An Overview of Croatian Movies 1944 - 2013

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This is a list of feature movies created by Croatian authors or movie companies since the year 1944 until December of the year 2013. During the existence of SFRY in period 1945-1991, Yugoslav cinematography wasn't strictly separated by the state republics, therefore it was possible that authors and actors from one republic made movies for movie companies from other republics. Per example, leading actors for Croatian movie "Breza" were from Serbia (Velimir Bata Živojinović) and Slovenia (Manca Košir). One of most famous Serbian story of Serbian hero Banović Strahinja was put to the screen by Croatian movie company and Croatian director. There are many similar examples. Therefore, it's sometimes unclear at the first sight which movie was part of which national cinematography. This list has no intention to rate movies. It's simply a brief overview and reminder of Croatian movies created during last 70 years.

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1. Lisinski (1944)

85 min | Biography, Drama, Music

Biography of Vatroslav Lisinski, 19th century Croatian composer and the author of the first Croatian opera.

Director: Oktavijan Miletic | Stars: Branko Spoljar, Lidija Dominkovic, Sena Jurinac, Veljko Maricic

Votes: 60

2. Slavica (1947)

100 min | Drama, War

Slavica, Marin and a group of operants hide the newly built ship from the Italian occupation forces. They end up arrested, but the partisans rescue them and they take part in the string of actions.

Director: Vjekoslav Afric | Stars: Dubravko Dujsin, Milica-Carka Jovanovic, Irena Kolesar, Marijan Lovric

Votes: 93

3. This People Will Live (1947)

92 min | Drama, War

The uprising against fascists in West Bosnia starts with enthusiasm, and local folks help partisans in every possible way. A village girl of Serbian ethnicity joins the resistance movement,... See full summary »

Director: Nikola Popovic | Stars: Vera Ilic-Djukic, Fran Novakovic, Milica-Carka Jovanovic, Sinisa Ravasi

Votes: 20

4. Uncle Zvane (1949)

110 min | War

Uncle Zvane is assigned by the underground People's Committee of a village to deliver a number of oxes to the Partisans in the Gorski Kotar Mountains. The story tells how the old man overcomes the difficulties, and succeeds.

Director: Vjekoslav Afric | Stars: Dragomir Felba, Vladimir Medar, Nada Mladjenovic, Bosko Boskovic

Votes: 27

5. The Flag (1949)

99 min | Drama, War

Story about famous ballet dancer Marija who was horrified by the terror of Ustasha regime, and joined the partisans.

Director: Branko Marjanovic | Stars: Sonja Kastl, Marijan Lovric, Joza Gregorin, Antun Nalis

Votes: 10

6. The Blue 9 (1950)

95 min | Comedy, Sport

Fabris, a center-forward and the key player of the harbor town's football team, is a selfish individualist who is believed that he's irreplaceable in the first squad. He's also a womanizer ... See full summary »

Director: Kresimir Golik | Stars: Irena Kolesar, Jugoslav Nalis, Antun Nalis, Ljubomir Didic

Votes: 61

7. Bakonja fra Brne (1951)

104 min | Comedy

A young man's fight between love and the monastic discipline.

Director: Fedor Hanzekovic | Stars: Misa Mirkovic, Milan Ajvaz, Josip Petricic, Vaso Kosic

Votes: 57

8. Ciguli Miguli (1952)

104 min | Comedy

Ivan Ivanovic, a party functionary, arrives in a provincial town as a temporary replacement for a cultural official. The newcomer is fanatically eager to reform the town's cultural life in ... See full summary »

Director: Branko Marjanovic | Stars: Ljubomir Didic, August Cilic, Viktor Bek, Martin Matosevic

Votes: 64

9. Hoja! Lero! (1952)

106 min

The council of an old Slavic tribe makes unrighteous decision by giving the best looking girl Voljenka to Kohan the warrior. Voljenka is in love with Dalibor, who tries to prove his courage... See full summary »

Director: Vjekoslav Afric | Stars: Dorotea Matulic, Joza Gregorin, Marijan Lovric, Mato Grkovic

Votes: 30

10. U oluji (1952)

92 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

Rose is a young woman who lost her husband in WW2, leaving her and their daughter behind. She gets close with his good-natured brother Drago. However, an unscrupulous smuggler Vincenzo is ... See full summary »

Director: Vatroslav Mimica | Stars: Mia Oremovic, Dragica Malic, Dragomir Felba, Antun Nalis

Votes: 55

11. Stone Horizons (1953)

89 min

The year is 1940, Croatian coast, Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Jakov, a poor peasant from hinterland, and his daughter Mala, go to the city, trying to find a job to repay a debt...

Director: Sime Simatovic | Stars: Irena Kolesar, Marko Soljacic, Boris Tesija, Viktor Bek

Votes: 15

12. Sinji galeb (1953)

91 min | Drama

A young boy, Ive, and his friends set sail on the sea in order to try and repay his father's debts. They name their boat "Sinji galeb". Soon, the pirate Lorenco and his gang notice the children on their boat.

Director: Branko Bauer | Stars: Josip Batistic, Viktor Bek, Franjo Benkovic, Demeter Bitenc

Votes: 68

13. Koncert (1954)

96 min | Drama, Music, War

The story about piano that changes many owners through the decades, now in the possession of girl who tries to master the instrument.

Director: Branko Belan | Stars: Andjela Baj, Mila Mosinger, Sonja Sagovac, Nada Skrinjar

Votes: 60

14. The Girl and the Oak (1955)

82 min | Drama

Smilja is a little girl living in Dalmatian Zagora. One day, her mother dies under a small oak tree and she is left without parents. Luckily, she gets adopted and continues to nurture the ... See full summary »

Director: Kresimir Golik | Stars: Tamara Miletic, Ljuba Tadic, Miodrag Popovic-Deba, Andrej Kurent

Votes: 77

15. Jubilej gospodina Ikla (1955)

77 min | Animation, Comedy, Crime

A man wakes up in his grave and realizes that he's been buried alive. He gets up and arrives home only to find out that his wife and relatives throw up a party instead of function, looking forward to his big inheritance.

Director: Vatroslav Mimica | Stars: Antun Nalis, Borivoj Sembera, Lila Andres, Mila Mosinger

Votes: 54

16. Kala (1958)

82 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

There are two stories in this movie. One treats the human side, the things happening to a man in a war, the pain and pressure on his nerves and courage and how he copes with everything in ... See full summary »

Directors: Kresimir Golik, Andrej Hieng | Stars: Lojze Potokar, Stevo Zigon, Jure Dolezal, Helena Kordas

Votes: 38

17. Millions on the Island (1955)

97 min

Three children, two brothers and their friend, win a lottery ticket at sports forecasting. Upon deciding not to tell their parents in order to buy a ship, two criminals find out about this and try to steal their money.

Director: Branko Bauer | Stars: Metka Gabrijelcic, Vladimir Bacic, Relja Basic, Radovan Vuckovic

Votes: 45

18. Spring (1955)


Branko Bauer's documentary film from 1955.

Director: Branko Bauer

Votes: 29

19. My Son Don't Turn Round (1956)

111 min | Drama, War

A partisan comes secretly to town to find about what happened to his little son who barely remembers him. He is horrified when he finds out that his son is raised in a colaborators' ... See full summary »

Director: Branko Bauer | Stars: Bert Sotlar, Lila Andres, Zlatko Lukman, Mladen Hanzlovsky

Votes: 325

20. The Siege (1956)

115 min | Comedy, Drama, Thriller

A group of partisans is under siege, surrounded by strong German forces. Some of them remember the events that preceded the siege. This is an omnibus of three intertwined stories.

Director: Branko Marjanovic | Stars: Goranka Vrus, Boris Buzancic, Jurica Dijakovic, Ivan Subic

Votes: 23

21. The Suspected One (1956)

105 min | War

Man escapes from an Italian camp and returns to his island in occupied Dalmatia only to find himself victim of a plot denouncing him as an enemy agent.

Director: Branko Belan | Stars: Milorad Margetic, Tamara Miletic, Mirko Vojkovic, Bozo Jajcanin

Votes: 25

22. We're Going Separate Ways (1957)

94 min | Drama, Romance, War

A group of partisan illegals entangled in a love triangle during Ustasha reign in Nazi-occupied Zagreb.

Director: Sime Simatovic | Stars: Bratislav Grbic, Sasa Novak, Boris Hrzic, Milos Jeknic

Votes: 8

23. It Was Not in Vain (1957)

97 min | Crime, Drama, Horror

Soon after coming to small village, young doctor must fight against strong local superstitions.

Director: Nikola Tanhofer | Stars: Boris Buzancic, Mira Nikolic, Zlata Perlic, Mia Oremovic

Votes: 43

24. Only People (1957)

106 min | Drama

An one-legged engineer of hydro construction and a war veteran meets a blind girl in a mountain sanatorium of Ophthalmology during winter. She's waiting for a surgery that can restore her ... See full summary »

Director: Branko Bauer | Stars: Tamara Miletic, Milorad Margetic, Niksa Stefanini, Olivera Markovic

Votes: 88

25. Master of His Own Body (1957)

109 min | Drama

Due to negligence that caused the death of a family cow, an extremely poor but handsome young man Iva must obey his father's demands to marry an unattractive and limping daughter of wealthy villagers.

Director: Fedor Hanzekovic | Stars: Marija Kohn, Julije Perlaki, Mladen Serment, Nela Erzisnik

Votes: 167

26. The Year Long Road (1958)

162 min | Drama

The plot is set in an underdeveloped and remote area of a fictitious country, where the locals try to build an asphalt road in spite of careless attitude of the Government. The story ... See full summary »

Director: Giuseppe De Santis | Stars: Silvana Pampanini, Eleonora Rossi Drago, Massimo Girotti, Bert Sotlar

Votes: 113

27. H-8... (1958)

105 min | Drama

A bus and a truck are moving towards each other along a two-way traffic highway on a rainy day. At the very beginning we learn that a reckless driver of another car will cause them to ... See full summary »

Director: Nikola Tanhofer | Stars: Boris Buzancic, Djurdja Ivezic, Antun Vrdoljak, Vanja Drach

Votes: 1,156

28. The Eighth Door (1959)

85 min | Drama, War

Story of an old university professor, who accidentally becomes involved in the activities of the resistance movement.

Director: Nikola Tanhofer | Stars: Milivoje Zivanovic, Nada Skrinjar, Ljiljana Krstic, Jovan Milicevic

Votes: 41

29. Heaven Without Love (1959)

106 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

With a single, basic plot theme, this well-wrought drama of ultimate tragedy engages the viewer and gives pause for reflection. The tale focuses on the marriage of a man who is dominated ... See full summary »

Director: Vladimir Pogacic | Stars: Ljubica Jovic, Milan Puzic, Tatjana Beljakova, Severin Bijelic

Votes: 28

30. Three Girls Named Anna (1959)

97 min | Drama

A retired tram driver tries to find his daughter named Ana whom he lost in WWII.

Director: Branko Bauer | Stars: Dusan Stefanovic, Svetlana Miskovic, Marija Kohn, Dubravka Gall

Votes: 66

31. Vlak bez voznog reda (1959)

121 min | Drama

The story about colonization of poor Dalmatian peasants to the fertile Pannonian plain shortly after WWII.

Director: Veljko Bulajic | Stars: Olivera Markovic, Lia Rho-Barbieri, Inge Ilin, Ljiljana Vajler

Votes: 101

32. The Ninth Circle (1960)

107 min | Drama, War

In order to save Jewish girl from the Nazis and their colaborators, Croatian family arranges her to be wed to their young son. Young man is displeased with sudden end to his careless youth ... See full summary »

Director: France Stiglic | Stars: Dusica Zegarac, Boris Dvornik, Branko Tatic, Ervina Dragman

Votes: 368

33. Point 905 (1960)

85 min | Drama, Thriller, War

After the war, a Yugoslav army captain, Vladimir, is in charge of suppressing armed supporters of the former king's regime, led by major Momir. After Vladimir's best friend is killed, he ... See full summary »

Director: Mate Relja | Stars: Ilija Dzuvalekovski, Dusan Bulajic, Stane Potokar, Hermina Pipinic

Votes: 53

34. Atomic War Bride (1960)

84 min | Comedy, Drama

At a church in the country, eternally optimistic John marries Maria, his Atomic War Bride, as a war starts, planes buzz overhead and bombs start dropping. Though John is "mobilized" by the ... See full summary »

Director: Veljko Bulajic | Stars: Antun Vrdoljak, Zlatko Madunic, Ljubisa Jovanovic, Ita Rina

Votes: 203

35. Signal Over the City (1960)

91 min | Action, Drama, War

The movie is based on true events that occured in Croatian city of Karlovac in 1941. In order to save the imprisoned high ranking member of the resistance movement, the group of Partizans ... See full summary »

Director: Zivorad 'Zika' Mitrovic | Stars: Aleksandar Gavric, Marija Tocinoski, Miha Baloh, Dragan Ocokoljic

Votes: 62

36. Abeceda straha (1961)

99 min | Thriller, War

In order to gather information about high-ranking collaborationist official, the resistance movement is sending one girl to spy on him. She uses the cover of illiterate chambermaid from the... See full summary »

Director: Fadil Hadzic | Stars: Vesna Bojanic, Josip Zappalorto, Nada Kasapic, Tatjana Beljakova

Votes: 127

37. The King's New Clothes (1961)

80 min | Comedy, Fantasy

The adaptation of Hans Cristian Andersen's tale filmed on a white background. It is also the first Croatian movie in color.

Director: Ante Babaja | Stars: Zlatko Madunic, Ana Karic, Stevo Vujatovic, Aleksandra Violic

Votes: 54

38. Igre na skelama (1961)

99 min | Drama

While trying to remain faithful to his own life philosophy of permanent independence and denial of love, a characteristic so peculiar for his generation, Sasha refuses to admit both to ... See full summary »

Director: Srecko Weygand | Stars: Sonja Krajsek, Slobodan Dimitrijevic, Ljubisa Samardzic, Zoran Benderic

Votes: 18

39. Martin in the Clouds (1961)

110 min | Comedy

Martin and his girlfriend Zorica are two students who live as subtenants in separate flats. Since that situation has devastating effect on their love life, they yearn after the place of ... See full summary »

Director: Branko Bauer | Stars: Boris Dvornik, Ljubica Jovic, Joza Seb, Antun Nalis

Votes: 106

40. Potraga za zmajem (1961)

82 min | War

Two illegal fighters hide from Ustasha regime in the abandoned villa from which Jews are expelled. Tensions arising from their situation mixes with thoughts of the previous owners of the place.

Director: Jane Kavcic | Stars: Ivica Pajer, Jelena Bjelicic, Zlatko Madunic, Janez Cuk

Votes: 9

41. Adventure at the Door (1961)

81 min | Drama

Story of the dream of a lonely woman lying mentally ill in a sanatorium.

Director: Sime Simatovic | Stars: Ana Karic, Boris Buzancic, Zoran Ristanovic, Emil Kutijaro

Votes: 14

42. Sreca dolazi u 9 (1961)

102 min | Fantasy

One day, Happiness and Sorrow come to town. Happiness leaves her magical cloak in the local inn, saying that it fulfills every wish to those who wear it. However, Sorrow knows that ... See full summary »

Director: Nikola Tanhofer | Stars: Irena Prosen, Antun Vrdoljak, Drago Krca, Pero Kvrgic

Votes: 39

43. Sudar na paralelama (1961)

80 min | Drama

Suspicious husband follows his wife and her male boss on their business trip.

Director: Joze Babic | Stars: Jelena Zigon, Mica Orlovic, Boris Kralj, Oja Kodar

Votes: 33

44. Veliko sudjenje (1961)

73 min | Drama, Family

Kids from the same block hold a court trial to local cat who ate their canary.

Director: Fedor Skubonja | Stars: Pavle Mincic, Toma Kuruzovic, Pavle Vugrinac, Milan Ajvaz

Votes: 7

45. Da li je umro dobar covjek? (1962)

105 min | Comedy