heartfelt performances by Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell. So, whether you're "not sick" (as Joe Anderson's character screams) or you're getting over
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The Karate Kid 2 Still Happening, Jackie Chan Likely To Return

Get ready to “wax on, wax off” with Jackie Chan one more time as The Karate Kid 2 is still in development and the 65-year-old martial arts star is likely to return for the sequel to the hit 2010 film, though this time he might be mentoring a different youngster. That’s because Jaden Smith, who was 12-years-old during the first outing and has only acted in three movies since, may not be reprising his role as Dre Parker for the follow-up.

The plot of the first flick revolved around a preteen who moves from Detroit to Beijing, China with his mom and immediately finds himself at odds with the neighborhood bully. He makes an unlikely friend in Mr. Han though, the aging maintenance man who doubles as a kung fu master and teaches the boy the secrets of self-defense through a series of seemingly innocuous tasks.

A sequel has been in the pipeline for years,
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Flash Gordon Remake Gets New Director

Mike Cecchini Oct 31, 2018

Gordon's alive! The quest to get a new Flash Gordon movie off the ground and all the way to Mongo continues.

The Flash Gordon remake has had a troubled life cycle so far. Aside from the fact that we were criminally robbed of a sequel to Mike Hodges' brilliant 1980 Flash Gordon movie that starred Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, freakin' Max von Sydow, Topol, and the sickest Queen soundtrack ever for cryin' out loud. Seriously, how do you not make a sequel to that movie? 

ahem. Anyway...

Julius Avery (of the upcoming good guys vs. Nazis/zombies flick Overlord which opens on Nov. 9) is in line to write and direct a Flash Gordon remake (via THR). Avery replaces Matthew Vaughn, who had been attached to it since 2015. Vaughn will now produce, alongside John Davis. Avery's script replaces one by Mark Protosevich, which in turn replaced one
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Brad Fuller explains why Paramount shut down last year’s Friday the 13th

After several years stuck in development hell, Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes came close to finally getting another chapter of the Friday the 13th saga into production early in 2017, only for the studio to pull the plug on the project a couple of months before filming.

During an interview with Syfy Wire, Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes has explained why Paramount made the decision to shut down the film, which would have been directed by Breck Eisner (The Last Witch Hunter) directing from a script by Prisoners scribe Aaron Guzikowski.

“I think there was concern about the rights looming at that point,” said Fuller. “Paramount was concerned if they made that movie and the rights were not available… if you are going to make that movie, you want to be able to ride it for more than one or two movies.That didn’t exist in this rights structure. We
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Why Paramount Scrapped Plans For Another Friday The 13th Reboot

Friday the 13th has found itself smack bang in the middle of a cinematic conundrum, that much we know.

The ongoing legal battle has cast a dark, worrisome shadow over the franchise’s immediate future, and while Platinum Dunes co-founder Andrew Form is still holding out hope that Jason Voorhees’ reign of terror will one day – one day – get another shot at the big-time, it’s fair to say that things are looking pretty bleak for horror’s masked murderer.

It’s frustrating, too, as before the rights reverted back to Warner Bros. and New Line Pictures – the industry powerhouses behind It and next year’s Chapter Two – Paramount came oh so close to launching a Friday the 13th reboot. Why did it collapse, you ask?

That very question was presented to long-time Platinum producer Brad Fuller during a recent interview with Syfy Wire (h/t Bloody Disgusting), to which
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What's Really Happening with the Friday the 13th Franchise?

It's not really a great time to be a Friday the 13th fan. The franchise has been dormant for the better part of a decade and it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon. When last we saw Jason Voorhees, it was on the 2009 Platinum Dunes/New Line Cinema reboot. That movie never got a sequel, but producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form of Platinum Dunes were dead-set on making another Friday the 13th movie and were literally weeks away from getting it off the ground before production was canceled. Now, Fuller and Form reveal the current state of the Friday the 13th franchise.

Part of the problem in getting another Friday the 13th movie going was figuring out what direction to take it. There were many ideas, including possibly doing a found footage version of Jason carving up teenagers. Ultimately, a reboot was settled on, coming from
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Why Flash Gordon Reboot Has Been on Indefinite Hold

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Why Flash Gordon Reboot Has Been on Indefinite Hold
Back in the spring of 2015, 20th Century Fox moved forward with its long-awaited Flash Gordon remake, setting director Matthew Vaughn at the helm, but we haven't heard anything about it since then. It turns out there's a very good reason for that, with Matthew Vaughn revealing in a new interview that he's still been working on it, but his original vision for the story was basically taken by Marvel's 2014 blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. Here's what the director had to say below, when asked if he's still working on a Flash Gordon movie.

"Yeah, we've been working on it. For me, the only problem with Flash Gordon is Guardians (of the Galaxy) kind of stole what I would have liked to have done with it. You've got Star Wars, you've got Guardians, so you've got to have your own space opera, but you have to find something that can survive among these two very,
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Stretch Armstrong And The Flex Fighters: first trailer

Kirsten Howard Oct 25, 2017

Animated series Stretch Armstrong And The Flex Fighters is due to hit Netflix in November. Here's your first proper look at it...

A few years back, Hasbro were hankering for a movie version of Stretch Armstrong to grace the big screen. It was part of a bunch of properties they were developing, along with various board games and toy lines. They even linked Twilight's Taylor Lautner to the lead role, and tapped Breck Eisner to direct. At this point, it looks like that project is a lost cause.

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But worry not, Stretch Armstrong fans, as Netflix have come to the rescue. They're about to
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Horror Channel unleashes eight premieres for June

  • Nerdly
Horror Channel has eight prime-time weekend film premieres in June including the UK premieres of Retreat, Carl Tibbets’ ‘ménage a trois of terror’ starring Thandie Newton, Cillian Murphy and Jamie Bell and R.D. Braunstein’s smartly gripping I Spit On Your Grave 3: Vengeance Is Mine – widely seen as the best of the series.

There are also network premieres for Jennifer Lynch’s uncompromising and dark chiller Chained, William Malone’s gruesome cyber thriller Feardotcom, starring Stephen Dorff and Natascha McElhone and Michael Reeves’s highly acclaimed Witchfinder General, starring Vincent Price.

In a deadly virus catching month, other highlights are first channel showings for John Pogue’s [Rec] inspired scareline Quarantine 2: Terminal, Breck Eisner’s critically-acclaimed remake of George Romero’s 1973 movie, The Crazies and James Cameron’s directorial debut Piranha 2: The Spawning starring Lance Henriksen and plenty of flying killer fish.

Fri 2 June @ 21:00 – Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011) *Network Premiere*

A bizarre disease,
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Crypt of Curiosities: Something Fishy – A Look at “Gillsploitation” Films

Every horror fan has their favorite type of monster. Some people love shambling zombies, others prefer squid-faced aliens from beyond the stars, and I’m sure there are a few people out there who would swear that The Mangler is the greatest beast to grace the silver screen. But for me, one archetype has always reigned supreme: the scaly fish-man.

I can’t explain why, but ever since I was a kid, sea life has always interested me, so it should come as no surprise that as far as famous monsters go, the Gill-man’s always been my favorite. Unfortunately, being a fan of the Gill-man can lead to some issues. Unlike Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Mummy, the Gill-man was an original creation of Universal, and as such, was not in the public domain. So, while there are many great films bearing those iconic names, the Creature from the Black Lagoon only has three,
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Cast This: Snake Plissken (Escape from New York remake)

  • JoBlo
An update of John Carpenter's Escape From New York has been threatened several times over the course of a decade, initially with Gerard Butler planning to wear the eye-patch as iconic badass Snake Plissken. Directors like Len Wiseman, Brett Ratner and Breck Eisner briefly sat in the director's chair before departing. Those early attempts ultimately crashed like Donald Pleasance's plane,... Read More...
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What Does Carpenter Think of Rodriguez Directing Escape from New York?

What Does Carpenter Think of Rodriguez Directing Escape from New York?
A remake of Escape from New York has been in the planning stages for ages. Now, the long gestating redo is finally moving forward, as it was announced yesterday that action maestro Robert Rodriguez is stepping in to take the helm on this sci-fi thriller that will resurrect Snake Plissken for the big screen. How does original director John Carpenter feel about this choice? Well, he actually loves it quite a bit. Sharing his thoughts on Twitter, he says this.

"Robert Rodriguez is going to direct Escape From New York. I'm excited about this. Robert is great! I am thrilled. He is a great director."

John Carpenter is not a man to mince words. And he's never offered praise where it's not deserved. The man behind such classics as the original Halloween, The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China, The Fog and Assault on Precinct 13 is no stranger to remakes,
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Escape from New York Remake Gets Director Robert Rodriguez

Escape from New York Remake Gets Director Robert Rodriguez
After years of delays, with Breck Eisner once attached to direct and Gerard Butler and Jeremy Renner previously eyed to star, 20th Century Fox's Escape From New York remake is finally moving forward. The studio has brought on filmmaker Robert Rodriguez to direct this highly-anticipated remake, although no production schedule has been given. Luther creator Neil Cross came aboard to write the script back in October 2015.

Deadline reports that Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman are set to produce the remake through their production company known as The Picture Company. 20th Century Fox won the rights to this iconic franchise back in January 2015 in a bidding war, with original Escape From New York director John Carpenter coming aboard as an executive producer. No details have been given regarding the new script by Neil Cross, or how different it will be from the original movie, but it is believed that the studio
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‘Friday the 13th’: Why a Reboot of the Franchise May Be Doomed Forever

  • Indiewire
‘Friday the 13th’: Why a Reboot of the Franchise May Be Doomed Forever
This past Monday afternoon, word came down from Paramount Pictures that the latest installment of “Friday the 13th,” which had been part of the studio’s development slate for nearly four years, had been pulled from its schedule. Only a couple of hours later, speculation engendered by that announcement was confirmed: The new “Friday the 13th” was dead, at least for the time being, and certainly at Paramount.

No official explanation was forthcoming, though the obvious one seemed to be the disappointing box-office returns for the just-concluded first weekend of “Rings,” another Paramount franchise reboot that had bounced around its slate a few times; it finished below the third weekend of Universal’s “Split.” The news was met with disappointment by die-hard “Friday” fans, who were looking forward to Jason Voorhees’ return to the studio that had nurtured him through eight movies between 1980-89. The feeling was especially acute for
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Jason Voorhees Sinks Back Into Crystal Lake Once Again as 'Friday the 13th' Reboot Is Killed

Friday the 13th has had a very rocky road to resurrection. After the 2009 reboot, the rights to the franchise shifted between studios and the shuffling of paperwork meant yet another reboot was in order. It then bounced around from director to director. At one point it was going to be found footage, but then that craze died. A writer from Hannibal came on board, everyone was excited. But that didn't work, either. Finally it seemed like Platinum Dunes, Paramount and new director Breck Eisner (The Crazies) were all on the same page. Just last week it was reported that pre-production was underway in Georgia and a casting call was out for a number of different members of the Voorhees clan, including Jason and his dad, Elias. Friday the 13th was finally, finally...

Read More
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Paramount Pictures Shut Down the Friday The 13th Reboot

Over the past year, we've been hearing and reporting lots of things about the direction that the new Friday the 13th reboot would go. Some of the things I heard actually sounded like intriguing plot elements, Jason's dad being involved and it being a period piece that would've most likely taken place in the '70s or '80s.

Well, Paramount Pictures isn't going to give the film a chance. After being delayed several times, the studio has decided to take the machete away from Jason and then kill the film with it. The studio has shut down production. 

Breck Eisner was set to direct the film and was deep into development when he got word the movie was no longer happening. There's no reason given as to why the production was canceled, but THR speculates that the poor performance of Paramount's new horror movie Rings may have played a role in making the decision.
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Paramount shuts down Friday the 13th, pushes back World War Z sequel

Any Jason Voorhees fans excited about the prospect of a return to Camp Crystal Lake will be disappointed to hear that Paramount Pictures has pulled the plug on the long-gestating next instalment of the Friday the 13th series, which the studio has been trying in vain to get off the ground for several years.

According to Variety, the studio has pulled Friday the 13th from its planned October 13th release date, filling it instead with the Jennifer Lawrence / Darren Aronofsky film mother!. Production had been expected to begin this Spring, with Breck Eisner (The Last Witch Hunter) directing from a script by Prisoners scribe Aaron Guzikowski. It’s said that a number of factors played into the decision, including the $21 million budget, the disappointing opening weekend for horror sequel Rings, and the fact that the rights to the franchise will shortly revert back to New Line Cinema.

Meanwhile, Paramount has
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Friday the 13th Remake Is Canceled, Is Rings to Blame?

Friday the 13th Remake Is Canceled, Is Rings to Blame?
Just a few weeks after a report claimed the Friday the 13th remake was set to start shooting this spring, Paramount Pictures has unceremoniously canceled the project. The studio has pulled the horror remake from its October 13, 2017 release date, immediately slotting director Darren Aronofksy's mother!, starring Jennifer Lawrence, into that date. The studio also unsurprisingly pulled World War Z 2 from its 2017 release slate, with the studio now aiming for a 2018 or 2019 date.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that, even though no cast members had been set yet, casting was under way with the project still eyeing a mid-March production start. Earlier today, though, the production company Platinum Dunes and director Breck Eisner were given word by Paramount that the studio was pulling the plug on the project. Insiders claim that the middling box office results of Paramount's Rings, another attempt to revive a stagnant horror franchise, played a part in Friday the 13th's cancelation.
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New Friday The 13th Movie & World War Z Sequel Removed from Paramount Pictures’ Release Schedule

  • DailyDead
Paramount Pictures has made two big shifts on the horror film front by removing the new Friday the 13th movie and the World War Z sequel from their release schedule.

Deadline reports the news of Paramount’s release schedule changes. The new Friday the 13th movie was pencilled in for an October 13th, 2017 release, while the World War Z sequel was initially slated to come out on June 9th, 2017. In place of Friday the 13th, Paramount has scheduled Darren Aronosfky’s mother! to come out on October 13th.

Should it move forward, the new Friday the 13th film is set to be directed by Breck Eisner (The Crazies remake, The Last Witch Hunter) from a screenplay by Aaron Guzikowski’s (Prisoners).

The World War Z sequel, meanwhile, does not have a director at the helm. J.A. Bayona (A Monster Calls) was at one point attached to direct before departing the project,
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Friday the 13th Reboot Will Have a Young Jason, New Title Revealed?

Friday the 13th Reboot Will Have a Young Jason, New Title Revealed?
We've known for quite some time that the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot will feature Jason Voorhees' mom and dad. Today, a casting call offers new insight into the flashback story that is being told. According to, the production has a very specific type of actor it is looking for. And further inspection indicates that this movie has a new title, tying it into the overall franchise.

Just yesterday, reports surfaced that Friday the 13th is gearing up for a March production start date with casting currently underway. The quasi-sequel reboot hybrid will shoot in Conyers, Georgia. Today, we have a better understanding of who production company Platinum Dunes is looking for in resurrecting Jason Voorhees for the 13th time. On a Friday no less. The casting call says this.

"Male, Caucasian, 12 years old Only Seeking Identical Twins W/ TV And Film Credits. Must Be Under 5 Foot. No Exceptions.
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