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my best short movies

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1. The House of Small Cubes (2008)

12 min | Animation, Short, Drama

To save his house from rising flood waters, an old man uses bricks to build it higher, then he relives events from his past while searching for his dropped pipe.

Director: Kunio Kato | Star: Masami Nagasawa

Votes: 9,952

2. Bus 44 (2001)

11 min | Short, Drama

On the outskirts of a small town, a bus driver and her passengers encounter highway robbers.

Director: Dayyan Eng | Stars: Beibi Gong, Chao Wu, Yixiang Li, Kui Zhou

Votes: 678

3. 8 (2010)

9 min | Short, War

In the depths of a snowy forest in an unknown wartime, two soldiers from opposing armies try to outwit each other in a perilous game of Tic-Tac-Toe, until they find themselves outplayed by karma.

Director: Acim Vasic | Stars: Nicky Naudé, Guillaume Tavi

Votes: 1,124

5. 7:35 in the Morning (2003)

8 min | Musical, Short

A woman enters a restaurant one morning - only to be met with silence instead of people talking.

Director: Nacho Vigalondo | Stars: Marta Belenguer, Nacho Vigalondo, Antonio Tato, Borja Cobeaga

Votes: 1,994

6. The Natural Route (2004)

11 min | Short, Drama

Soon a man will find out that his destiny is already written and that he can't do anything to change it.

Director: Àlex Pastor | Stars: Pere Ventura, Albert López-Murtra, Albert Capdevila, Carlota Ribes

Votes: 407

7. Oktapodi (2007)

TV-G | 3 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Two Octopi fight for their lives with a stubborn restaurant cook in a comical escape through the streets of a small Greek village.

Directors: Julien Bocabeille, François-Xavier Chanioux, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin Marmier, Emud Mokhberi

Votes: 3,121

8. Doodlebug (1997)

3 min | Short, Fantasy, Mystery

In his squalid apartment, a man tries to squash with his shoe an insect of some kind that is moving around the room.

Director: Christopher Nolan | Star: Jeremy Theobald

Votes: 15,296

9. How They Get There (1997)

3 min | Short, Comedy

A guy and a girl play copycat with each other from opposite sides of the street, that is, until a slightly abrupt & uncopyable event occurs.

Director: Spike Jonze | Stars: Rico Bueno, Lauren Curry, Mark Gonzales

Votes: 964

10. The Black Hole (2008)

3 min | Short, Comedy, Crime

A sleep-deprived office worker photocopies a "Black Hole" late one night. Suddenly, the possibilities seem endless. Will greed get the better of him?

Directors: Philip Sansom, Olly Williams | Star: Napoleon Ryan

Votes: 2,994

11. The God (2003)

4 min | Animation, Short

An Indian deity is disturbed by a mere fly.

Director: Konstantin Bronzit

Votes: 569

12. Post-It Love (2009)

3 min | Short, Romance

Girl meets boy in quirky office romance. Two like minded souls, too shy to approach each other, find a new way to show their love for each other.

Directors: Simon Atkinson, Adam Townley | Stars: Charity Wakefield, Lee Ingleby

Votes: 198

14. Eating Out (1994)

6 min | Drama, Short

A black comedy about a holdup gone wrong in a rundown burger joint in bleak winter Oslo.

Director: Pål Sletaune | Stars: Bjørn Jenseg, Robert Skjærstad, Bjørn Sundquist, Anneke von der Lippe

Votes: 143

15. Two Men and a Wardrobe (1958)

15 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Two men emerge from the sea onto the beach carrying a large wooden wardrobe with a mirror on its front. After the two men clean up and rejoice being in this new environment, they proceed to... See full summary »

Director: Roman Polanski | Stars: Jakub Goldberg, Henryk Kluba, Andrzej Kondratiuk, Barbara Lass

Votes: 2,316

16. Lu tempu di li pisci spata (1955)

10 min | Documentary, Short

A documentary of Sicilian men spear fishing and women doing laundry.

Director: Vittorio De Seta

Votes: 208

17. Parabola d'oro (1955)

9 min | Documentary, Short

A short film which documents the lives of Sicilian farmers during harvest time.

Director: Vittorio De Seta

Votes: 161

18. Surfarara (1955)

9 min | Documentary, Short

A documentary of sulfur mine workers and their families in rural central Siellia.

Director: Vittorio De Seta

Votes: 163

19. The Red Balloon (1956)

Not Rated | 34 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A red balloon with a life of its own follows a little boy around the streets of Paris.

Director: Albert Lamorisse | Stars: Pascal Lamorisse, Sabine Lamorisse, Georges Sellier, Vladimir Popov

Votes: 15,634

20. The Red Balloon (1956)

Not Rated | 34 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A red balloon with a life of its own follows a little boy around the streets of Paris.

Director: Albert Lamorisse | Stars: Pascal Lamorisse, Sabine Lamorisse, Georges Sellier, Vladimir Popov

Votes: 15,634

21. Ask Dad (1929)

20 min | Comedy, Short

A young boy falls for his widowed father's efficient secretary, who has more sense than them both.

Director: Hugh Faulcon | Stars: Edward Everett Horton, Winston Miller, Ruth Renick

Votes: 69

22. A Trip to the Moon (1902)

TV-G | 13 min | Short, Action, Adventure

A group of astronomers go on an expedition to the Moon.

Director: Georges Méliès | Stars: Georges Méliès, Victor André, Bleuette Bernon, Brunnet

Votes: 41,215

23. Snow-White (1933)

7 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Trouble starts when the queen's magic mirror says Betty Boop is fairest. Cab Calloway sings "St. James Infirmary Blues."

Director: Dave Fleischer | Stars: Cab Calloway, Billy Murray, Mae Questel

Votes: 1,660

24. The Big Shave (1967)

Not Rated | 6 min | Short, Drama, Horror

In the process of shaving, a young man cuts himself. A lot.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Star: Peter Bernuth

Votes: 5,535

25. The Adventurer (I) (1917)

Unrated | 24 min | Comedy, Short

The Little Tramp escapes from prison; saves a girl and her mother from drowning; and creates havoc at a swank party.

Director: Charles Chaplin | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Eric Campbell, Henry Bergman

Votes: 3,364

26. Stop Look and Listen (1967)

10 min | Short, Comedy

A man wearing suit, tie, black-framed glasses, and a hat, leaves his house in LA's San Fernando Valley and heads off in his car. Except his car is him, seated on the ground - he moves via ... See full summary »

Directors: Len Janson, Chuck Menville | Stars: Len Janson, Chuck Menville, Don Alleyn, Howard Deitrich

Votes: 294

27. Mokhtar (2010)

G | 16 min | Short, Drama, Family

Mokhtar recounts the tale of a young boy in a remote Moroccan village as he adopts a fallen owl.

Director: Halima Ouardiri | Stars: Omar Belarbi, Abdellah Ichiki, S'Fia Moussa

Votes: 36

28. World of Glory (1991)

14 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

After witnessing an act of unprecedented violence without even flinching, an emotionally numb real-estate agent visits his ailing mother at the hospital, and then, the graveyard. Is there a speck of happiness in this cruel and short life?

Director: Roy Andersson | Stars: Klas-Gösta Olsson, Lennart Björklund, Christer Christensen, Bernard Eiger

Votes: 2,136

29. Gradiva (2014)

2 min | Short, Drama, Fantasy

Rodin's sculpture The Thinker is a sentient being.

Director: Leos Carax | Star: Sarah Forveille

Votes: 185

30. The Heart Is a Piece of Meat (2003)

15 min | Short, Drama, Romance

A Wordless and virtually soundless but nonetheless exquisitely sensitive drama about an overweight butcher who lives alone and the strange fascination he develops for an attractive young ... See full summary »

Director: Jan Cvitkovic | Stars: Mojca Fatur, Primoz Petkovsek

Votes: 60

31. Sometimes, I Think About Dying (2019)

R | 12 min | Short, Drama

Fran likes to think about dying. When she makes a guy in the office laugh, he wants more - a movie date, a slice of pie, a conversation. But if dating him means learning to live, she's pretty sure she can't do that.

Director: Stefanie Abel Horowitz | Stars: Jim Sarbh, Katy Wright-Mead

Votes: 260

32. The Neighbors' Window (2019)

21 min | Short, Drama

It tells the story of a middle aged woman with small children whose life is shaken up when two free-spirited twenty-somethings move in across the street.

Director: Marshall Curry | Stars: Maria Dizzia, Greg Keller, Juliana Canfield, Bret Lada

Votes: 2,112

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