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(Started May 6, 2013) Finished: Reservoir Dogs, American Pyscho, Zoolander, Philadelphia, Superbad, The Artist, Mean Girls, Old School, Taxi Driver, Disney's Fantasia, Fantasia 2000, 40 Year Old Virgin, House Party, the Big Lebowski, Life of Pi, Bridesmaids, Field of Dreams, No Country for Old Men, Coming to America, The Corpse Bride, New Jack City, Brian' Song, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Beast of the Southern Wild, The Illusionist, Braveheart, Rent, V for Vendetta, Persepolis, Shutter Island, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Schindler's List, Puss in Boots, Star Trek (2009), The Waterboy, Man With the Iron Fists, Ghostbusters, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Independence Day, My Neighbor Totoro, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, 12 Years a Slave, A Few Good Men, Spirited Away, Se7en, Wolf of Wall Street, When We Were Kings (Documentary), The Shining, The Departed, Chaplin, Batman (1989), The General (Film Appreciation 8/27/14), Hunchback of Notre Dame (FA, 1939, 9/3/14), Citizen Kane (Film Appreciation, 9/10/14), Singing in the Rain (Film Appreciation 9/24/14), The Searchers (Film Appreciation, 10/8/14), The Thief and the Cobbler (10/13/14), Some Like it Hot (Film Appreciation, 10/22/14), There Will Be Blood (10/28/14), Bonnie and Clyde (1967) [Film Appreciation, 10/29/14), Serpico (10/31/14), The Silence of the Lambs (1/2/15), Office Space (1/5/15), Silver Linings Playbook (1/10/15), Casablanca (Media History, 1/28/15), North by Northwest (Media History, 2/11/15), /Robocop (2/14/15), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (2/26/15) [Rhetoric in Film], The Graduate (Media History, 3/4/15), Annie Hall (Media History, 3/23/15), World War Z (3/30/15), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (4/3/15) [Rhetoric in Film], One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (4/18/15), Kill Bill Vol. 1 (4/21/15), Pineapple Express (4/24/15), the Usual Suspects (4/30/15), Lawrence of Arabia (5/4/15), Collateral (5/22/15), the Hurricane (7/8/15), Fruitville Station (7/11/15), Boyhood (7/12/15), Inside Llellyn Davis (7/19/15), Guys and Dolls (7/19/15), Ray (7/20/15), Idlewild (7/23/15), Edge of Tomorrow (8/28/15), Interstellar (8/30/15), Fargo (9/1/15), Whiplash (9/5/15), Birdman (9/15/15), Miller's Crossing (9/21/15), Back to the Future I (10/10/15), Step Brothers (10/16/15), Casino (10/18/15), The Terminator (10/30/15), Fiddler on the Roof (12/3/15) Kingsman: The Secret Service (12/4,15), Deer Hunter (02/14/16), The Revenant (02/19/16), Leon: The Professional (2/20/16), On The Waterfront (3/5/16), Cool Hand Luke (3/9/16), The Aviator (6/2/16), Grave of The Fireflies (6/11/16), Jackie Brown (9/11/16), Seven Samurai (9/16/16), Rain Man (9/27/16), Beast of No Nation (1/14/17), Pan's Labyrinth (1/23/17), Heat (1/30/17), A Beautiful Mind (2/20/17), Finding Neverland (2/23/17), Dave Chapelle's Block Party (2/24/17), Midnight in Paris (6/7/17), Spotlight (6/16/17), Memento (7/25/17), Me and Orson Welles (8/10/17), Young Frankenstein (10/28/17), Tommy Boy (11/10/17), A Streetcar Named Desire (11/18/17), It's a Wonderful Life (12/25/17), Pyscho (1/4/18), The Master (2/11/18), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (6/15/18), Munich (6/16/18), Airplane! (6/16/18), Amélie (6/17/18), Princess Mononoke (6/24/18), Fury (9/1/18), Creed (9/3/18), Sleepy Hollow (10/27/18), Ernest and Celeste (1/15/19), Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri (1/26/19), Indiana Jones: Raiders Of the Lost Ark (1/30/19), Akira (5/27/19), Dr. Zhivago (6/29/19), Hotel Rwanda (9/7/19), Vice (9/8/19), The Disaster Artist (9/10/19), Sorry to Bother You (9/12/19), Inside Man (9/24/19), The Blues Brothers (9/26/19), Apocalypse Now (10/16/19), Chicago (11/7/19), 12 Angry Men (12/6/19), Get On the Bus (12/6/19)

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1. Equilibrium (2002)

R | 107 min | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

33 Metascore

In an oppressive future where all forms of feeling are illegal, a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system and state.

Director: Kurt Wimmer | Stars: Christian Bale, Sean Bean, Emily Watson, Taye Diggs

Votes: 301,794 | Gross: $1.20M

2. 28 Days Later... (2002)

R | 113 min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

73 Metascore

Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary.

Director: Danny Boyle | Stars: Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris, Christopher Eccleston, Alex Palmer

Votes: 355,216 | Gross: $45.06M

3. Requiem for a Dream (2000)

R | 102 min | Drama

68 Metascore

The drug-induced utopias of four Coney Island people are shattered when their addictions run deep.

Director: Darren Aronofsky | Stars: Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, Marlon Wayans

Votes: 723,902 | Gross: $3.64M

4. The Butterfly Effect (2004)

R | 113 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

30 Metascore

Evan Treborn suffers blackouts during significant events of his life. As he grows up, he finds a way to remember these lost memories and a supernatural way to alter his life by reading his journal.

Directors: Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber | Stars: Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, Melora Walters, Elden Henson

Votes: 432,555 | Gross: $57.94M

5. Tears of the Sun (2003)

R | 121 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

48 Metascore

A Special-Ops commander leads his team into the Nigerian jungle in order to rescue a doctor who will only join them if they agree to save 70 refugees too.

Director: Antoine Fuqua | Stars: Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser, Monica Bellucci, Eamonn Walker

Votes: 109,103 | Gross: $43.73M

6. Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

R | 120 min | Drama, Romance

86 Metascore

A Mumbai teenager reflects on his life after being accused of cheating on the Indian version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

Directors: Danny Boyle, Loveleen Tandan | Stars: Dev Patel, Freida Pinto, Saurabh Shukla, Anil Kapoor

Votes: 765,573 | Gross: $141.32M

7. Blood Diamond (2006)

R | 143 min | Adventure, Drama, Thriller

64 Metascore

A fisherman, a smuggler, and a syndicate of businessmen match wits over the possession of a priceless diamond.

Director: Edward Zwick | Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou, Jennifer Connelly, Kagiso Kuypers

Votes: 474,830 | Gross: $57.37M

8. Amadeus (1984)

R | 160 min | Biography, Drama, History

88 Metascore

The life, success and troubles of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as told by Antonio Salieri, the contemporaneous composer who was insanely jealous of Mozart's talent and claimed to have murdered him.

Director: Milos Forman | Stars: F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce, Elizabeth Berridge, Roy Dotrice

Votes: 349,023 | Gross: $51.97M

9. Sugar (I) (2008)

R | 114 min | Drama, Sport

82 Metascore

Dominican baseball star Miguel "Sugar" Santos is recruited to play in the U.S. minor-leagues.

Directors: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck | Stars: Algenis Perez Soto, Jose Rijo, Walki Cuevas, Santo Silvestre

Votes: 4,493 | Gross: $1.08M

10. Hoosiers (1986)

PG | 114 min | Drama, Sport

76 Metascore

A coach with a checkered past and a local drunk train a small town high school basketball team to become a top contender for the championship.

Director: David Anspaugh | Stars: Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey, Dennis Hopper, Sheb Wooley

Votes: 40,763 | Gross: $28.61M

11. Rudy (1993)

PG | 114 min | Biography, Drama, Sport

71 Metascore

Rudy has always been told that he was too small to play college football. But he is determined to overcome the odds and fulfill his dream of playing for Notre Dame.

Director: David Anspaugh | Stars: Sean Astin, Jon Favreau, Ned Beatty, Greta Lind

Votes: 52,461 | Gross: $22.75M

12. Miracle (2004)

PG | 135 min | Biography, Drama, History

68 Metascore

The true story of Herb Brooks, the player-turned-coach who led the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team to victory over the seemingly invincible Soviet squad.

Director: Gavin O'Connor | Stars: Kurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson, Nathan West, Noah Emmerich

Votes: 44,706 | Gross: $64.38M

13. Any Given Sunday (1999)

R | 162 min | Drama, Sport

52 Metascore

A behind-the-scenes look at the life-and-death struggles of modern-day gladiators and those who lead them.

Director: Oliver Stone | Stars: Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid, Cameron Diaz, James Woods

Votes: 108,314 | Gross: $75.53M

14. Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

R | 144 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

63 Metascore

Balian of Ibelin travels to Jerusalem during the Crusades of the 12th century, and there he finds himself as the defender of the city and its people.

Director: Ridley Scott | Stars: Orlando Bloom, Eva Green, Liam Neeson, Martin Hancock

Votes: 256,124 | Gross: $47.40M

15. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

PG-13 | 103 min | Comedy

61 Metascore

A high school wise guy is determined to have a day off from school, despite what the Principal thinks of that.

Director: John Hughes | Stars: Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara, Jeffrey Jones

Votes: 299,570 | Gross: $70.14M

16. Superman (1978)

PG | 143 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

80 Metascore

An alien orphan is sent from his dying planet to Earth, where he grows up to become his adoptive home's first and greatest superhero.

Director: Richard Donner | Stars: Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman, Marlon Brando

Votes: 152,121 | Gross: $134.22M

17. Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

R | 229 min | Crime, Drama

A former Prohibition-era Jewish gangster returns to the Lower East Side of Manhattan over thirty years later, where he once again must confront the ghosts and regrets of his old life.

Director: Sergio Leone | Stars: Robert De Niro, James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern, Treat Williams

Votes: 289,901 | Gross: $5.32M

18. Road to Perdition (2002)

R | 117 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

72 Metascore

A mob enforcer's son witnesses a murder, forcing him and his father to take to the road, and his father down a path of redemption and revenge.

Director: Sam Mendes | Stars: Tom Hanks, Tyler Hoechlin, Rob Maxey, Liam Aiken

Votes: 233,978 | Gross: $104.45M

19. Mean Streets (1973)

R | 112 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

96 Metascore

A small-time hood aspires to work his way up the ranks of a local mob.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, David Proval, Amy Robinson

Votes: 91,357 | Gross: $3.13M

20. A Bronx Tale (1993)

R | 121 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

80 Metascore

A father becomes worried when a local gangster befriends his son in the Bronx in the 1960s.

Director: Robert De Niro | Stars: Robert De Niro, Chazz Palminteri, Lillo Brancato, Francis Capra

Votes: 120,703 | Gross: $17.27M

21. My Cousin Vinny (1992)

R | 120 min | Comedy, Crime

68 Metascore

Two New Yorkers are accused of murder in rural Alabama while on their way back to college, and one of their cousins--an inexperienced, loudmouth lawyer not accustomed to Southern rules and manners--comes in to defend them.

Director: Jonathan Lynn | Stars: Joe Pesci, Marisa Tomei, Ralph Macchio, Mitchell Whitfield

Votes: 99,967 | Gross: $52.93M

22. Black Hawk Down (2001)

R | 144 min | Drama, History, War

74 Metascore

160 elite U.S. soldiers drop into Somalia to capture two top lieutenants of a renegade warlord and find themselves in a desperate battle with a large force of heavily-armed Somalis.

Director: Ridley Scott | Stars: Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, Tom Sizemore, Eric Bana

Votes: 348,919 | Gross: $108.64M

23. Mississippi Burning (1988)

R | 128 min | Crime, Drama, History

65 Metascore

Two F.B.I. Agents with wildly different styles arrive in Mississippi to investigate the disappearance of some civil rights activists.

Director: Alan Parker | Stars: Gene Hackman, Willem Dafoe, Frances McDormand, Brad Dourif

Votes: 81,914 | Gross: $34.60M

24. The Ref (1994)

R | 96 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

A cat burglar is forced to take a bickering, dysfunctional family hostage on Christmas Eve.

Director: Ted Demme | Stars: Denis Leary, Judy Davis, Kevin Spacey, Robert J. Steinmiller Jr.

Votes: 22,561 | Gross: $11.44M

25. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

PG-13 | 120 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

94 Metascore

A young Chinese warrior steals a sword from a famed swordsman and then escapes into a world of romantic adventure with a mysterious man in the frontier of the nation.

Director: Ang Lee | Stars: Yun-Fat Chow, Michelle Yeoh, Ziyi Zhang, Chen Chang

Votes: 244,569 | Gross: $128.08M

26. True Grit (2010)

PG-13 | 110 min | Drama, Western

80 Metascore

A stubborn teenager enlists the help of a tough U.S. Marshal to track down her father's murderer.

Directors: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen | Stars: Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Hailee Steinfeld, Josh Brolin

Votes: 293,386 | Gross: $171.24M

27. Unforgiven (1992)

R | 130 min | Drama, Western

85 Metascore

Retired Old West gunslinger William Munny (Clint Eastwood) reluctantly takes on one last job, with the help of his old partner Ned Logan (Morgan Freeman) and a young man, The "Schofield Kid" (Jaimz Woolvett).

Director: Clint Eastwood | Stars: Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Richard Harris

Votes: 353,397 | Gross: $101.16M

28. Jurassic Park (1993)

PG-13 | 127 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

68 Metascore

A pragmatic Paleontologist visiting an almost complete theme park is tasked with protecting a couple of kids after a power failure causes the park's cloned dinosaurs to run loose.

Director: Steven Spielberg | Stars: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough

Votes: 811,630 | Gross: $402.45M

29. Ocean's Eleven (2001)

PG-13 | 116 min | Crime, Thriller

74 Metascore

Danny Ocean and his ten accomplices plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos simultaneously.

Director: Steven Soderbergh | Stars: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon

Votes: 487,378 | Gross: $183.42M

30. The Matrix (1999)

R | 136 min | Action, Sci-Fi

73 Metascore

A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers.

Directors: Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski | Stars: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving

Votes: 1,572,828 | Gross: $171.48M

31. Good Will Hunting (1997)

R | 126 min | Drama, Romance

70 Metascore

Will Hunting, a janitor at M.I.T., has a gift for mathematics, but needs help from a psychologist to find direction in his life.

Director: Gus Van Sant | Stars: Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Stellan Skarsgård

Votes: 800,836 | Gross: $138.43M

32. Dead Poets Society (1989)

PG | 128 min | Comedy, Drama

79 Metascore

English teacher John Keating inspires his students to look at poetry with a different perspective of authentic knowledge and feelings.

Director: Peter Weir | Stars: Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke, Josh Charles

Votes: 389,512 | Gross: $95.86M

33. Anonymous (I) (2011)

PG-13 | 130 min | Drama, Thriller

50 Metascore

The theory that it was in fact Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford, who penned Shakespeare's plays. Set against the backdrop of the succession of Queen Elizabeth I and the Essex rebellion against her.

Director: Roland Emmerich | Stars: Rhys Ifans, Vanessa Redgrave, David Thewlis, Sebastian Armesto

Votes: 38,437 | Gross: $4.46M

34. Kick-Ass (2010)

R | 117 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

66 Metascore

Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan who one day decides to become a superhero, even though he has no powers, training or meaningful reason to do so.

Director: Matthew Vaughn | Stars: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nicolas Cage, Chloë Grace Moretz, Garrett M. Brown

Votes: 508,669 | Gross: $48.07M

35. Armageddon (1998)

PG-13 | 151 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

42 Metascore

After discovering that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to impact Earth in less than a month, N.A.S.A. recruits a misfit team of deep core drillers to save the planet.

Director: Michael Bay | Stars: Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler

Votes: 380,514 | Gross: $201.57M

36. The Last Samurai (2003)

R | 154 min | Action, Drama, War

55 Metascore

An American military advisor embraces the Samurai culture he was hired to destroy after he is captured in battle.

Director: Edward Zwick | Stars: Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe, Billy Connolly, William Atherton

Votes: 379,953 | Gross: $111.11M

37. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

PG-13 | 125 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

53 Metascore

After a bitter divorce, an actor disguises himself as a female housekeeper to spend time with his children held in custody by his former wife.

Directors: Chris Columbus, Chuck Jones | Stars: Robin Williams, Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Fierstein

Votes: 230,495 | Gross: $219.20M

38. Coach Carter (2005)

PG-13 | 136 min | Biography, Drama, Sport

57 Metascore

Controversy surrounds high school basketball coach Ken Carter after he benches his entire team for breaking their academic contract with him.

Director: Thomas Carter | Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Rick Gonzalez, Robert Ri'chard, Rob Brown

Votes: 117,019 | Gross: $67.26M

39. Cast Away (2000)

PG-13 | 143 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

73 Metascore

A FedEx executive undergoes a physical and emotional transformation after crash landing on a deserted island.

Director: Robert Zemeckis | Stars: Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Paul Sanchez, Lari White

Votes: 489,604 | Gross: $233.63M

40. Hoodlum (1997)

R | 130 min | Crime, Drama

50 Metascore

Black gangsters in 1930 Harlem fights Dutch Schultz who is trying to horn in on their numbers racket.

Director: Bill Duke | Stars: Laurence Fishburne, Tim Roth, Vanessa Williams, Andy Garcia

Votes: 10,123 | Gross: $23.46M

41. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)

PG-13 | 123 min | Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy