Ranking Series Finales

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These are from my favorite series and all these episodes are in order from best to worst. I've seen every episode of these shows over a long period of time and I highly recommend them regardless of a disappointing finale.

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1. Six Feet Under (2001–2005)
Episode: Everyone's Waiting (2005)

TV-MA | 73 min | Comedy, Drama

Nate and Brenda's daughter Willa is born, but 2 months early and at only 2 lb. 4 oz., requiring a prolonged hospital stay. Nate is convinced she won't make it and insists that he can't ... See full summary »

Director: Alan Ball | Stars: Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall, Frances Conroy, Lauren Ambrose

Votes: 6,818


2. The Shield (2002–2008)
Episode: Family Meeting (2008)

TV-MA | 72 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

As Vic hopes his immunity deal will help keep his family together, and Shane takes extreme measures to keep his pregnant wife from being charged with murder, Dutch finds he's a suspect in ... See full summary »

Director: Clark Johnson | Stars: Michael Chiklis, Catherine Dent, Paula Garcés, Walton Goggins

Votes: 1,625


3. The Wire (2002–2008)
Episode: -30- (2008)

TV-MA | 93 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Carcetti maps out a damage-control scenario with the police brass in the wake of a startling revelation from Pearlman and Daniels. Their choice: clean up the mess...or hide the dirt.

Director: Clark Johnson | Stars: Dominic West, Reg E. Cathey, John Doman, Aidan Gillen

Votes: 3,540


4. Spartacus (2010–2013)
Episode: Victory (2013)

TV-MA | 58 min | Action, Adventure, Biography

Spartacus and his outnumbered rebels make one last attempt to win freedom in an epic final battle against the Romans led by Marcus Crassus.

Director: Rick Jacobson | Stars: Liam McIntyre, Manu Bennett, Dustin Clare, Daniel Feuerriegel

Votes: 6,741


5. Angel (1999–2004)
Episode: Not Fade Away (2004)

TV-14 | 44 min | Action, Drama, Fantasy

In the series finale, Angel reveals that his questionable moral behavior has been part of a bigger plan: to destroy The Circle of the Black Thorn and show the Senior Partners that the power... See full summary »

Director: Jeffrey Bell | Stars: David Boreanaz, James Marsters, J. August Richards, Amy Acker

Votes: 2,716


6. Hannibal (2013–2015)
Episode: The Wrath of the Lamb (2015)

TV-14 | 43 min | Crime, Drama, Horror

Will hatches a cunning plot to slay Francis Dolarhyde, using Hannibal Lecter in his ploy. Bedelia voices concern about the perilous plan as Will continues his game with Hannibal, though Will may have to face his darkest fears.

Director: Michael Rymer | Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Caroline Dhavernas, Gillian Anderson

Votes: 10,957


7. The Leftovers (2014–2017)
Episode: The Book of Nora (2017)

TV-MA | 72 min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Nora wishes to step into Dr. Eden and Dr. Bekker's machine. But, what are the consequences?

Director: Mimi Leder | Stars: Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston, Chris Zylka

Votes: 5,146


8. Lost (2004–2010)
Episode: The End (2010)

TV-14 | 105 min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Locke searches for Desmond to achieve his goal of destroying the island. Jack, the newly-appointed "protector" of the island, sets out to stop him. In Los Angeles, the survivors slowly reunite and recall their island experiences.

Director: Jack Bender | Stars: Sam Anderson, Naveen Andrews, L. Scott Caldwell, Nestor Carbonell

Votes: 9,096


I know that this finale gets a lot of hate, but I really liked it. Even though they left some unanswered questions, I enjoyed the finale for what it was. I found it very emotional, not in the sense that I cried, but it prioritized it's characters over the island mystery and for me, it really worked.

9. Friday Night Lights (2006–2011)
Episode: Always (2011)

TV-14 | 61 min | Drama, Sport

With the decision to close the East Dillon Football program speculation runs wild on two fronts. Will the Lions be able to win State and go out in a blaze of glory; and will Coach Taylor ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Waxman | Stars: Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Aimee Teegarden, Michael B. Jordan

Votes: 793


10. Parks and Recreation (2009–2015)
Episode: One Last Ride: Part 2 (2015)

TV-PG | 60 min | Comedy

Leslie and Ben both receive offers to run for governor of Indiana in 2025. But before they decide on which person will take the offer, Ben has one final surprise for Leslie.

Director: Michael Schur | Stars: Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza

Votes: 3,189


11. Person of Interest (2011–2016)
Episode: Return 0 (2016)

TV-14 | 43 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Finch, Reese, Fusco and Shaw embark on one last mission to prevent Samaritan from destroying The Machine and cementing its hold over mankind.

Director: Chris Fisher | Stars: Jim Caviezel, Kevin Chapman, Amy Acker, Sarah Shahi

Votes: 8,697


12. The Office (2001–2003)
Episode: Christmas Special: Part 2 (2003)

TV-14 | 52 min | Comedy, Drama

Tim's world is rocked when Dawn turns up at the office to say hello. Despite a stern warning from Gareth and wise words from Keith in Accounts, Tim can't help but get his hopes up again. ... See full summary »

Directors: Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant | Stars: Ricky Gervais, Martin Freeman, Mackenzie Crook, Lucy Davis

Votes: 1,747


13. Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009)
Episode: Daybreak: Part 2 (2009)

TV-14 | 103 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

A stripped down Galactica attacks the Cylon's Colony ship in the hopes of rescuing Hera. The meaning of the shared dream in the Opera House on Kobol is revealed. Sam Anders is moved in his ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Rymer | Stars: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber

Votes: 2,502


14. The Americans (2013–2018)
Episode: START (2018)

TV-MA | 69 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

The Jennings family face a choice that will change their lives forever.

Director: Chris Long | Stars: Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Brandon J. Dirden, Costa Ronin

Votes: 2,602


15. Carnivàle (2003–2005)
Episode: New Canaan, CA (2005)

TV-MA | 52 min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

In the cliff-hanging season finale, Samson devises a grand plan by scheming with Ben, Jones, and the entire troupe to lure Brother Justin to Carnivale for his confrontation with Ben. ... See full summary »

Director: Scott Winant | Stars: Michael J. Anderson, Adrienne Barbeau, Clancy Brown, Debra Christofferson

Votes: 490


16. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003)
Episode: Chosen (2003)

TV-14 | 43 min | Action, Drama, Fantasy

After killing Caleb, Buffy conceives a plan to defeat the First once and for all. Willow invokes a magic spell that alters the ancient Slayer spell and gives Buffy the allies she needs to ... See full summary »

Director: Joss Whedon | Stars: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Emma Caulfield Ford, Michelle Trachtenberg

Votes: 3,598


17. Firefly (2002–2003)
Episode: Objects in Space (2002)

TV-14 | 44 min | Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

Serenity encounters a ruthlessly professional bounty hunter, Jubal Early, who will stop at nothing to retrieve River. But River, feeling unwelcome on the ship, takes a novel approach to escaping from the Alliance.

Director: Joss Whedon | Stars: Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin

Votes: 4,137


18. Breaking Bad (2008–2013)
Episode: Felina (2013)

TV-14 | 55 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Walter White makes one last attempt to secure his family's future, while also visiting some old enemies, during his final return to Albuquerque.

Director: Vince Gilligan | Stars: Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris

Votes: 78,934


19. 30 Rock (2006–2013)
Episode: Hogcock!/Last Lunch (2013)

TV-14 | 42 min | Comedy

Liz is dealing with being a stay-at-home mom while Jack tries to find true happiness. Kenneth and Tracy are both adjusting to Kenneth's new position as President of NBC.

Director: Beth McCarthy-Miller | Stars: Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, Jack McBrayer

Votes: 725


20. Justified (2010–2015)
Episode: The Promise (2015)

TV-MA | 48 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Raylan is captured by the authorities, but Art reluctantly lets him go and puts him back on the case. Avery gets to Ava and questions her about his missing money, but she winds up leading Boyd straight to them.

Director: Adam Arkin | Stars: Timothy Olyphant, Nick Searcy, Jere Burns, Joelle Carter

Votes: 1,714


21. Mad Men (2007–2015)
Episode: Person to Person (2015)

TV-14 | 56 min | Drama

Don's journey ends in California with Anna's niece, Stephanie, where he contemplates his future. Roger decides to marry Megan's mother, Marie. Joan has a business proposition for Peggy, who is coming to terms with her feelings for Stan.

Director: Matthew Weiner | Stars: Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones

Votes: 2,991


22. Fringe (2008–2013)
Episode: An Enemy of Fate (2013)

TV-14 | 43 min | Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

As the Observers close in, Walter and September desperately work to complete the plan, but one obstacle after another hinders their progress.

Director: J.H. Wyman | Stars: Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Jasika Nicole, John Noble

Votes: 2,759


23. The Killing (2011–2014)
Episode: Eden (2014)

TV-14 | 59 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Linden and Holder's partnership spirals out of control as they are confronted with the shocking truth behind the Stansbury murders.

Director: Jonathan Demme | Stars: Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, Gregg Henry, Tyler Ross

Votes: 1,361


24. Rome (2005–2007)
Episode: De Patre Vostro (About Your Father) (2007)

TV-MA | 65 min | Action, Drama, History

With the defeat of the Egyptian fleet at Actium, Mark Antony and Cleopatra retreat to their palace and await their fate. Believing that Cleopatra has taken her life, Mark Antony decides ... See full summary »

Director: John Maybury | Stars: Ray Stevenson, Kevin McKidd, Polly Walker, Kerry Condon

Votes: 1,532


25. Friends (1994–2004)
Episode: The Last One: Part 2 (2004)

TV-PG | 30 min | Comedy, Romance

Phoebe races Ross to the airport in a bid to stop Rachel from leaving for Paris. Monica and chandler pack up their apartment ahead of their move to their new house, and Joey buys Chandler a new chick and duck as a leaving present.

Director: Kevin Bright | Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc

Votes: 9,805


26. Scrubs (2001–2010)
Episode: My Finale: Part 2 (2009)

TV-PG | 22 min | Comedy, Drama

J.D. continues his last day at Sacred Heart, and tries to hold out hope for a great sendoff.

Director: Bill Lawrence | Stars: Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn

Votes: 3,472


27. Extras (2005–2007)
Episode: The Extra Special Series Finale (2007)

TV-14 | 84 min | Comedy, Drama

Andy is unhappy with the fame he has achieved. When a new agent approaches him, Andy fires Darren and quits 'When The Whistle Blows'. Meanwhile, Maggie has hit rock bottom, having given up ... See full summary »

Directors: Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant | Stars: Ricky Gervais, Ashley Jensen, Stephen Merchant, Shaun Williamson

Votes: 2,134


28. The Office (2005–2013)
Episode: Finale (2013)

TV-PG | 51 min | Comedy

One year later, Dunder Mifflin employees past and present reunite for a panel discussion about the documentary and to attend Dwight and Angela's wedding.

Director: Ken Kwapis | Stars: Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms

Votes: 8,831


29. Freaks and Geeks (1999–2000)
Episode: Discos and Dragons (2000)

TV-14 | 44 min | Comedy, Drama

Nick explores disco, Lindsay listens to the Grateful Dead, and Daniel tries something new. What's cool? Friendship.

Director: Paul Feig | Stars: Linda Cardellini, John Francis Daley, James Franco, Samm Levine

Votes: 1,471


30. Banshee (2013–2016)
Episode: Requiem (2016)

TV-MA | 59 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Proctor has to deal with an angry brotherhood, Calvin faces Kurt, while Hood and Veronica come to a big realization.

Director: Ole Christian Madsen | Stars: Antony Starr, Ivana Milicevic, Ulrich Thomsen, Frankie Faison

Votes: 1,980


31. Community (2009–2015)
Episode: Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television (2015)

TV-Y | 27 min | Comedy

As their sixth year at Greendale draws to a close, Abed asks everyone to imagine pitching a TV show about what they would do in season seven.

Director: Rob Schrab | Stars: Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie

Votes: 3,089


32. Rectify (2013–2016)
Episode: All I'm Sayin' (2016)

TV-14 | 68 min | Drama

Daniel begins to appreciate his progress as he realizes what his new life may look like. The old life is quickly disappearing for Teddy, who knows change is unavoidable. Jon debriefs Janet ... See full summary »

Director: Ray McKinnon | Stars: Aden Young, Abigail Spencer, J. Smith-Cameron, Adelaide Clemens

Votes: 504


33. Deadwood (2004–2006)
Episode: Tell Him Something Pretty (2006)

TV-MA | 50 min | Crime, Drama, History

Election day arrives, Hearst has his revenge, Sol and Trixie have it out, and Tolliver releases rage at his impotence.

Director: Mark Tinker | Stars: Timothy Olyphant, Ian McShane, Molly Parker, W. Earl Brown

Votes: 1,045


34. Damages (2007–2012)
Episode: But You Don't Do That Anymore (2012)

TV-MA | 70 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

But You Don't Do That Anymore

Director: Glenn Kessler | Stars: Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, Ryan Phillippe, Noah Bean

Votes: 271


35. Nikita (2010–2013)
Episode: Canceled (2013)

TV-14 | 42 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Frustrated that MDK is still active, Nikita decides to end it her way. Leaving Michael and the team behind, Nikita takes Alex on the road to exact revenge. Nikita and Alex capture Jones and... See full summary »

Director: Eagle Egilsson | Stars: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford

Votes: 676


36. New Girl (2011–2018)
Episode: Engram Pattersky (2018)

TV-14 | 21 min | Comedy

The gang get ready to say goodbye to the loft, but Jess isn't happy with how everyone is coping with their emotions

Director: Erin O'Malley | Stars: Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris

Votes: 561


37. 24: Live Another Day (2014)
Episode: 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. (2014)

TV-14 | 44 min | Action, Crime, Drama

As the world teeters on a terror plot of mass proportions, Jack and the team reunite one last time to avert an imminent crisis. With no time left and the fate of free world on the line, Jack is faced with an unthinkable and grave decision.

Director: Jon Cassar | Stars: Kiefer Sutherland, Yvonne Strahovski, Tate Donovan, Mary Lynn Rajskub

Votes: 1,440


38. Smallville (2001–2011)
Episode: Finale (2011)

TV-14 | 84 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

The story of Clark Kent culminates in this two-hour series finale as Clark takes the last step to becoming the Man of Steel.

Directors: Greg Beeman, Kevin Fair | Stars: Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Cassidy Freeman, Justin Hartley

Votes: 2,078


39. The Sopranos (1999–2007)
Episode: Made in America (2007)

TV-MA | 59 min | Crime, Drama

Tony and his family have to stay in hiding until Phil Leotardo is dealt with. His family doesn't like the lifestyle they have been forced to adopt. AJ and Meadow move onto the next step in their lives. Tony confronts Junior one last time.

Director: David Chase | Stars: James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli

Votes: 5,615


40. Boardwalk Empire (2010–2014)
Episode: Eldorado (2014)

TV-MA | 60 min | Crime, Drama, History

Nucky visits Gillian, Luciano and Lansky deal with Narcisse and young Nucky faces a turning point. In Chicago, Capone prepares to face trial and in New York Margaret becomes a stock operator a la Joe Kennedy. Scores are made and settled.

Director: Timothy Van Patten | Stars: Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham

Votes: 2,226


41. Spaced (1999–2001)
Episode: Leaves (2001)

TV-14 | 26 min | Action, Comedy

Tim, Daisy, Mike, and Brian go into panic mode and try to find Marsha to get her to come back after they find out that she's selling the house. Sophie is offered a job at Marvel Comics in ... See full summary »

Director: Edgar Wright | Stars: Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes, Katy Carmichael, Julia Deakin

Votes: 522


42. Party Down (2009–2010)
Episode: Constance Carmell Wedding (2010)

TV-MA | 30 min | Comedy

A year or so after she's left the Party Down team, Constance hires them to cater her wedding to the wealthy Alex Rocco. He's been married many times, and although Constance says that he's ... See full summary »

Director: Ken Marino | Stars: Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Megan Mullally, Ryan Hansen

Votes: 233


43. Penny Dreadful (2014–2016)
Episode: The Blessed Dark (2016)

TV-MA | 56 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Sir Malcolm and his allies battle the fiend laying claim to Vanessa, the Creature faces a baleful demand, and Ethan makes a heartrending choice.

Director: Paco Cabezas | Stars: Reeve Carney, Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Rory Kinnear

Votes: 2,024


44. Dollhouse (2009–2010)
Episode: Epitaph Two: Return (2010)

TV-14 | 44 min | Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

In the year 2020, events finally come full-circle as Echo and the few surviving Dollhouse staff struggle to restore mankind after the devastating events seen in the first season episode, "... See full summary »

Director: David Solomon | Stars: Eliza Dushku, Harry Lennix, Fran Kranz, Tahmoh Penikett

Votes: 725


45. The Vampire Diaries (2009–2017)
Episode: I Was Feeling Epic (2017)

TV-14 | 42 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror