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Federation, Mediaset, Lucisano Team on Monte Paschi Bank Scandal Series

  • Variety
Italy’s Mediaset and Lucisano Media Group have teamed up with France’s Federation Entertainment on a TV series for the international market titled “Sienna,” centering on a multi-billion-dollar banking scandal that rocked the world oldest bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

The skein, which combines financial thriller and historical saga elements, is a further indication of a shift at Mediaset, Italy’s top commercial network, towards commissioning TV dramas that aspire to travel. The linear broadcaster has recently announced another drama series with international ambitions, “Don Masino,” about Cosa Nostra’s first high-ranking turncoat. The company also pacted with Netflix last week on a slate of Italian movies that the streaming giant will play around the world.

Federation Entertainment, a leading player in international drama and kids’ entertainment and the company behind Netflix’s first French original series, “Marseille,” has been developing close ties with Italy lately. Last year
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‘Cannibal Holocaust’ Blu-ray Review (Grindhouse Releasing)

  • Nerdly
“I wonder who the real cannibals are…”

There have been many releases of Cannibal Holocaust throughout the years, on various formats, but this release, from Grindhouse Releasing in the United States, is, from what I’ve seen, the best yet, and features 3 discs, here, I’ll be looking at what is on those discs, and reviewing the film.

Now, this isn’t an easy task. Cannibal Holocaust has been spoken about, reviewed and studied by a vast number of people in the last 34 years with great amounts of research done into the making of the film and the events that followed its release. While I might not go into as much detail as some, I will still do my best to give my thoughts on the film and this specific set. This will only be my second time with the film, and the first time I will have seen it in over ten years.
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Blu-ray Review – Cannibal Holocaust (Grindhouse Releasing)

This is the release that we’ve been waiting for. Ever since Grindhouse Releasing started putting titles out in the Blu-ray format, there were two titles that they released on DVD that fans just knew would be coming to Blu-ray soon. Those titles would be Cannibal Holocaust, and Pieces. Cannibal Holocaust, probably being the more important release between the two. The day is finally here, and holy hell what a release this is. Even if you’re not a fan of the movie itself, this is such an impressive Blu-ray release that it deserves to be on your shelf regardless. Why can’t all releases be as nice as a Grindhouse Releasing release? For the type of film they release, everything from the content to the packaging is miles beyond almost all of their competitors. Cannibal Holocaust may be one of the most disturbing releases they’ve put to the Blu-ray format,
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Coming Soon To Blu-ray – Cannibal Holocaust (Grindhouse Releasing) – July 1

Love it or hate it, and for whatever reason, Cannibal Holocaust carved its own spot in cult movie infamy, and it has such staying power that it is not going away. Once Grindhouse Releasing made their return, and started releasing films to Blu-ray, I wondered instantly if things like Pieces and Cannibal Holocaust would get the High-Def treatment, and it appears that I have my answer. Though Pieces hasn’t been announced for a Blu-ray yet, Cannibal Holocaust has, and now we have not only a final release date, but a list of the treasure trove of bonus content that comes along with it. Get your pre-orders in, kids. Now is the time.

From the press release:

Cannibal Holocaust

3 Disc Deluxe Edition 2 Blu-rays + 1 CD

Label: Grindhouse Releasing

Pre-book: 6/3/2014 Street Date: 7/1/2014

Srp: 39.95 Upc: 797679001123 Cat: Bos 011

Run Time: 96 Minutes Language: English

Color Widescreen 1.85:1 Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Region: All

Production Year: 1980 Genre:
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Cannibal Holocaust Blu-ray Bonus Features and Release Date

It’s advertised as “the one that goes All The Way!” And for good reason. Ruggero Deodato’s controversial 1980 cult film Cannibal Holocaust is known for its stomach churning scenes of cannibalistic violence. In the film, a human feeding frenzy ensues when a South American cannibal tribe makes a group of documentary filmmakers their next meal.

Its disturbing realism is sure to be enhanced in its upcoming Blu-ray release via Grindhouse Releasing and fans of the cult flick should be excited now that a detailed list of special features and a release date for the Cannibal Holocaust Blu-ray have been announced.

With Grindhouse Releasing setting their sights on a July 1st release date, the Cannibal Holocaust Blu-ray will boast an impressive lineup of bonus features for fans to eat up:

Bonus Features [via]:

3 Disc Deluxe Edition – 2 Blu-rays + CD New high-definition digital restoration of the original director’s cut Spectacular digital
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Eat Up These Official Cannibal Holocaust Blu-ray Details

While I personally do not care to see that poor friggin' turtle in Cannibal Holocaust pointlessly slaughtered in full 1080p resolution, I know that there's a bunch of you that do. With the film hitting Blu-ray soon, we've got the skinny for ya! Dig it!

Grindhouse Releasing announced that Ruggero Deodato’s masterpiece will arrive July 1st on Blu-ray in an all-new deluxe edition three-disc release. The set includes two Blu-ray discs loaded with special features and a newly remastered soundtrack CD of the original score by Riz Ortolani.

Grindhouse Releasing’s Cannibal Holocaust Deluxe Edition Blu-ray is the ultimate home video presentation of this notorious classic named by Entertainment Weekly as “one of the most controversial films ever made.”

The three-disc set can be pre-ordered now exclusively at Diabolik DVD.

Special Features

New high-definition digital restoration of the uncensored director’s cut Spectacular digital stereo re-mix and original mono
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Blu-ray Review - Cannibal Holocaust (Ruggero Deodato's New Edit), 2011

Cannibal Holocaust (Ruggero Deodato's New Edit), 2011.

Directed by Ruggero Deodato.

Starring Robert Kerman, Francesca Ciardi, Carl Gabriel Yorke, Perry Pirkanen, Luca Barbareschi, Salvatore Basile and Ricardo Fuentes.


An anthropologist ventures into the Amazon in search of a missing American documentary film crew and retrieves their footage, which documents the gruesome truth behind the ill-fated expedition.

After premiering at Cine-Excess V this May, director Ruggero Deodato’s newest cut of the notorious ‘video nasty’ Cannibal Holocaust now arrives here in the U.K. on Blu-ray courtesy of Shameless Screen Entertainment, delivering what must surely be the most complete edit of the cult shocker likely to gain approval by the British Board of Film Classification. Although fifteen seconds of cuts remain, this latest incarnation restores almost six minutes to the previous Vipco home entertainment release, including the majority of the infamous unsimulated animal killings – a hugely contentious ((and utterly appalling
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