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1. Don't Take the Name of God in Vain (1999)

32 min | Sci-Fi, Short, Thriller

In the year 2046, a powerful gang lord assembles a group of religious leaders, demanding to know what it takes to be a true messiah. Meanwhile, lying imprisoned in a garage somewhere nearby is a man who claims to be the son of God.

Director: Josep Guirao | Stars: Pau Barredo, Emilio Guirao, Víctor Apolinarios, Josep Guirao

Votes: 19

2. Didgori: Land of Sacrificed Knights (2009)

35 min | Short, History

In 1121 AD, 56,000 Georgian warriors, led by King Davit IV, battled 500,000 Seljuks on the Didgori battlefield in the Kingdom of Georgia, whose outcome would determine the fate of Jerusalem and all of Christianity.

Director: Nikoloz Khomasuridze | Stars: Elguja Burduli, Nevin Millan, Mika Sakvarelidze, Wil Wesley

Votes: 77

3. Madagascar, a Journey Diary (2010)

TV-PG | 12 min | Animation, Short, Adventure

A journey diary that redraws the trip of a European traveler confronted with Famadihana customs.

Director: Bastien Dubois

Votes: 575

4. The Old Lady and the Pigeons (1997)

25 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

In seductive central Paris, an undernourished gendarme willing to go to great lengths to feed himself hatches a desperate, yet utterly cunning plan.

Director: Sylvain Chomet | Stars: James Pidgeon, Michoue Sylvain, Andrea Usher-Jones

Votes: 2,478

5. A Dog's Life (1918)

Not Rated | 33 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

The Little Tramp and his dog companion struggle to survive in the inner city.

Director: Charles Chaplin | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Dave Anderson, Bert Appling

Votes: 6,851

7. Ménilmontant (1926)

38 min | Short, Drama, Mystery

A couple is brutally murdered in the working-class district of Paris. Later on, the narrative follows the lives of their two daughters, both in love with a Parisian thug and leading them to separate ways.

Director: Dimitri Kirsanoff | Stars: Nadia Sibirskaïa, Yolande Beaulieu, Guy Belmont, Jean Pasquier

Votes: 2,045

8. La fonte des neiges (2009)

28 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Léo is dragged to a nudist camping resort by his mother. Like most boys at the age of 12 or 13, being nude in public holds little appeal for Léo, who protests by wearing extra layers. Until... See full summary »

Director: Jean-Julien Chervier | Stars: Marc Beffa, Géraldine Martineau, Zazon, Laurent Roth

Votes: 577

9. L'affaire Bronswik (1978)

24 min | Short, Comedy

A recounting of how a special brand of TV spontaneously caused orgies of insanely excessive consumerism.

Directors: Robert Awad, André Leduc, Tim Reid | Stars: Michel Mongeau, Antoine Aouad, Jamilie Aouad, Marcel Bissonnette

Votes: 89

10. Blind Child (1964)

25 min | Documentary, Short

Documentary about blind children.

Director: Johan van der Keuken

Votes: 73

11. One More (I) (2018)

18 min | Short, Drama

Billie and Alex have gotten themselves into a destructive cycle of drinking, drugging and repeating. One evening the arrival of Billie's ex boyfriend back on the scene could be the catalyst to enable the truth to come out.

Director: James Alexandrou | Stars: Celine Abrahams, Kate Kelly, Bailey Patrick, Antoinette Alexandrou

12. The Big Picture (2000)

13 min | Drama, Short

Consumed by her career, Wendy never imagined going out with Jack. She never imagined spending any time with him at all, but she's about to witness events that will change her mind. She's ... See full summary »

Directors: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig | Stars: Robyn Moore, Michael Priest

Votes: 125

14. The Cry of the Children (1912)

Not Rated | 29 min | Short, Drama

An indictment of the evils of child labor, the film was controversial in its time for its use of actual footage of children employed in a working mill.

Director: George Nichols | Stars: Marie Eline, Ethel Wright, James Cruze, Lila Chester

Votes: 236

15. The Evidence of the Film (1913)

Not Rated | 15 min | Crime, Short

A messenger boy is wrongfully accused of stealing bonds worth $20,000.

Directors: Lawrence Marston, Edwin Thanhouser | Stars: William Garwood, Marie Eline, Florence La Badie, Riley Chamberlin

Votes: 342

16. The Deer Garden: The Romantic Forest (1970)

39 min | Documentary, Short

Portraying the four seasons of the nature in the famous Danish garden Dyrehaven.

Directors: Per Kirkeby, Jørgen Leth

Votes: 19

17. Life in Denmark (1972)

37 min | Documentary, Short

Almost 100 Danes - including a cyclist, a minister of finances, a popular actress, and 13 single women from province - try to convey a realistic impression of Denmark, different from the usual view as a little, exotic, and strange country.

Director: Jørgen Leth | Stars: Asger Leth, Jørgen Ryg

Votes: 69

18. Bed & Breakfast (2006)

35 min | Short, Drama

Nathan and Laura, a young American couple, are on vacation in France to look for Baptist, an old friend of Nathan's who inherited a castle there. Nathan's motivations for the trip aren't ... See full summary »

Directors: Martin Beilby, Loïc Moreau | Stars: Charlie Blanche, Cédric Burgle, Rúaidhrí Conroy, Jennifer Drujon

Votes: 20

19. Voices of a Distant Star (2002)

TV-PG | 25 min | Animation, Short, Drama

The love of Japanese high school students Mikako Nagamine and Noboru Tera is tested when Mikako is sent to fight aliens in a distant universe and voice mails to and from Earth become months to years in transmission.

Director: Makoto Shinkai | Stars: Mika Shinohara, Makoto Shinkai, Sumi Mutoh, Chihiro Suzuki

Votes: 7,997

21. Prelude: Dog Star Man (1962)

25 min | Short, Drama

The prelude to Dog Star Man (1964), an experimental film wherein a man climbs a mountain along with his dog.

Director: Stan Brakhage | Stars: Jane Brakhage, Stan Brakhage

Votes: 1,282

22. Dog Star Man: Part I (1962)

30 min | Short

The first part of Dog Star Man (1964), an experimental film wherein a man climbs a mountain along with his dog.

Director: Stan Brakhage | Stars: Jane Brakhage, Stan Brakhage

Votes: 1,354

23. Dog Star Man: Part II (1963)

7 min | Short, Drama

The second part of Dog Star Man (1964), an experimental film wherein a man climbs a mountain along with his dog.

Director: Stan Brakhage | Star: Stan Brakhage

Votes: 1,046

24. Dog Star Man: Part III (1964)

11 min | Short, Drama

The third part of Dog Star Man (1964), an experimental film wherein a man climbs a mountain along with his dog.

Director: Stan Brakhage | Stars: Jane Brakhage, Stan Brakhage

Votes: 1,014

25. Dog Star Man: Part IV (1964)

6 min | Drama, Short

The fourth and final part of Dog Star Man (1964), an experimental film wherein a man climbs a mountain along with his dog.

Director: Stan Brakhage | Stars: Jane Brakhage, Stan Brakhage

Votes: 1,029

26. Weekends (2017)

R | 15 min | Animation, Short, Drama

'Weekends' is the story of a young boy shuffling between the homes of his recently divorced parents. Surreal dream-like moments mix with the domestic realities of a broken up family in this hand animated film set in 1980's Toronto.

Director: Trevor Jimenez

Votes: 1,309

27. Little Bird (I) (2017)

11 min | Short, Drama

A young woman seeks to expand her limited horizons, set against a backdrop of wartime London.

Director: Georgia Oakley | Stars: Imelda Staunton, Emily Taaffe, Bettrys Jones, Anna Fenwick

Votes: 36

28. Good Intentions (2018)

9 min | Animation, Short, Crime

After being a woman is being responsible for a hit and run, spooky things starts to happen to her. A small thriller about people that are not always the best at making decisions.

Director: Anna Mantzaris

Votes: 29

29. Sweet Maddie Stone (2016)

24 min | Short, Drama

Maddie Stone rules her school yard under the protection of her family name. But after discovering her notorious father has been arrested, she has to make his bail money or lose the yard.

Director: Brady Hood | Stars: Jessica Barden, Harriet Cains, Jason Flemyng, Keeley Forsyth

Votes: 54

31. Let the Daylight Into the Swamp (2012)

37 min | Documentary, Short, Drama

Filmmaker Jeffrey St. Jules reconstructs the story of his grandparents and their rugged frontier life in the logging towns of Northern Ontario. It is a genre twisting reflection on a ... See full summary »

Director: Jeffrey St. Jules | Stars: Sean McCann, Diana Leblanc, Pierre Simpson, Colombe Demers

Votes: 11

32. Nahanni (1962)

18 min | Documentary, Short

The legend of a lost gold mine and a river in the Northwest Territories that lures men to their doom. Albert Faille, an aging prospector, has set out time and again to find hidden gold. His... See full summary »

Director: Donald Wilder | Stars: William Weintraub, Albert Faille

Votes: 12

33. Would You Look at Her (2017)

19 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A hard-headed tomboy spots the unlikely solution to all her problems in an all-male religious ritual.

Director: Goran Stolevski | Stars: Sara Klimoska, Igor Angelov, Pirunika Kiselicki, Antonija Belazelkoska

Votes: 20

34. Islands of the West (1972)

27 min | Documentary, Short

A tour of the landscape and wildlife of the Western Isles in Scotland.

Director: Bill Forsyth | Star: Duncan Carse

Votes: 21

35. The Selfish Giant (1971)

26 min | Animation, Short

A giant builds a wall to keep children out of his garden, but then winter sets in permanently.

Director: Peter Sander | Stars: Paul Hecht, Charles Aznavour

Votes: 271

36. Elephant (1989 TV Short)

Not Rated | 39 min | Short, Crime, Drama

A depiction of a series of violent killings in Northern Ireland with no clue as to exactly who is responsible.

Director: Alan Clarke | Stars: Gary Walker, Bill Hamilton, Michael Foyle, Danny Small

Votes: 2,015

37. The Smiling Madame Beudet (1923)

26 min | Drama

An unhappily married woman devises a scheme to get rid of her husband.

Director: Germaine Dulac | Stars: Germaine Dermoz, Alexandre Arquillière, Jean d'Yd, Yvette Grisier

Votes: 1,900

38. World of Tomorrow (2015)

G | 17 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

A little girl is taken on a mind-bending tour of her distant future.

Director: Don Hertzfeldt | Stars: Julia Pott, Winona Mae, Sara Cushman

Votes: 8,288

39. Night Shoot (2019)

14 min | Short, Comedy

An eccentric one-line actor keen to save his characters from extinction, uses costumes from past roles to tell their stories and inadvertently wins over a world weary wardrobe mistress into his theatrical imagination.

Director: Penny Eizenga | Stars: Jessica Marie Brown, Suzanne Cyr, Penny Eizenga, Kris Hagen

40. A Chairy Tale (1957)

Not Rated | 12 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

An ordinary-looking chair refuses to be sat upon.

Directors: Claude Jutra, Norman McLaren | Star: Claude Jutra

Votes: 905

41. Return to Glennascaul (1953)

23 min | Short, Horror, Mystery

Orson Welles, on break from filming Othello, relates a tale he heard one spooky Irish midnight not so long ago when, driving through the countryside, he picked up a man with car trouble who told of a strange encounter with two hitchhikers.

Director: Hilton Edwards | Stars: Michael Laurence, Shelah Richards, Helena Hughes, John Dunne

Votes: 531

42. They Caught the Ferry (1948)

11 min | Short, Drama, Horror

A man and a woman on a motorcycle arrive with a ferry to Assens. They want to catch the next ferry in Nyborg, on the other side of the island, but this ferry will leave in three quarters of... See full summary »

Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer | Star: Joseph Koch

Votes: 941

43. After Hours (1984)

26 min | Drama, Short

The difficulty of separating sexual fantasy and reality become apparent at an investigation of an alledged sexual harassment case.

Director: Jane Campion | Stars: Danielle Pearse, Don Reid, Anna Maria Monticelli, Russell Newman

Votes: 229

44. A Steam Train Passes (1974)

21 min | Short, Documentary, Drama

A famous steam locomotive takes a nostalgic journey into its own past.

Director: David Haythornwaite | Stars: Chris O'Sullivan, Harold Fowler

Votes: 20

45. Memorable (2019)

12 min | Animation, Short, Drama

An aging painter and his wife struggle increasingly to cope with his advancing dementia.

Director: Bruno Collet | Stars: Dominique Reymond, André Wilms

Votes: 1,038

46. Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life (1993)

Not Rated | 23 min | Short, Biography, Comedy

While trying to decide what Gregor Samsa wakes up as, Kafka's constantly being interrupted by knife-selling strangers, party noise, girls, fancy dress costumes, and other strange, dreamlike... See full summary »

Director: Peter Capaldi | Stars: Richard E. Grant, Crispin Letts, Ken Stott, Elaine Collins

Votes: 971

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