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born 1900 -1940.

1. Roberto Contreras

Actor | Scarface

Roberto Contreras was born on December 12, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He was an actor, known for Scarface (1983), Topaz (1969) and Blood In, Blood Out (1993). He died on July 18, 2000 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

150 westerns, 56-82.

11 feature westerns.

Frank Ramay, A Matter of Life and Death (1959). 1959.

1928 - 2000, 71.

2. Suzanne Ridgway

Actress | From Hell It Came

Suzanne Ridgway was born on January 27, 1918 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Ione D. Ahrens. She was an actress, known for From Hell It Came (1957), Hold 'Em Navy (1937) and Suspicion (1957). She died on May 6, 1996 in Burbank, California.

26 westerns, 40-58.

California Passage (1950). 1950.

1918 - 1996, 78.

3. Rex Bell

Actor | Broadway to Cheyenne

Rex Bell was born on October 16, 1903 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as George Francis Beldam. He was an actor, known for Broadway to Cheyenne (1932), Stormy Trails (1936) and Crashin' Broadway (1932). He was married to Clara Bow. He died on July 4, 1962 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

29 westerns, 28-61.

Idaho Kid (1936). 1936.

1903 - 1962, 58.

4. Louise Stanley

Actress | Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin

Louise Stanley was born on January 28, 1915 in Springfield, Illinois, USA as Louise Keyes. She was an actress, known for Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin (1937), Thunder in the Desert (1938) and Sky Bandits (1940). She was married to Jack Randall, Dennis O'Keefe and Charles Munn. She died on December 28,...

15 westerns, 37-44.

Land of the Six Guns (1940). 1940.

1915 - 1982, 67.

5. Paul Sutton

Actor | In Old Mexico

Paul Sutton was born on May 14, 1910 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. He was an actor, known for In Old Mexico (1938), Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die (1942) and Riders of the Northland (1942). He died on January 31, 1970 in Ferndale, Michigan, USA.

21 westerns, 36-45.

In Old Mexico (1938). 1938. The Fox. Credited.

1910 - 1970, 59.

6. Whip Wilson

Actor | Cherokee Uprising

He was obviously handed one of those unique stage names, like Lash La Rue, in order for audiences (especially the kiddies) to immediately associate him with western heroics and the trademark he would be remembered for in films. Not one of the better remembered sagebrush heroes in today's world, ...

26 feature westerns, 46-55.

Silver Trails (1948), 1948. Esteban's Foreman. Credited.

1911-1964, 53.

7. Art Davis

Actor | Rolling Down the Great Divide

Art Davis was born on May 31, 1913 in Paradise, Texas, USA as Oather Davis. He was an actor, known for Rolling Down the Great Divide (1942), The Texas Marshal (1941) and Tumbleweed Trail (1942). He died on January 16, 1987 in Bloomburg, Texas.

26 westerns, 35-49.

Violin player, Guns and Guitars (1936). 1936. Credited.

1913 - 1987, 73.

8. Nina Varela

Actress | Tales of Tomorrow

Born near St. Louis in 1902, and trained in Europe in opera as a mezzo-soprano, square-faced, lantern-jawed, full-figured Nina Varela came to the United States in the late 1930s and ended up in Hollywood. During the 40s, 50's, and 60's, she worked frequently at the Shubert Theater, accompanying ...

1902 - 1982, 79.

Mayor Delilah Courtney, Woman They Almost Lynched (1953). 1953.

9 westerns, 53-60.

9. Jo Van Fleet

Actress | East of Eden

Jo Van Fleet was born on December 29, 1915 in Oakland, California. She established herself as a notable dramatic actress on Broadway over several years, winning a Tony Award in 1954 for her skill in a difficult role, playing an unsympathetic, even abusive character, in Horton Foote's "The Trip to ...

11 westerns, 56-71.

Legacy of Hate (1966). 1966.

1915-1996, 80.

10. Helen Ainsworth

Producer | 5 Against the House

Formerly a stage actress in San Francisco and on Broadway, Ainsworth went to Hollywood in the 1920s as an agent. She helped many actors attain stardom: Guy Madison, Marilyn Monroe, Rhonda Fleming, Carol Channing and Howard Keel, among others. She also put together a deal for Guy Madison to star in ...

1901 - 1961, 59.

11. Edward Howard

Actor | Code of the Lawless

Edward Mills Howard was born Friday, September 2, 1910 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, the eighth of ten children born to James Robert Howard (1853-1937) and Lula Monica Mills (1871-1952). Edward's father began as a farmer, moved into being a carpentry foreman for the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, and ...

17 westerns, 44-46.

Three in the Saddle (1945). 1945. Credited.

1910-1946, 36.

12. Richard Bailey

Actor | Manhunt of Mystery Island

Richard Bailey was born on September 26, 1919 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He was an actor, known for Manhunt of Mystery Island (1945), The Train (1964) and King of the Range (1947). He died on February 6, 2000 in Mission Viejo, California.

11 westerns, 43-57.

6 feature westerns.

Galloping Thunder (1946). 1946.

1919-2000, 80.

13. Bob J. Human

Sound_department | Police Woman

Bob J. Human was born on November 30, 1917 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as Bob Glenn Human. He is known for his work on Police Woman (1974), A Fire in the Sky (1978) and White Line Fever (1975). He died on May 5, 1979 in Huntington Beach, California, USA.

20 westerns, 55-78.

Hide Jumpers (1958). 1958.

1917-1979, 61.

14. Ellen Hall

Actress | Range Law

Ellen Hall was born on April 18, 1923 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Ellen J. Johnson. She was an actress, known for Range Law (1944), Brand of the Devil (1944) and Lawless Code (1949). She died on March 24, 1999 in Bellevue, Nebraska, USA.

12 westerns, 1943-1951.

Outlaws of Stampede Pass (1943). 1943.

1923-2000, 75.

15. Kay Morley

Actress | Six-Gun Serenade

Kay Morley is an actress, known for Six-Gun Serenade (1947), Trails End (1949) and Campus Honeymoon (1948).

9 westerns, 47-57.

Trails End (1949), 1949.

16. Eleanor Hansen

Actress | Flaming Frontiers

Eleanor Hansen was born on September 13, 1917 in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA. She is an actress, known for Flaming Frontiers (1938), The Mad Miss Manton (1938) and The Crime of Doctor Hallet (1938).

17. Patricia Walthall

Actress | Empty Holsters

Patricia Walthall was born on March 16, 1918 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Mary Patricia Wallace Walthall. She is an actress, known for Empty Holsters (1937).

Empty Holsters (1937). 1937.

1918, --

18. Norma Brooks

Actress | Blazing the Overland Trail

Norma Brooks is an actress, known for Blazing the Overland Trail (1956), Sea Hunt (1958) and Over-Exposed (1956).

3 westerns.

credits, 1955-1959.

Four Ladies from Laredo (1956). 1956,

19. Helen Gilbert

Actress | The Falcon Takes Over

Helen Amelia Gilbert was one of those finds for whom everyone had high hopes, and who quickly made a splash in Hollywood, though not due to her acting, which was average at best. She appeared more in gossip columns than on the silver screen, and as her acting career waned, her notoriety grew ...

6 westerns, 46-56.

God's Country (1946). 1946.

1915 - 1995, 80.

20. Pauline Moore

Actress | The Three Musketeers

Pauline began as a model, appearing on the covers of magazines such as Cosmopolitan, McCall's and Ladies Home Journal. She was married to Jefferson Machamer, a cartoonist, from 1934 until his death in 1960. In 1962, she married minister Dodd Watkins, who died in 1972. She has three children: Wendy,...

13 westerns, 34-57.

The Trail Blazers. 1940.

King of the Texas Rangers (1941), 1941.

1914 - 2001, 87.

21. Woody Strode

Actor | Spartacus

An athlete turned actor, Strode was a top-notch decathlete and a football star at UCLA. He became part of Hollywood lore after meeting director John Ford and becoming a part of the Ford "family," appearing in four Ford motion pictures. Strode also played the powerful gladiator who does battle with ...

33 westerns, 39-95.

Incident of the Buffalo Soldier (1961). 1961. Credited.

1914 - 1994, 80.

22. Penny Edwards

Actress | Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Vivacious blue-eyed blonde Penny Edwards was born in New York City in 1928 and displayed signs of musical talent as a youth. She began studying dance by age six and, as a teen, appeared on Broadway in "The Ziegfeld Follies of 1943". After a couple of other musicals and a stint with the St. Louis ...

42 westerns, 48-61.

Utah Wagon Train (1951), 1951, Credited.

1928 - 1998, 70.

23. Katy Jurado

Actress | High Noon

Katy Jurado was born María Cristina Estela Jurado García into a wealthy family on January 16, 1924. Her early years were spent amid luxury until her family's lands were confiscated by the federal government for redistribution to the landless peasantry. Despite the loss of property, the matriarch of...

23 westerns, 52-98.

The Badlanders (1958), 1958.

1924 - 2002, 78

24. Joan Taylor

Actress | Earth vs. the Flying Saucers

Joan Taylor's mother, Amelia Berky, was a vaudeville singing-dancing star in the 1920s. Her father was a prop man in Hollywood during that same period, but, after Joan's birth, the family moved to Lake Forest, Illinois, where her father managed a movie theater. She developed a love of movies from ...

49 westerns, 49-62.

The Long Goodbye (1961). 1961.

1929 - 2012, 82.

25. Smith Ballew

Actor | Hawaiian Buckaroo

Began in show business as a radio singer. In the early 1930s he became one of the first singing screen cowboys. He starred in a series of musical westerns for Paramount, and another series for 20th Century Fox. In later years he was featured in supporting roles well into the 1950s.

11 westerns, 37-50.

#1, Panamint's Bad Man (1938) 1938.

1902-1984, 82.

26. Richard Martin

Actor | The Arizona Ranger

Richard Martin began working in films as a receptionist at MGM in the late 1930s. He began appearing in films while under contract to RKO in the early 1940s. Martin created the character of "Chito Jose Gonzalez Bustamonte Rafferty", the Irish-Mexican comic sidekick of cowboy star Tim Holt, in the ...

37 westerns, 42-60.

Nevada (1944). 1944.

1917 - 1994, 76

27. John James

Actor | Thundering Trails

John James was born on January 15, 1910 in the USA. He was an actor, known for Thundering Trails (1943), Saddle Serenade (1945) and The Cyclone Kid (1942). He was married to Jacqueline James. He died on May 20, 1960 in New York City, New York, USA.

37 westerns, 41-58.

34 feature westerns.

Song of the Wasteland (1947). 1947. #3. Credit.

1910-1960, 50.

28. Ralph Meeker

Actor | Kiss Me Deadly

Burly American character actor Ralph Meeker first acted on stage at his Alma mater, Northwestern University, alongside other budding performers Charlton Heston and Patricia Neal. He graduated as a music major because his dean had discouraged him from pursuing a theatrical career. Ignoring that ...

25 westerns, 53-75.

2 feature westerns.

The Naked Spur (1953). 1953. Credited.

1920-1988, 67.

29. Alfonso Bedoya

Actor | The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Mexican character actor who achieved his greatest success in U.S. films. He was born in Mexico city, living in numerous places throughout the country. He received a private education in Houston, Texas as a teenager, but dropped out and roamed about doing an assortment of jobs. His family, however, ...

17 westerns, 1937-1953.

1904 - 1957, 53.

30. Johnny Ginger

Actor | The Outlaws Is Coming

Johnny Ginger was born on June 16, 1934 in Toledo, Ohio, USA as Galen Grindle. He is an actor and writer, known for The Outlaws Is Coming (1965), Alleged (2010) and The Johnny Ginger Show (1960).

31. Will Geer

Actor | The Waltons

Will Geer was born William Aughe Ghere in Frankfort, Indiana, to Katherine (Aughe), a teacher, and Roy Aaron Ghere, a postal worker. Will admired his grandfather, a man who said hello to trees by their Latin names and who had used what he brought back to Indiana from the California gold rush to ...

25 westerns, 39-74.

8 feature westerns.

Smiler with a Gun (1971). 1971.

1902 - 1978, 76.

32. Rafael Campos

Actor | Agent for H.A.R.M.

Rafael Campos was born on May 13, 1936 in Santiago, Dominican Republic as Rafael Leonidas Campos Navarro Diaz. He was an actor, known for Agent for H.A.R.M. (1966), Centennial (1978) and Shirley Temple's Storybook (1958). He was married to Sally Boyd and Dinah Washington. He died on July 9, 1985 in...

48 westerns, 58-86.

Tonka (1958). 1958.

1936 - 1985, 49. Dominican Republic. USA.

33. O.Z. Whitehead

Actor | The Grapes of Wrath

American character actor of rather bizarre range, a member of the so-called "John Ford Stock Company." Originally a New York stage actor of some repute, Whitehead entered films in the 1930s. He played a wide variety of character parts, often quite different from his own actual age and type. He is ...

14 westerns, 47-62.

6 feature westerns.

Diamond Cut Diamond (1960). 1960.

1911-1998, 87.

34. William Bishop

Actor | Black Eagle

William attended grammar and high schools in New York and New Jersey. Upon graduation, he enrolled at West Virginia University where he planned to study law and played football and tennis. One summer, his uncle got him a job at the Suffern County (in New York) Theatre. He worked with actors ...

23 westerns, 47-59.

Gun Belt (1953). 1953.

1918 - 1959, 41.

35. Tex Ritter

Soundtrack | High Noon

Tex Ritter was born on January 12, 1905 in Murvaul, Texas, USA as Woodward Maurice Ritter. He was married to Dorothy Fay. He died on January 2, 1974 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

74 westerns.

1905 - 1974, 68.

36. Buster Slaven

Actor | Song of the Sierras

Buster Slaven was born on October 30, 1922 in Seattle, Washington, USA as Matthew Bradley Slaven. He was an actor, known for Song of the Sierras (1946), Ridin' Down the Trail (1947) and Tornado Range (1948). He was married to Betty (Conklin) Jackson. He died on June 27, 2009 in Walnut Creek, ...

20 westerns, 29-50.

18 feature westerns.

Return of the Lash (1947). 1947.

1922 - 2009, 86.

37. Russell Hopton

Actor | Once in a Lifetime

Russell Hopton was born on February 18, 1900 in New York City, New York, USA. He was an actor and director, known for Once in a Lifetime (1932), The Little Giant (1933) and Black Gold (1936). He died on April 7, 1945 in North Hollywood, California, USA.

14 westerns, 31-45.

Law and Order (1932). 1932.

1900 - 1945, 45.

38. Eddie Dew

Actor | Trail to Gunsight

Eddie Dew was born on January 29, 1909 in Sumner, Washington, USA as Edward M. Dew. He was an actor and director, known for Trail to Gunsight (1944), The Old Texas Trail (1944) and Six Gun Gospel (1943). He was married to Mary Dew. He died on April 6, 1972 in Burbank, California, USA.

78 westerns

1909-1972, 63.

39. Monte Hale

Actor | Giant

American B-Western star and singing cowboy Monte Hale was born Samuel Buren Ely in 1919 in Ada, Oklahoma, to Herod and Helen Ely. He learned to sing and play guitar at an early age. In Houston and later Galveston, Texas, he played for vaudeville shows and local rodeos. During World War II a job as ...

40 westerns, 44-68.

31 feature westerns.

Blue Horse (1959). 1959.

1919 - 2009, 89.

40. Monte Rawlins

Actor | The Adventures of the Masked Phantom

Monte Rawlins was born Dean Spencer in Yakima, Washington. His job as an aerial "barnstormer" in the 1930s landed him some aerial stuntwork in a few films. His big break came when he got the starring role in The Adventures of the Masked Phantom (1939), but the film, an independent effort, didn't ...

4 westerns, 35-39.

Hop-a-Long Cassidy (1935). 1935.

1907 - 1988, 81.

41. Frank McGlynn Jr.

Actor | Bar 20 Rides Again

Frank McGlynn Jr. was born on July 9, 1904 in Marin County, California, USA. He was an actor, known for Bar 20 Rides Again (1935), Hop-a-Long Cassidy (1935) and Westward Ho (1935). He died on March 29, 1939 in Los Angeles, California.

15 westerns

1904-1939, 34.

42. Steve Rowland

Actor | Crime in the Streets

Steve Rowland was born on September 3, 1932 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Stephen Jacob Rowland. He is an actor, known for Crime in the Streets (1956), Battle of the Bulge (1965) and The Student Prince (1954).

34 westerns, 52-64.

Lawless Legacy (1952). 1952. Credited.

1932 -

43. Eddie Dean

Actor | Wild West

Eddie Dean made his name as a country-western singer on radio in the '30s. He journeyed to Hollywood to make it in western movies, debuting in Manhattan Love Song (1934), but he could only land bit parts in features and musical shorts. His career started to take off in the early 1940s, though, and ...

56 westerns, 38-62.

51 feature westerns.

28 soundtrack credits.

Hidden Gold (1940). 1940.

1907 - 1999, 91.

44. Lloyd Perryman

Actor | Sons of the Pioneers

Lloyd Perryman was born on January 29, 1917 in Ruth, Arkansas, USA as Lloyd Wilson Perryman. He was an actor, known for Sons of the Pioneers (1942), Heldorado (1946) and West of Cheyenne (1938). He was married to Violet "Buddie" Thatcher. He died on May 31, 1977 in Burbank, California, USA.

66 westerns, 37-74.

Heldorado (1946). 1946. Credited.

1917 - 1977, 60.

45. John Goddard

Actor | The Rifleman

John Goddard is an actor, known for The Rifleman (1958), Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964) and The Storm Rider (1957). He has been married to Virginia Goddard since October 25, 1952. They have three children.

31 feature westerns, 54-68. 3 feature westerns.

Ride Clear of Diablo (1954). 1954.

46. Stewart East

Actor | Have Gun - Will Travel

Stewart East was born on November 19, 1913 in the USA. He is known for his work on Have Gun - Will Travel (1957), The Buccaneer (1958) and The Richard Boone Show (1963). He died on February 18, 2007 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.

32 westerns, 59-80.

2 feature westerns.

The Calf (1960). 1960.

1913 - 2007, 93.

47. Eddie Acuff

Actor | The Case of the Velvet Claws

Eddie Acuff is one of those wonderful supporting actors who peopled the fascinating world of Hollywood's A, B or Z movies. In a career spanning eighteen years he appeared in an amazing almost 300 movies and one TV episode! His appearances could be invisible (when deleted), hardly visible (he ...

37 westerns, 37-50.

Bad Bascomb (1946), 1946.

1903-1956, 53.

48. Russell Arms

Actor | The Man Who Came to Dinner

Russell Arms was born on February 3, 1920 in Berkeley, California, USA as Russell L. Arms. He was an actor, known for The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942), Your Hit Parade (1950) and Daredevils of the Clouds (1948). He was married to Mary Lynne, Barbara .J. McGinnis and Liza Palmer. He died on ...

19 westerns, 47-62.

1920 - 2012, 92.

49. Bill Elliott

Actor | Old Los Angeles

Born Gordon Nance in 1904 on a farm in Pattonsburg, Missouri -- a small town about 60 miles northeast of Kansas City -- the future "Wild Bill Elliott" grew up around horses. His father was a commissioner at the Kansas City Stockyards. and at age 16 Elliott won a first-place ribbon in that city's ...

83 westerns

1904-1965, 61.

50. William Wilkerson

Actor | Riding West

William Wilkerson was born on September 18, 1902 in Cobb, Oklahoma, USA as William Penn Wilkerson. He is known for his work on Riding West (1944), Rock Island Trail (1950) and Apache Chief (1949). He died on March 3, 1966 in Hollywood, California, USA.

57 westerns, 35-54.

1902 - 1966, 63.

51. Archie Twitchell

Actor | Mickey the Kid

Archie Twitchell was born on November 28, 1906 in Pendleton, Oregon, USA as Archie Raymond Twitchell. He was an actor, known for Mickey the Kid (1939), Mysterious Doctor Satan (1940) and Television Spy (1939). He was married to Sherma and Lillian Vaughan. He died on January 31, 1957 in Pacoima, ...

30 westerns, 37-54.

24 feature westerns.

Prairie Stranger (1941). 1941.

1906 - 1957, 50.

52. Frank Matts

Actor | The Capture

Frank Matts was born on April 7, 1920 in San Luis Obispo, California, USA. He is known for his work on The Capture (1950), The Cisco Kid (1950) and The Range Rider (1951). He died on November 13, 1990 in Van Nuys, California.

62 westerns, 47-59.

31 feature westerns.

5 stunts, 50-53.

Gold Dust Charlie (1950). 1950. Stunts, actor.

The Secret Lode (1951). 1951. Credited.

1920 - 1990, 70.

53. Matt Willis

Actor | The Return of the Vampire

After a long film career, he lived a quiet, sober life, returning to his boyhood home area. In 1965 he was employed as an advertising salesman for WQVA, a radio station in Quantico Va. under the supervision of Rick Miller, Sales Manager/Sports Director. He lived with his wife and son Hunter in a ...

7 westerns, 42-49.

Singing on the Trail (1946), 1946.

1913-1989, 75.

54. Hank Robinson

Actor | Brewster's Millions

Tall (6'1"), tough, and burly actor, extra, and baseball player Hank Robinson was born Henry Ford Robinson on March 27, 1923 in Covington, Tennessee. Robinson grew up on a sharecropper farm in rural Tennessee and served in the U.S. Army during World War II. Hank spent thirteen seasons playing in ...

57 westerns

1923-2012, 89.

55. Brad Dexter

Actor | The Magnificent Seven

American supporting player specializing in tough guys. Of Serbian extraction, he was born in Nevada in 1917. As a young man, he boxed in amateur bouts and had early training in theatre at the Pasadena Playhouse. He joined the Air Corps during World War II and was assigned to the troupe performing ...

33 westerns

1917-2002, 85.

56. Chubby Johnson

Actor | Bend of the River

Chubby Johnson was born Charles Rutledge Johnson on August 13, 1903, in Terre Haute, Indiana. He made a living as a journalist and did not become a movie actor until he was in his 40s, making his debut in the Randolph Scott oater Abilene Town (1946) in support of Scott, Ann Dvorak and Edgar Buchanan...

133 westerns, 46-72.

Night Riders of Montana (1951). 1951.

1903 - 1974, 71.

57. George Huggins

The Adventures of Robin Hood

George Huggins was born on November 8, 1901 in Canada. He is known for his work on The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), The Big Country (1958) and Calamity Jane (1953). He died on April 5, 1959 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

55 westerns, 39-58.

38 feature westerns.

Prospector, King of the Bullwhip (1950). 1950.

1901 - 1959, 57. Canada. USA.

58. Karl Swenson

Actor | The Sword in the Stone

Of Swedish descent, burly, light-haired character actor Karl Swenson was born in Brooklyn and started his four-decade career on radio. Throughout the late 30s and 40s, his voice could be heard all over the airwaves, appearing in scores of daytime serials ("Lorenzo Jones") and mystery dramas ("Inner...

189 westerns.

1908 - 1978, 70.

59. Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez

Actor | Rio Bravo

First came to notice as a contestant on Groucho Marx's quiz show, You Bet Your Life (1950). His highly amusing personality won him bit parts in films, and he continued to work as a minor supporting player for years. He is the brother of Jose Gonzales-Gonzales. His most famous role was on John Wayne...

48 westerns.

#3 credit: Ricochet Romance (1954). 1954.

1925 - 2006, 80.

60. Anthony Zerbe

Actor | The Omega Man

Hailing from Long Beach, California, talented character actor Anthony Zerbe has kept busy in Hollywood and on stage since the late 1960s, often playing villainous or untrustworthy characters, with his narrow gaze and unsettling smirk. Zerbe was born May 20, 1936 in Long Beach, and served a stint in...

119 westerns, 65-96.

1936, --

61. Joe McGuinn

Actor | Billy the Kid Outlawed

Joe McGuinn was born on January 21, 1904 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Joseph Ford McGuinn. He is known for his work on Billy the Kid Outlawed (1940), Mysterious Doctor Satan (1940) and The Officer and the Lady (1941). He died on September 22, 1971 in Hollywood, California, USA.

83 westerns, 51-65.

1904-1971, 67.

62. David Brian

Actor | Intruder in the Dust

David Brian was born Brian James David on August 5, 1914, in New York City. After graduating from City College, he found work as a doorman before entering show business with a song-and-dance routine in vaudeville and nightclubs. He did a wartime stint with the United States Coast Guard and returned...

41 westerns, 1951-1974.

Fury at Gunsight Pass (1956). 1956.

1914 - 1993, 78.

63. Wag Blesing

Actor | The Rounders

Wag Blesing was born on December 26, 1921 in Texas, USA as William Blesing. He was an actor, known for The Rounders (1966). He died on October 14, 1981 in Ramona, California, USA.

21 westerns, 53-71.

Kill the Editor (1958). 1958.

1921 - 1981, 59.

64. Betsy King Ross

Actress | The Phantom Empire

Her father, J. King Ross was a superb horse trainer, a dapper gentleman who was with numerous traveling circuses and shows. Betsy was born on 14 March 1921 (not 1922 which is the date most often given for her birth). She appeared in a few motion pictures but when she was about 13 she decided she ...

Smoke Lightning (1933). 1933.

1922 - 1989, 67.

65. Frank Marlowe

Actor | Badman's Gold

Frank Marlowe was born on December 24, 1906 in Taunton, Massachusetts, USA as Frank Marlowe Riggi. He was an actor, known for Badman's Gold (1951), Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1947) and The Lone Ranger (1949). He died on March 30, 1964 in Hollywood, California, USA.

37 westerns, 1931-1958.

1904 - 1964, 60.

66. Jennifer Holt

Actress | The Fighting Vigilantes

Jennifer, born Elizabeth Marshall, was the daughter of film star Jack Holt and Margaret Wood Holt; she had an older half-sister from her mothers' previous marriage, named Imogene and a brother, Charles John Holt III, nicknamed Tim Holt. She would later change her name to Jennifer for professional ...

39 westerns.

1920 - 1997, 76.

67. Doye O'Dell

Actor | Heldorado

Doye O'Dell was born on November 22, 1912 in Gustine, Texas, USA as Allen Doye O'Dell. He was an actor, known for Heldorado (1946), Hit Parade of 1947 (1947) and Home in San Antone (1949). He died on January 3, 2001 in Northridge, California, USA.

30 westerns, 40-63.

15 feature westerns.

Island in the Swamp (1958). 1958.

1912 - 2001, 88.

68. Lash La Rue

Actor | The Dark Power

He looked so much like superstar Humphrey Bogart that character actress Sarah Padden asked if the two were related. LaRue said he didn't think so. After a long pause studying the young actor's face, she asked, "Did your mother ever meet Humphrey Bogart?"

Alfred "Lash" LaRue was born in Louisiana (...

47 westerns, 45-86.

25 feature westerns.

Dead Man's Gold (1948). 1948.

1917-1996, 78.

69. Henry Jones

Actor | Vertigo

Henry Burk Jones was born in New Jersey and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Helen (Burk) and John Francis Xavier Jones, and the grandson of Pennsylvania Representative Henry Burk, a Prussian immigrant. He graduated from St. Joseph's College. His Broadway debut was in 1938 in ...

46 westerns, 46 westerns, 57-82.

8 feature westerns.

Town on Fire (1965). 1965.

1912-1999, 86.

70. Herb Jeffries

Actor | The Bronze Buckaroo

This velvet-toned jazz baritone and sometime actor was (and perhaps still is) virtually unknown to white audiences. Yet, back in the late 1930s and early 1940s, Herb Jeffries was very big...in black-cast films. Today he is respected and remembered as a pioneer who broke down rusted-shut racial ...

8 westerns.

#1 credit : Harlem on the Prairie (1937). 1937.

1913 - 2014, 100.

71. Linda Cristal

Actress | The High Chaparral

Linda Cristal will always be remembered for her great performance in The High Chaparral (1967) TV series. She was a movie star in Mexico and Italy. In the United States, she worked in productions such as The Alamo (1960) and Mr. Majestyk (1974), among others. In 1985 she returned to her home ...

113 westerns +.

1934, -- Argentina.

72. Brock Peters

Actor | Soylent Green

Born of African and West Indian ancestry on July 2, 1927 in New York City, Brock Peters set his sights on a show business career early on, at age ten. A product of NYC's famed Music and Arts High School, Peters initially fielded more odd jobs than acting jobs as he worked his way up from Harlem ...

19 westerns

1927-2005, 78.

73. George Mathews

Actor | Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

Burly, craggy-faced tough guy actor George Mathews was brought up in Manhattan and educated in Brooklyn. He had an extensive career on stage, which began in the early 1930s, after he failed to get a job with the US Post Office. Instead, he joined the WPA (Works Progress Administration) Theatre ...

14 westerns, 53-62.

Sheriff Bull Harper, The Last Wagon (1956). 1956.

1911 - 1984, 73.

74. Alan Wells

Actor | Richard Diamond, Private Detective

Alan Wells was born on March 23, 1926 in Benzonia, Michigan, USA as George Alan Wells. He was an actor, known for Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1957), The Great Missouri Raid (1951) and The Cosmic Man (1959). He was married to Barbara Lang and Claudia Barrett. He died on June 14, 2008 in Reno...

87 westerns

1926-2008, 82.

75. Norman Willis

Actor | Secret Valley

Norman Willis was born on May 27, 1903 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Willis Norman. He was an actor, known for Secret Valley (1937), The Living Ghost (1942) and Here Comes Carter (1936). He died on January 27, 1988 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

52 westerns, 37-65.

31 feature westerns.

Outlaws of the Prairie (1937). 1937.

1903 - 1988, 84.

76. Ron Hagerthy

Actor | The Lineup

Ron Hagerthy was born on March 9, 1932 in Andover, South Dakota, USA as Ronald Hagerthy. He is an actor, known for The Lineup (1954), Tombstone Territory (1957) and The Twilight Zone (1959).

71 westerns.

1932, --

77. Mark Stevens

Actor | The Dark Corner

Mark Stevens, a second-tier star during the 1940s and 1950s, was born Richard William Stevens in Cleveland, OH, in 1916 (the dates in reference books vary between 1915-20). Of Scottish and English heritage, the freckle-faced boy with the reddish hair had a father who was an American flyer. His ...

27 westerns, 44-66.

7 feature westerns.

The Monty Britton Story (1958). 1958. Director.

1916 - 1994, 77.

78. Larry Finley

Actor | The Cowboys

Larry Finley was born on July 5, 1921 in Arizona, USA. He was an actor, known for The Cowboys (1972), The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing (1973) and Macho Callahan (1970). He died on April 14, 1977.

28 westerns, 58-75.

6 feature westerns.

The Gunman (1959). 1959.

1921 - 1977.

79. Jimmie Horan

Actor | F Troop

Jimmie Horan was born on October 23, 1907 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA as James Henry Horan. He was an actor, known for F Troop (1965), Shirley Temple's Storybook (1958) and Cavalcade of America (1952). He died on May 4, 1967 in Hollywood, California, USA.

99 westerns, 47-67.

26 feature westerns.

The Far Country (1954). 1954.

1907 - 1967, 59.

80. Mitchell Rhein

Writer | Howdy Mate

Mitchell Rhein was born on June 16, 1900 in New York, New York, USA. He was an actor and writer, known for Howdy Mate (1931), The Cat's Paw (1931) and The DuPont Show with June Allyson (1959). He died on September 23, 1977 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.

5 westerns.

1900-1977, 77.

81. Kirby Grant

Actor | Gunman's Code

As a child, Kirby received a scholarship to the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. Kirby won the scholarship as a violinist and singer, but he also dabbled as a sculptor. He would play a violinist in the film, I Dream Too Much (1935), which starred Henry Fonda. While his movie career was ...

26 westerns, 38-54.

Lawless Valley (1938). 1938.

1911 - 1985, 73.

82. Robert Kellard

Actor | King of the Royal Mounted

Tall, dark and very handsome-looking Robert Kellard remains a little known lead and support player of late 30s and 40s "B" action and multi-chapter cliffhangers. Born the younger of two boys in Los Angeles on April 23, 1915, initial interest was triggered by his actor father, Ralph Kellard. An aunt...

20 westerens, 41-51.

1915-1981, 65.

83. Bill Cody Jr.

Actor | Frontier Days

Bill Cody Jr. was born on April 18, 1925 in Los Angeles, California, USA as William Joseph Cody Jr. He was an actor, known for Frontier Days (1934), Scouts to the Rescue (1939) and Romance of the Rockies (1937). He was married to Elizabeth Sidford MacGregor. He died on August 11, 1989 in Studio ...

13 westerns, 34-42.

1925 - 1989, 64.

84. Robert Winkler

Actor | Sullivan's Travels

Born in Chicago on February 12, 1927, Robert "Bobby" Winckler (often credited as "Winkler"), was one of the most prolific child actors of the 1930s and 1940s. Charles Chaplin's wife, Mildred Harris, got Robert into show business with a letter of introduction to producer Hal Roach. Between the ages ...

15 westerns, 38-47.

Pals of the Pecos (1941). 1941.

1927 - 1989, 62.

85. Jo Morrow

Actress | 13 Ghosts

Born in Cuero, Texas, Jo Morrow was still a baby when her parents took her to San Diego, where her father worked in aircraft manufacture and her mother encouraged Jo's acting aspirations. Entering a "Be A Star" contest which Morrow feels started out as a sham, she actually won a 20th Century-Fox ...

8 westerns, 59-64.

He Rides Tall (1964). 1964

1939, --

86. Jimmy Wakely

Soundtrack | Song of the Range

He was one of filmdom's last dying breed of crooning cowpokes following WWII. Jimmy Wakely had many talents (singing, songwriting, guitar-playing) and performed in many venues (radio, film, TV, rodeos, clubs) over his career. He began life in Mineola, Arkansas in 1914, but was raised in ...

58 westerns

1914-1982, 68.

87. Joel McCrea

Actor | Sullivan's Travels

One of the great stars of American Westerns, and a very popular leading man in non-Westerns as well. He was born and raised in the surroundings of Hollywood and as a boy became interested in the movies that were being made all around. He studied acting at Pomona College and got some stage ...

61 westerns

1905-1990, 84.

88. Chad Trower

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Chad Trower was born on February 22, 1900 in Missouri, USA. He is known for his work on The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), Virginia City (1940) and Sergeant Murphy (1938). He died on January 14, 1971 in Riverside County, California, USA.

3 westerns, 2 stunts.

1900-1971, 70.

89. Rufe Davis

Actor | Saddlemates

Rufe Davis was born on December 2, 1908 in Vinson, Oklahoma, USA as Rufus Davidson. He was an actor, known for Saddlemates (1941), Raiders of the Range (1942) and Outlaws of Cherokee Trail (1941). He was married to Hermione Davidson. He died on December 13, 1974 in Torrance, California, USA.

18 westerns

1908-1974, 66.

90. Joe Brooks

Actor | Gremlins

Born in Los Angeles, Joe Brooks became an actor after graduating high school. He did some work as an extra, and his first speaking part was in the John Wayne WW II actioner The Fighting Seabees (1944). His acting career was interrupted by wartime service in the South Pacific. Returning to ...

66 westerns, 63-75.

1923-2007, 83.

91. Clancy Cooper

Actor | Street of Chance

Clancy Cooper was born on July 23, 1906 in Boise, Idaho, USA as Stanton Brannin Clancy Cooper. He was an actor, known for Street of Chance (1942), A Man's World (1942) and Life of St. Paul Series (1949). He was married to Elizabeth Murray Keyser. He died on June 14, 1975 in Hollywood, California, ...

82 westerns

1906-1975, 68.

92. Arthur Franz

Actor | Monster on the Campus

Arthur Sofield Franz was born in Perth Amboy, NJ, to Dorothy and Gustave Franz, German immigrants. He was a reliable character actor in many '40s and '50s "B" pictures, often cast as a friendly small-town businessman or professional (as in The Doctor and the Girl (1949)) or the lead's sympathetic ...

40 westerns.

#2 credit: Most Beautiful Woman (1960). 1960.

1920 - 2006, 86.

93. Rex Allen

Actor | The Arizona Cowboy

Rex Allen started out as a singer in vaudeville, and sang on numerous radio shows before hooking up with a traveling rodeo show. He signed with Republic Pictures and became a popular singing cowboy, and was often paired with sidekick Slim Pickens. He starred in his own western TV series, Frontier ...

82 westerns

1920-1999, 78.

94. Gilbert Roland

Actor | The Bad and the Beautiful

Luis Antonio Damaso de Alonso, later known as Gilbert Roland, was born in 1905 in Mexico. Following his parents to the USA, he did not become the bullfighter he had dreamed of being but became an actor instead. His Mexican roots, his half macho half romantic ways, his handsome virile figure helped ...

54 westerns

1905-1994, 88.

Mexico. USA.

95. Jack Luden

Actor | Partners in Crime

Jack Luden's story is one of the saddest in Hollywood. He was born as Jacob Benson Luden in Reading, Pennsylvania, with a silver spoon in his mouth; his uncle was the millionaire founder of Luden's Cough Drops and he attended the finest schools on the east coast. But he was restless, possessing an ...

13 westerns, 27-45.

Sundown Rider (1932).

1902 - 1951, 49.

96. Buck Morgan

Actor | The Texas Rambler

Buck Morgan was born on June 20, 1907 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA as Louis B. Chico. He is known for his work on The Texas Rambler (1935) and Six Gun Justice (1935). He was married to Agnes. He died on August 27, 1981 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

72 westerns, 28-48.

Trailing Trouble (1937), 1937. Rancher. Uncredited.

1907-1981, 74.

97. Julie Carter

Actress | The Boys from Syracuse

Julie Carter was born on February 28, 1913 in Pueblo, Colorado, USA as Gladys Freeman. She was an actress, known for The Boys from Syracuse (1940), Redskin (1929) and Stagecoach War (1940). She was married to Jimmy Starr, Leslie Fenton and Robert Livingston. She died on March 12, 1991 in Los ...

4 westerns, 29-41.

Corn Blossom, Redskin (1929). 1929.

1913 - 1991, 78.

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