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  • (1938 - 1964) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1938) Stage Play: Our Town. Drama. Written by Thornton Wilder. Costume Design by Helene Pons. Directed by Jed Harris. Henry Miller's Theatre (moved to The Morosco Theatre from 1 May 1938 to close): 4 Feb 1938- Nov 1938 (closing date unknown/336 performances). Cast: Arthur Allen (as "Stage Manager"), Max Beck (as "People of the Town"), Emily Boileau (as "People of the Town"), Barbara Brown, Barbara Burton (as "People of the Town"), Helen Carew (as "Mrs. Webb"), Willard Cary (as "People of the Town"), Francis G. Cleveland, Thomas Coley, Philip Coolidge (as "Simon Stimson") [Broadway debut], Frank Craven (as "Stage Manager"), John Craven (as "George Gibbs") [Broadway debut], Alice Donaldson, Marilyn Erskine, Tom Fadden, Jay Fassett (as "Dr. Gibbs"), John Irving Finn, Mary Elizabeth Forbes, Walter O. Hill, Frank Howell, E. Irving Lock, James Malaidy, Aline McDermott, Charles Mellody, Doro Merande (as "Mrs. Soames"), Thomas Morgan, Dorothee Nolan, Shirley Osborn, Jean Platt, Katharine Raht, William Redfield (billed as "Billy Redfield"), Raymond Roe, William Roehrick, Leon Rose, Thomas W. Ross, Dorothy Ryan, 'Alfred Ryder (I)', Martha Scott (as "Emily Webb") [Broadway debut], Van Shem, William Short, Bernice Silver, Alida Stanley, Lyn Swann, Evelyn Varden, William Wadsworth, Charles Walters, Carrie Weller, Ann Weston, Charles Wiley Jr., Charles Wiley Sr. Understudy: Teresa Wright (as "Emily Webb"). Produced by Jed Harris.
  • (1938) Stage Play: The Merchant of Yonkers. Farce. Written by Thornton Wilder, from the comedy by Johann Nestroy. Directed by Max Reinhardt. Guild Theatre: 28 Dec 1938- Jan 1939 (closing date unknown/39 performances). Cast: John Call, Philip Coolidge, Tom Ewell, Frances Harison, Edward Nannery, Minna Phillips, Maida Reade, Bartlett Robinson, Peter Struwel, Joseph Sweeney, June Walker (as "Miss Molly"), Percy Waram (as "Horace Vandergelder"), Carrie Weller, Nydia Westman, Max Willenz. Produced by Herman Shumlin.
  • (1939) Stage Play: Family Portrait. Drama. Written by Lenore J. Coffee and William J. Cowen. Incidental music by Lehman Engel. Scenic Design by Harry Horner. Costume Design by Harry Horner. Directed by Margaret Webster. Morosco Theatre: 8 Mar 1939- Jun 1939 (closing date unknown/111 performances). Cast: Judith Anderson (as "Mary"), Lois Austin (as "Reba"), Neal Berry (as "Joshua"), Virginia Campbell (as "Naomi"), Ruth Chorpenning (as "Anna"), Philip Coolidge (as "James"), Leonard Elliott (as "Disciple"), Tom Ewell (as "Simon"), William Foran (as "Mordecai"), Kathryn Grill (as "Selima"), Eula Guy (as "Hepziba"), Ronald Hammond (as "Nathan"), James Harker (as "Juda"), Lois Jameson (as "Woman of Jerusalem"), Max Leavitt (as "Shepherd"), Will Lee (as "Mendel"), Josephine McKim (as "Esther"), Bram Nossen (as "Rabbi Samuel"), Ronald Reiss (as "Daniel"), Hugh Rennie (as "Mathias"), Guy Spaull (as "Appius Hadrian/Leban of Damascus"), Norman Stuart (as "Joseph"), Philip Truex (as "Eben/Daniel, at age 16"), Evelyn Varden (as "Mary Cleophas"), Margaret Webster (as "Mary of Magdala "). Produced by Cheryl Crawford. Produced in association with Day Tuttle and Richard Skinner.
  • (1939) Stage Play: Margin for Error. Melodrama. Written by Clare Boothe Luce. Scenic Design by Donald Oenslager. Assistant to Mr. Oenslager: Isaac Benesch. Directed by Otto Preminger. Plymouth Theatre: 3 Nov 1939- 1 Jun 1940 (closing date unknown/264 performances). Cast: Sam Levene (as "Officer Finkelstein"), Otto Preminger (as "Karl Baumer"), Matt Briggs (as "Otto B. Horst"), Elspeth Eric (as "Sophie Baumer"), Leif Erickson (as "Thomas S. Denny"), Bramwell Fletcher (as "Baron Max von Alvenstor"), Bert Lytell (as "Dr. Jennings"), Edward McNamara (as "Capt. Mulrooney"), Evelyn Wahl. Replacement cast: Philip Coolidge (as "Otto B. Horst"), Hugh Marlowe (as "Thomas S. Denny"), William Mendrek (as "Captain Mulrooney"). Produced by Richard Aldrich and Richard Myers.
  • (1940) Stage Play: Suzanna and the Elders. Comedy. Written by Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall [credited as Armina Marshall]. Directed by Worthington Miner. Morosco Theatre: 29 Oct 1940- 23 Nov 1940 (30 performances). Cast: Paul Ballantyne (as "Charles Owen"), Royal Beal (as "Brother McIntosh"), Mary Boylan (as "Sister Olympia Herring"), Lloyd Bridges (as "Brother Tom"), Morris Carnovsky (as "John Adam Kent"), Rosemary Carver (as "Sister Flavilla Ford"), Bettina Cerf (as "Sister Amanda Perkins"), Richard Clark (as "Brother Lemuel"), Philip Coolidge (as "Reverend Abner Owen"), Tom Elwell (as "Brother Galusha"), Howard Freeman (as "Brother Tupper"), Charles Furcolowe (as "Brother Stafford"), Kathryn Grill (as "Sister Hannah Plunkett"), Lois Hall (as "Sister Mary Lamb"), Frances Harrison (as "Sister Clarissa Marshall"), Ross Hertz (as "Mike Lenihan"), Drina Hill (as "Sister Abigail Adams"), Theodore Newton (as "Brother Longhorne"), Hale Norcross (as "Brother Plunkett"), Jane Seymour (as "Patience Kent"), Haila Stoddard (as "Sister Suzanna Leeds"), Ralph Wordley (as "Brother Birdseye"). Produced by Jack Kirkland.
  • (1941) Stage Play: In Time to Come. Written by Howard Koch and John Huston. Directed by Otto Preminger. Mansfield Theatre: 28 Dec 1941- 31 Jan 1942 (40 performances). Cast: Maurice Burke, Alexander Clark, Russell Collins (as "Col. House"), Philip Coolidge (as "Smith"), Richard Gaines, Robert Gray, James Gregory (as "Dillan"), Nedda Harrigan, William Harrigan (as "Tumulty"), House Jameson (as "Sen. Lodge"), Harold J. Kennedy, John M. Kline, Arnold Korff (as "Monsieur Pichon"), Edgar Mason, Randolph Preston, Joseph Quaranto, Bernard Randall, Rene Roberti, Vincenzo Rocco, Guy Sorel, Harold Young. Produced by Otto Preminger.
  • (1944) Stage Play: Jacobowsky and the Colonel. Comedy. Written by S.N. Behrman. Based on an original play by Franz Werfel. Incidental music by Paul Bowles. Assistant Stage Mgr: Bettina Cerf. General Stage Manager: Coby Ruskin. Directed by Elia Kazan. Martin Beck Theatre: 14 Mar 1944- 10 Mar 1945 (417 performances). Cast: Annabella (as "Marianne") [Broadway debut], Louis Calhern (as "Colonel Tadeusz Boleslav Stjerbinsky"), Oskar Karlweis (as "S.L. Jacobowsky"), Harold Vermilyea (as "Gestapo Official"), J. Edward Bromberg (as "Szabuniewicz"), Donald Cameron (as "Monsieur Serouille/Senator Brisson"), Philip Collier (as "Air Raid Warden"), Philip Coolidge (as "The Dice Player"), Harry Davis (as "Soloman/Papa Clarion"), Louise Dowdney (as "A Young Girl"), Joseph Kallini (as "Street Singer"), Peter Kass (as "Szycke"), Edward Kreisler (as "Sergeant De Ville/Second French Soldier"), Don Lee (as "Wilhelm/First German Soldier"), Jules Leni (as "Child"), Jane Marbury (as "Old Lady from Arras"), E.G. Marshall (as "Brigadier"), Kitty Mattern (as "Cosette"), Bob Merritt (as "Max/Second German Soldier"), Frank Overton (as "First Lieutenant"), Coby Ruskin (as "A Chauffeur"), William Sanders (as "The Commissaire"), Burton Tripp (as "Gendarme/First French Soldier"), Hilda Vaughn (as "Madame Bouffier"), Harrison Winter (as "Sleeping Shopkeeper"), Barry O'Moore (as "The Tragic Gentleman"). Replacement actors: Donald Arbury (as "Monsieur Serouille/Senator Brisson"), Oliver Cliff (as "The Dice Player"), Loney Lewis (as "Szabuniewicz"), Herbert Ratner (as "Air Raid Warden/Max/Second German Soldier"), Gwilym Williams (as "Street Singer"). Produced by The Theatre Guild (Theresa Helburn, Lawrence Langner: Administrative Directors). Produced in association with Jack H. Skirball. Note: Filmed as Me and the Colonel (1958).
  • (1944) Stage Play: Sing Out, Sweet Land [A Salute to American Folk and Popular Music]. Book by Walter Kerr. Music arranged by Elie Siegmeister [erroneously credited as Elie Siegmaster]. Special music written by Elie Siegmaster. Conducted by Elie Siegmeister [erroneously credited as Elie Siegmaster]. Production staged by Leon Leonidoff. Choreographed by Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. Scenic Design by Albert R. Johnson. Costume Design by Lucinda Ballard. Assistant to Lucinda Ballard: Johnnie Johnson. Book directed by Walter Kerr. International Theatre: 27 Dec 1944- 24 Mar 1945 (102 performances). Cast: Alfred Drake (as "Barnaby Goodchild"), Hercules Armstrong (as "Spiritual Ensemble"), Dorothy Baxter (as "Mrs. Jones' Daughters, Railroad Station, Texas/Vocal Ensemble/Verse Chorus"), Rhoda Boggs (as "Spiritual Ensemble"), Harry Bolden (as "Spiritual Ensemble"), Peggy Campbell (as "Mrs. Jones' Daughters, Railroad Station, Texas/Dancer"), Roberta Cassell (as "Dancer"), George Cassidy (as "Harry, Aircraft Carrier/Vocal Ensemble/Verse Chorus"), Cathleen Chambers (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Marjorie Chandler (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Jack Claus (as "Dancer"), Philip Coolidge (as "Parson Killjoy, Puritan New England/Mary Jane's Father, Illinois Wilderness/Sheriff, Mississippi Boat/Lieutenant, Civil War Campfire/Villian, City Park/Bluenose, Five O'Clock Whistle/Commander, Aircraft Carrier"), Kendrick Coy (as "Dancer"), Charles Ford (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Claretta Freeman (as "Spiritual Ensemble"), Joseph Gifford (as "Dancer/Verse Chorus"), Lawrence Gilbert (as "Dick, Aircraft Carrier/Vocal Ensemble"), Adrienne Gray (as "Farm Girl, Illinois Wilderness"), Sam Green (as "George, Aircraft Carrier/Vocal Ensemble/Verse Chorus"), Carol Hall (as "Vocal Ensemble/Verse Chorus"), Juanita Hall (as "Watermelon Woman, The South/Spiritual Ensemble"), Morty Halpern (as "Old Timer, Railroad Station, Texas/Verse Chorus"), Ann S. Halprin (as "Dancer"), Peter Hamilton (as "Specialty Dancer in "Mississippi Boat," Mississippi Boat/Bluejeans, Five O'Clock Whistle/Specialty Dancer in "Speakeasy Night Club," Speakeasy Night Club"), Charles Hart (as "2nd Man, The Oregon Trail/Captain, Mississippi Boat/Fat Tramp, Railroad Station, Texas/Bartender in "Speakeasy Night Club," Speakeasy Night Club"), Irene Hawthorne (as "Specialty Dancer in "Mississippi Boat," Mississippi Boat/Specialty Dancer in "Speakeasy Night Club," Speakeasy Night Club"), Burl Ives (as "Fiddler, Illinois Wilderness/Bonaforte, Mississippi Boat/1st Soldier, Civil War Campfire/Jolly Tramp, Railroad Station, Texas/Petty Officer, Aircraft Carrier"), Irene Jordan (as "Mary Jane, Illinois Wilderness/Vocal Ensemble/Verse Chorus"), Christine Karner (as "Nellie Bly, Mississippi Boat/Dancer/Verse Chorus"), Alma Kaye (as "Priscilla, Puritan New England/Patriot's Daughter, A New England Town/Mohee, Illinois Wilderness/Frankie, Mississippi Boat/Daisy, City Park/Baby, Speakeasy Night Club"), Fred Kohler (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Joe Landis (as "Dancer"), Ellen Love (as "Charity Wouldlove, Puritan New England/Tough Woman, The Oregon Trail/Frankie's Mother, Mississippi Boat/Verse Chorus"), Ethel Mann (as "Red Light Girl, Five O'Clock Whistle/Dancer/Verse Chorus"), Edwin Marsh (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Robert Mayo (as "Dancer/Verse Chorus"), Jack McCauley (as "The Patriot, A New England Town/Johnny, Mississippi Boat/Gentleman Tramp, Railroad Station, Texas/Tycoon, Speakeasy Night Club"), Pat Newman (as "Mrs. Jones' Daughters, Railroad Station, Texas"), Patricia Newman Dancer, Verse Chorus"), Bibi Osterwald (as "Farm Woman/Illinois Wilderness"), Mrs. Casey Jones/Railroad Station, Texas/Maxie, Speakeasy Night Club"), Miriam Pandor (as "Dancer"), Robert Penn (as "Puritan, Puritan New England/1st Man, The Oregon Trail/Trasker, Mississippi Boat/Sad Tramp, Railroad Station, Texas/Murph, Aircraft Carrier"), Joseph Precker (as "Dancer"), Jules Racine (as "Bear, Illinois Wilderness/3rd Man, The Oregon Trail/Bluecoat, Five O'Clock Whistle/Drunk, Speakeasy Night Club"), Frances Rainer (as "Dancer/Verse Chorus"), Virtes Reese (as "Spiritual Ensemble"), Fred Rivetti (as "Vocal Ensemble/Verse Chorus"), Harriet Roeder (as "Dancer"), Selma Rogoff (as "Vocal Ensemble"), William Sharon (asd "Police Chief, Speakeasy Night Club"), William Sol (as "Spiritual Ensemble"), Ted Tiller (as "Bill, Illinois Wilderness/Bartender in "Mississippi Boat," Mississippi Boat/ Corporal, Civil War Campfire/Jack, City Park/Tom, Aircraft Carrier"), Ruth Tyler (as "Blues Singer, Five O'Clock Whistle"), Bill Weaver (as "Dancer"), James Westerfield (as "Big Bear of a Man, The Oregon Trail/Yard Boss, Railroad Station, Texas/Trigger, Speakeasy Night Club"), Phyllis Wilcox (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Wilson Woodbeck (as "Spiritual Ensemble"). Produced by The Theatre Guild (Theresa Helburn, Lawrence Langner: Administrative Directors).
  • (1947) Stage Play: Barefoot Boy With Cheek. Comedy.
  • (1949) Stage Play: The Traitor. Melodrama.
  • (1950) Stage Play: The Liar. Musical comedy. Music by John Mundy. Based on material by Alfred Drake and Edward Eager. Lyrics by Edward Eager. Directed by Alfred Drake. Broadhurst Theatre: 18 May 1950- 27 May 1950 (12 performances). Cast: Walter F. Appler (as "Innkeeper"), Barbara Ashley (as "Cleonice Anselmi"), Martin Balsam (as "Servingman"), Edward Bryce (as "Guard"), Glenn Burris (as "Florindo Pallido"), Stanley Carlson (as "Ottavio Ossimorsi"), Leonardo Cimino (as "Servingman"), David Coliver (as "Vino"), Russell Collins (as "Brighelia"), Melville Cooper, William Eythe, William Hogue, Paula Laurence, Walter Matthau, Barbara Moser, May Muth (as "Woman at Window"), William Myers (as "Urchin"), Marybelle Norton (as "Vegetabili"), Margery Oldroyd (as "Fiori"), Robert Penn, Joshua Shelley, Lawrence Weber, Lee Wilcox. Produced by Dorothy Willard and Thomas Hammond.
  • (1950) Stage Play: Legend of Sarah.
  • (1951) Stage Play: Darkness at Noon. Drama. Written by Sidney Kingsley. Based on the novel by Arthur Koestler. "Moscow" composed by Dan and Dm. Pokras. Directed by Sidney Kingsley. Alvin Theatre (moved to The Royale Theatre from 26 Mar 1951- close): 13 Jan 1951- 23 Jun 1951 (186 performances). Cast: Claude Rains (as "Rubashov"), Kim Hunter (as "Luba"), Jack Palance [credited as Walter J. Palance] (as "Gletkin"), Tony Ancona, Geoffrey Barr, Henry Beckman (as "Pablo"), Philip Coolidge (as "402"), Robert Crozier, Maurice Gosfield, Johnson Hayes, Virginia Howard, Robert Keith Jr., Will Kuluva (as "Luigi"), Adams MacDonald, Lois Nettleton (as "Secretary"), Daniel Polis, Herbert Ratner (as "Richard"), Allan Rich, Norman Roland, Alexander Scourby (as "Ivanoff"), Richard Seff. Produced by The Playwrights' Company. Associate Producer: May Kirshner.
  • (1951) Stage Play: Barefoot in Athens. Historical drama. Written by Maxwell Anderson. Scenic Design and Lighting Design by Boris Aronson. Directed by Alan Anderson. Martin Beck Theatre: 31 Oct 1951- 24 Nov 1951 (29 performances). Cast: Robert Brown (as "Lamprocles"), Bart Burns (as "Satyros"), William Bush (as "Phaedo"), Philip Coolidge (as "Critias"), Edward Groag (as "Guard"), Bruce Hall (as "Meletos"), William Hansen (as "Lykon"), Barry Jones (as "Socrates"), Lotte Lenya (as "Xantippe"), Karl Light (as "Crassos"), George Mathews (as "Pausanias"), John McLiam (as "Guard"), Robin Michael (as "Phoenix"), Daniel Reed (as "Crito"), Judson Rees (as "Lysis"), Helen Shields (as "Theodote"), David J. Stewart (as "Anytos"), Stratton Walling (as "Critobulus"), Joseph Warren (as "Magistrate"). Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, Robert Anderson, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Roger L. Stevens, John F. Wharton).
  • (1952) Stage Play: The Gambler. Written by Ugo Betti. Adaptation by Alfred Drake and Edward Eager. Scenic Design and Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Lyceum Theatre: 13 Oct 1952- 1 Nov 1952 (24 performances). Cast: Anne Burr, Constance Clausen, Philip Coolidge, Alfred Drake, Margaret Draper, E.G. Marshall, Percy Waram. Produced by Thomas Hammond and Wayne Harris.
  • (1953) Stage Play: The Crucible. Drama. Written by Arthur Miller. Lullaby composed by Anne Ronnell. Hymn composed by Alex Miller. Costume Design by Edith Lutyens. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Directed by Jed Harris. Martin Beck Theatre: 22 Jan 1953- 11 Jul 1953 (197 performances). Cast: Arthur Kennedy (as "John Proctor"), Walter Hampden (as "Deputy-Governor Danforth"), E.G. Marshall (as "Reverend John Hale"), Beatrice Straight (as "Elizabeth Proctor"), Jean Adair (as "Rebecca Nurse"), Janet Alexander (as "Betty Parris"), Jacqueline Andre (as "Tituba"), Raymond Bramley (as "Thomas Putnam"), Philip Coolidge (as "Judge Hawthorne"), Jenny Egan, Adele Fortin, Jane Hoffman, Dorothy Jolliffe, Donald Marye, Don McHenry, George Mitchell, Madeleine Sherwood, Barbara Stanton, Fred Stewart (as "Rev. Samuel Parris"), Joseph Sweeney, Graham Velsey (as "Francis Nurse"). Replacement actors: Philip Coolidge (as "Deputy-Governor Danforth"), Nell Harrison (as "Rebecca Nurse"), Cloris Leachman (as "Abigail Williams"), Donald Marye, Claudia McNeil, Leonard Patrick, Judy Ratner, Madeleine Sherwood, Maureen Stapleton (as "Elizabeth Proctor"), Harry Young. Produced by Kermit Bloomgarden.

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