WB Animation Directors

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1930-1933: Harman-Ising Productions 1933-1944: Leon Schlesinger Productions 1944-1964: Warner Bros. Cartoons 1964-1967: DePatie-Freleng Enterprises and Format Productions 1967-1969: Warner Bros.-Seven Arts Animation

1. Hugh Harman

Producer | The Calico Dragon

Hugh Harman was one of the pioneers of animation. While not a great animator, (compared to co-worker, Rudolf Ising) he was present during the early days. He began his work with Walt Disney in 1922, working on Disney's early Laugh-o-Gram toons. When that company went bankrupt, Harman and partner ...


2. Rudolf Ising

Producer | The Milky Way

While animation was still in its infancy during the early twenties, Walt Disney managed to recruit the brightest and best talent nationwide and imported it into Hollywood. Two of these pioneers artists were close friends Hugh Harman and Rudy Ising. They had first tasted success by helping to ...


1933 Only credit: Buddy's Day Out, 1933-09-09

4. Earl Duvall

Director | Buddy's Beer Garden

Worked on cartoons for newspapers like the New York World, Washington Times and Washington Post, before becoming a gag man and layout artist for Walt Disney's animation department in 1930. Left Disney for Warner Brothers in 1933.

1934 First credit: Buddy's Beer Garden , 1933-11-11 Last credit: Buddy's Garage , 1934-04-14

5. Friz Freleng

Producer | ABC Afterschool Specials

Friz Freleng was born Isadore Freleng on August 21, 1906 in Kansas City, Missouri. With no formal training in drawing, his first job as an animator was with United Film Advancement Services in 1924 at the age of 17. The first work Friz is credited with was for Disney Studios where he worked as an ...

1934-1938, 1940–1965 First credit: Buddy the Gob, 1934-01-13 Last 1965 credit: The Wild Chase , 1965-02-27, with Hawley Pratt Return: Bugs Bunny's Easter Special, 1977-04-07, with Gerry Chiniquy Last credit: Daffy Duck's Quackbusters, 1988-09-24, with Greg Ford

6. Bernard B. Brown

Sound_department | When Tomorrow Comes

Ten times Oscar-nominated Bernard Brown, affectionately known as 'Brownie', was a prolific composer, sound engineer, visual effects specialist and occasional animation director. He began his career at the tender age of sixteen as first violinist in the pit orchestra at Clune's Auditorium in Los ...

1934 First credit: Pettin' in the Park, 1934-01-27 Last credit: Those Were Wonderful Days, 1934-04-26

7. Ben Hardaway

Writer | Woody Dines Out

Animator, gag writer, storyboard artist and director Ben Hardaway is fondly remembered for his important contributions to Warner Brothers cartoons and as co-creator (with Walter Lantz) and voice (1944-1949) of Woody Woodpecker. Hardaway started out as a cartoonist for the Kansas City Star in 1910. ...

1934–1935, 1938–1940 First credit: Buddy's Adventures, 1934-04-14 Last credit: Busy Bakers, 1940-02-10, with Cal Dalton

8. Jack King

Director | Disneyland

Animator/director, best known for his work on 'Buddy' cartoons for Warner Brothers and Donald Duck animations for Disney. Began his career at Bray Studios in 1920. retired 1948.

1934–1936 First credit: Buddy's Bearcats, 1934-06-23 Last credit: Porky's Moving Day, 1936-09-12

9. Tex Avery

Director | A Wild Hare

Tex Avery was a descendant of Judge Roy Bean and Daniel Boone, but all his grandma ever told him about it was "Don't ever mention you are kin to Roy Bean. He's a no good skunk!!" After graduating from North Dallas High School in 1927, Avery moved to Southern California in 1929 and got a job in the ...

1935–1942 First credit: Gold Diggers of '49, 1935-11-02 Last credit: The Bug Parade , 1941-10-21

10. Frank Tashlin

Director | Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

Frank Tashlin was born on February 19, 1913 in Weehawken, New Jersey, USA as Francis Fredrick von Taschlein. He was a director and writer, known for Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957), The Girl Can't Help It (1956) and Artists and Models (1955). He was married to Jean Deines, Mary Costa and ...

1936–1938, 1943–1946 First credit: Porky's Poultry Plant, 1936-08-22 Last credit: The Unruly Hare, 1945-02-10 uncredited: Hare Remover, 1946-03-23

11. Ub Iwerks

Visual_effects | The Birds

Ub Iwerks worked as a commercial artist in Kansas City in 1919 when he met Walt Disney who was in the same profession. When Disney decided to form an animation company, Ub Iwerks was the first employee he had due to his skill at fast drawing as well as being a personal friend.

When Charles Mintz ...

1937 First credit: Porky and Gabby, 1937-05-15 Last credit: Porky's Super Service, 1937-07-03

12. Robert Clampett

Director | Time for Beany

Born in San Diego, California, the young Robert Clampett was monumentally moved as a child by the film The Lost World (1925), inspiring him to create a sea-serpent sock-puppet that he used in puppet shows to entertain the neighborhood kids. This led him to create a stuffed Mickey Mouse toy, which ...

1937–1946 First credit: Porky's Badtime Story, 1937-07-24 Last credit: The Great Piggy Bank Robbery, 1946-07-20

13. Cal Dalton

Director | Porky the Gob

Generally credited, along with Ben Hardaway, as being the creator of a proto-Bugs Bunny in the 1939 short "Hare-um Scare-um."

1938–1940 First credit: Porky's Phoney Express, 1938-03-19, with Cal Howard Last credit: Busy Bakers, 1940-02-10, with Ben Hardaway

14. Cal Howard

Writer | Gulliver's Travels

Cal Howard was born on March 24, 1911 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Calvin Howard. He is known for his work on Gulliver's Travels (1939), The Adventures of Superpup (1958) and The New Truth and Consequences (1950). He died on September 10, 1993 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles.

1938 First credit: Porky's Phoney Express, 1938-03-19, with Cal Dalton Last credit: A-Lad-In Bagdad, 1938-08-27, with Cal Dalton

15. Chuck Jones

Actor | Gremlins

Starting as a cel washer, Chuck Jones worked his way up to animator and then director at the animation division of Warner Bros. He is famous for creating such beloved cartoon characters as Wile E. Coyote, Henery Hawk, Pepé Le Pew, Marvin the Martian, Ralph Wolf, Road Runner, Sam Sheepdog, Sniffles,...

1938–1964 First credit: The Night Watchman , 1938-11-19 Last 1964 credit: War and Pieces, 1964-06-06, with Maurice Noble Return: Carnival of the Animals, 1976-11-22, with Herbert Klynn Last credit: From Hare to Eternity, 1997-11-04

16. Norm McCabe

Animation_department | The Transformers: The Movie

In the 1950's, he directed TV commercials, returning to animation in the 60's, working at Warner Brothers and for DePatie/Freleng on Pink Panther cartoons.

1940–1943 First credit: The Timid Toreador, 1940-12-21, with Bob Clampett Last Credit: Tokio Jokio, 1943-05-15, as Cpl. Norman McCabe

17. Robert McKimson

Writer | Speedy Gonzales

Robert McKimson was born on October 13, 1910. He started his career in animation, along with many others, as an artist for Walt Disney's Oswald the Rabbit in 1928. After Disney went to produce Mickey Mouse cartoons, Hugh Harman & Rudolph Ising went to Warner Brothers to direct and co-produce ...

1946–1969 First directing credit: The Return of Mr. Hook (1945) for the US Navy First theatrical directing credit: Daffy Doodles, 1946-04-06 Last credit: Injun Trouble, 1969-09-20 (last "classic era" cartoon produced)

18. Arthur Davis

Director | Challenge of the GoBots

Arthur Davis is among the most overlooked & forgotten members of Warner Brother's "Golden Age". He has been overshadowed by other animation directors, including Tex Avery, Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones & Robert Clampett. A serviceable animator, Davis came to Warner Brothers with fellow animator Frank ...

1946–1949, 1962 First credit: Mouse Menace, 1946-11-02 Last 1962 credit: Quackodile Tears, 1962-03-31 Only return credit: The Bugs Bunny Mother's Day Special, 1979-05-12, with Jim Davis

19. Abe Levitow

Director | The Phantom Tollbooth

Abe Levitow was an important member of the Chuck Jones production unit during the latter stages of the Golden Age of Animation. He animated some of the best-loved Looney Tunes cartoons of the 1950's, like Deduce, You Say (1956), Ali Baba Bunny (1957) and Robin Hood Daffy (1958). First signing on ...

1959-1962 First credit: Baton Bunny, 1959-01-10, with Chuck Jones Last credit: Martian Through Georgia, 1962-12-29, with Chuck Jones

20. Maurice Noble

Animation_department | Dumbo

American layout designer Maurice Noble was proudly old-school, a self-proclaimed champion of the 'golden years' of animation. Working in the industry for more than six decades, he reached the peak of his profession with Disney and Warner Brothers and openly rejected the stylised approach to ...

1961-1964 First credit: The Abominable Snow Rabbit, 1961-05-20, with Chuck Jones Last credit: War and Pieces, 1964-06-06, with Chuck Jones

21. Hawley Pratt

Writer | Speedy Gonzales

American animator, a graduate of the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He worked for Walt Disney from 1933 to 1941 and then joined Warner Brothers, where he worked a a key layout artist, animation director and right hand man to Friz Freleng. After Warner Brothers closed their animation department, Pratt...

1961-1964 First credit: The Pied Piper of Guadalupe, 1961-08-19, with Friz Freleng Last credit: The Wild Chase, 1965-02-27, with Friz Freleng

22. Ted Bonnicksen

Animation_department | Fritz the Cat

American animator with Disney, Warner Brothers (mostly for Robert McKimson's unit) and UPA.

1963 Only credit: Fast Buck Duck , 1963-03-09, with Robert McKimson

23. Phil Monroe

Animation_department | The Bugs Bunny/Road-Runner Movie

During World War II, he served in the animation unit of the 18th Army Air Force Base Unit, the First Motion Picture Unit.

1963-1964 First credit: Woolen Under Where , 1963-05-11, with Richard Thompson Last 1964 credit: The Iceman Ducketh, 1964-05-16, with Maurice Noble Return: The Bugs Bunny/Road-Runner Movie, 1979-09-14, with Chuck Jones Last credit: Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All Over, 1980-05-21, with Chuck Jones

24. Richard Thompson

Animation_department | The Bugs Bunny Show

Animator, best known for his work on the Road Runner cartoons under Chuck Jones.

1963 Only credit: Woolen Under Where, 1963-05-11, with Phil Monroe

25. Gerry Chiniquy

Animation_department | Muppet Babies

Gerry Chiniquy was born on June 23, 1912 in Illinois, USA as Germain Adolph Chiniquy. He is known for his work on Muppet Babies (1984), InHumanoids (1986) and Baggy Pants & the Nitwits (1977). He was married to Olve Lee Bailey. He died on November 22, 1989 in Ventura County, California, USA.

1964 First credit: Dumb Patrol, 1964-01-18 Last 1964 credit: Hawaiian Aye Aye, 1964-06-27 Return: Bugs Bunny's Easter Special, 1977-04-07, with Friz Freleng Last credit: The Bugs Bunny Mystery, 1980-10-26, with Friz Freleng

26. Irv Spector

Art_department | Super Friends

1965 Only credit: Corn on the Cop, 1965-07-24

27. Rudy Larriva

Director | Fangface

American animator, mostly associated with Warner Brothers cartoons and UPA ('Mr.Magoo'). Best known for designing the opening credits for the original Twilight Zone (1959-60) and for directing the "Larriva Eleven" in 1965, a series of Road Runner shorts for DePatie Freleng.

1965-1967 First credit: Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner, 1965-08-21 Last credit: The Spy Swatter, 1967-06-24

28. Alex Lovy

Writer | Jonny Quest

Alex Lovy was born on September 2, 1913. He is known for his work on Jonny Quest (1964), The Jetsons (1962) and Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines (1969). He died on February 14, 1992 in California, USA.

1967–1968 First credit: Speedy Ghost to Town, 1967-07-29 Last credit: Chimp & Zee, 1968-10-12

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