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1. Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision (1994)

105 min | Documentary, Biography

A film about the work of the artist most famous for her monuments such as the Vietnam Memorial Wall and the Civil Rights Fountain Memorial.

Director: Freida Lee Mock | Star: Maya Lin

Votes: 401 | Gross: $0.06M

2. What Sex Am I? (1985)

60 min | Documentary

Follows a group of Transgender individuals struggling to make their way in every strata of 1980s America. From finding employment to finding acceptance, the first question the world forces ... See full summary »

Director: Lee Grant | Stars: Monica Lynn B., Christine Jorgensen

Votes: 28

3. The Celluloid Closet (1995)

R | 102 min | Documentary, History

A documentary surveying the various Hollywood screen depictions of homosexuals and the attitudes behind them throughout the history of North American film.

Directors: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman | Stars: Lily Tomlin, Tony Curtis, Susie Bright, Arthur Laurents

Votes: 5,884 | Gross: $1.51M

4. Always for Pleasure (1978)

Not Rated | 58 min | Documentary

A look at the spirit of New Orleans. First a funeral: Allen Toussaint explains that you arrive slow and cut up afterwards. Then it's food, with a lesson in eating crayfish at Frankie and ... See full summary »

Director: Les Blank | Stars: Blue Lu Barker, Henry 'Professor Longhair' Byrd, Dr. John, Aaron Neville

Votes: 346

5. The Times of Harvey Milk (1984)

Not Rated | 90 min | Documentary, Biography, History

A documentary of the successful career and assassination of San Francisco's first elected gay city supervisor.

Director: Rob Epstein | Stars: Harvey Fierstein, Harvey Milk, Anne Kronenberg, Tory Hartmann

Votes: 5,298 | Gross: $0.01M

6. Artie Shaw: Time Is All You've Got (1985)

114 min | Documentary, Biography, Music

Documentary cataloging the life and music of the band leader and clarinetist, Artie Shaw.

Director: Brigitte Berman | Stars: Artie Shaw, John Best, Lee Castle, Helen Forrest

Votes: 73

7. Eyes on the Prize (1987–1990)

TV-PG | 360 min | Documentary, History

A documentary about the American Civil Rights Movement from 1952 to 1965.

Stars: Julian Bond, Unita Blackwell, James Hicks, Burke Marshall

Votes: 457

8. Hôtel Terminus (1988)

Unrated | 267 min | Documentary, Biography, History

A documentary about Klaus Barbie, the Gestapo chief of Lyon, and his life after the war.

Director: Marcel Ophüls | Stars: Klaus Barbie, Claude Lanzmann, Marcel Ophüls, Johannes Schneider-Merck

Votes: 1,191 | Gross: $0.34M

9. American Dream (1990)

PG-13 | 98 min | Documentary

Chronicles the six-month strike at Hormel in Austin, Minnesota, in 1985-86. The local union, P-9 of the Food and Commercial Workers, overwhelmingly rejects a contract offer with a $2/hour ... See full summary »

Directors: Barbara Kopple, Cathy Caplan, Thomas Haneke, Lawrence Silk | Stars: Jesse Jackson, Juan Munoz, Ray Rogers

Votes: 689 | Gross: $0.27M

10. The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter (1980)

65 min | Documentary, History, War

Documentary about women working in factories during WWII and resultant loss of jobs after the war. Five women tell their stories. Fascinating clips of racist, sexist propaganda of the era.

Director: Connie Field | Stars: Lola Weixel, Margaret Wright, Lyn Childs, Gladys Belcher

Votes: 262

11. With Babies and Banners: Story of the Women's Emergency Brigade (1979)

45 min | Documentary

From December 1936 to February 1937 members of the United Auto Workers organized a sit-down strike inside the General Motors Fisher Body 1 and 2 plants in Flint, Michigan. They ultimately ... See full summary »

Director: Lorraine Gray

Votes: 39

12. Union Maids (1976)

50 min | Documentary

Three women union organizers of the early Depression era discuss and reminisce their actions of the time and the current state of the labor movement. Accompanied by a lot of vintage folk music.

Directors: Jim Klein, Miles Mogulescu, Julia Reichert | Stars: Kate Hyndman, Stella Nowicki, Sylvia Woods

Votes: 50

13. Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (II) (2004– )

84 min

This collection includes the acclaimed rock documentary about Metallica, plus a film checking in with the still-thriving group 10 years later.

14. The Ax Fight (1975)

30 min | Documentary, Short

A documentary in which an ax fight breaks out during a dispute between tribes in a Yanomami village.

Directors: Timothy Asch, Napoleon A. Chagnon

Votes: 89

15. The Last Days (1998)

PG-13 | 87 min | Documentary, War

In late 1944, even as they faced imminent defeat, the Nazis expended enormous resources to kill or deport over 425,000 Jews during the "cleansing" of Hungary. This Oscar-winning documentary... See full summary »

Director: James Moll | Stars: Bill Basch, Martin Basch, Randolph Braham, Alice Lok Cahana

Votes: 1,789 | Gross: $0.42M

16. Soldier Girls (1981)

Not Rated | 87 min | Documentary

A documentary about women's basic training in Fort Georgia.

Directors: Nick Broomfield, Joan Churchill | Stars: Gregory Abing, Clara Alves, Jackie Hall, Joann Johnson

Votes: 224

17. Middletown (1982– )
Episode: Family Business (1982)

Documentary, Sport

The family of Howard Snider and their pizza-parlor franchise, which is in danger of foreclosure by the parent company, the Shakey's Pizza Parlor chain.

Director: Tom Cohen | Stars: Snider Children, Howard Snider, Judy Snider

Votes: 5

18. The Wedding Camels (1980)

103 min | Documentary

An account of a marriage among the Turkana, an isolated pastoral tribe of the dry thorn-country of northwestern Kenya.

Directors: David MacDougall, Judith MacDougall

Votes: 10

19. First Contact (1982)

58 min | Documentary

This documentary presents footage of the first contact between the highland tribes of Papua New Guinea, and European explorers. In the 1930s three Australian's, Michael, Daniel and James ... See full summary »

Directors: Robin Anderson, Bob Connolly | Stars: Richard Oxenburgh, Daniel Leahy, Mick Leahy, James Taylor

Votes: 178

20. When Two Worlds Collide (2016)

103 min | Documentary

71 Metascore

An indigenous environmental activist takes on the large businesses that are destroying the Amazon.

Directors: Heidi Brandenburg, Mathew Orzel

Votes: 403 | Gross: $0.01M

22. American Teen (2008)

PG-13 | 95 min | Documentary

66 Metascore

A documentary on seniors at a high school in a small Indiana town and their various cliques.

Director: Nanette Burstein | Stars: Hannah Bailey, Jake Tusing, Megan Krizmanich, Colin Clemens

Votes: 3,997 | Gross: $0.94M

23. An American Family (1973– )

720 min | Documentary, Music, Reality-TV

This was the original "Real World". The show was a weekly documentary which followed the real life travails of the Loud family, a mixed up cluster of suburbanites. The show picked up lots ... See full summary »

Stars: Patricia Loud, Bill Loud, Lance Loud, Kevin Loud

Votes: 201

24. Two Laws (1982)

Not Rated | 130 min | Documentary, History

Docu-drama outlining the culture clash in law between indigenous Australians and white European settled Australia.

Directors: Alessandro Cavadini, Carolyn Strachan

Votes: 19

25. Around the World in 80 Plates (2012– )
Episode: In and Out of Africa (2012)

TV-14 | 44 min | Reality-TV

The chefs are off to Marrakech where The Course takes them on a perilous trip through the Medina. For The Takeover, the teams prepare a local favorite, tagine. Chef Moha Fedal serves as local food expert.

27. The Battle of Chile: Part I (1975)

Not Rated | 191 min | Documentary

The chronicle of the political tension in Chile in 1973 and of the violent counter revolution against the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende.

Director: Patricio Guzmán | Stars: Salvador Allende, Abilio Fernández

Votes: 1,069

30. TV Nation (1994–1995)

60 min | Documentary, Comedy, News

Michael Moore presents a humorous news-magazine that focuses primarily on wrongdoing by big business, privileged society and right-wing politicians.

Stars: Michael Moore, Bruce Brown, Louis Theroux, Karen Duffy

Votes: 541

31. Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)

R | 127 min | Documentary, Crime, News

61 Metascore

An examination of the social costs of corporate interests pursuing profits at the expense of the public good.

Director: Michael Moore | Stars: Michael Moore, William Black, Jimmy Carter, Elijah Cummings

Votes: 39,965 | Gross: $14.36M

32. Basic Training (1971)

80 min | Documentary

Frederick Wiseman observes basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky in the Vietnam era. Recruits are seen receiving instructions on everything from brushing their teeth to killing enemy soldiers in hand-to-hand combat.

Director: Frederick Wiseman

Votes: 162

33. Meat (1976)

112 min | Documentary

mid 70's documentary that shows how livestock are raised, sold, and processed in the United States.

Director: Frederick Wiseman

Votes: 151

34. Intimate Stranger (1991)

R | 60 min | Documentary

A documentary about the director's maternal grandfather.

Director: Alan Berliner | Star: Joseph Cassuto

Votes: 64

36. A Letter Without Words (1998)

62 min | Documentary

A documentary filmmaker, whose parents were forced into exile from Germany, looks for traces of her grandmother's life in Berlin.

Director: Lisa Lewenz

Votes: 10

37. Finding Christa (1991)

55 min | Documentary

A filmmaker reunites with the daughter she gave up for adoption twenty years later.

Directors: Camille Billops, James Hatch | Stars: Camille Billops, Christa Victoria

Votes: 22

38. Tongues Untied (1989)

Not Rated | 55 min | Documentary

A documentary about the experiences of black homosexual men living in the United States of America.

Director: Marlon Riggs | Stars: Marlon Riggs, Michael Bell, Kerrigan Black, Blackberri

Votes: 870

39. Word Is Out (1977)

124 min | Documentary

More than two dozen men and women of various backgrounds, ages, and races talk to the camera about being gay. Their stories are arranged in loose chronology: early years, fitting in (which ... See full summary »

Directors: Nancy Adair, Andrew Brown, Rob Epstein | Stars: Pat Bond, John Burnside, Sally M. Gearhart, Elsa Gidlow

Votes: 300

40. Abortion: Stories from North and South (1984)

55 min | Documentary

This program visits Ireland, England, Japan, Canada, Columbia, and Peru to identify and probe legal and religious factors, in addition to the feelings, attitudes, and solutions regarding unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and contraception.

Director: Gail Singer | Star: Dixie Seatle

41. Sleepless in New York (2014)

90 min | Documentary, Drama, Romance

Love is the best thing in life - until it's over. Heartbreak affects us all. Oscar-nominated director Christian Frei teams with famed anthropologist Helen Fisher to examine the power and resilience of love despite it all.

Director: Christian Frei | Stars: Helen Fisher, Michael Hariton, Rosey La Rouge, Alley Scott

Votes: 130

42. Minamata (1971)

105 min | Documentary

A documentary about the plight of the victims of Minamata disease, which was caused by the ingestion of fish containing abnormal amounts of mercury released into the sea by a fertilizer factory owned by the Chisso company.

Director: Noriaki Tsuchimoto

Votes: 120

43. Lessons of Darkness (1992)

Not Rated | 54 min | Documentary, War

This film shows the disaster of the Kuwaitian oil fields in flames, with few interviews and no explanatory narration. Hell itself is presented in such beautiful sights and music that one has to be fascinated by it.

Director: Werner Herzog | Star: Werner Herzog

Votes: 4,840

44. An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

PG | 96 min | Documentary, News

75 Metascore

Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim follows Al Gore on the lecture circuit, as the former presidential candidate campaigns to raise public awareness of the dangers of global warming and calls for immediate action to curb its destructive effects on the environment.

Director: Davis Guggenheim | Stars: Al Gore, Billy West, George Bush, George W. Bush

Votes: 78,199 | Gross: $23.81M

45. The Gleaners and I: Two Years Later (2002)

63 min | Documentary

Agnes Varda returns to the people she met in her 2000 documentary on gleaning and meets some new people who were inspired by her first film.

Director: Agnès Varda | Stars: Bodan Litnanski, Macha Makeïeff, Agnès Varda, François Wertheimer

Votes: 741

46. Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter (1994)

44 min | Documentary, Short

Deborah Hoffman records and recounts the toll of Alzheimer's disease on her mother, Doris. Hoffman traces the gradual course of the disease and all that she learned as she cared for her mother.

Director: Deborah Hoffmann | Stars: Deborah Hoffmann, Doris Hoffmann

Votes: 89

47. Rabbit in the Moon (1999)

85 min | Documentary, Biography, History

This documentary is about the internment of Japanese Americans in camps during World War II.

Director: Emiko Omori | Stars: Emiko Omori, Chizuko Omori, Frank Emi, Aiko Yoshinaga-Herzig

Votes: 86

48. The Ties That Bind (1985)

Not Rated | 55 min | Documentary

The Ties That Bind is an experimental documentary about the filmmaker's mother, who was born and lived in southern Germany from 1920-1950. Through a mixture of personal anecdote and social ... See full summary »

Director: Su Friedrich | Star: Lore Bucher

Votes: 54

49. Journal inachevé (1982)

50 min | Documentary