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1. Omar Sharif

Actor | Lawrence of Arabia

Omar Sharif, the Egyptian actor best known for playing Sherif Ali in Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and the title role in Doctor Zhivago (1965), was born Michel Demitri Shalhoub on April 10, 1932 in Alexandria, Egypt to Joseph Shalhoub, a lumber merchant, and his wife, Claire (Saada). Of Lebanese and ...

2. Adel Emam

Actor | Omaret yakobean

He is a graduate of the faculty of agriculture. He was more popular in theatres for his role in Madrasat Al Moshaghebin (School of Rascals). He became more famous in the 1970s for his comedic roles in Searching for a Scandal (1973) (Search for a scandal) and Khalli Balek min Aalak (Take care of your...

3. Nour El-Sherif

Actor | Leila Sakhina

Nour El-Sherif was born on April 28, 1946 in Egypt as Mohamed Jaber. He was an actor and producer, known for Leila Sakhina (1994), Circle of Revenge (1976) and The Yacoubian Building (2006). He was married to Poussi. He died on August 11, 2015 in Cairo, Egypt.

4. Farid Shawqi

Actor | Cemile

Farid Shawqi was born on July 3, 1920 in Cairo, Egypt. He was an actor and writer, known for Cemile (1968), The Tough (1957) and The Count of Monte Cristo (1950). He was married to Soheir Turk, Huda Sultan, Saneya Shawky and Zynab Abdel Hady. He died on July 27, 1998 in Cairo.

5. Ahmed Zaki

Actor | Edhak el soura tetlaa helwa

Ahmed Zaki was born on November 18, 1949 in Zaqazeeq, Egypt as Ahmed Abdullrahman Zaki. He was an actor, known for Edhak el soura tetlaa helwa (1998), His Excellency the Minister (2002) and Hassan Ellol (1997). He was married to Hala Fouad. He died on March 27, 2005 in Cairo, Egypt.

6. Ghassan Massoud

Actor | Kingdom of Heaven

Ghassan Massoud (born September 20, 1958 in Damascus) is a Syrian actor and film-maker. He is best-known in the West for playing the role of the Muslim military general Saladin in Ridley Scott's 2005 film Kingdom of Heaven. He has also played the "Sheikh" in famous Turkish film "Kurtlar Vadisi: ...

7. Ezzat El Alaili

Actor | Zi'ab la ta'kol al lahm

Ezzat El Alaili was born on September 15, 1934 in Cairo, Egypt. He is an actor, known for Kuwait Connection (1973), Al-Tareek Ela Eilat (1993) and Zaier el-fager (1975).

8. Farouk Al-Fishawy

Actor | Istighatha Min Al-Alam Il-Akhr

Farouk Al-Fishawy was born in February 1952 in Cairo, Egypt. He is an actor and producer, known for A Cry from Beyond (1985), Zombie Goes Zombie and Souq al mot aa (1999).

9. Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

Actor | Souq al mot aa

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz was born in Alexandria, Egypt to a middle class family. He studied Agricultural Sciences and during his college days he practiced acting through the university theatre.

He started his acting career by taking a role in "Al Dawama" TV show in the mid 70s with Nelly and Mahmoud ...

10. Sa'eed Saleh

Actor | Alzheimer's

Sa'eed Saleh was born on July 13, 1939 in Cairo, Egypt as Sa'eed Saleh Ibrahim. He was an actor, known for Alzheimer's (2010), Nos arnab (1983) and Sahbek Men Bakhtak (1990). He died on August 1, 2014 in Cairo.

11. Faten Hamamah

Actress | Orid hallan

Faten Hamama (known as "The Lady of the Arabic Screen") has become an icon and the most important actress of Egyptian and Arabic cinema. She is also the most honored actress in the Middle East. Every decade of her life represents a new era of acting and witnessed the reshaping and progression of ...

12. Maryam Fakhruddin

Actress | La anam

Maryam Fakhruddin was born on January 8, 1933 in Faiyum, Egypt as Mariam Mohamed Fakhr El Din. She was an actress, known for Sleepless (1957), The Cursed Palace (1962) and No Return (1961). She was married to Mohamad Altawel, Mahmood Dhulfeqar, Sharif Alfadali and Fahd Ballan. She died on November ...

13. Nadia El Gendy

Actress | Amwaj

Nadia El Gendy was born on March 24, 1946 in Egypt. She is an actress and producer. She was previously married to Imad Hamdi.

14. Samir Ghanem

Actor | Hob 'ala shati Miami

Samir Ghanem was born in January 1943 in Cairo, Egypt as Samir Youssef Ghanem. He is an actor, known for Hob 'ala shati Miami (1976), The Teddy Boys (1966) and Madrasat El-Moshaghebeen (1973). He has been married to Dalal Abdulaziz since 1984. They have two children.

15. Yehia El-Fakharany

Actor | Opera Ayda

Yehia El-Fakharany was born on April 7, 1945 in Cairo, Egypt as Mohamed Yehia El-Fakharany. He is an actor and producer, known for Opera Ayda (2000), Awdat mowatin (1986) and Ana Wenty Wa Sa'at Alsafar (1988). He is married to Lamis Gaber. They have two children.

16. Gamil Ratib

Actor | Lawrence of Arabia

He graduated from the School of French Law, and completed his university studies in France. The first movie appearance was in 1946 through the movie (I Am The East), and then returned to France again to continue the art work in the cinema, and then returned to Egypt again with the mid-seventies, ...

17. Ahmed el-Sakka

Actor | El Gezira 2

Graduated from the Egyptian academy of arts and began his acting career immediately in Egyptian mini-series, and ended up co-starring in several of the most important series broadcast during the holy month Ramadan seasons.

Ahmed establish himself as a film star as early as 1998 when he co-starred in...

18. Karim Abdel Aziz

Actor | The Blue Elephant

Karim Abdel Aziz was born in Egypt on 17-8-1975. He was raised by his father the director Mohamed Abdel Aziz who has a valuable history in the Egyptian cinema; hence the technical environment in which he grew up had a prominent role in the ease of entry and work in the field of cinematography. ...

19. Fouad El-Mohandes

Actor | Viva Zalata

Fouad El-Mohandes was born on September 6, 1924 in Cairo, Egypt as Fouad Zaki El-Mohandes. He was an actor, known for Viva Zalata (1976), Mabodet el gamahir (1967) and Akhtar ragol fil alam (1967). He was married to Iffat Suror Najeb and Shouweikar. He died on September 16, 2006 in Cairo.

20. Ezzat Abu Auf

Actor | Asrar el-banaat

He worked as an obstetrician, although he was interested in music. After he left his medical career, he became a musician and then later an actor both in cinema and television.

21. Ismail Yassin

Actor | Ismail Yassine fil madhaf el shami

Ismail Yassin was born on September 15, 1912 in Suez, Egypt. He was an actor, known for Ismail Yassine fil madhaf el shami (1956), Isamil Yassine as Tarzan (1958) and Ismail Yassin in the Air Force (1959). He died on May 24, 1972 in Cairo, Egypt.

22. Suad Husni

Actress | Hekayat Howa wa Heya

Souad Muhammad Kamal Hosny Al Baba was born on January 26th, 1942 in Ataba, Cairo, Egypt. She was the 10th sibling of 17 brothers and sisters. Husni was known as the "Cinderella" of Arab cinema and one of the most influential actresses in the Arabic art world. She ascended to stardom in the end of ...

23. Hassan Hosny

Actor | Afarit el-asphalt

Hassan Hosny was born on October 15, 1931 in Cairo, Egypt. He is an actor, known for Afarit el-asphalt (1996), El basha telmiz (2004) and Al Batal (1997).

24. Ahmed Rateb

Actor | Al-irhabi

He began acting when he was still a student at the school, after joining the Faculty of Engineering, joined the band of acting in the college, but he did not complete the study, and preferred to join "The Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts" where he received a bachelor's degree. "Ahmad Rateb" work...

25. Ahmad Bedair

Actor | Batal min warak

Earned a high school in 1966, he received a Bachelor of Arts in 1970. He worked as an actor in the theaters of youth centers then as an author and a director, then worked in the radio through several series, starred in television in several series, including (A Bird Sad Night - El Zini Barakat - A ...

26. Amr Waked

Actor | Lucy

Amr Waked was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1972. He studied economics and theatre in the American University in Cairo. In his early experience as an actor Amr joined the Temple Theatre Troop in 1994, and Yaaru Theatre Troop in 1999, where he trained and developed his tools as a stage performer.

With his ...

27. Khaled El-Sawi

Actor | The Blue Elephant

Khaled El-Sawi was born on November 25, 1963 in Alexandria, Egypt. He is an actor and assistant director, known for The Blue Elephant (2014), El Farah (2009) and The Yacoubian Building (2006).

28. Khaled Nabawy

Actor | Kingdom of Heaven

Egyptian actor Khaled Nabawy managed to quickly grab audiences attention and film critics respect through his choice of material, following his discovery by famous director, Youssef Chahine. He presented Khaled as the Hollywood's way in making stars, he put him in the best view and allowed the ...

29. Sawsan Badr

Actress | Al abwab al Moghlaka

Sawsan Badr have a distinctive role in her second movie (Habibi Daemn) directed by Hussein Kamal in 1980. She also won the best actress for the drama prize (land not sprout flowers), and its role in the series (Dawlat Fahmy), and multiple awards for her role in the movie (circles closed) in 2001, ...

30. Salah El-Saadany

Actor | Shayatin el lail

Salah El-Saadany was born on October 23, 1943 in Giza, Egypt as Salahedine Othman Ibrahim El-saadany. He is an actor and director, known for Nightmares (1965), Beggars and Proud Ones (1991) and Le piège (1982).

31. Khaled Saleh

Actor | Tito

Khaled Saleh was born on January 23, 1964 in Cairo, Egypt. He was an actor, known for Tito (2004), The Best of Times (2004) and Chaos, This Is (2007). He died on September 25, 2014 in Cairo.

32. Hanan Turk

Actress | Dunia

One of Egypt's most talented actresses. With her expressive brown eyes, lustrous dark hair and flawless olive skin, the ballet dancer, and actress burst onto the scene in 1991, making her mark on the Egyptian Actresses list and audiences as well.

She co-stars with Nadia El Gendyand Mahmood Hemaidah ...

33. Youssef Fawzi

Actor | El shabah

Egyptian actor have the degree of Bachelor of the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, and continued his studies in Britain and then returned to Egypt after five years, and began acting since the early eighties and specifically in 1982 in dozens of roles assistance between cinema and TV some of ...

34. Sami El-Adl

Producer | Al Batal

Sami El-Adl was born on November 2, 1946 in Mansoura, Egypt. He was an actor and producer, known for Al Batal (1997), Ashab wala business (2001) and Young Alexander the Great (2010). He was married to Magida Nour Eddine, Afaf Rashad and Nadia Shukri. He died on July 10, 2015 in Cairo, Egypt.

35. Lotfy Labib

Actor | Keda Reda

Lotfy Labib was born on September 19, 1938 in Cairo, Egypt. He is an actor and writer, known for Satisfied Like This (2007), Afarit el-asphalt (1996) and Badr (2001).

36. Salah Abdullah

Actor | Mowaten we mokhber we haramy

Salah Abdallah moved when he was seven years old to "Bulaq El Dakrur" .He was interested in writing poetry and political action to political activity, until he became Secretary of the youth "Bulaq El Dakrur" and "El Dokki". When he joined the faculty of commerce attracted band representation of the...

37. Sherif Mounir

Actor | Welad el-Amm

Sherif Mounir was born on May 14, 1959 in Cairo, Egypt as Shefir Ahmed Mounir. He is an actor, known for The Cousins (2009), Sleepless Nights (2003) and Cut and Paste (2006).

38. Gamal Ismail

Actor | Harb Atalia

He holds a Bachelor of Arts History Department, Ain Shams University in 1957, and also holds a Bachelor of the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1956. He joined the typical folk theater, which was affiliated to the department of the arts. Appointed as inspectors for the theater in Alexandria ...

39. Hani Salama

Composer | Control Room

Hani Salama was born on July 4, 1977 in Cairo, Egypt. He is an actor and composer, known for Control Room (2004), The Other (1999) and Enta omry (2004). He is married to Riham Salama. They have two children.

40. Mervat Amin

Actress | Madrasat El-Moshaghebeen

Mervat Amin was born on November 24, 1946 in Minya, Egypt as Mervat Mustafa Amin. She is an actress, known for Madrasat El-Moshaghebeen (1973), El-katl El-laziz (1998) and Leqa ma al-madi (1975).

41. Nelly Karim

Actress | The Blue Elephant

Nelly Karim is an Egyptian actress, fashion model and ballerina. She was born December 18, 1974 in Alexandria, Egypt for An Egyptian father and Russian Mother. Nelly Karim has drawn attention for her 2006 refusal to portray "seductive roles". She won Best Actress award in the Cairo International ...

42. Mahmood El-Gindi

Actor | Alf Lilah Wa Lilah

"Mahmoud El Gendy" studied at a school in "Sanayeh" and graduated from "the textile" department and after graduation worked in a factory, and then submitted to "the Higher Institute" of Cinema and graduated in 1967. "Mahmoud El Gendy" work in cinema, theater and television. One of the plays that ...

43. Samir Sabri

Music_department | Al asal al murr

Samir graduated from the English section at the Faculty of Arts, having previously finished his studies at the famous Victoria College. He then went on to study drama at Oxford, specialising in Shakespeare. He played the lead in over 85 films.

44. Fifi Abdo

Actress | Mamnou Fi Laylat El-Dokhla

Fifi Abdo is an actress, known for Mamnou Fi Laylat El-Dokhla (1975), Al Feraa 12 (1991) and El Mazag (1991).

45. Hussien El Imam

Composer | Emraa Ayla lelsokot

Hussien El Imam was born on February 8, 1951 in Egypt. He was an actor and composer, known for A Woman Capable of Falling (1992), Where Do You Hide the Sun? (1980) and Fangs (1981). He was married to Sahar Ramy. He died on May 17, 2014 in Giza, Egypt.

46. Ahmed Maher

Actor | Shams elzanaty

Ahmed Maher is an actor, known for Shams elzanaty (1991), Falling in Sabei Well (1994) and Garden City Ladies (1997).

47. Ashraf Abdel Ghafour

Actor | Al-risâlah

Obtained a diploma of the representation section of the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1963. Began his artistic work through the theater in 1962 through the play (Jlfdan Hanim), followed by the plays (Soliman Al-Halabi, Three Nights, The dead Without Graves, Masraa Guevara, My Home Acre, ...

48. Hichem Rostom

Actor | The English Patient

Hichem Rostom was born on May 26, 1947 in Tunis, Tunisia. He is an actor, known for The English Patient (1996), The Count of Monte Cristo (1998) and In Desert and Wilderness (2001).

49. Youssra

Actress | Al assifa

Youssra was born on March 10, 1951 in Cairo, Egypt as Suhair Mohamed Nasim. She is an actress, known for The Storm (2000), The Emigrant (1994) and Kalam fel hob (2005). She is married to Khaled Selim.

50. Magdy Kamel

Actor | Al-andaleeb hikayt shaab

Began his career one year before graduating , as a friend to the actors (Mohammad Saad) and (Ahmed El Sakka) when he was used by the great director (Atef El Tayeb) to perform a small role in his film (the blood on the asphalt), in 1992, to begin a long march for (Magdi Kamel), who graduated a very ...

51. Tarek Lotfy

Actor | Al-Suqout Fi Bir Sabe'

Tarek graduated in 1989 from the Arts Academy with a Bachelors degree in Acting and Directing. He caught the eye of late cinema director Atef El Tayeb who believed in Tarek's talent and introduced him in the movie "Demaa ala AL Asfalt" or "Blood on the Asfalt" in 1991. Tarek's performance won him ...

52. Amr Abdulgalil

Actor | Hena maysara

He began his career in 1986 in the play "El Bulldozer" with "Mohamed Negm". Then with the great director "Yosef shahin" in the movie "Alexandria Kman Wa Kaman" which is one of the most important technical station of his life. Despite the strong start he continued in a number of help roles for a ...

53. Amr Yusuf

Actor | Grand Hotel

Amr Yusuf was born as Amr Nabil Rashad Youssef. He is an actor, known for Grand Hotel (2016), World War III (2014) and Sons of Rizk (2015). He has been married to Kinda Allouch since November 11, 2016.

54. Mohamed Saad

Production_manager | Genenet al asmak

55. Bassem Samra

Actor | El Medina

Bassem Samra, a renowned, award wining, Egyptian Actor, born on May, 24th,1971 , has started his Acting career in 1990 with late director Mr. Youssef Chahine. After that, he starred in the feature film, Al Madina, where he depicted an unforgettable character. Mr. Samra has earned a place among the ...

56. Talat Zakariyya

Actor | Fattah eneek

Talat Zakariyya was born on December 18, 1960 in Alexandria, Egypt as Talaat Zakariyya Mohamed Youssef. He was an actor, known for Open Your Eye (2005), Cinema Enthusiast (2000) and Abo Ali (2005). He was married to Sherine Al Manzalawi and Sabah. He died on October 8, 2019 in Cairo, Egypt.

57. Ashraf Abdel Baky

Actor | Hob el banat

Ashraf Abdel Baky is an Egyptian actor, comedian, director, producer and philanthropist born in 1963. He was the youngest, having 5 older siblings, three brothers and two sisters. At 12 years old Ashraf started working with his father as a contractor, devoting his time during summer and winter ...

58. Dalal Abdulaziz

Actress | Asrar el-banaat

Egyptian actress, graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Zagazig, to go then to Cairo, discovered by the director "Noor Eldemerdash" then worked with "The Three-Lights Stage" team in the play (Hello Doctor) and that was the beginning to be known to the public, then her works...

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