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The Flash Showrunner Addresses Whether Mark Hamill Could Return As The Trickster

One of the best treats of The Flash‘s debut season was the return of the legend that is Mark Hamill as the Trickster, the same character he played twenty years before in the 1990s Flash TV show. The role offered a chance for the actor to basically do his Joker in live-action and he followed it up by making cameos in the second and third seasons.

Unfortunately, because he’s such a busy guy, he didn’t make it into last year’s season 4, but does that mean that we’ve seen the last of the Trickster on The CW show, or is there a chance that Hamill could reprise the role again in the future? TV Line put the question to showrunner Todd Helllbing and he admitted that the team “always” wants to get him back, but he’s tied up working on history drama Knightfall – which is,
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Mark Hamill Talks Playing The Trickster Again On The Flash

One of the biggest fan favourite villains on The Flash is the Trickster, as played by DC legend Mark Hamill. Though he’s most known for voicing the Joker since the 1990s, Hamill has also played the Trickster on both the 1990 TV series starring John Wesley Shipp and The CW’s modern interpretation.

While he appeared in guest spots throughout the show’s first three seasons, Hamill has been a no-show in season 4 so far. You might have thought that this was to do with the actor being too busy with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it turns out he’s just waiting for the call to be asked back. Here’s what he told while in attendance at the Aarp Movies for Grownups Awards:

“Who knows? They haven’t asked yet. They asked me once, and I agreed, but John was doing a play – John Wesley Shipp.
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The Flash Recap: Doing a Stretch — Plus, [Spoiler] Returns!

The Flash Recap: Doing a Stretch — Plus, [Spoiler] Returns!
This week on The Flash, Ralph rrrrrreeeeached out to imprisoned Barry during a crisis, after a familiar nemesis resurfaced. And speaking of returns, a scene stealer from “Crisis on Earth-x” dropped by, to serve up a curious new clue.

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This was one of those times where, based on the episodic photos alone, I had greatly tempered expectations, thinking it would be a big ol’ filler of an hour… or it’d be unexpectedly entertaining/amusing. And while Trickster Jr. was a bit of a monotonous bore,
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New The Flash Featurette Follows An Emerging Elongated Man

After being left disappointed by the first few episodes in the current season of The Flash, I’m glad to say that I’m starting to feel as glued to my TV set as I was back in seasons 1 and 2. After thinking the producers wouldn’t be able to top the shocking midseason finale, I was quite pleased to see them continue leaving us in a state of disbelief after viewing last week’s “The Trial of the Flash.”

Long story short, the creative minds behind the series kicked off 2018 with a bang by actually having Barry Allen being found guilty for the murder of Clifford DeVoe. Of course, we the viewers know he’s innocent, but it’s forcing us to wonder how the Scarlet Speedster will get out of this one.

In his stead, Ralph Dibny will be forced to step up in a major way when a
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The Flash Brings Back Another Actor (and Character) From 1990 Series

The Flash has famously paid homage to the 1990 series by casting John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen, and featuring the likes of Mark Hamill, Amanda Pays and Alex Désert as guest stars. Tonight’s episode, “The Elongated Knight Rises,” adds another callback to that list with an appearance by Corinne Bohrer.

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Ralph Dibny Gets A New Suit In Promo Images For Next Week’s Flash

He’s been rocking a pretty ugly light blue spandex suit for most of the season so far, but it’s finally time for Ralph Dibny to get a proper superhero outfit in next week’s episode of The Flash.

DC comics fans will know that Ralph typically wears a purple, black and white skin-tight outfit on the page and, while that look hasn’t been recreated on screen, Dibny’s new duds – seen in the gallery below – evoke the character’s classic look as best as they can while still fitting in with the overall Arrowverse aesthetic. For instance, the purple has been switched for a more muted maroon colour scheme and the addition of the goggles are a nice touch, as a way for Ralph to keep his identity a secret.

Elongated Man’s heroics aren’t the only thing that’s notable about this episode, though, as
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The Flash Photos: Ralph Dibny Gets Upgraded Suit to Battle New Trickster

With The Flash‘s title character behind bars, it’s up to Ralph Dibny to save the day when a new Trickster wreaks havoc next Tuesday (The CW, 8/7c). But he won’t be doing it in that silly, skintight onesie from a couple episodes ago.

As seen in the attached first-look photos from the Jan. 23 episode, titled “The Elongated Knight Rises,” the P.I. is sporting a spiffy new supersuit in his battle against Axel Walker (Dexter alum Devon Graye), aka the show’s latest Trickster, and Zoey Clark/Prank (Corinne Bohrer, who played Lianne on Veronica Mars!). The
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From Rory To Richie, The Top 10 Teens In TV History

By Rachel Bennett

Television Editor & Columnist


If there’s one type of TV character that can appeal to younger and older viewers, it’s the TV teen.

For younger audience members, TV teens are figures to whom to relate and admire. Older audience members, on the other hand, use these characters to relive the innocence and optimism of youth that somehow gets sanded down over time.

TV teens are tricky to pull off, as they can become just as obnoxious as real teens occasionally are. But if portrayed with a relatable honesty and vulnerability, they can evolve into some of the best TV characters ever.

Tessa Altman (Jane Levy) of ABC’s Suburgatory is on her way to cementing her place among famous TV teens, but until she does, here are my choices for the top 10 teens in TV history:

10. Rory Gilmore, The WB and The CW’s Gilmore Girls
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Snuffed Out, Too: More TV Series That Were Gone Too Soon

Last month, as the fate of ABC's Gcb hung in the balance, we were worried it would become a member of the "Gone Too Soon" club, TV shows that were snuffed out before they had a chance to flourish, or at least before we had a chance to grow tired of them.

Sadly, Gcb has gone to that big Upn in the sky, where it can run happily in the meadow with the likes of Firefly, Pushing Daisies, and Manimal.

While we mourn Gcb's loss, let's take a look at more shows that were ended too quickly. They were unappreciated at the the time, but they were either too good or too ... interesting ... not to have been offered the opportunity to flourish. Or flame out. Which is just as good.

The Comeback

HBO (June 5, 2005 – September 4, 2005)

Lisa Kudrow could have played it safe with her follow-up series to Friends, but instead
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Fabulous Thundercast: Episode 60

  • Junk Food Dinner
The landmark 60th episode of Junk Food Dinner is upon us!

First movie is: "Commando." We gush over former governor/current lover of women Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1985 action flick co-starring Alyssa Milano and David Patrick Kelly, directed by Mark L. Lester and co-written by comic writer Jeph Loeb. It's a non-stop thrill ride in what may be the ultimate '80s action flick.

Second movie is: "Surf II: The End of the Trilogy." It's surf and punks and Eddie Deezen in a starring role (!) in this hard-to-find 1984 movie full of bizarro humor and awesome songs and bikini bodies. Eric Stoltz and Corinne Bohrer co-star.

Third movie is: "MetalStorm: The Destruction of Jared Syn." This 1983 post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick stars Richard Moll from "Night Court" and Jack Deth himself, Tim Thomerson. Charles Band directs.

Fourth rule is: Eat kosher salamis.

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Got a comment or question about this show? Drop us a line at JFDPodcast@gmail.
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