The 25 Best Drag Queens From RPDR

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Listed in favorite order. *updated as I watch more seasons*

1. Roy Haylock

Actor | Hurricane Bianca

Roy Haylock , better known by the stage name Bianca Del Rio, is an American drag queen, comedian, actor, and costume designer best known for winning the sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race. New York magazine named Del Rio number one of the top 100 Most Powerful Drag Queens in America in June 2019.


Bianca Del Rio - Season 6 Winner

2. Jerick Hoffer

Actor | Blame the Hero

Jerick Hoffer was born on September 18, 1987 in Portland, Oregon, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Blame the Hero (2019), Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel (2015) and Blue Bloods (2010).

Jinxx Monsoon - Season 5 Winner

3. Brian McCook

Actor | Room 104

Brian McCook is an actor, known for Room 104 (2017), Sebastian (2017) and Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate (2018).

Katya Zamolodchikova - Season 7 #5 and Miss Congeniality as well as All Stars 2 Runner-Up

4. Benjamin Putnam

Actor | Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel

Sweet as pie and sharp as cheddar! Terminally Delightful BenDeLaCreme is known for combining her background in the performing and visual arts with a love of spectacle, glamour, and Saturday Morning Cartoons - touring throughout the world. She has dazzled crowds throughout the Americas, Europe, and ...

BenDeLaCreme - Season 6 #5 and Miss Congeniality

5. Timothy Wilcots

Actor | Cherry Pop

Timothy Wilcots was born on February 12, 1972 in California, USA. He is known for his work on Cherry Pop (2017), My Baby's Daddies (2009) and Marabou (2017). He has been married to Christopher Hamblin since September 29, 2018.

Latrice Royale - Season 4 #4

6. Caldwell Tidicue

Actor | Besties

Caldwell Tidicue is an actor and producer, known for Besties (2018), Rough Night (2017) and Cherry Pop (2017).

Bob the Drag Queen - Season 8 Winner

7. Sang-Young Shin

Actor | Lipstick City

Sang-Young Shin is an actor, known for Lipstick City (2016), Vanity Fair: 103 Years of Drag Queen Fashion (2016) and Straight Outta Oz (2016).

Kim Chi - Season 8 Runner-Up

8. Aaron Coady

Soundtrack | G.B.F.

Aaron Coady was born on November 28, 1981 in Newton, Iowa, USA. He is an actor, known for G.B.F. (2013), (My) Immortal: The Web Series (2013) and Fuck (2005).

Sharon Needles - Season 4 Winner

9. Danny Noriega

Actor | Chasing Life

Danny Noriega was born on September 29, 1989 in Azusa, California, USA as Daniel Anthony Noriega. He is an actor and composer, known for Chasing Life (2014), Adore Delano: I Look Fuckin Cool (2014) and Adore Delano: Negative Nancy (2017).

Adore Delano - Season 6 Runner-Up and All Stars 2 #9

10. Chad Michaels

Actor | Bamboo Shark

Chad Michaels is an actor, known for Bamboo Shark (2011), Jane the Virgin (2014) and Kath & Kim (2008).

Chad Michaels - Season 4 Runner-Up

11. Shane Jenek

Soundtrack | Australian Idol

Shane Jenek was born on February 18, 1982 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia as Shane Gilberto Jenek.

Courtney Act - Season 6 Runner-Up

12. Brian Firkus

Actor | American Horror Story

Brian Firkus is an actor, known for American Horror Story (2011), Clowns of America (2014) and Coulrophobia (2014).

Trixie Mattel - Season 7 #6

13. Davis Heppenstall

Actor | Manila Luzon: Go Fish

Davis Heppenstall is an actor, known for Manila Luzon: Go Fish (2019), Whatcha Packin' (2014) and Wig (2019).

Naomi Smalls - Season 8 Runner-Up

14. Matthew Sanderson

Actor | Cherry Pop

Matthew Sanderson is an actor, known for Cherry Pop (2017), Playing House (2014) and Neil's Puppet Dreams (2012).

Detox - Season 5 #4

15. Alaska Thunderfuck

Actor | The Last Sharknado: It's About Time

Alaska Thunderfuck was born on March 6, 1985 in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA as Justin Andrew Honard. He is an actor, known for The Last Sharknado: It's About Time (2018), Eastsiders (2012) and Astral Shit Show (2013).

Alaska - Season 5 Runner-Up and All Stars 2 Winner

17. Zavion Davenport

Location_management | Year One

Zavion Davenport is known for his work on Year One (2009), Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2008) and Pinks All Outtakes (2008).

Chi Chi DeVayne - Season 8 #4

18. Sutan Amrull

Actor | Angels!

Sutan Amrull was born in Baldwin Park, California on the 14th June 1974. At the age of three, the family moved to Indonesia where his father is originally from and lived there until the age of nine when they moved back to the US.

Amrull became interested in the drag scene at the age of sixteen by ...

Raja - Season 3 Winner

19. Willam Belli

Actor | Because I Said So

Willam Belli was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Because I Said So (2007), A Star Is Born (2018) and Blubberella (2011). He has been married to Bruce Bealke since 2008.

Willam - Season 4 #7

20. Alyssa Edwards

Actor | Hurricane Bianca

Alyssa Edwards is an actor and producer, known for Hurricane Bianca (2016), Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate (2018) and Alyssa Edwards: Tongue Pop the Halls (2016).

Alyssa Edwards - Season 5 #6 and All Stars 2 #5

21. David Petruschin

Producer | RuPaul's Drag Race

David Petruschin is a producer and actor, known for RuPaul's Drag Race (2009), RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (2012) and Berlin: Animal (2014).

Raven - Season 2 Runner-Up and All Stars Runner-Up

22. Karl Westerberg

Actor | General Hospital

Karl Westerberg was born on August 10, 1981 in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, USA as Karl Philip Michael Westerberg. He is an actor, known for General Hospital (1963), Eastsiders (2012) and The Cocoa Fondue Show (2018). He has been married to Michael Alvarez since December 24, 2017.

Manila Luzon - Season 3 Runner-Up and All Stars #7/8

23. Joey Santolini

Actor | Tatiana: Hurt My Feelings

Joey Santolini is an actor, known for Tatiana: Hurt My Feelings (2019), Tatiana: Cya (2018) and Alaska Thunderfuck: The T (2016).

Tatianna - Season 2 #4 and All Stars #6

24. Shane Galligan

Actor | Gays: The Series

Shane Galligan is an actor, known for Gays: The Series (2014), Mozart in the Jungle (2014) and Drag Me Down the Aisle (2019).

Thorgy Thor - Season 8 #6

25. Joshua Jones

Soundtrack | RuPaul's Drag Race

Announced on episode 5 of season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked! (2010) that he was diagnosed with HIV in August 2012.

Trinity K Bonet - Season 6 #7

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