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Various screenwriters, authors, directors, cinematographers I've been privileged to work with in my early career. I have learned something from every one of them.

1. Lana Read

Director | Dogwood Pass

Lana Read was born January 1st, 1972, in Middletown, Ohio. Lana is a US based Director known for Western World (2015) and Dogwood Pass (2018) Her love for drama and period related films have been her inspiration for creating projects within the western genre. Lana is the founding member of Garnet ...

The Shoes

2. Ramsey Stoneburner

Producer | The Shoes

Ramsey Stoneburner is an actress and producer, known for The Shoes and Respite Care (2019).

The Shoes

3. Candy J. Beard

Producer | Vanished

Candy is the youngest of six children. Her parents divorced when she was just three years old. To earn a living, her father joined The Mighty Bluegrass Shows, a Tampa based traveling carnival that traveled nine months out of the year. In 1979, her mother took the five youngest children out of ...

Vanished, The Promise, Old Folks Like Us, Smoke and Mirrors, A Second Chance

4. Daniel Beard

Producer | The Promise

Daniel Beard is known for his work on The Promise (2017), Vanished (2014) and Cries Unheard (2015).

Vanished, The Promise, Old Folks Like Us, Smoke and Mirrors, A Second Chance

5. Autumn Libengood

Writer | From Ashes

Autumn Libengood is a writer and producer, known for From Ashes (2015) and Shatter the Silence (2008).

From Ashes

6. Paul Mishler

Actor | From Ashes

Paul Mishler is an actor and writer, known for From Ashes (2015), P.O.V. (1988) and Shatter the Silence (2008).

From Ashes

7. Chip Rossetti

Producer | God Gave Rock n' Roll to You

Chip has dedicated his career to making movies ONLY in the Christian, Faith-Based and Family genres, and has written, directed and/or produced 22 feature films in these genres. He has also developed multiple television shows and has 9 documentaries and 10 short and animated shorts to this credit. ...


8. Marx Pyle

Producer | Silence of the Belle

Marx Pyle is known for his work on Silence of the Belle (2010), Reality on Demand (2012) and Reality on Demand (2012).


9. Phillip Matthew Seitz

Camera_department | The Things We Leave Behind

Born and raised in southern Indiana in Newburgh, Phillip is the youngest of four children between his biological mother nd father. He has an identical twin brother, Andrew, whom he has always had a connection with that no one could ever break. Growing up, he wanted to take after his father, who was...


10. Miranda Wuestefeld

American Made

Miranda Wuestefeld is known for her work on American Made (2017), The Secret of Guerdric Castle (2015) and The Whole Truth (2016).

The Secret of Guerdric Castle

11. Erin Bethea

Actress | New Life

Erin Bethea is an actress, writer, and producer originally from Albany, GA. Bethea made her feature film debut in the lead role of Catherine Holt in the faith-based hit Fireproof. Fireproof became the #1 independent film in the nation upon its 2008 release, and the role catapulted Erin to the top ...

Nouvelle Vie, aka-New Life

12. Drew Waters

Actor | True Detective

Drew Waters was born on August 20, 1973 in Akron, Ohio, USA as Drew Benjamin Waters. He is known for his work on True Detective (2014), NCIS: Los Angeles (2009) and Bones (2005).

Nouvelle Vie, aka-New Life

13. Dan Parks

Actor | At the Foot of the Rainbow

Dan Parks is known for his work on At the Foot of the Rainbow (2017), Camp Tough Love (2017) and The Throbbit (2015). He has been married to Kelly Parks since May 30, 1997. They have three children.

Camp Tough Love, At The Foot Of The Rainbow

At The Foot Of The Rainbow

15. Marissa Britton

Assistant_director | Melody on Earth

Marissa Britton is an assistant director and actress, known for Melody on Earth (2018), Space Debris (2015) and Faceless (2017).

Camp Tough Love

16. Sharon Wilharm

Director | Summer of '67

Sharon Wilharm is a female filmmaker, blogger, and speaker based out of Nashville, Tennessee. She and husband Fred Wilharm made their first film in 1999 followed by six more feature films. Two of their movies, The Good Book and Providence, were dialogue free. Providence released theatrically as ...


17. Fred Wilharm

Cinematographer | Summer of '67


18. Vitaly Bokser

Cinematographer | Leaving Circadia

New York-based Director and Director of Photography, Vitaly Bokser, was born in Minsk, Belarus. At the age of three he was transplanted to Brooklyn, NY. Vitaly fell in love with filmmaking early on; at the age of 10 he had a camera glued to his hand, making films with his young cohorts. After more ...

How To Survive The End of The World

How To Survive The End of The World

20. Denise Hill

Producer | The Ultimate Betrayal

Denise Hill is an author of four books "Love of a Lifetime, Double Crossed, Scandalous and Envy." Denise is also the producer, writer, creator and co- director of Love of a Lifetime the movie and Abducted the short film. The DP, Writer, Creator, Director, and Producer of the short film Control and ...

Love Of A Lifetime

21. Dominick Wilkins

Actor | Love of a Lifetime

Actor born and raised in Oakland California found his passion in making people smile through the art of acting. Known for appearances in hit big screen movies like "Fate of the Furious 8" as well as "NCB's Chicago Fire and Fox's Empire. This true talent is a face your going to see plenty of no ...

Love Of A Lifetime

Love Of A Lifetime

Love Of A Lifetime

24. Garry Williams

Writer | The Adoration of Jenna Fox

Lives on a farm in a small town in Indiana with his wife and three kids.

Garry helped co-direct my Senior Musical (The King & I) at Logansport High School, a year or two ago. wink wink

25. Sandy Slaven

Writer | Losing Breen

Cassandra (Sandy) Slaven was born in New Castle,Indiana on November 4th, 1968 to parents Cecil L. and Anna E. McKillip Slaven. Her father was a factory worker for Firestone out of Noblesville, Indiana and her mother was a homemaker. From the time she was six years old Sandy knew she wanted to write...

Smoke and Mirrors

26. Dean Lachiusa

Director | Planet Naomi: Monster Mayhem

Dean Lachiusa is a director and writer, known for Planet Naomi: Monster Mayhem (2009), Benefit for the Living Dead (2005) and How to Become Famous (1999).

Cosmic Pizza

27. Brandon Benz

Actor | Power Rangers: Zenith

Brandon Benz is an actor and writer, known for Power Rangers: Zenith (2016), Incarnate: Awakening and Gambling with Life (2016).

"Gambling With Life, Save My Soul"

28. Nicholas J. Moore

Director | Roshtalivik

Nicholas J. Moore is most known for his work at Moore Digital Studios. He Previously directed Roshtalivik (2016) a low budget sci-fi film following a man in the post- apocalyptic wasteland. He now focuses on producing at Moore Digital Studios (previously Moore Productionz), where he currently is ...

"The Secret Betrayal"

29. Brian Taylor

Writer | Crank

Brian Taylor grew up in the suburban wastelands of Southern California. After a gloriously well spent youth traveling around the world in punk bands he took an abrupt change of direction in the early aughts, enrolling in a ten month film program to study camera. Brian wrote/shot/edited what may ...

"Mom and Dad"

"Inside The Woods"

31. Chelsea Jacobson

Director | Inside the Woods

Chelsea Jacobson is a director and producer, known for Inside the Woods (2016) and The Blackout (2016).

"Inside The Woods"

32. Ben Gauthier

Total Forgiveness

Ben Gauthier is known for his work on Total Forgiveness (2019), Dimension 20 (2018) and Um, Actually (2018).

"Inside The Woods"

"Inside The Woods"

34. Zack Laurence

Cinematographer | New Playlist

"Inside The Woods"

36. Rupert Wyatt

Director | Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Writer, Director and Producer Rupert Wyatt was born and raised in the South of England.

He is the founding member of the film collective Picture Farm that along with its prolific Commercial output has produced numerous Documentaries and Feature Films including the multi-award winning DARK DAYS (2001...

Captive State

37. Jerrel Farries

Director | Save My Soul

Jerrel Farries is a director and actor, known for Save My Soul (2017), Dear Diary The Movie and Legal Notion Talk Show with Juanita Ingram (2018).

Save My Soul

Cinderella, Arts Alive 2017

39. Terri L. Bea Sopher

Producer | A Touch of Stardust

Terri L. Bea Sopher is a writer and director, known for A Touch of Stardust (2017), The Unfortunate Faces of Portia Dupree (2015) and Grandma's Hands: The Movie (2010). She has been married to Joseph Sopher since June 21, 2008. They have four children.

The Call: Selah Segas

40. Shane Sooter

Director | The Easter Experience

Shane Sooter is a director and producer, known for The Easter Experience (2007), Acts of God (2014) and H2O: A Journey of Faith (2006).

Spirit Contemporary, Smoketown

41. Antoine Baptiste

Editor | The Unfortunate Faces of Portia Dupree

Antoine Baptiste is an editor and director, known for The Unfortunate Faces of Portia Dupree (2015), A Touch of Stardust (2017) and Amberpark: the Movie (2013).

The Call: Selah Sagas

Gambling With Life

43. Danielle Minnes Cook

Director | The Bridge

Danielle Minnes Cook is a director and actress, known for The Bridge (2013), OffBeat (2018) and Northpaw.


44. Christian Donoho

Cinematographer | OffBeat

At the age of eight, Christian's parents bought a mini DV camcorder for the family and after learning the basics, he never put it down. After years of experimenting with filmmaking as a hobby, Christian eventually was able to work alongside mentors that helped him hone his craft. Based out of South...


45. Alex Srednoselac

Editor | Cashing Out

Alex Srednoselac is an editor and writer, known for Cashing Out, Banana Split (2014) and Ho, Ho, No (2014).

Cashing Out

46. Kimberly J. Richardson

Actress | Summer of '67

American actress Kimberly J. Richardson began her acting career on stage as a teenager and began modeling soon after high school. She made the transition from theater to film in 2012 when she appeared in the film Seven Deadly Words, and has since been involved in over 30 film, television and ...

As writer/director-Can You See Me As fellow actor-Old Folks Like Us, Vanished, How To Survive The End Of The World, Spirit Contemporary, Mom and Dad, Smoke and Mirrors

47. Timothy Paul Taylor

Producer | Blood Born

Timothy Paul Taylor is an American artist, actor, writer, director and producer. Tim is a native of Bloomington, Indiana and has created works in the cities of London, Gothenburg, Brasilia, New York and Los Angeles. He has been painting since the age of three and performing since the age of four. ...

Homefront, Knight's End

48. Meleeka Clary

Actress | Three Corners of Deception

Meleeka Clary was born Meleeka Clary in Boston, Massachusetts to Andrew Lee Clary, Sr. an Entrepreneur and Larriana Clary a model. She is mixed race of Black, Cherokee Indian, and Portuguese.

Meleeka was born into a relatively large family in Southside of Boston, Ma in the suburb of Mattapan, Ma. ...

Three Corners Of Deception

49. Christian Lee

Actress | Black Widow

Christian Lee is an actress and director, known for Black Widow and Paragenex.

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