Strange Science / Conspiracy

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1. Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (2009– )


Jesse Ventura and his team of investigators dig deep into the behind-the-scenes government doings. What he reveals will shock you and awe you, but still, you're left to make up your own mind about what you do or do not believe.

Stars: Jesse Ventura, June Sarpong, Tyler Derek, Michael Braverman

Votes: 1,091

2. American Ripper (2017)

TV-14 | 43 min | Documentary, History, Mystery

The great-great-grandson of Herman Mudgett (alias H.H. Holmes - America's first serial killer), Jeff Mudgett, sets out to prove a controversial theory that H.H. Holmes and Britain's most ... See full summary »

Stars: Jeff Mudgett, Amaryllis Fox, Conor Hall, Mark Granville Merritt

Votes: 532

3. Most Evil (2006–2015)

TV-14 | 44 min | Documentary, Crime

Series follows Columbia University's Michael Stone as he searches for the roots of evil in human beings by exploring acts committed by infamous criminals and ordinary people which he rates on his "scale of evil".

Stars: Michael Stone, Tim Hopper, Kris Mohandie, Robert Sciglimpaglia

Votes: 764

4. UFOs: The Lost Evidence (2017–2019)

43 min | Documentary

UFOs: The Lost Evidence examines UFOs that may be inhabiting our oceans, top-secret military base Area 52, pilot and astronaut UFO sighting accounts, and deathbed confessions.

Stars: Eric Chase, Mike Bara, Nick Pope, Erica Lukes

Votes: 150

5. CERN (2013 TV Movie)

G | 75 min | Documentary

CERN in Switzerland is a research center where they try to recreate the big bang. Nikolaus Geyrhalter follows the center's infrastructure and meets the people who created the "Large Hadron Collider".

Director: Nikolaus Geyrhalter | Stars: Pauline Gagnon, Luca Bottura, Beniamino Di Girolamo, Tatuso Kawamoto

Votes: 64

6. The Lowe Files (2017– )

TV-PG | 30 min | Reality-TV

"The Lowe Files" follows Rob Lowe and his two sons as they travel through the country to explore infamous unsolved mysteries, a curiosity that Rob has had since his early childhood days and has now been passed down to his boys.

Stars: Edward Matthew Lowe, John Owen Lowe, Rob Lowe, Jon Rasmussen

Votes: 364

7. Symmetry (I) (2015)

60 min | Adventure, Musical, Sci-Fi

SYMMETRY is a dance-opera film shot inside CERN, the largest experimental particle physics facility in the world. With the cathedral-like majesty of the Large Hadron Collider as his theatre... See full summary »

Director: Ruben Van Leer | Stars: Lukas Timulak, Claron McFadden, Shirley Essenboom, Celia Amade

Votes: 17

8. Black Knight Decoded (2015 Video)

10 min | Short, Adventure, Drama

After receiving a signal from a outer space, a father struggles to unite the world and make first contact.

Director: Jabbar Raisani | Stars: David Oyelowo, Freida Pinto, Layla Crawford, Sebastian Roché

Votes: 20

9. Hunt for the Skinwalker (2018)

Not Rated | 127 min | Documentary

Hunt For The Skinwalker is a documentary about the most intensive scientific study of a UFO and paranormal hotspot in human history.

Director: Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell | Stars: George Knapp, Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell, Colm Kelleher, Robert Bigelow

Votes: 406

10. Above Majestic (2018)

Not Rated | 133 min | Documentary

A look at the origins, history and conspiracies behind the "Majestic 12", a clandestine group of military and corporate figureheads charged with reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology.

Director: Roger R. Richards | Stars: David Adair, Ronald Bernard, George W. Bush, John DeSouza

Votes: 719

11. The Unexplained Files (2013–2014)


Looking at raw footage and firsthand accounts of unexplained phenomena, join renowned scientists and eyewitnesses as they help make sense of the incomprehensible, such as Texas Blue Dogs, ... See full summary »

Stars: Chuck Zukowski, Bruce Greenwood, Anthony Mendez, Grant Ross

Votes: 348

12. UFOs Declassified (2015– )

47 min | Documentary, History

UFOs Declassified uncovers the world's most amazing UFO stories and reveals the top secret documents that back them up!

Stars: Brad Cartner, Leslie Kean, Nick Pope, Louis Adams

Votes: 131

13. Hangar 1: The UFO Files (2014–2015)

Mystery, Reality-TV, Sci-Fi

The files of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, are shared by MUFON members and UFO experts.

Stars: Nik Petcov, Cornell Womack, John Ventre, Jeremy Ray

Votes: 694

14. World's Strangest (2013– )

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary

WORLD'S STRANGEST examines bizarre explosions, peculiar jobs that require a unique skillset, unexpected places to get a good night's sleep, vehicles with unusual design features, secret bunkers and tunnels found underground, and much more.

Stars: Michael Allcock, Mike Arceneaux, Jason Bradbury, Germaine Cadet

Votes: 30

15. The Strange Truth (2016– )


See description at the National Geographic Channel.

Stars: James Lamsdell, Clint Penick, Valerie Van Heest

Votes: 23

16. America's Book of Secrets (2012– )

TV-14 | 44 min | Documentary

From the facts behind the NSA spying scandals ("Big Brother") and the Boston Bombings ("American Terrorists") to America's secret prisons, Scientology, the Gold conspiracy and America's doomsday plans, this series features in-depth interviews with top journalists, law enforcement officials and whistleblowers.

Stars: Barry Aird, Jonathan Adams, Alex Jones, Ronald Kessler

Votes: 511

17. Close Encounters (2014– )


Reenactments of alien encounters.

Stars: James Fraser, John Ventre, Matthew Sauvé, Kate Fenton

Votes: 142

18. Dark Matters: Twisted But True (2011– )

30 min | Documentary, Horror, Sci-Fi

Delves into the most unusual research ever conducted, including attempts to crossbreed humans and apes, actual zombie investigations and head transplantation studies. Cutting-edge CGI ... See full summary »

Stars: John Noble, Jim Ottaviani, Sean Montgomery, David Maiullo

Votes: 790

19. Hotel Secrets & Legends (2014– )

Crime, Reality-TV

Two million hotel rooms are occupied every night in America, so it's no wonder that some of the most captivating tales from America's history have occurred in hotels. Join us as we explore these secrets and legends.

Stars: Tim Budas, Andrew Ortiz, Ryan Gangl, Tim Halpin

Votes: 46

20. Mysteries of the Missing (2017– )

TV-PG | 42 min | Documentary

A documentary series that exposes the theories behind what happened on the fateful day of disappearances and what science can now tell us about these events with Terry O'Quinn as a host.

Stars: Terry O'Quinn, Mike Bonham, Terry MacDonald

Votes: 64

21. NASA's Unexplained Files (2012– )

45 min | Documentary

A look is taken at exclusive NASA footage and firsthand accounts of mysterious fly objects from astronauts and scientists are presented.

Stars: Christopher Orwoll, Erik Dellums, James E. Oberg, Bill Birnes

Votes: 378

22. True Nightmares (2015– )

History, Horror, Mystery

True stories of murder and mayhem morph into urban legends like the bogeyman or the monster under the bed - haunting our childhoods and scaring us throughout our lives. Investigation ... See full summary »

Stars: Todd Robbins, Andrew Bongiorno, Jeff DuJardin, Paris Bravo

Votes: 246

23. Unsolved Mysteries (1987–2010)

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary, Crime, Drama

Combines dramatic re-enactments, interviews and updates, to tell stories of real mysteries, from human to the supernatural.

Stars: Robert Stack, Dennis Farina, Keely Shaye Brosnan, Christopher Chacon

Votes: 3,980

24. The Day Before Disclosure (2010)

103 min | Documentary

Our modern civilization is likely to be confronted with the biggest paradigm shift in the perception of reality ever, and through our productions we wish to bring insight from the forefront of this development.

Directors: Terje Toftenes, Truls Toftenes | Stars: Terje Toftenes, Edgar D. Mitchell, Steven M. Greer, Richard M. Dolan

Votes: 267

25. Deep Space (2016– )

TV-G | Documentary, History, Sci-Fi

From the moment the real space race began, it was enshrouded with secrecy and disinformation. Now reports of extraterrestrial beings on Earth, suppressed advanced technologies and expansive... See full summary »

Stars: Regina Meredith, Billy Carson, Mike Bara, Michael Salla

Votes: 31

26. Prehistoric Astronomers (2007 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 54 min | Documentary, History

Cave paintings and lunar calendars exist in the caves and remains of prehistoric hunters studied recently. What if Prehistoric Man were clever enough to develop in depth scientific ... See full summary »

Votes: 8

27. Conspiracy (2015– )

Documentary, History

History presents us with an accepted view of past events but there are often dissenting voices. This new series examines the claims made by these people. Are their ideas wild conspiracy theories or are they the real story of past events?

Stars: Mark Bazeley, Aidan Creegan, Raj Persaud, Lynette Nusbacher

Votes: 182

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