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2. Traders (1996–2000)

60 min | Drama

In the setting of the Toronto-based investment house, Gardner/Ross, Traders explores the intimate lives and loves, the mystique and monetary machinations of investment bankers whose ... See full summary »

Stars: Sonja Smits, Bruce Gray, Patrick McKenna, Chris Leavins

Votes: 395

3. A River Somewhere (1997–1998)

30 min | Documentary

The light-hearted adventures of comedians Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner as they travel the globe to indulge in their passion for fly-fishing.

Stars: Tom Gleisner, Rob Sitch

Votes: 57

4. Lucan (1977–1978)

60 min | Drama

A boy, raised by wolves, is found at the age of 10. He is named Lucan and sent to a scientific institution to become civilized. All grown up, he leaves to find his family, but not all are convinced that he won't revert to his wild ways.

Stars: Kevin Brophy, Don Gordon, John Randolph, Guy Remsen

Votes: 119

5. The Man and the City (1971–1972)

60 min | Drama

Thomas Acala is the longtime mayor of a rapidly growing city in Southwest United States. He handles the constant challenges with the help of his chief aide Andy Hays and secretary Marian Crane.

Stars: Anthony Quinn, Mike Farrell, William Schallert, Mala Powers

Votes: 132

6. Image Union (1978– )

"Image Union" presents works collected by Tom Weinberg who, since 1978, restores and distributes documentary films, experimental or home videos and television programs created by artists, activists and community groups.

Stars: Art Baldwin, John Faye, The Solarz Family

Votes: 8

7. Nashville 99 (1977– )

60 min | Drama

Featuring Claude Atkins as Metro Nashville police lieutenant and Jerry Reed as his sidekick, this show features many country music personalities and is shot on location at various downtown ... See full summary »

Stars: Claude Akins, Jerry Reed, Lucille Benson, Charley Pride

Votes: 16

8. City of Angels (1976– )

60 min | Crime, Drama

Weekly adventures of hard-boiled '30s detective Jake Axminster.

Stars: Wayne Rogers, Elaine Joyce, Clifton James, Philip Sterling

Votes: 71

10. Beggars and Choosers (1999–2001)

TV-MA | 60 min | Comedy

The amusing trials of the executive staff of a television network.

Stars: Brian Kerwin, Charlotte Ross, Tuc Watkins, Sherri Saum

Votes: 205

11. Class of '96 (1993– )

60 min | Drama

Seven students make their way through their freshman year at Hazelhurst College.

Stars: Jason Gedrick, Megan Ward, Brandon Douglas, Perry Moore

Votes: 162

12. Call to Glory (1984–1985)

60 min | Drama

Colonel Raynor Sarnac has to balance his family and his duty as head of a flight group facing the political tensions of the early 60's. Actual historical events are part of various stories as are the activities of three active children.

Stars: Craig T. Nelson, Cindy Pickett, Elisabeth Shue, Gabriel Damon

Votes: 222

13. Houston Knights (1987–1988)

60 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A Chicago cop is transferred to Houston where he teams up with a Texas lawman.

Stars: Michael Paré, Michael Beck, D. Franki Horner, Dana Young

Votes: 165

14. Private Eye (1987–1988)

60 min | Crime, Drama

This is a detective series set in 1950's Hollywood. Jack Cleary is a (virtuous) cop and his virtue cost him his badge--he tried to expose corruption within his department, and the cops he ... See full summary »

Stars: Michael Woods, William Sadler, Josh Brolin, Lisa Jane Persky

Votes: 81

15. Coronet Blue (1967)

60 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Michael Alden is an amnesiac, who must discover his real identity before the operatives of a mysterious group locate him and kill him. The key to his past might be "Coronet Blue", a meaningless phrase he for some reason remembers.

Stars: Frank Converse, Joe Silver, Brian Bedford, Robert Burr

Votes: 127

16. Shannon's Deal (1990–1991)

60 min | Drama

Once a successful corporate lawyer at a prestigious Philadelphia law firm, Jack Shannon lost his marriage and his job, due in part to a compulsive gambling habit. While Shannon maintains a ... See full summary »

Stars: Jamey Sheridan, Elizabeth Peña, Jenny Lewis, Richard Edson

Votes: 83

17. I'll Fly Away (1991–1993)

60 min | Drama

Forrest Bedford is a Southern lawyer in the late 1950s, generally content with his privileged life. But the winds of change are blowing, and he becomes increasingly involved with civil ... See full summary »

Stars: Sam Waterston, Regina Taylor, Jeremy London, Ashlee Levitch

Votes: 734

18. Veronica Clare (1991– )

60 min | Crime, Mystery

Jazz club owner and gumshoe Veronica Clare solves a variety of cases (10 episodes). Set in an LA of the film noir style.

Stars: Laura Robinson, Robert Beltran, Christina Pickles, Tony Plana

Votes: 13

19. Shades of LA (1990– )

60 min | Crime, Drama, Fantasy

Det. Michael Burton of the Los Angeles Police Department is a shallow, casual kind of guy until a near-death experience changes his life. Grazed in the head by a bullet during a stake-out, ... See full summary »

Stars: Summer Shohfi, John D'Aquino, Brian Bonsall, Kathleen Bonsall

Votes: 18

20. A Year in the Life (1987–1988)

60 min | Drama

Joe Gardner, a child of the Depression, is a successful plastics manufacturer in Seattle, Washington. After his wife dies, his four adult children move back in. Anne, 35 and an ex-hippie, ... See full summary »

Stars: Richard Kiley, Trey Ames, Adam Arkin, Jayne Atkinson

Votes: 181

21. The Slap Maxwell Story (1987–1988)

30 min | Comedy

"Slap" Maxwell is a sportswriter of the old-school--hard-working, uncompromised. Unfortunately, his type of writing doesn't fit well in the modern world. His wife wants to discover her own ... See full summary »

Stars: Dabney Coleman, Brian Smiar, Megan Gallagher, Bill Cobbs

Votes: 107

22. Slattery's People (1964–1965)

60 min | Drama

Jim Slattery enters the state legislature, hopeful that he can make a difference. He finds dealing with endless rules and the majority opposition party frustrates any meaningful change but he stubbornly perseveres.

Stars: Richard Crenna, Paul Geary, Tol Avery, Maxine Stuart

Votes: 70

23. Wojeck (1966–1968)

60 min | Drama

A coroner searches for truth and justice with the help of his friends, while trying to hold his family together.

Stars: John Vernon, Patricia Collins, Ted Follows, Carl Banas

Votes: 38

24. The New Breed (1961–1962)

60 min | Drama

"The New Breed" was an American crime - drama series ,aired on ABC network from 1961 to 1962, with thirty-six episodes,starring Leslie Nielsen at age 35.

Stars: Leslie Nielsen, John Beradino, John Clarke, Greg Roman

Votes: 60

25. Mr. Novak (1963–1965)

60 min | Drama

The experiences of a young, tough-minded, idealistic high school English teacher on his first job provided the stories in this series. John Novak begins at Jefferson High School in Los ... See full summary »

Stars: James Franciscus, Dean Jagger, Vince Howard, Marian Collier

Votes: 119

26. Nakia (1974– )

60 min | Crime, Drama

Nakia Parker is a Native American serving as a deputy to Sam Jericho in New Mexico. Choosing an old truck or a horse over a police vehicle, he also combines tribal traditions with modern crime techniques.

Stars: Robert Forster, Arthur Kennedy, Taylor Lacher, Gloria DeHaven

Votes: 49

27. The Box (1974–1977)

50 min | Comedy, Drama

Examines the day-to-day running of Melbourne television station UCV-12, the professional and personal lives of its staff, both in front of, and behind, the camera.

Stars: Fred Betts, Ken James, Barrie Barkla, Judy Nunn

Votes: 29

28. The Manhunter (1974–1975)

60 min | Drama

Set during the Depression. Dave Barrett, a farmer, works as a bounty hunter to help his family.

Stars: Ken Howard, Robert Hogan, Harry Guardino, Celeste Holm

Votes: 44

29. Frank's Place (1987–1988)

30 min | Comedy, Drama

A professor from Boston runs his late father's New Orleans restaurant.

Stars: Tim Reid, Robert Harper, Daphne Reid, Francesca P. Roberts

Votes: 356

30. King's Crossing (1982)

60 min | Drama

Recovering alcoholic Paul Hollister moves wife Nan plus daughters Lauren and Carey back to King's Crossing. He resumes his job as college professor and Nan must rreconcile with wealthy aunt Louise Beauchamp.

Stars: Bradford Dillman, Mary Frann, Linda Hamilton, Marilyn Jones

Votes: 24

31. The Trials of O'Brien (1965–1966)

60 min | Drama

A flamboyant, Shakespeare-quoting, New York City defense attorney always seems to get into trouble.

Stars: Peter Falk, Joanna Barnes, Elaine Stritch, David Burns

Votes: 62

32. Channing (1963–1964)

60 min | Drama

Professor Joe Howe is a Korean War veteran who is hired to teach English at Channing College. The dean Fred Baker is his mentor as Howe is writing a novel about his experiences. They are frequently involved in the student's lives.

Stars: Henry Jones, Jason Evers, Tyler McVey, Ed Nelson

Votes: 29

33. Matrix (1993– )

60 min | Action, Drama, Fantasy

Steven Matrix is one of the underworld's foremost hitmen until his luck runs out, and someone puts a contract out on him. Shot in the forehead by a .22 pistol, Matrix "dies" and finds ... See full summary »

Stars: Nick Mancuso, Phillip Jarrett, Carrie-Anne Moss, John Vernon

Votes: 129

34. Outlaws (1986–1987)

60 min | Crime, Sci-Fi, Western

Five cowboys are sent forward in time from 1899 to 1986, where they start their own detective agency.

Stars: Rod Taylor, William Lucking, Charles Napier, Patrick Houser

Votes: 119

35. The Bronx Zoo (1987–1988)

60 min | Drama

Elderly white principal of a Bronx high school that's in a rough black and Latino neighborhood tries to keep everyone's spirits up, despite having to deal with unmotivated teachers and disinterested students.

Stars: Edward Asner, David Wilson, Kathleen Beller, Nicholas Pryor

Votes: 55

36. The Human Jungle (1963–1964)

60 min | Drama

This is a British television series in which Dr. Roger Corder (Herbert Lom) is a psychiatrist who is able to treat and cure any patients' mental disorders through Freudian and contemporary approaches.

Stars: Herbert Lom, Michael Johnson, Sally Smith, Mary Yeomans

Votes: 110

37. Espionage (1963–1964)

48 min | Drama, War

An anthology series telling different and unrelated stories of espionage set in many countries and historical periods.

Stars: Victor Platt, Maxwell Shaw, Alan Tilvern, Gertan Klauber

Votes: 41

38. The Informer (1966–1967)

60 min | Drama

Disgraced (and now released from prison) ex lawyer, uses his accumulated knowledge to earn a living from both sides of the law.

Stars: Ian Hendry, Neil Hallett, Jean Marsh, Heather Sears

Votes: 26

39. Out of the Unknown (1965–1971)

60 min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

A classic anthology science fiction series which features adaptations of stories by famous authors including Isaac Asimov, J.G. Ballard, Frederik Pohl and John Wyndham.

Stars: John Gabriel, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell, Erik Chitty, Peter Copley

Votes: 82

40. The Bold Ones: The Lawyers (1969–1972)

60 min | Drama

Walter Nichols, an older and experienced lawyer, serves as a mentor to two attorney brothers. Brian is the more cerebral sibling, better at research. The younger Neil is impulsive and prone... See full summary »

Stars: Burl Ives, Joseph Campanella, James Farentino, John Milford

Votes: 74

41. Live Shot (1995–1996)

60 min | Drama

Live Shot was a short-lived but high-quality show during the initial start up season for the UPN network. With a balance of comedy and drama, the show explored the inner workings of a Los ... See full summary »

Stars: Sam Anderson, David Birney, Wanda De Jesus, Hill Harper

Votes: 45

42. For the People (1965)

60 min | Crime, Drama

David Koster is an obsessive New York City assistant district attorney who gets into trouble because of his passion for justice. His boss, Anthony Celese, tries to keep him under control ... See full summary »

Stars: William Shatner, Howard Da Silva, Lonny Chapman, Jessica Walter

Votes: 23

43. Young Dr. Kildare (1972– )


In this syndicated reboot of Dr. Kildare, it attempts to recapture the popularity of the earlier series from ten years before. Dr. Kildare is the handsome young intern with much to learn and Dr. Gillespie his gruff mentor.

Stars: Mark Jenkins, Gary Merrill, Andrew Duggan, Gail Kobe

Votes: 15

44. O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (1971–1972)

60 min | Drama

James O'Hara of the United States Treasury works in several branches to stop illegal activities such as smuggling contraband, tax evasion, and the like.

Stars: David Janssen, Paul Picerni, Stacy Harris, Joe E. Tata

Votes: 103

45. Carson's Law (1983–1984)

50 min | Crime, Drama

Set in the 1920s. A female lawyer faces prejudice when she marries into a influentual family law firm. On top of this she has to bring up three children when her husband is killed in a plane crash.

Stars: Lorraine Bayly, Kevin Miles, Jon Sidney, Melanie Oppenheimer

Votes: 53

46. Rafferty's Rules (1987–1991)

50 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Michael Rafferty, who is a Stipendiary Magistrate, drives to work in an old blue VW Kombi van. He owns a cat named Rhubarb.

Stars: John Wood, Arky Michael, Simon Chilvers, Catherine Wilkin

Votes: 29

47. Janus (1994–1995)

50 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery