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  • (1991) TV commercial (Italy): Directed commercial for Banca di Roma
  • (1984) TV commercial (Italy): Directed commercial for Campari
  • (1985) TV commercial (Italy): Directed commercial for Pasta Barilla
  • Sweet Charity (1966). Musical comedy. Book by Neil Simon. Music by Cy Coleman. Lyrics by Dorothy Fields. Based on the screenplay "Nights of Cabiria" by Federico Fellini. Musical Director: Fred Werner. Dance arrangements by Fred Werner. Music orchestrated by 'Ralph Burns.' Scenic Design by Robert Randolph. Costume Design by Irene Sharaff. Choreographed by Bob Fosse. Directed by Bob Fosse. Palace Theatre: 29 Jan 1966- 15 Jul 1967 (608 performances + 10 previews that began on 18 Jan 1966). Cast: Gwen Verdon (as "Charity"), Ruth Buzzi (as "Woman with Hat/Receptionist/Good Fairy"), Elaine Cancilla (as "Married Couple 'woman'/Old Maid/Ensemble"), Suzanne Charny (as "Ensemble"), Michael Davis (as "Dark Glasses/Mike/Ensemble"), Betsy Dickerson (as "Ensemble"), Kathryn Doby (as "Ensemble"), Alice Evans (as "Ensemble"), Gene Foote (as "Ice Cream Vendor/Ensemble"), Helen Gallagher (as "Nickie"), Eddie Gasper (as "Ballplayer/Brother Eddie/Ensemble"), David Gold (as "Second Cop/Barney/Ensemble"), Patrick Heim (as "Ensemble"), I.W. Klein (as "Doorman/Ensemble"), Mary Louise (as "Ensemble"), James Luisi (as "Vittorio Vidal"), John McMartin (as "Oscar"), Carmen Morales (as "Carmen/Ensemble"), Thelma Oliver (as "Helene"), Harold Pierson (as "Ballplayer/Brother Harold/Policeman/Ensemble"), Lee Roy Reams (as "Young Spanish Man/Ensemble"), Sharon Ritchie (as "Ursula"), Charlene Ryan (as "Ensemble"), Barbara Sharma (as "Career Girl/Rosie"), John Sharpe (as "Football Player/Ensemble"), Arnold Soboloff (as "Daddy Johann Sebastian Brubeck"), Christine Stewart (as "Ensemble"), John Stratton (as "Bystander/Waiter"), Bud Vest (as "Married Couple 'man'/Manfred/Ensemble"), John Wheeler (as "First Cop/Herman"). Understudies: Elaine Cancilla (as "Nickie"), Suzanne Charny (as "Career Girl/Rosie"), Michael Davis (as "Vittorio Vidal"), Helen Gallagher (as "Charity"), Charlene Ryan (as "Ursula"), Barbara Sharma (as "Helene"), John Stratton (as "Oscar"). Replacement actors: Ray Chabeau (as "Ensemble/Football Player/Brother Ray"), Michael Davis (as "Man with Dog"), Frank DeSal (as "Ensemble"), Alice Evans (as "Good Fairy/Receptionist/Woman with Hat"), Ronn Forella (as "Ensemble/Ice Cream Vendor"), Helen Gallagher (as "Charity"), Mickey Gunnersen (as "Ensemble"), Curtis Hood (as "Ballplayer/Ensemble"), Carolyn Kirsch (as "Ensemble/Rosie"), Lynn Gay Lorino (as "Ensemble/Shopper"), Annie McGreevey (as "Ensemble") [Broadway debut], Dennis Nahat (as "Ensemble/Young Spanish Man"), Louise Quick (as "Ensemble"), Ilona Simon (as "Ensemble"), Michael Vita (as "Ensemble/Manfred/Married Couple 'Man'"), Marie Wallace (as "Ursula") [from 14 Feb 1966- ?]. Understudies: David Gold (as "Daddy Johann Sebastian Brubeck"), Lynn Gay Lorino (as "Ursula"), Louise Quick (as "Rosie"), Charlene Ryan (as "Helene"), Michael Vita (as "Vittorio Vidal"). Produced by Fryer, Carr & Harris Inc. Associate Producer: John Bowab. Note: Filmed by Universal Pictures as Sweet Charity (1969).

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