John Wayne Poster

Other Works

  • (1970s) Regional TV commercial: Great Western Savings Bank.
  • (1970s) Spoken word album: "America, Why I Love Her".
  • (1999) TV commercial (in computerized, virtual image): Coors Beer.
  • (c. 1964) Intermission (PSA): Will Rogers Foundation.
  • (1966) TV commercial (political ad): Ronald Reagan for California governor.
  • (1977) TV commercial: Datril headache relief medication
  • (1951) Magazine advertisement: Camel cigarettes.
  • (1/1/73) Grand Marshal, Tournament of Roses parade, Pasadena, CA.
  • (c. 1953) Publicity photographs for the Great Western Arms Co., Los Angeles, CA. Great Western was the first American company to produce full-size replicas of the famous Colt Single Action Army revolver (a/k/a Peacemaker, Model 1873, etc.) and presented Wayne with a pair of its early products. Great Western went out of business about 1962, in part because its success encouraged larger companies to also make Peacemaker clones.
  • (Mid- to late 1970s) TV commercial (PSA): American Cancer Society.
  • (1980) Wrote the foreword to Chuck Roberson's autobiography "Fall Guy" (Roberson was Wayne's stunt double for 30 years).
  • (1976) TV commercial: US Savings Bonds
  • (1949) Radio: Appeared (as "The Ringo Kid") in a "Screen Directors Playhouse" broadcast of "Stagecoach".
  • (3/12/51) Radio: Appeared (as "Capt. Nathan Brittles") in a "Lux Radio Theatre" presentation of "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon".
  • (5/24/73) Appeared in the ABC-TV special "The White House Salute to the POWs".
  • (3/5/47) Radio: Appeared (as "Quirt Evans") on "The Hedda Hopper Show--This Is Hollywood" in a broadcast of "Angel and the Badman".
  • (3/19/73) Guested on "A.M. America", hosted by Bill Beutel and Stephanie Edwards. Other guests included Jimmy Connors and Harvey Schlossberg.
  • (1952) TV commercial: Camel cigarettes. NOTE: Shot on the set of his film Big Jim McLain (1952).
  • (1940s) Radio: Produced / starred in a series called "Three Sheets to the Wind", about an alcoholic detective.
  • (8/5/49) Radio: Appeared (as "Capt. Kirby York") in a "Screen Director's Playhouse" broadcast of "Fort Apache".
  • (1957) Print ad: Remington electric shaver.
  • (1977) Print ads: Datril non-aspirin headache relief medication from Bristol-Myers Co.
  • (1978) Magazine ad: Datril 500 headache relief medicine.
  • (1976) TV commercial: Datril 500 headache relief medicine. NOTE: Shot in Monument Valley, UT.
  • (1977) Print ad: Datril 500 headache relief medicine.
  • (1988) TV commercial (PSA): American Cancer Society.
  • TV commercial: Gillette razors.

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