Controversial Movie Posters

by Paok-Kilkis | created - 10 months ago | updated - 10 months ago | Public

The movie poster is perhaps the most precarious attribute when it comes to marketing a film. A merger of art and commerce, movie posters must sell the “product” while simultaneously remain faithful in delivering the spirit of the film. More often than not, filmmakers are at the mercy of ever-powerful censorship boards, who act as the judge, jury and executioner when it comes to the rating and advertising of a motion picture. Trawling through the many accounts of controversies aroused within the film industry throughout the years, I have compiled a list of movie posters that have managed to run afoul in some form – whether in the court of public opinion or in the boardrooms of the MPAA, Advertising Standards Authority and the like.

Which of these posters do you find most inappropriate?

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