Yale Architecture & Visual Art

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Graham Arader (BA Economics 1972) rare map & print dealer.

Theophilus Brown; painter.

Norman Carlberg; sculptor, director of the Rinehart School of Sculptor.

Brian D'Amato (BA 1984) novelist & sculptor.

Edward D. Dart (BA 1949) architect.

Rackstraw Downes (BFA 1963; MFA 1964) painter.

Paul Fontaine (BFA 1935) painter.

Ann Gale (MFA 1991) painter; professor at the University of Washington School of Art.

John Graham Jr.

Dan Friedman; graphic designer.

John Graham Jr. (BA 1931) architect; designer of the Space Needle in the Seattle, Washington.

Amin Gulgee (BA 1987) Pakistani metal sculptor, jewelry designer; son of famed artist, Gulgee.

William Harlan Hale (BA 1931) writer, journalist, editor.

Erwin Hauer; sculptor.

Barkley Hendricks (BFA 1970, MFA 1972) painter.

Sujata Keshavan (MFA 1987) graphic designer.

Jack Lembeck (MFA 1970) painter & sculptor.

Joshua Meyer (BA 1996) painter.

Hally Pancer (MFA 1998) photographer.

Joshua Prince Ramus (BA 1991) architect.

Leo Rubinfien (MFA 1976) photographer.

Michael T. Williams (MFA 1968) artist; first African American included in the H.W. Janson History of Art.

Carlos Zedillo Velasco (BA 2008) Architect, vice president of Infonavti Mexico.

1. Josef Albers

Self | The Visual Scene

Josef Albers was born on March 19, 1888 in Bottrop, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. He was married to Annie Albers. He died on March 25, 1976 in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.


painter of the Op-Art movement.

3. Matthew Barney

Actor | Art Safari

Matthew Barney is an actor, known for Art Safari (2009).

BA 1989, video & installation artist.

4. Jennifer Bartlett

The Handmaid's Tale

Jennifer Bartlett is known for her work on The Handmaid's Tale (1990), Another Son of Sam (1977) and Ball of Wax (2003).

MFA painter

6. Steven Brill

Producer | Court TV

Steven Brill was born on August 22, 1950 in Queens, New York, USA. He is a producer and writer, known for Court TV News (1991), America's Most Admired Lawbreaker and Trial Story (1991).

BA 1972; JD 1975; founder of Court TV and The American Lawyer.

7. Chuck Close

Director | Bob

Chuck Close was born on July 5, 1940 in Monroe, Washington, USA. He is a director and actor, known for Bob (1973), Six Degrees of Separation (1993) and Chuck Close (2007).

MFA 1964; painter

8. Gregory Crewdson

Director | Reflective Light

Gregory Crewdson is a director and writer, known for Reflective Light, Films 4 Peace: Gregory Crewdson (2012) and Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters (2012).

MFA 1988; photographer.

MFA 1986; painter

MFA 1963; painter

11. Norman Foster

Self | How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr Foster?

Norman Foster was born on June 1, 1935 in Manchester, England. He is married to Elena Ochoa. They have one child. He was previously married to Sabiha Rumani Malik and Wendy Cheesman.

M.Arch 1961; architect.

12. Brendan Gill

Writer | Playdate

Brendan Gill was born on October 4, 1914 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. He was a writer, known for Playdate (1961), New York: A Documentary Film (1999) and Broadway: The American Musical (2004). He was married to Anne Barnard. He died on December 27, 1997 in New York City, New York, USA.

BA 1936; architect, writer, & critic.

MFA 1989; photographer.

14. Nancy Graves

Self | 14 Americans: Directions of the 1970s

Nancy Graves was born on December 23, 1939 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA. She was married to Avery L. Smith and Richard Serra. She died on October 21, 1995 in New York City, New York, USA.


MFA 1959; sculptor

M.Arch 1951; Bangladeshi architect.

17. Maya Lin

Self | Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision

Maya Lin was born on October 5, 1959 in Athens, Ohio, USA.

BA 1981; M.Arch 1986; honorary Ph.D. 1987; architect; best known for the Vietnam Memorial, subject of the Oscar winning documentary, Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision.

18. Philip-Lorca Di Corcia

Director | Dior: Terminal 3

Philip-Lorca Di Corcia is a director, known for Dior: Terminal 3 (2014) and Views on Vermeer (2009).

MFA 1979; photographer

20. Brice Marden

Self | Art City 1: Making It in Manhattan

Brice Marden was born on October 15, 1938 in Bronxville, New York, USA as Nicholas Brice Marden. He has been married to Helen Harrington since January 1968. They have two children. He was previously married to Pauline Baez.

MFA 1963; painter.

21. Malerie Marder

Actress | Monsters in the Closet

Malerie Marder is an actress, known for Monsters in the Closet (1994).

MFA 1998; photographer

22. Scott Pask

Art_department | Trees Lounge

Scott Pask is known for his work on Trees Lounge (1996), Living in Oblivion (1995) and Illuminata (1998).

MFA 1997; scenic designer, Tony Award for "The Pillowman."

23. Martin Puryear

Self | Art in the Twenty-First Century

Accord, New York: Artist

MFA 1971; sculptor.

24. Richard Rogers

Self | The Brits Who Built the Modern World

Richard Rogers was born on July 23, 1933 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy as Richard George Rogers.

M. Arch 1962; architect; 2007 Pritzker Prize Winner.

25. Mark Rothko

Art_department | American Gothic

Mark Rothko was born on September 25, 1903 in Dvinsk, Russian Empire as Marcus Rothkowitz. He is known for his work on American Gothic (2016) and The New York School (1972). He was married to Mary Alice Beistle. He died on February 25, 1970 in New York, USA.

Class of 1924; painter.

26. Eero Saarinen

Actor | Isänmaan toivot

Eero Saarinen was born on November 17, 1956. He is known for his work on Isänmaan toivot (1998), Presidentit (2005) and Kiinnisidottu (1994).

B. Arch 1934; architect best known for the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

27. Richard Serra

Actor | Cremaster 3

Richard Serra was born on November 2, 1939 in San Francisco, California, USA. He is a director and actor, known for Cremaster 3 (2002), Image Union (1978) and Television Delivers People (1973). He has been married to Clara Weyergraf since 1981.

BFA MFA 1964; sculptor.

28. Robert A.M. Stern

Self | New York: A Documentary Film

Robert A.M. Stern was born on May 23, 1939 in New York City, New York, USA as Robert Arthur Morton Stern. He is known for his work on New York: A Documentary Film (1999), Mies (1986) and The Once and Future Pariser Platz: A Square in Berlin Comes Back (1999).

M. Arch 1965; architect, current dean at Yale School of Architecture.

BA; sculptor and MacArthur Foundation Fellow.

30. Garry Trudeau

Writer | A Doonesbury Special

Garry Trudeau was born on July 21, 1948 in New York City, New York, USA as Garretson Beekman Trudeau. He is a writer and producer, known for A Doonesbury Special (1977), Tanner '88 (1988) and Alpha House (2013). He has been married to Jane Pauley since June 14, 1980. They have three children.

BA 1970; MFA 1973; Doonesbury cartoonist.

MFA 1994; painter.

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