Incomplete or Partially Lost Films

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Films not on IMDb: Daniel (1921) Walking Down Broadway (1932) Berdjoang (1942)

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1. Kit Carson (1903)

21 min | Short, Western

Kit Carson is captured by Indians and tied to a tree in the Indian village. An Indian maiden helps him make his escape.

Director: Wallace McCutcheon

Votes: 7

One of the earliest Westerns and an attempt to tell a story in multiple scenes made slightly prior to The Great Train Robbery. Released both as a coherent 21-minute film and in the form of single scenes designed for use in Mutoscopes. Some of the Mutoscope subjects have survived, but the full film has never been found.

2. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1905)

Short, Crime, Drama

The millionaire's child is kidnapped. Sherlock Holmes after many thrilling adventures and narrow escapes rescues the child.

Director: J. Stuart Blackton | Stars: Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson, H. Kyrle Bellew, J. Barney Sherry

Votes: 24

First dramatic Sherlock Holmes adaptation on film and the screen debut of actor Maurice Costello. All that exists are short strips of scenes deposited for copyright purposes in the Library of Congress.

3. The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906)

Not Rated | 70 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

True story of notorious Australian outlaw Ned Kelly (1855-80).

Director: Charles Tait | Stars: Elizabeth Tait, John Tait, Norman Campbell, Bella Cola

Votes: 558

Only 17 minutes of this 70-minute feature survive; it is often considered to be the world’s first feature-length motion picture.

4. At a Quarter of Two (1911)

Short, Drama

Dan Nolan is seated in his humble home, hungry and in the depths of despair. A mechanic, he has been without work for weeks on account of a strike. A fellow workman enters and tells him ... See full summary »

Director: Thomas H. Ince | Stars: Mary Pickford, King Baggot

Fragments in the Library of Congress have been identified as being from this film.

5. Their First Misunderstanding (1911)

10 min | Short, Drama

Tom Owen and Mae Darcy have a very quiet wedding, wishing to avoid all notoriety for the present and intending to surprise their friends by the announcement later on. But their friends "got... See full summary »

Directors: Thomas H. Ince, George Loane Tucker | Stars: Mary Pickford, Owen Moore, Thomas H. Ince, J. Farrell MacDonald

Votes: 15

A one-reel short. The majority of the film was recovered in 2006, but the first minute or so remains missing.

6. A Victim of the Mormons (1911)

51 min | Drama

A Mormon missionary seduces and kidnaps an attractive young woman, forcing her to accompany him to Utah to become one of his wives.

Director: August Blom | Stars: Valdemar Psilander, Clara Pontoppidan, Henry Seemann, Carlo Wieth

Votes: 23

Danish film that initiated a decade of anti-Mormon propaganda films in America. Only about half of the 60-minute feature has been found, a copy of which is preserved at the LDS archive in Salt Lake City.

7. With Our King and Queen Through India (1912)

126 min | Documentary

This early color film records the Indian celebrations relating to the coronation of King George V.

Stars: King George V, Queen Mary

Votes: 15

British documentary depicting celebrations in India for the coronation of George V. Originally released in color, but now only available in black & white; surviving print is about two hours, but the original cut may have been as long as six hours

8. The Adventures of Kathlyn (1913)


The daughter of an adventurer in India is kidnapped by a native king, whom she is forced to marry. She has several adventures battling natives and wild animals.

Director: Francis J. Grandon | Stars: Kathlyn Williams, Charles Clary, Horace B. Carpenter, Lafe McKee

Votes: 23

La Cineteca del Friuli film archive has the first of 13 episodes of the second American serial ever made. The EYE Film Institute Netherlands also has print fragments.

9. The Battle of the Sexes (1914)

50 min | Drama

Frank Andrews is a successful businessman. He has always found pride and joy in the company of his wife, son and daughter. He suddenly finds himself enthralled by the advances of a gay ... See full summary »

Director: D.W. Griffith | Stars: Donald Crisp, Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, Mary Alden

Votes: 49

Griffith's second feature, and his first released for Reliance-Majestic. Only a two-minute fragment survives.

10. The Inside of the White Slave Traffic (1913)

28 min | Short, Drama

A dramatization of the methods in which young women are abducted or otherwise procured for prostitution.

Director: Frank Beal | Stars: Edwin Carewe, Jean Thomas, Virginia Mann, Ninita Bristow

Votes: 69

Two reels of this four reel drama have survived.

11. Raja Harishchandra (1913)

40 min | Short

The film opens with a Ravi Varma like tableau showing King Harishchandra, his wife Taramati and his young son. The king is teaching his son archery. They go on a hunt. The king enters an ... See full summary »

Director: Dhundiraj Govind Phalke | Stars: D.D. Dabke, P.G. Sane, Bhalachandra D. Phalke, G.V. Sane

Votes: 304

The first Indian feature film. The National Film Archive of India has two reels containing the first and last of four parts of the work.

Incomplete prints of episodes one and five (of six) survive, in the EYE Film Instituut Nederland archive and at Keene Stage College respectively.

13. The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies (1914)


Episode 1: "The Perfect Truth" The day after Dolly Desmond had startled the community with the excellence of her graduation oration, Bobby North, a reporter on the local paper, suggested ... See full synopsis »

Director: Walter Edwin | Stars: Mary Fuller, Yale Boss, Charles Ogle, Gladys Hulette

Votes: 42

Chapter five of this twelve-part serial was discovered in 2009 in the New Zealand Film Archive. The BFI National Archive has chapter ten.

14. A Good Little Devil (1914)

50 min | Drama

Charles MacLance, a mischievous little boy sent to live with his cruel aunt, Mrs. MacMiche, takes his happiness from the make-believe world of fairies which he has created with Juliet, a ... See full summary »

Directors: Edwin S. Porter, J. Searle Dawley | Stars: Mary Pickford, Ernest Truex, William Norris, Iva Merlin

Votes: 10

One of five reels survives in the National Film and Television Archive

15. The Girl Stage Driver (1914)

Short, Drama, Western

The old stage driver and his pretty daughter live happily in a prosperous mining town. The girl is devoted to her kind old father who has been the stage driver for several years. Needless ... See full summary »

Director: Webster Cullison | Stars: Norbert A. Myles, Edna Payne, Will E. Sheerer, Henry Stanley

An incomplete 35mm positive print was discovered in 2009 in the New Zealand Film Archive.

This is believed to be the longest serial ever made, 23.8 hours long with 119 12-minute episodes. Surviving episodes are scattered among various film archives, including the Library of Congress, the National Film and Television Archive and the International Museum of Photography and Film at George Eastman House.

Cody stars as himself in this early movie version of the Indian Wars; also stars Nelson Appleton Miles and Black Elk; released 1917. One minute and 58 seconds of footage is held by the McCracken Research Library or the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, and can be viewed online (see reference).

18. Lucille Love: The Girl of Mystery (1914)

300 min | Action

Episode 1: Hugo Loubeque and Sumpter Love are cadets at West Point. Both love the same woman. Loubeque is expelled from the institution for theft from his fellow cadets. The principal ... See full synopsis »

Director: Francis Ford | Stars: Grace Cunard, Francis Ford, Harry Schumm, Ernest Shields

Votes: 8

Four of 15 episodes survive.

19. The Master Key (1914)

310 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Episode 1: "Gold Madness" Two mining prospectors. James Gallon and his partner, Wilkerson, in a temporary camp, have been searching for gold. Gallon has made a lucky strike and has tried to... See full synopsis »

Director: Robert Z. Leonard | Stars: Robert Z. Leonard, Ella Hall, Harry Carter, Jean Hathaway

Votes: 11

Episode 5 of 15 resides in the Library of Congress

20. My Official Wife (1914)


Helene Marie, on the run from the Russian police in St. Petersburg, plots to kill the Czar.

Director: James Young | Stars: Clara Kimball Young, Harry T. Morey, Earle Williams, L. Rogers Lytton

Votes: 17

The story concerns Helen Marie, a woman on the run from the St. Petersburg police, who plots to assassinate the Tsar. Only about 45 seconds of this film exists. These fragments contain an extra mistakenly said to be Leon Trotsky. In fact, Trotsky was not yet in the United States when this was filmed.

21. Neptune's Daughter (1914)

70 min | Fantasy

The daughter of King Neptune determines to avenge the death of her sister, who was caught in a fishing net laid by the king of a country above the waves. However, she soon falls in love ... See full summary »

Director: Herbert Brenon | Stars: Annette Kellerman, William E. Shay, William Welsh, Leah Baird

Votes: 27

The Gosfilmofond film archive possesses one reel, which Australia's National Film and Sound Archive copied.

22. The Perils of Pauline (1914)

Passed | 199 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Young Pauline is left a lot of money when her wealthy uncle dies. However, her uncle's secretary has been named as her guardian until she marries, at which time she will officially take ... See full summary »

Directors: Louis J. Gasnier, Donald MacKenzie | Stars: Pearl White, Crane Wilbur, Paul Panzer, Edward José

Votes: 925

Of the original 20-chapter serial running 410 minutes, only a 90-minute version, released in Europe in 1916, is known to exist.

23. The Battle Cry of Peace (1915)

90 min | Drama

Enemy agents under the leadership of "Emanon" conspire with pacifists to keep the American defense appropriations down at a time when forces of the enemy are preparing to invade. The ... See full summary »

Directors: J. Stuart Blackton, Wilfrid North | Stars: Charles Richman, L. Rogers Lytton, James Morrison, Mary Maurice

Votes: 7

Pro-armaments epic and the most expensive production undertaken by Vitagraph. One reel reported in Europe; fragments of battle scenes, culled from stock shot libraries, reside at George Eastman House.

24. The Carpet from Bagdad (1915)


The Pasha's servant Mohamed, is entrusted to guard the Sacred Carpet of Bagdad with his life. In New York, after banker Arthur Wadsworth forces his brother Horace to give up his inheritance... See full summary »

Director: Colin Campbell | Stars: Kathlyn Williams, Wheeler Oakman, Guy Oliver, Eugenie Besserer

Votes: 9

One reel of five was salvaged from the wreck of the RMS Lusitania with a few feet of recoverable images.

25. The Golem (1915)

60 min | Horror

In this version of the golem legend, the golem, a clay statue brought to life by Rabbi Loew in 16th century Prague to save the Jews from the ongoing brutal persecution by the city's rulers,... See full summary »

Directors: Henrik Galeen, Paul Wegener | Stars: Paul Wegener, Henrik Galeen, Lyda Salmonova, Rudolf Blümner

Votes: 1,021

Only about three minutes survive. Found in a private collection.

26. The Millionaire Paupers (1915)

Romance, Drama, Short

Mrs. Burne-Smith and Mrs. Winthrop have determined to make a match between their respective children regardless of the fact that the two in question have never seen each other. Mrs. ... See full summary »

Director: Joseph De Grasse | Stars: Grace Thompson, Gretchen Lederer, Lon Chaney, Arthur Shirley

Only a fragment of the film survives.

The Cineteca Italiana film archive possesses a fragmentary print.

28. The Fall of a Nation (1916)


Three acts and a prologue. Act 1: A nation falls. Act 2: The heel of the conqueror. Act 3: The uprising two years later.

Director: Thomas Dixon Jr. | Stars: Lorraine Huling, Percy Standing, Arthur Shirley, Flora Macdonald

Votes: 32

A few frames survive of this sequel to The Birth of a Nation (1915).

The UCLA Film and Television Archive possesses episode 7 of this 20-part serial.

30. Dödskyssen (1916)

60 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Dr Monro is found dead in his home. Three people are testifying before the police about what happened.

Director: Victor Sjöström | Stars: Victor Sjöström, Albin Lavén, Mathias Taube, Wanda Rothgardt

Votes: 190

The Cinémathèque Française film archive has approximately 30 minutes of the film.

31. The Moment Before (1916)

50 min | Drama

One moment before she dies, the aged, philanthropic, and universally respected Duchess of Maldon sees her life flash before her. As Madge, a young gypsy woman, two men fight for her, after ... See full summary »

Director: Robert G. Vignola | Stars: Pauline Frederick, Thomas Holding, Frank Losee, Jack W. Johnston

A nearly complete print, lacking only the opening scene, is in the possession of the Cineteca Nazionale film archive in Rome.

32. The Place Beyond the Winds (1916)


Priscilla Glenn is a product of the woods, a wild, impulsive, nature-loving child. Her father is her antithesis, seeing none of the beauties of nature, thinking women only creatures to be ... See full summary »

Director: Joseph De Grasse | Stars: Dorothy Phillips, Jack Mulhall, Lon Chaney, Joseph De Grasse

Votes: 14

Four of the five reels are in the film archive of the Library of Congress.

33. Ramona (1916)


On the estate of Senora Moreno in Southern California, the senora's adopted daughter Ramona lives. She falls in love with Alessandro, an Indian of noble heritage. When her adoptive mother ... See full summary »

Director: Donald Crisp | Stars: Adda Gleason, Mabel Van Buren, Ann Dvorak, Monroe Salisbury

Votes: 7

The Library of Congress has reel 5.

34. Vingarne (1916)

69 min | Drama

An adaptation of Herman Bang's 1902 novel "Mikaël." A sculptor befriends a young painter who becomes his model. Their friendship is thrown into turmoil when they both fall in love with the same woman.

Director: Mauritz Stiller | Stars: Nils Asther, Lili Beck, Egil Eide, Lars Hanson

Votes: 92

A copy of the central section surfaced in 1987 and was shown by the Swedish Film Institute.

35. Cleopatra (1917)

125 min | Biography, Drama, History

The story of Cleopatra, the fabulous queen of Egypt, and the epic romances between her and the greatest men of Rome, Julius Caesar and Antony.

Director: J. Gordon Edwards | Stars: Theda Bara, Fritz Leiber, Thurston Hall, Alan Roscoe

Votes: 296

Approximately 40 seconds exist at George Eastman House.

36. The Devil-Stone (1917)

60 min | Drama, Mystery

Fishermaid Marcia Manot finds an emerald which once belonged to a Norse queen and is cursed. Greedy American Silas Martin marries her, then sets her up for divorce. She kills him and weds ... See full summary »

Director: Cecil B. DeMille | Stars: Geraldine Farrar, Wallace Reid, Hobart Bosworth, Tully Marshall

Votes: 7 | Gross: $0.30M

Two reels of this six-reel feature film, originally with Handschiegl Color Process sequences, are in the AFI Collection of the Library of Congress.

37. The Gulf Between (1917)

70 min | Comedy, Drama

A young woman, who is the daughter of a sea captain, falls in love with a man from a rich family who does not approve of her.

Director: Wray Bartlett Physioc | Stars: Grace Darmond, Niles Welch, Herbert Fortier, Charles Brandt

Votes: 12

Of the first Technicolor film, "very short fragments survive at the Margaret Herrick Library, George Eastman House and the Smithsonian National Museum of American History Photography Dept."

Only 60 seconds of footage remain of Laurel's first film.[citation needed] Part of the short lives on in scenes inserted into the 1922 extant short Mixed Nuts.

Originally a 16-episode serial, only episode 7 survives in the film archive of the Library of Congress.

40. The Secret Man (1917)

50 min | Western

Convict Cheyenne Harry escapes from prison in a garbage truck and boards a train, where he eludes capture with the help of passenger Henry Beaufort.

Director: John Ford | Stars: Harry Carey, Edythe Sterling, J. Morris Foster, Elizabeth Janes

Votes: 32

Two of the five reels are in the Library of Congress film archive.

Fragmentary prints of this serial are held by the Library of Congress (Public Archives of Canada/Dawson City collection).

A trailer survives in the National Film and Sound Archive and the Academy Film Archive.

Three of the five reels survive.

44. The Ghost of Slumber Mountain (1918)

Not Rated | 16 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

In a dream Uncle Jack looks through a magic telescope owned by the ghost of a hermit and sees what life was like millions of years ago, including a battle between prehistoric monsters.

Director: Willis H. O'Brien | Stars: Alan V. Day, Chauncey A. Day, Herbert M. Dawley, Willis H. O'Brien

Votes: 218 | Gross: $0.10M

Only 19 minutes survive.