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1. Bob Bouchard

Actor | The Drew Carey Show

Bob Bouchard is known for his work on The Drew Carey Show (1995), Gangster Squad (2013) and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000).

2. Robert T. Barrett

Actor | The Bronx Bull

Robert T. Barrett is an actor, known for The Bronx Bull (2016), Leader of the Pack (2012) and The Far Flung Star (2013).

3. Matt Callahan

Actor | In Your Eyes

Matt Callahan is an actor, known for In Your Eyes (2014), Cut! (2014) and Palmdale (2014).

4. Greg Cannone

Editor | Vampyre Femmes

Greg Cannone is known for his work on Vampyre Femmes (1999), Bikini Hotel (1997) and The Occultist (2009).

5. Pamela Cedar

Actress | Listening

Pamela Cedar is known for her work on Listening (2014), Grand Theft Auto V (2013) and Ever (2014).

6. Michael Jay Copeland

Actor | The Unusual Suspects

Michael Jay Copeland is an actor, known for The Unusual Suspects (2012).

8. Isabel Dresden

Self | Stripped

Isabel Dresden was born the third of four children, in Tustin California, to parents Ed and Janeen of Corona, California. She had her first taste of the stage at the tender age of 5, when she was discovered dancing and interacting with the band at an LA Auto Show after straying from her parents ...

9. John R. Duncan

Actor | Balloons

John Duncan worked in the recreation field for more than 20 years. He worked as a recreation supervisor and an Arts and Crafts Director for a Boys Club in Santa Monica. He was a gag cartoonist for professional publications and magazines. Duncan has an on-line comic strip on GoComics/Comic Sherpa ...

10. Ken Edling

Jack and Jill

Ken Edling is known for his work on Jack and Jill (2011), Argo (2012) and Miss Guided (2008).

11. Chelsea Edmundson

Actress | Thunder Road

Chelsea Edmundson is an actress and producer, known for Thunder Road (2018), Midnight, Texas (2017) and The Black String (2018).

12. Cathy Fielding

Actress | Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot

The younger of two girls born in Los Angeles to parents Stanley Fielding, an accountant, and Frances Halbach, a housewife. Cathy lived in Reno, Nevada from the age of three to eleven, at which time the family returned to Los Angeles. After graduating Alexander Hamilton High School in she enrolled ...

13. Paige Flannery

Actress | The Tangerine Hotel

Paige Flannery is an actress, known for The Tangerine Hotel (2016) and Shh (2011).

14. Marilyn Foley

Actress | In the Cage

Marilyn Foley was born as Marilyn Janet Foley. She is an actress, known for In the Cage (2013), Weekend (2011) and Then Again (2013).

15. Leni Ford

Actress | Lighthouse Lane

Leni Ford is an actress, known for Lighthouse Lane (2010), H.O.P.E and Little Women, Big Cars (2012).

16. Kristin Gagliardi

Actress | Wedding Season

Kristin Gagliardi is an actress and producer, known for Wedding Season (2018), Gangster Squad (2013) and You Missed It (2012).

17. Gill Garci

Actor | Rat-Man: The Series

Gill was born in Sonoma, California, the youngest of three siblings. He was raised in Napa, where he attended Lincoln elementary; and Ridgview Jr high school. At the age of six he started boxing at The Napa boxing Club under "NewsBoy" Joe Gavras who fought professionally in the 30s and 40s in the ...

18. Nancy Gassner-Clayton

Music_department | Rogue One

Nancy Gassner-Clayton is known for her work on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), Jurassic World (2015) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014).

19. Debby Gerber

Actress | The Politician

Debby Gerber is a Stella Adler trained and Award winning Actress living in Los Angeles and can soon be seen in the Feature Film 'The talking Tree', out in Theaters 2019, as Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland's younger version. She won 'Best Actress' at the 'Festigious ...

20. Tanner Gill

Stunts | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tanner Gill is known for his work on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013), The Fate of the Furious (2017) and The Bucket List (2007).

21. Nick Gligor

Actor | Talents

Nick Gligor is an actor and writer, known for Talents (2015), Domain (2016) and Lumped In (2020).

22. Louise Griffiths

Actress | Chastity Bites

Louise Griffiths was born on July 31, 1978 in Hertfordshire, England. She is an actress and producer, known for Chastity Bites (2013), Lovesick (2014) and The Night Is Young (2015).

23. Marie Grujicic-Delage

Actress | Hardcover Mysteries

Paris native Marie Grujicic moved to South of France in her youth to study theater, dance and art in Cannes. She performed in many theaters across Europe and Monte-Carlo. When hired as a soloist at Crazy Horse Paris cabaret she moved to the United States with the U.S troupe. She is known for her ...

24. Rebecca Hancock

Actress | Chirp: The Series

Australian born Actress Rebecca Hancock has been described as an honest and versatile actress who is not afraid to take risks or get her hands dirty. Rebecca attended Screenwise, Australia's leading film and TV school for Actors, and relocated to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue her acting career. ...

25. Karen Harper

Production_designer | Church People

Karen Harper is known for her work on Church People, HeadShop (2020) and A Horse from Heaven (2018).

26. Steve Hernandez

Music_department | Bad Call

Steve Hernandez is known for his work on Bad Call (2009), Hush Hush (2012) and American Idol (2002).

27. Rebecca Honett

Actress | Chasing the Green

Rebecca Honett is an actor, singer, comedian and producer. A relentlessly quirky redhead with a flair for physical comedy, Rebecca's training spans from Upright Citizen's Brigade and Groundlings to the Ivana Chubbuck Studio and The American Mime Theatre, where she also performed as a company member...

28. Todd Honeycutt

Music_department | Godzilla

Todd Honeycutt grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, where at the age of five, he was playing piano by ear. Although having a natural ability to hear and sing harmonies in his childhood years, he had seen himself more as growing up to be keyboardist in a band. However, he later realized it was his ...

29. Courtney Howard

Actress | Innocent Blood

Courtney Howard is an actress, known for Innocent Blood (2013), California Solo (2012) and Serene (2010).

30. Elizabeth Howell

Actress | Really?

Elizabeth Howell is an actress and writer, known for Really? (2011), Blood on Canvas (2013) and Beach Bar: The Movie (2011).

31. Valerie Humbard

Freak Out

Valerie Humbard was born as Valerie Nicole Humbard. She is known for her work on Freak Out (2014), Drive Us Crazy (2014) and Noobz (2012).

32. Chris Jackson

Actor | Life of the Party: Vol. II

Chris Jackson is a actor born Christopher Jackson in Mesa, Arizona. He is known for his performances in Life of the Party (vol 2), Camp Little Cub, & Sam Cleveland: A Street Skaters Story. Chris has studied at many institutes while living in Hollywood such as The Stella Adler Academy, Ivana ...

33. Pat Jankiewicz

Actor | The Rundown

Pat Jankiewicz was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He is known for his work on The Rundown (2003), K-PAX (2001) and The Prey: Legend of the Karnoctus (2020).

34. David Johnson

Art_department | Captain America: The First Avenger

David Johnson is known for his work on Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), The Avengers (2012) and The Lone Ranger (2013).

36. Kristen Marie Kelly

Actress | Truth Be Told

Kristen Kelly is an American actress and dancer known to audiences for her roles on various films, television series, and commercials.

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Kristen was a fixture in the Sacramento theater and dance community. Kristen's first non-theater acting job was in James ...

37. John William King

Producer | The Chosen Ones

John William King is a producer and actor, known for The Chosen Ones (2014), The Journeys (2010) and Circle of Influence (2011).

38. Olivia Ku

Actress | Desperate Acts of Magic

Olivia Ku is an actress, known for Desperate Acts of Magic (2013), Nicodemus (2012) and Karaoke Man (2012).

39. Amy Mader

Actress | The Downside of Bliss

Amy Mader is an actress, known for The Downside of Bliss (2019), The Flight Before Christmas (2015) and Gangster Squad (2013).

40. Marlene Manes

Actress | It's a Match

Marlene Manes fell in love with acting at an early age. While growing up she would find nothing more astounding than watching Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor movies, which helped ignite the acting flame in her. Her passion for film, inspired by the magic of affecting people's hearts in movie ...

41. Nancy McCrumb

Stunts | Public Enemies

Nancy McCrumb was born on January 2, 1984 in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. She is known for her work on Public Enemies (2009), Man of Steel (2013) and Into the Storm (2014). She has been married to Joseph Fuenger since July 1, 2017. She was previously married to Christopher Bradley.

42. Mason McCulley

Actor | Grey's Anatomy

Mason McCulley is an actor and producer, known for Grey's Anatomy (2005), Insecure (2016) and Line of Duty (2019).

43. Michael Lee Merrins

Actor | Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Although born in NYC , Michael Lee Merrins was raised in Westwood, California. He is the son of Lisa and Eddie Merrins aka "The Little Pro," legendary golf professional. He was educated at St. Paul's the Apostle School. He attended Loyola High School. Upon graduation, Michael received a Golf ...

44. Daniel Muller

Actor | The Norwegian

Although born and raised in the United States, Daniel considers himself a citizen of the world, having lived, worked and traveled around the globe. With an exceptional ear for languages, he speaks fluent German and French, and possesses a strong working knowledge of Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, ...

45. Kat Munday

Actress | Eyeborgs

Kat Munday is an actress and assistant director, known for Eyeborgs (2009), Steel Cherry (2014) and Legend of the Red Reaper (2013).

46. Jim J. Mundy

Actor | Hit the Floor

Jim J. Mundy is an actor, known for Hit the Floor (2013), Call 911 (2008) and The Analyst (2010).

47. Nino Nava

Actor | Shake It Up

Nino Nava is an actor, known for Shake It Up (2010), Noobz (2012) and Warren the Ape (2010).

48. Veronica Parks

Actress | House M.D.

Veronica Parks was born and raised in Moldova. She attended Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi, Romania where she studied Economics. Veronica arrived in the U.S. in September 2006 and began modeling for some of the most elite organizations in the country. In 2008 she made her acting debut in a ...

49. Geoff Pilkington

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Geoff Pilkington was born on August 3, 1981 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He is known for his work on Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015), Ford v Ferrari (2019) and Nocturnal Animals (2016).

50. Josh Polizzi

Actor | The Cheapest Man in the Room

Josh grew up in the suburbs of the windy city of Chicago always having a big imagination. Growing up he was very artistic and rebellious, he was told to try his hand at acting. two years later he gathered the courage to audition and booked his first play a revival of the Miracle Worker playing ...

51. Carolina Provvido

Actress | Dumbbells

Carolina Provvido is an actress, known for Dumbbells (2014), Cornered (2011) and Adonis (2013).

52. Ron Pucillo

Actor | The Downside of Bliss

Ron Pucillo began his acting and writing career as a 25-year-old college student, doing various plays and writing articles on music, in particularly about his father Danny Pucillo, a famous Jazz drummer. A few years later his first script, Play Hard, was published in a local magazine, a film that ...

54. Dani Renee

Actress | Rift

Dani was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from California Lutheran University with a degree in Communications and an emphasis in journalism. Her grandfather, Ralph Garfield, was a child actor in a t.v. series called 'The Egg And I'. His stories of the film industry were ...

55. Kara C. Roberts

Actress | Procrastination

Kara C. Roberts was born as Kara Colleen Roberts. She is an actress and writer, known for Procrastination (2013), Twenties and Tiaras (2017) and Plane of Existence (2015).

56. Bradley Sackin

Transportation_department | The Omega Code

Bradley Sackin is known for his work on The Omega Code (1999), Forbidden Warrior (2005) and Bombshell (1997).

57. Tony Sagastizado I

Stunts | Inception

Tony Sagastizado I is the youngest of six children. As a result of the civil war in El Salvador, his family exiled to the US and Canada. He arrived in Houston, Texas, in 1984, where he attended Aldine High School. Later on his family decided to move to Vancouver, British Columbia, where Tony got ...

58. Gregg Sargeant

Stunts | Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Gregg Sargeant is an American action actor, stunt coordinator, stuntman and filmmaker known for his work on Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011), Pirates of The Caribbean: At Worlds End (2007), Gangster Squad (2013), Master and Commander (2005) and I Am The Night (2019) opposite Chris...

59. Meg Schaab

Actress | Daughters of Pop

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. An IO Chicago alumni, Meg is known for her bold and unapologetic approach to her comedic characters. In 2018 Meg founded her 501 (c) 3 non profit Foster the Laughs. Her organization produces stand up comedy shows across the country to benefit children in local ...

60. Tyler Wilson Schnabel

Actor | Sweet Pea

Tyler Wilson Schnabel was born in Jacksonville, FL. He is the son of Harry Schnabel and Jeanell Wilson. He has one brother Harry Schnabel. Growing up Tyler drawn to sports, playing basketball, baseball, and football. He also made regular visits to the Alhambra Dinner Theatre with his family, which ...

61. Robert Sisko

Actor | Call Me King

Robert Sisko is known for his work on Call Me King (2017), White Wall (2010) and The Cursed Man (2016).

62. Lauren K. Solomon

Actress | That's So Awesome

Lauren K. Solomon is an actress and composer, known for That's So Awesome (2011), Why I Hate Bitsy Malone (2010) and The Festival (2009).

63. Scott St. Blaze

Actor | Marty and Virginia

Scott St. Blaze is known for his work on Marty and Virginia (2000), Yakuza No. 2 (2015) and Ugly Shoes (2016).

64. Kate Stewart

Actress | No Rules

Kate Stewart had her feature film debut in 2006 playing Tom Sizemore's wife in the mixed martial arts film "No Rules". In addition to shooting the head off a zombie child in the short film, "M Is For Mom", her film roles include; "Ball Don't Lie", "Hollywood Believed", "The Wages of Sin is Death", ...

65. Nevan Stewart

Actor | Blood Ransom

Nevan Stewart is an actor, known for Blood Ransom (2014), Hot Girls on the Beach (2011) and Masterless (2015).

66. Erica Stikeleather

Actress | Proxy

Erica Stikeleather is an actress, known for Proxy (2013), Freerunner (2011) and Blood in the Woods (2012).

67. Tom Strahle

Music_department | Transformers: The Last Knight

Tom Strahle is known for his work on Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), Skyscraper (2018) and Deepwater Horizon (2016). He has been married to Beth Strahle since October 30, 1987. They have three children.

68. Sophia Strauss

Actress | Eagleheart

Sophia Strauss studied musical theatre at the Metropolitan Educational Theatre since she was age 5. She appeared in Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Sound of Music, Annie and Beauty and the Beast. She has been featured in the movies Hop Little Fockers and Gangster Squad television shows Victorious and ...

69. Stephen Tako

Lucky Stiff

Known for his extensive work as an anti-bullying advocate and the anti-bullying talk show host of "Tako Talk". This Ohio native is also the author of 'Motivated to Act' (Enchanted Forest Press 2012) and the creator/author of 'Junga the Dancing Yeti' (Confident Life Enterprises 2018).

(Aug 2018) on ...

70. Jennifer Thompson

Actress | Femme Fatales

Jennifer Thompson is an actress, known for Femme Fatales (2011), Of God and Kings and Seduction (2010).

71. Christopher Tisa

Producer | Screenwriter

Christopher Tisa is an actor and producer, known for Screenwriter (2015), Death of a Virgin (2018) and Social Status (2015).

72. Chris Toma

Actor | Nobody Knows

Chris Toma is an actor, known for Nobody Knows (2009) and Chicxulub (2006).

73. Alexis Toone

Actress | Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith

Alexis Toone is an actress, known for Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith (2009), A Wish Your Heart Makes (2012) and Soul Cat Confession (2012).

74. Amber Sharae Topsy

Actress | Call Me King

Born in the city of Gardena, California on January 28, Amber Sharae' Topsy was ready-made to be a part of the entertainment industry, way before her infant years were at its peek. By age 10, Amber Sharae' found herself appearing in numerous fashion shows as a model; all while developing an ...

75. Holly Traister

Actress | Entourage

Holly Traister is an actress, known for Entourage (2004), As If (2002) and Tosh.0 (2009).

76. Elyse Willis

Music_department | Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

Elyse Willis is known for her work on Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017), The Lion King (2019) and Mickey Mouse (2013). She has been married to Christopher Willis since May 11, 2012.

77. Kevin Young

Actor | Hawaii Five-0

Kevin Young is an actor, known for Hawaii Five-0 (2010), SuperFly (2018) and You're the Worst (2014).

78. Molly Parker

Actress | Deadwood

Molly Parker, the extremely talented and versatile Canadian actress is best known in the United States for playing the Western widow "Alma Garret" on the cable-TV series Deadwood (2004). Raised on a commune, she described as "a hippie farm" in Pitt Meadows, B.C., Parker got the acting bug when she ...

79. Kaitlyn Bernard

Actress | 1922

Kaitlyn is a Canadian actress, who is best known for her role of Shannon Cotterie in the Netflix Original Stephen King adaptation 1922 (Opposite Thomas Jane, Molly Parker & Dylan Schmid) and for her role of Abigail in The Healer, a family comedy-drama where she plays a worldly teenage girl stricken...

80. Patrick Keating

Actor | The X Files: I Want to Believe

Patrick Keating is an actor, known for The X Files: I Want to Believe (2008), 1922 (2017) and Summer of 84 (2018).

81. Danielle Klaudt

Actress | 1922

Danielle Klaudt is an actress, known for 1922 (2017), A Midnight Tale and The Rise (2019).

82. Peter New

Actor | My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Born and raised in Vancouver (but for a year in New Zealand), Peter began acting in grade nine. He joined the Vancouver Youth Theatre at 16, and began a comedy troupe called The Legend of Bonefish at nineteen. After toiling for a decade in clubs and cabarets, Peter finally made the move to film and...

83. Bart Anderson

Actor | Slither

Bart Anderson is an actor, known for Slither (2006), The Core (2003) and Cold Pursuit (2019).

84. Graeme Duffy

Actor | Siren

Graeme Duffy is an established Actor and Improvisor. He is a long time cast member with the Vancouver TheatreSports League improv company. He has graced the stage performing with Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie, of Who's Line is it Anyways, many times and is a Featured Performer at Comedy Festivals ...

85. Roan Curtis

Actress | The Magicians

Roan Curtis is an actress and producer, known for The Magicians (2015), Firefly Lane (2020) and Before I Fall (2017).

86. Anna Louise Sargeant

Actress | Fifty Shades of Grey

Anna Louise Sargeant was born on November 22, 1992 in Hythe, Kent, England. She is an actress, known for Fifty Shades of Grey (2015), Backstrom (2015) and The Flash (2014).

87. Essie Davis

Actress | The Babadook

Essie Davis was born in 1970 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She is an actress and producer, known for The Babadook (2014), Assassin's Creed (2016) and True History of the Kelly Gang (2019). She has been married to Justin Kurzel since 2002. They have two children.

88. Noah Wiseman

Actor | The Babadook

Noah Wiseman is an actor, known for The Babadook (2014), Funny or Die Presents... (2010) and The Gift (2013).

89. Hayley McElhinney

Actress | The Babadook

Hayley McElhinney was born on September 12, 1974 in Australia. She is an actress, known for The Babadook (2014), Doctor Doctor (2016) and Blue Heelers (1994).

90. Daniel Henshall

Actor | Snowtown

Daniel Henshall was born on August 9, 1982 in Sydney, Australia. He is an actor and writer, known for The Snowtown Murders (2011), Okja (2017) and Ghost in the Shell (2017).

91. Barbara West

Actress | The Babadook

Barbara West is an actress, known for The Babadook (2014), Robbery Under Arms (1985) and Breaker Morant (1980).

92. Benjamin Winspear

Actor | My Place

Benjamin Winspear is an actor, known for My Place (2009), The Babadook (2014) and Panic at Rock Island (2011).

93. Chloe Hurn

Actress | The Babadook

Chloe Hurn is an actress, known for The Babadook (2014).

94. Jacquy Phillips

Actress | Red Dog

Jacquy Phillips is an actress, known for Red Dog (2011), The Babadook (2014) and Twelfth Night (1986).

95. Bridget Walters

Actress | The Babadook

Bridget Walters is an actress, known for The Babadook (2014), Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger (2008) and Parklands (1996).

96. Annie Batten

Actress | The Babadook

Annie Batten is an actress, known for The Babadook (2014).

97. Tony Mack

Actor | The Babadook

Tony Mack is an actor, known for The Babadook (2014), Black and White (2002) and Parklands (1996).

98. Carmel Johnson

Actress | Hotel Mumbai

Carmel Johnson is an actress, known for Hotel Mumbai (2018), Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002) and The Babadook (2014).

99. Tiffany Lyndall-Knight

Actress | Fido

Canadian-born and Australian-bred, Tiffany Lyndall Knight is at home on both stage and screen. Nominated for four Jessie Theatre Richardson awards, her theatre credits span eight seasons with Vancouver's Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival. Highlights include "Ariel" in "The Tempest", "Olivia" ...

100. Lucy Hong

Actress | The Babadook

Lucy Hong is an actress, known for The Babadook (2014) and Goddess (2017).

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