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1. The Bandit (1996)

TV-MA | 128 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Baran the Bandit, released from prison after 35 years, searches for vengeance and his lover.

Director: Yavuz Turgul | Stars: Sener Sen, Ugur Yücel, Sermin Hürmeriç, Yesim Salkim

Votes: 57,717

2. My Father and My Son (2005)

108 min | Drama, Family

The family of a left-wing journalist is torn apart after a military coup in 1980's Turkey.

Director: Çagan Irmak | Stars: Çetin Tekindor, Fikret Kuskan, Hümeyra, Ege Tanman

Votes: 71,097

4. Vücut (2011)

104 min | Drama

Leyla and her boyfriend Yilmaz are in porn film sector for 25 years in Germany. While ago, they move to Istanbul and Yilmaz left her for another woman. Although they are separated, Yilmaz ... See full summary »

Director: Mustafa Nuri | Stars: Giray Altinok, Hatice Aslan, Cengiz Bozkurt, Sebnem Dilligil

Votes: 743

5. Nadide Hayat (2015)

118 min | Comedy

A widow, who recently lost his husband goes back to college to graduate after 30 years.

Director: Çagan Irmak | Stars: Demet Akbag, Sevil Aki, Batuhan Begimgil, Burak Can

Votes: 2,731

7. The Return (1972)

94 min | Drama, Romance

Story of a wife and her son waiting for her husband to come back from Germany, where he immigrated for paying his family's debts in Turkey.

Director: Türkan Soray | Stars: Türkan Soray, Kadir Inanir, Bilal Inci, Osman Alyanak

Votes: 1,008

8. Pandora's Box (2008)

112 min | Drama

When an aging matriarch starts showing signs of dementia, her dysfunctional family in Istanbul must navigate a minefield of unresolved issues to care for her.

Director: Yesim Ustaoglu | Stars: Tsilla Chelton, Derya Alabora, Onur Ünsal, Övül Avkiran

Votes: 2,080

10. Sevkat Yerimdar (2013)

100 min | Comedy, Romance

Sevkat Yerimdar, with his most prominent features of being ill-tempered and nosy, have risen among the other characters from the skits and after a short journey through television he is ready to meet the cinema audience.

Director: Bülent Isbilen | Stars: Özgürcan Cevik, Basak Parlak, Cezmi Baskin, Tarik Pabuccuoglu

Votes: 1,884

11. Davetsiz misafir (1983)

85 min | Comedy

A doppelganger comedy, where an honest bank clerk and his lookalike thief change places.

Director: Zeki Alasya | Stars: Zeki Alasya, Metin Akpinar, Sevda Ferdag, Filiz Ersürer

Votes: 241

12. Police Academy Alaturka (2015)

102 min | Comedy

A group of geniuses that are not suitable for the police profession, their adventures filled with fun, abundant laughter and adventure, starting with acceptance to the academy.

Director: Ali Yorgancioglu | Stars: Mehmet Ali Erbil, Yolanthe Cabau, Peker Açikalin, Fulden Akyürek

Votes: 523

13. Dügün Dernek (2013)

106 min | Comedy

A group of people in an eastern Turkish village are enlisted to throw a big and brash wedding in ten days notice.

Directors: Selçuk Aydemir, Birkan Pusa | Stars: Ahmet Kural, Murat Cemcir, Rasim Öztekin, Seher Devrim Yakut

Votes: 18,900

14. Zaman Makinesi 1973 (2014)

109 min | Comedy, Sci-Fi

Spoiled son of a businessman is expelled from his fathers testament, left only with antique car that his father used in his youth. The car turned out to be the time machine..

Director: Aram Gülyüz | Stars: Gürgen Öz, Seda Bakan, Mustafa Uzunyilmaz, Can Bartu Aslan

Votes: 2,369

15. Telling Tales (2015)

103 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

The story of a minibus driver and a fairytale princesss nestling under the wing of timeless friendship in an ordinary neighborhood.

Director: Burak Aksak | Stars: Hande Dogandemir, Fatih Artman, Cengiz Bozkurt, Sadi Celil Cengiz

Votes: 13,494

16. Yusuf Yusuf (2014)

93 min | Comedy

Yusuf, being a certain rally racers from childhood but eventually became a full driver.

Director: Ersoy Güler | Stars: Hakan Akin, Sezai Altekin, Oya Basar, Baha Bayirli

Votes: 1,520

17. Saruhan (2016)

97 min | Action, Biography, Thriller

It is the beginning of the 17th century. The prince, who is about to become the sultan in the future, is on his way towards Saruhan and a murder is committed in Saruhan. One of Saruhan's ... See full summary »

Director: Emre Konuk | Stars: Saffet Durmus, Mehmet Emin Kadagan, Ilker Kizmaz, Sumeyra Koc

Votes: 106

18. G.O.R.A. (2004)

127 min | Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

A slick young Turk kidnapped by extraterrestrials shows his great « humanitarian spirit » by outwitting the evil commander-in-chief of the planet of G.O.R.A.

Director: Ömer Faruk Sorak | Stars: Cem Yilmaz, Özge Özberk, Ozan Güven, Safak Sezer

Votes: 51,639

20. Bizim Hikaye (2015)

97 min | Action, Drama

The story of a young Coupe with Two Kids after the 1980 coup in Turkey.

Directors: Yasin Uslu, Yeliz Gurkan | Stars: Cansel Elcin, Luk Piyes, Sera Tokdemir, Naz Elmas

Votes: 391

21. Imkansiz Olasilik (2016 TV Movie)

95 min | Drama

Tarik is a mathematics teacher who is assigned from Anatolia to Istanbul. The school is a difficult one and the neighbourhood is full of unwanted events. Tarik finds himself in a huge struggle from the first day on.

Director: Murat Senoy | Stars: Serkan Ercan, Yagiz Atakan Savas, Müge Bayramoglu, Cenan Adigüzel

Votes: 293

23. Sag Salim (2012)

98 min | Comedy

This fast paced farce begins with an apparently innocuous request from a village elder to take a recently deceased man to his home village for proper burial. Salim, the simple village man ... See full summary »

Director: Ersoy Güler | Stars: Burçin Bildik, Alper Saldiran, Fulya Zenginer, Hüseyin Avni Danyal

Votes: 4,738

24. Without Me (2014)

85 min | Drama

The dream of becoming a professional footballer Necip 1.struggling to get into the league they last is carried to a playoff game. In a tough match at the end of the intervention, his entire... See full summary »

Director: Ahmet Küçükkayali | Stars: Metin Akdülger, Burçin Abdullah, M. Sitare Akbas, Levent Can

Votes: 143

25. Kaçma Birader (I) (2016)

107 min | Comedy

Comedy adventure of a family who are living at the middle anatolia. They are going to Istanbul after their missing son.

Directors: Defne Deliormanli, Murat Kaman, Ömer Faruk Sorak | Stars: Zafer Algöz, Melek Baykal, Emrah Kaman, Algi Eke

Votes: 2,914

26. Sag Salim 2: Sil Bastan (2014)

98 min | Comedy

The tragicomic adventure which started when Salim decides to take an forlorn funeral to its homeland, continues when his bear leader Nihal's mother is taken hostage. While they are being ... See full summary »

Director: Ersoy Güler | Stars: Burçin Bildik, Ezgi Asaroglu, Murat Akkoyunlu, Nazli Tosunoglu

Votes: 2,464

28. Gulyabani (2014)

86 min | Comedy, Horror

Gunes, Duygu, Asli and Yasemin go to a hunting house in the forest to write a film script which is a fantastic subject. Things that they do not anticipate when they try to explore the soul ... See full summary »

Director: Orçun Benli | Stars: Deniz Ugur, Ceyda Ates, Didem Balçin, Melike Öcalan

Votes: 232

29. Deliha (2014)

107 min | Comedy, Family, Romance

For the first time in Turkey a comedy actress plays a character of her own creation on screen. Deliha follows the hilarious exploits of a slightly crazy, decidedly droll and genuinely ... See full summary »

Director: Hakan Algül | Stars: Gupse Ozay, Derya Alabora, Gülsüm Alkan, Caner Alkaya

Votes: 3,316

30. Little Ayse and the Magic Dwarfs in the Land of Dreams (1971)

88 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

A young girl named Aysecik lives on her parents' farm, when an animated tornado carries her and her dog Banju in their house to Rüyalar Ulkesinde (Dreamland). Seven Cüceler (dwarfs) (... See full summary »

Director: Tunç Basaran | Stars: Zeynep Degirmencioglu, Süleyman Turan, Metin Serezli, Suna Selen

Votes: 235

31. Bas Belasi (2017)

85 min | Comedy

A woman who has wedding ceremony in a week in Istanbul, gets a phone call. She gets news from her village's folk. She learns information that her neighbour dies. She goes the funeral. After... See full summary »

Director: Tolga Bas | Stars: Çetin Altay, Alper Aslanoglu, Ümit Dilmen, Orhan Gencer

Votes: 134

32. Bunyamin (2016 TV Movie)

87 min | Fantasy

Bünyamin is a character from new book of Hayal and one day he suddenly shows up in real life. Hayal tries to prove that he is not real.

Director: Serdar Gözelekli | Stars: Serkan Ercan, Funda Güray, Hikmet Karagöz, Deniz Karaoglu

Votes: 50

33. Insaat (2003)

113 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

The series of extreme events happens to two construction workers when one of them discovers something bad about their boss.

Directors: Ömer Vargi, Tolgay Ziyal | Stars: Emre Kinay, Sevket Çoruh, Suna Pekuysal, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan

Votes: 3,120

34. Fatih'in Fedaisi Kara Murat (2015)

106 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Kara Murat is a dark-haired, brave and strong young raider. He is a warrior who could run into the Byzantine army just by himself and change the course of the battle fought in Serbia ... See full summary »

Director: Aytekin Birkon | Stars: Fatih Usta, Bahadir Sari, Nezih Isitan, Ceyda Tepeliler

Votes: 664

35. Korkusuz (1986)

73 min | Action, Adventure

A Turkish commando must infiltrate and capture a group of terrorists living in the mountains.

Director: Çetin Inanç | Stars: Serdar Kebapçilar, Filiz Taçbas, Tugrul Meteer, Sami Hazinses

Votes: 374

36. Çakallarla Dans (2010)

102 min | Comedy

Servet the accountant makes a plan to steal money from a client. He decides to get his brother-in-law Gökhan involved to use his account for the money transfer. When two more friends ... See full summary »

Director: Murat Seker | Stars: Sevket Çoruh, Tuba Ünsal, Ilker Ayrik, Murat Akkoyunlu

Votes: 5,759

37. Dance with the Jackals 2 (2012)

101 min | Comedy

After the jackals have a hard time adjusting to life in jail, they sign up to take drugs that prevent people from committing crimes, but they miss their old ways.

Director: Murat Seker | Stars: Sevket Çoruh, Ilker Ayrik, Timur Acar, Murat Akkoyunlu

Votes: 2,885

38. Çakallarla Dans 3: Sifir Sikinti (2014)

102 min | Comedy

Brother Gokhan, Accountant Servet, Meatball Necmi and Del Piero Hikmet are released from prison on probation and they join group therapy in order to be reintegrated to society.

Director: Murat Seker | Stars: Timur Acar, Murat Akkoyunlu, Emre Almas, Esin Alpogan

Votes: 2,077

39. Çakallarla Dans 4 (2016)

109 min | Comedy

5 best friends, in search of finding ways to get rich, finaly find a lot of gold in the forest. Just as they think they finally did it, they get in trouble with a German godfather who ... See full summary »

Director: Murat Seker | Stars: Sevket Çoruh, Ilker Ayrik, Murat Akkoyunlu, Timur Acar

Votes: 1,332

40. Çakallarla Dans 5 (2018)

102 min | Comedy

Conditionally released four friends from jail must be away 100 meters from each other. but in the time they can not stay away each other, and come together for new adventure.

Director: Murat Seker | Stars: Sevket Çoruh, Ilker Ayrik, Murat Akkoyunlu, Timur Acar

Votes: 691

42. Kötü Çocuk (2017)

125 min | Romance

Kayla and Meriç seeks to find love inbetween purposeless teenagers who wants to fight Meriç without any reason.

Director: Yagiz Alp Akaydin | Stars: Tolga Saritas, Afra Saraçoglu, Sarp Akkaya, Nihat Alanur

Votes: 2,107

44. The Blue Bead (1974)

79 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama