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Keishichou monogatari: zenkoku juudan sousa (?) (1963, Iiduka Masukazu) http://www.jmdb.ne.jp/1963/cm001900.htm http://www.allcinema.net/prog/show_c.php?num_c=140852

Kumo nagaruru hate ni (1953, Miyoji Ieki) http://www.allcinema.net/prog/show_c.php?num_c=136028

Oatsura Jiroukichi Koushi (?) (1928, Daisuke Ito) http://www.allcinema.net/prog/show_c.php?num_c=348894

Mabuta no haha (?) (1931, Hiroshi Inagaki) http://www.allcinema.net/prog/show_c.php?num_c=129236

Seimei no kanmuri (?) (1936, Tomu Uchida) http://www.jmdb.ne.jp/1936/bl002120.htm

Jounetsu no shijin takuboku (1936, Hisatora Kumagai)

Ningendoubutsuen AKA Human zoo (1962, Youji kuri) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0475696/ http://www.phoenix.to/persons/kuriyouji.html http://avaxhm.com/video/Format/animation/yojikuri.html

Futatsu no haamonika (1976, Seijirô Kôyama) http://www.jmdb.ne.jp/1976/cz003110.htm http://www.allcinema.net/prog/show_c.php?num_c=145644

Haha to ko (1938, Minoru Shibuya) http://www.jmdb.ne.jp/1938/bn002490.htm

Ani to sono imouto (1956, Yasujirô Shimazu) http://www.jmdb.ne.jp/1956/cf004220.htm

*beep* tenkousei (1985, Katsuhiko Fujii) http://www.jmdb.ne.jp/1985/di001560.htm http://www.allcinema.net/prog/show_c.php?num_c=149443

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4. The Funeral (1984)

124 min | Comedy

At the beginning of the film the father-in-law of the protagonist dies unexpectedly of a heart attack. The remainder of the film is episodic, moving from one incident to another over the ... See full summary »

Director: Jûzô Itami | Stars: Tsutomu Yamazaki, Nobuko Miyamoto, Kin Sugai, Hideji Ôtaki

Votes: 1,068

5. A Taxing Woman (1987)

127 min | Comedy, Crime

If tax evasion is an art, wheeler-dealer Hideki Gondo is Rembrandt. And so, a determined taxing woman gets the tough assignment of trying to catch him.

Director: Jûzô Itami | Stars: Nobuko Miyamoto, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Masahiko Tsugawa, Yasuo Daichi

Votes: 1,593

6. Akanishi Kakita (1936)

77 min | Drama

Akanishi Kakita moved from the countryside to a big city. Although he comes from the samurai class, he now lives in poverty among the common people in times of rebellion, but the failed Kakita is not skilled in martial arts.

Director: Mansaku Itami | Stars: Chiezô Kataoka, Shôsaku Sugiyama, Sôjin Kamiyama, Yôko Umemura

Votes: 75

9. The Burmese Harp (1956)

Not Rated | 116 min | Drama, Music, War

In the War's closing days, when a conscience-driven Japanese soldier fails to get his countrymen to surrender to overwhelming force, he adopts the lifestyle of a Buddhist monk.

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Rentarô Mikuni, Shôji Yasui, Tatsuya Mihashi, Jun Hamamura

Votes: 5,118

10. Conflagration (1958)

99 min | Drama

Goichi Mizoguchi, an aspiring Buddhist monk who became involved in the temple that was owned by his father, through a series of flashbacks, framed as a police interrogation, Mizoguchi ... See full summary »

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Raizô Ichikawa, Ganjirô Nakamura, Tatsuya Nakadai, Yôichi Funaki

Votes: 669

11. Fires on the Plain (1959)

Not Rated | 108 min | Drama, War

In the closing days of WWII remnants of the Japanese army in Leyte are abandoned by their command and face certain starvation.

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Eiji Funakoshi, Mantarô Ushio, Yoshihiro Hamaguchi, Osamu Takizawa

Votes: 4,131

12. Bonchi (1960)

105 min | Drama

Kikuji is the scion of an Osaka merchant family whose traditional power is matrilineal. Instructed by his overbearing mother and grandmother to give them an heiress for the family business,... See full summary »

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Raizô Ichikawa, Tamao Nakamura, Mitsukô Kusabue, Machiko Kyô

Votes: 55

13. Brother (1960)

98 min | Drama

Set in 1926 when Japanese tradition was much stronger, this standard drama looks at the inner workings of a small family, especially the relationship between a sister and brother.

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Keiko Kishi, Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Kinuyo Tanaka, Masayuki Mori

Votes: 361

14. The Outcast (1962)

119 min | Drama

A young man struggles to come to terms with his true identity in a remote caste-based village in early 20th century Japan.

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Raizô Ichikawa, Shiho Fujimura, Hiroyuki Nagato, Rentarô Mikuni

Votes: 115

15. Being Two Isn't Easy (1962)

88 min | Comedy, Drama

Husband and wife Gorô and Chiyo, and their only offspring, an infant son named Tarô, go through the ups and downs of family life living in a cramped modern apartment building in suburban ... See full summary »

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Fujiko Yamamoto, Hiroo Suzuki, Eiji Funakoshi, Kumeko Urabe

Votes: 332

16. An Actor's Revenge (1963)

Not Rated | 115 min | Drama

Yukinojo, a Kabuki actor, seeks revenge by destroying the three men who caused the deaths of his parents. Also involved are the daughter of one of Yukinojo's targets, two master thieves, and a swordsman who himself is out to kill Yukinojo.

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Kazuo Hasegawa, Fujiko Yamamoto, Ayako Wakao, Eiji Funakoshi

Votes: 1,884

17. Alone on the Pacific (1963)

104 min | Adventure

Kenichi Horie is determined to challenge his family, the law and the nature crossing the Pacific to America in a small sailboat. Despite his careful planning many unforeseen events will test his determination.

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Yûjirô Ishihara, Masayuki Mori, Kinuyo Tanaka, Ruriko Asaoka

Votes: 354

18. Tokyo Olympiad (1965)

Not Rated | 170 min | Documentary, Sport

Kon Ichikawa examines the beauty and rich drama on display at the 1964 Summer Games in Tokyo, creating a record of observations that range from the expansive to the intimate.

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Abebe Bikila, Jack Douglas, Joe Frazier, Hirohito

Votes: 1,454

19. The Wanderers (1973)

100 min | Comedy, Drama

Follows the fluctuating fortunes of three wanderers who travel through feudal Japan selling their services to whichever lord will fill their rice bowls.

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Isao Bitô, Tadao Futami, Ken'ichi Hagiwara, Reiko Inoue

Votes: 100

20. The Inugami Family (1976)

146 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

After the death of the Father , His family are gathered to share Inheritances , but suddenly a woman with a mysterious masked man arrive there , claiming to be the other wife of the man ...

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Koji Ishizaka, Yôko Shimada, Teruhiko Aoi, Mieko Takamine

Votes: 598

21. The Makioka Sisters (1983)

Not Rated | 140 min | Drama, Romance

The orphaned Makioka sisters look for a husband for their third sister, Yukiko, as the rebellious youngest sister, Taeko, is kept waiting her turn.

Director: Kon Ichikawa | Stars: Yoshiko Sakuma, Sayuri Yoshinaga, Yûko Kotegawa, Jûzô Itami

Votes: 1,339

22. Dying at a Hospital (1993)

100 min | Drama

Filmed in a documentary style six patients in six wards of different ages and circumstances await death at a hospital in Japan. The sterile and dismal environment is contrasted against the ... See full summary »

Director: Jun Ichikawa | Stars: Ittoku Kishibe, Masayuki Shionoya, Akira Yamanouchi, Reiko Nanao

Votes: 47

31. Muhomatsu no issho (1943)

80 min | Action, Adventure

Matsugoro is a poor rickshaw driver whose animated spirit and optimistic demeanor make him a favorite of the town. Matsu helps an injured boy, Toshio, and is hired by the boy's parents.

Director: Hiroshi Inagaki | Stars: Tsumasaburô Bandô, Ryûnosuke Tsukigata, Keiko Sonoi, Kyôji Sugi

Votes: 61

33. Aoi sanmyaku (1949)

92 min | Drama, Romance

When a post-war high school girl is seen with an older boy many find the nontraditional notion unacceptable and try to trick the girl and also assail her right to continue the relationship.... See full summary »

Director: Tadashi Imai | Stars: Setsuko Hara, Ryô Ikebe, Michiyo Kogure, Yôko Sugi

Votes: 97

34. Zoku aoi sanmyaku (1949)

91 min | Drama

In this sequel to Aoi sanmyaku (1949) the focus is not on the students', but the teachers' life. When one day a love letter is discovered it escalates into case over which teacher and ... See full summary »

Director: Tadashi Imai | Stars: Setsuko Hara, Ryô Ikebe, Yôko Sugi, Michiyo Kogure

Votes: 39

35. Till We Meet Again (1950)

110 min | Drama, History

The hero Saburo (Okada Eiji) is obstructed by a series of events from meeting Keiko (Kuga Yoshiko), his fiancee.

Director: Tadashi Imai | Stars: Yoshiko Kuga, Eiji Okada, Osamu Takizawa, Akitake Kôno

Votes: 104

37. School of Echoes (1952)

101 min | Drama

A story of a passionate teacher and his great effort for the children in a poor village.

Director: Tadashi Imai | Stars: Nobuo Kaneko, Tamotsu Kawasaki, Isao Kimura, Eiji Okada

39. An Inlet of Muddy Water (1953)

104 min | Drama

Story 1 : "The Thirteenth Night". Seki turns up at her parents' house in the dead of night, where she breaks down and says she cannot continue to live with her husband, a rich man to whom ... See full summary »

Director: Tadashi Imai | Stars: Akiko Tamura, Yatsuko Tan'ami, Ken Mitsuda, Hiroshi Akutagawa

Votes: 89

41. Darkness at Noon (1956)

122 min | Drama

When an elderly couple is murdered, the police pick up the most likely suspect, a young loner. The authorities force a confession out of the suspect, who then insists that he had a pair of accomplices.

Director: Tadashi Imai | Stars: Kôjirô Kusanagi, Sachiko Hidari, Taketoshi Naitô, Chôko Iida

Votes: 36

42. Kiku to Isamu (1959)

117 min | Drama

Immediately after the Second World War, sister Kiku and brother Isamu, whose mother was a prostitute and the father was a GI, live with their grandmother in the country. Because their ... See full summary »

Director: Tadashi Imai | Stars: Emiko Takahashi, Tanie Kitabayashi, George Okunoyama, Aiko Asahina

Votes: 51

44. Pigs and Battleships (1961)

Not Rated | 108 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

A young hoodlum decides to work for a criminal organization that is tearing itself apart.

Director: Shôhei Imamura | Stars: Hiroyuki Nagato, Jitsuko Yoshimura, Masao Mishima, Tetsurô Tanba

Votes: 1,849

45. The Insect Woman (1963)

Not Rated | 123 min | Drama