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Romanian Movies.

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1. Eu sunt Adam! (1996)

108 min | Drama, Fantasy

A poetic journey through the fantasy short stories of Mircea Eliade.

Director: Dan Pita | Stars: Stefan Iordache, Marius Stanescu, Cristian Iacob, Irina Movila

Votes: 93

2. The Concert (2009)

PG-13 | 119 min | Comedy, Drama, Music

60 Metascore

Thirty years ago, Andrei Simoniovich Filipov, the renowned conductor of the Bolshoi orchestra, was fired for hiring Jewish musicians. Now a mere cleaning man at the Bolshoi, he learns by ... See full summary »

Director: Radu Mihaileanu | Stars: Aleksey Guskov, Mélanie Laurent, Dmitriy Nazarov, François Berléand

Votes: 16,906 | Gross: $0.66M

3. Tuesday, After Christmas (2010)

Unrated | 99 min | Drama, Romance

81 Metascore

Paul Hanganu loves two women. Adriana his wife and the mother of their daughter, the woman with whom he's shared the thrills of the past ten years, and Raluca the woman who has made him redefine himself. He has to leave one of them before Christmas.

Director: Radu Muntean | Stars: Mimi Branescu, Mirela Oprisor, Maria Popistasu, Victor Rebengiuc

Votes: 4,081 | Gross: $0.03M

4. 12:08 East of Bucharest (2006)

Unrated | 89 min | Comedy, Drama

77 Metascore

A local talk show host organizes an alcoholic professor and a pensioner known for playing Santa Claus to decide whether there was ever a revolution in their town Vaslui.

Director: Corneliu Porumboiu | Stars: Mircea Andreescu, Teodor Corban, Ion Sapdaru, Mirela Cioaba

Votes: 6,749 | Gross: $0.09M

5. Then I Sentenced Them All to Death (1972)

103 min | War, Drama

In order to avoid reprisals from the Wehrmacht for the murder of a soldier, intellectuals from a Romanian village try to convince Ipu, the village idiot, to take the blame for the murder and save everybody.

Director: Sergiu Nicolaescu | Stars: Amza Pellea, Cristian Sofron, Ion Besoiu, Gheorghe Dinica

Votes: 795

6. Toate pînzele sus (1977– )

G | 568 min | Action, Adventure

The action follows the ship "Speranta" (Hope) in it's journey half way around the world, with incredible adventures of her crew-members struggling to get through to their destination. On ... See full summary »

Stars: Ion Besoiu, Ilarion Ciobanu, Sebastian Papaiani, Jean Constantin

Votes: 1,451

7. Badaranii (1960)

88 min | Comedy, History

Film adaptation after Carlo Goldoni's "I rusteghi" comedy, written in 1760.

Directors: Sica Alexandrescu, Gheorghe Naghi | Stars: Grigore Vasiliu-Birlic, Carmen Stanescu, Nicky Atanasiu, Alexandru Giugaru

Votes: 201

"In Venetia anului 1760, in plin carnaval, jupan Lunardo, un om morocanos si banuitor, pune la cale impreuna cu amicul sau Maurizio sa-si marite fata cu baiatul acestuia cu conditia ca cei doi tineri sa nu se cunoasca pana in ziua nuntii. Sotiile celor doi afla insa de plan si ii ajuta pe tineri sa se cunoasca. "

10. Titanic Waltz (1965)

92 min | Comedy

Comedy/drama the life of an honest man who is pushed by his family to make policy

Director: Paul Calinescu | Stars: Grigore Vasiliu-Birlic, Silvia Fulda, Kity Gheorghiu-Musatescu, Mitzura Arghezi

Votes: 367

11. Microphone Test (1980)

104 min | Drama

A television reporter and her cameraman find themselves in the middle of intertwined professional and personal dilemma.

Director: Mircea Daneliuc | Stars: Tora Vasilescu, Mircea Daneliuc, Gina Patrichi, George Negoescu

Votes: 309

12. Memories of My Childhood (1965)

72 min | Adventure, Biography, Comedy

Based on Ion Creanga's book, the story of a child from his childhood to his manhood.

Director: Elisabeta Bostan | Stars: Stefan Ciubotarasu, Ion Bocancea, Corina Constantinescu, Emanoil Petrut

Votes: 432

14. Actorul si salbaticii (1975)

150 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

The director of a famous theater in 1930s Bucharest and his Jewish dramatist are preparing a show designed to satirize the fascist (legionnaire) movement, but the legionnaires are determined to stop the spectacle by any means.

Director: Manole Marcus | Stars: Toma Caragiu, Mircea Albulescu, Margareta Pogonat, Ion Besoiu

Votes: 657

16. Francesca (2009)

94 min | Drama

Wanting to follow the current trend, Francesca, a young teacher from Bucharest, is eager to emigrate to Italy. Unfortunately,whilst desperately seeking support from those nearest and ... See full summary »

Director: Bobby Paunescu | Stars: Monica Barladeanu, Dorian Boguta, Luminita Gheorghiu, Teodor Corban

Votes: 524

17. The Crazy Stranger (1997)

Unrated | 102 min | Comedy, Drama, Music

A man is looking for a singer he had heard on cassette. He finds much more.

Director: Tony Gatlif | Stars: Romain Duris, Rona Hartner, Izidor Serban, Ovidiu Balan

Votes: 7,166 | Gross: $0.67M

  • " Gadjo Dilo "

18. Occident (2002)

105 min | Comedy

Occident is a bittersweet comedy that focuses on the growing tendency of Eastern European youth to migrate west. When the amicable Luci (Alexandru Papadopol) and his beautiful lover Sorina ... See full summary »

Director: Cristian Mungiu | Stars: Alexandru Papadopol, Anca Androne, Samuel Tastet, Tania Popa

Votes: 1,989

19. Philanthropy (2002)

110 min | Comedy, Drama

Ovidiu, a high-school teacher looking for an extra buck, finds an unexpected way to earn easy money.

Director: Nae Caranfil | Stars: Mircea Diaconu, Gheorghe Dinica, Mara Nicolescu, Viorica Voda

Votes: 11,996

20. B.D. in alert (1971)

95 min | Action, Comedy

In 1971 three inept petty Romanian criminals are released from prison but find themselves at the core of two money laundering and burglary cases.

Director: Mircea Dragan | Stars: Toma Caragiu, Dem Radulescu, Sebastian Papaiani, Puiu Calinescu

Votes: 1,604

21. B.D. in the mountains and on the seaside (1971)

100 min | Comedy, Action, Crime

Three paroled inept Romanian convicts dream up get-rich-quick schemes on the Black Sea Riviera where a petty-crime police squad led by Captain Panait is vacationing.

Director: Mircea Dragan | Stars: Toma Caragiu, Dem Radulescu, Ion Fintesteanu, Puiu Calinescu

Votes: 1,631

22. Brigada Diverse intrã în actiune (1970)

100 min | Comedy

Follows the Communist Romanian Militia 'miscellaneous brigade' and the 'diverse' crimes that it solves.

Director: Mircea Dragan | Stars: Toma Caragiu, Sebastian Papaiani, Puiu Calinescu, Dem Radulescu

Votes: 1,540

23. Asphalt Tango (1996)

100 min | Comedy

A desperate husband chases a bus full of beautiful women headed for Paris, France.

Director: Nae Caranfil | Stars: Charlotte Rampling, Mircea Diaconu, Florin Calinescu, Constantin Cotimanis

Votes: 1,511

24. Uncle Marin, the Billionaire (1979)

88 min | Comedy

A Romanian peasant, visiting a friend who is working at a hotel on the Black Sea Riviera, is mistaken for a look-alike rich American businessman.

Director: Sergiu Nicolaescu | Stars: Amza Pellea, Draga Olteanu Matei, Jean Constantin, Stefan Mihailescu-Braila

Votes: 3,209

25. The Moromete Family (1987)

142 min | Drama

The story of a family: Problems, marriage, taxes, revenge, friendship, army and much more.

Director: Stere Gulea | Stars: Victor Rebengiuc, Luminita Gheorghiu, Gina Patrichi, Dorel Visan

Votes: 3,483

  • " Morometii "

26. The Earth's Most Beloved Son (1993)

138 min | Drama

The film is an adaptation of a novel by Marin Preda, a controversial novelist who died during the Communist rule soon after the book was published. It tells the story of an intellectual, ... See full summary »

Director: Serban Marinescu | Stars: Stefan Iordache, Gheorghe Dinica, Dorel Visan, Maia Morgenstern

Votes: 1,522

27. Cu mâinile curate (1972)

95 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

Set in post war Romania, a communist who was tortured by the fascists during the war is now a police detective and sets about clearing his city of gangsters and black marketeers.

Director: Sergiu Nicolaescu | Stars: Ilarion Ciobanu, Alexandru Dobrescu, Sergiu Nicolaescu, Gheorghe Dinica

Votes: 943

28. Revansa (1978)

101 min | Action, Crime, Drama

After Iron Guard member Paraipan discovers that commissioner Moldovan had staged his own death, he kidnaps Moldovan's son in order to draw him out. Tensions build up resulting in a final epic confrontation.

Director: Sergiu Nicolaescu | Stars: Gheorghe Dinica, Sergiu Nicolaescu, Jean Constantin, Amza Pellea

Votes: 641

29. The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (2005)

R | 153 min | Comedy, Drama

86 Metascore

Mr. Lãzãrescu, a dying old man, is shuttled from hospital to hospital by a loyal paramedic as doctors refuse to operate and no one can agree on a diagnosis.

Director: Cristi Puiu | Stars: Doru Ana, Monica Barladeanu, Alina Berzunteanu, Dorian Boguta

Votes: 12,592 | Gross: $0.08M

30. Love Sick (2006)

Not Rated | 86 min | Drama

Love. It just happens. No rules. It may look sick, but it's deep and it hurts. For everyone, Alex and Kiki are just good friends. They happen to be two girls experiencing another kind of love. For their family, Kiki and Sandu are sister and brother who sometimes fight. They happen to be lovers. Love Sick is about their stories.

Director: Tudor Giurgiu | Stars: Maria Popistasu, Ioana Barbu, Tudor Chirila, Catalina Murgea

Votes: 2,698

31. Liviu's Dream (2004)

39 min | Short

A strange dream forgotten in the morning and an unaccountable feeling cause Liviu to look with resignation upon the world he's living in. His awakening to reality may coincide with the birth of his child.

Director: Corneliu Porumboiu | Stars: Dragos Bucur, Luiza Cocora, Constantin Dita, Ion Grosu

Votes: 455

32. Marilena from P7 (2006)

48 min | Drama, Fantasy

Andrei, a 13-year-old teenager living on Bucharest outskirts, decides one day to steal a trolleybus in order to impress Marilena, a prostitute he fell in love with.

Director: Cristian Nemescu | Stars: Gabriel Huian, Madalina Ghitescu, Gabriel Spahiu, Aura Calarasu

Votes: 1,888

34. Next Stop Paradise (1998)

PG-13 | 99 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

The Bucharest's suburb, a torrid summer day. Norica, a waitress and Mitu, a swineherd, meet and tease each other and starts a beverage competition. Their relationship is not just a ... See full summary »

Director: Lucian Pintilie | Stars: Costel Cascaval, Dorina Chiriac, Gheorghe Visu, Victor Rebengiuc

Votes: 1,947

  • "Terminus Paradis"

35. De ce are vulpea coada? (1989)

82 min | Comedy, Family

This movie is about the beauty of childhood spent in the country side

Director: Cornel Diaconu | Stars: Rodica Mandache, Geo Costiniu, Valentin Uritescu, Octavian Herescu

Votes: 128

37. Farewell, Dear Nela! (1972)

82 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

When a rich Romanian lawyer aims to find his 2 long-lost sons and inheritors he places an ad in the newspaper but many crooks show up instead.

Director: Cornel Todea | Stars: Stefan Iordache, Mircea Diaconu, Irina Gardescu, Dan Desliu

Votes: 37

41. Actiunea Zuzuc (1984)

84 min | Drama, Family

A fairy tale about a child that disappears and the militia officer that investigates the case.

Director: Gheorghe Naghi | Stars: Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan, Cristina Deleanu, Hamdi Cerchez, Eusebiu Stefanescu

Votes: 26

44. Everyday God Kisses Us on the Mouth (2001)

93 min | Comedy, Drama

Dumitru is a two-faceted killer: he kills animals and called a hunter, and kills people, and branded as an assassin. Dumitru is just out of prison, for the first time since the fall of ... See full summary »

Director: Sinisa Dragin | Stars: Dan Condurache, Ana Ciontea, Horatiu Malaele, Dan Astileanu

Votes: 217