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1. Did You See That?

Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi | Post-production

When a couple of female college seniors dabble in magic in an attempt to put a love spell on two of the biggest ladies men on campus, but they unwittingly unleash an evil entity into the ... See full summary »

Director: Orlando Estrada | Stars: Lexi Wayman, Carly Jones, Alma Botello, Kenlyn Kanouse

2. Lunar Effect

Horror, Thriller | Post-production

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Director: Todd Christopher Van | Stars: Danny Trejo, Matt Offerman, Kat Purgal, Tui Asau

3. Survival Chinese

82 min | Action, Adventure, Horror | Post-production

An American savant and his interpreter brother travel to China on vacation only to get lost and end up in a small town full of zombies infected by a mysterious off-brand liquor. When his ... See full summary »

Director: Gerald Lee | Stars: Dan Feng Qiao, Xing Yu Liang, Jing Fu, David Petrick

4. Radio London (2011)

95 min | Horror, War

Can Tariq Solomon, an innocent man accused of a heinous crime, ever return back to society? What are the secrets that bind him to the refugee girl and the street preacher he encounters under the shadow of intense media scrutiny?

Director: Rehan Malik | Stars: Ziad Abaza, Asadullah Ali, Bahzad Ali, Maryam Ali

5. Doctor S Battles the Sex Crazed Reefer Zombies: The Movie: The Musical

80 min | Comedy, Horror, Musical | Post-production

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Director: Bryan Ortiz | Star: Rick Carillo

6. Bloody Hell (I)

96 min | Comedy, Horror | Announced

First time Director, Barry Duffield, learns the hard way that making a vampire film isn't just scary - it might just kill him.

Director: Michael Richmond Brown | Stars: Mick Meredith, Hannah Levien, Andy Trieu, Alan Cinis

7. Blazzlehoffen II: Dream Hoster

60 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

The powers of the dream hosters is revealed in order to destroy the Blazzlehoffen. But who are the dream hosters and will they succeed?

Director: Dundadah Bartholomew

8. The Screaming Silent

104 min | Drama, Horror | Post-production

Desperate to make the film that will crown him the next Tarantino debut filmmaker Kurt Michaels travels 8000 miles deep into the lost outback of Tasmania to retrace the voyage of his ... See full summary »

Director: David Davidson | Stars: Gary Brun, Lisa Hanley, Whitney Boyd, Andrew Lindqvist

9. Resonance (II)

Horror, Thriller | Announced

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Director: Michael Beddoes

10. The Night Stalkers

Horror | Announced

Bodies stack high when a group of hooligans break into a tiny unassuming grocery store and end up the newest victims of a family of depraved and sadistic serial killers.

11. Stash

110 min | Horror | Completed

Stash involves an idealistic woman raising money for her church. She embarks on a scavenger hunt that leads to an unspeakable encounter with the Devil himself.

Director: Terry R. Wickham | Stars: Almog Pail, Jonathan Weirich, Richard Kern, Jesse Ray Sheps

12. LandLocked

75 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror | Post-production

Mason returns to his childhood home after years away and begins a surreal journey into the past.

Director: Paul Owens | Star: Mason Owens

13. Gold Rush

90 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller | Completed

A team of paranormal experts are terrorized by an evil presence at an estate filled with antiques from a gold mining ghost town in the heart of the gold rush country.

Director: Debbie Bledsoe | Stars: Debbie Bledsoe, Kristen DeLuca, Angel Oquendo, Lydia Castro

14. Badger

65 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery | Post-production

Just as Elijah is about to put himself out of his misery, a strange creature appears.

Director: Edgar Muñiz | Stars: Chloe Zak, Brian George Randles, Seth Johansson, Nicholas Null

16. Owlman

Not Rated | 82 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller | Announced

Who is coming is a creepy supernatural thriller based loosely on a real life haunting. The story follows two friends Rachel and Katy who are working at a large empty museum in London. Katy ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Mansfield

17. Obake Neko

119 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller | Post-production

OBAKE NEKO In tribute to the old Japanese Obake movies, 'Obake-Neko' (Ghost Cat) is a tale of murder and revenge set in 1925 Hawai'i. A Japanese woman, who befriends a black cat, is ... See full summary »

Director: Denny Hironaga | Stars: Amy Tamaribuchi, Eric Nemoto, Nani Morita, Janice Terukina

18. I Filmed Your Death

90 min | Drama, Horror | Post-production

A small town is rocked when a local man goes on a rampage in a movie theater, killing dozens as well as himself. Now, a year later, young filmmaker Pierce Lyndale adds salt to the wound ... See full summary »

Director: Sam Bahre | Stars: Peter Tork, Michael Horse, Lloyd Kaufman, Robert Kerman

19. Diary (I)

103 min | Drama, Horror | Post-production

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Director: Daniel Parkes Jr. | Star: Daniel Parkes Jr.

20. *It Got Out

85 min | Action, Comedy, Horror | Post-production

When a deal goes wrong, four small-time drug runners flee to a safe-house where a malevolent entity craves to be unleashed.

Directors: Robert H. Lambert, K. Josie Collier | Stars: Robert H. Lambert, Kacey Samiee, Melissa Gratia, Timothy McKinney

21. Red Raccoon

98 min | Comedy, Horror | Completed

Red Raccoon is a Horror / Art / Black Comedy film that is a spin on the "found footage" type of film making. Taking place at a remote mountain sex resort that caters to every type... See full summary »

Directors: Chad Smith, Max Smith | Stars: Toni Morris, Dea Webb, Duane Richardson, Stephen DeLiberis

22. Don't Drink and Cast Spells

79 min | Comedy, Horror | Post-production

It may be an unspoken rule of witchcraft, but when young witch Lace gets a text from her boyfriend Jason's phone breaking up with her, she can't help herself. She drinks and casts spells. ... See full summary »

Director: Bryan Belser | Stars: Candy Fox, Steven Lerner, Nicole Geib, Jason Miller

23. Dark Invasion

Thriller | Announced

A police captain is recruited by the U.S. government in 1915 to seek out German spies.

24. Genie

Adventure | Pre-production

A remake of Disney's classic Aladdin

25. Haunted Road

Horror | Announced

A rebellious daughter and a her protective father's journey through hell begins here.

Director: Matt Walker

26. Island of Horror

Horror | Announced

Six friends are sent to an island and what they find are their greatest fears and betrayal greater than any friendship could endure.

Star: Darius Devontaye Green

27. An Evil Within

91 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller | Post-production

In small town Washington A foreclosure leads to an arson. The crime spree continues the next night at the bank owner, Donald's house, when two masked robbers break in. Donald almost escapes... See full summary »

Director: Sage Bannick | Stars: Danny Selzer, Danbert Nobacon

28. After Dusk

Horror, Mystery, Thriller | Announced

A young photographer travels into the woods where she faces an invisible force.

Director: Marcus Hanftaler

30. Bloody Legends: Yara (2016)

Comedy, Horror, Reality-TV

The crew from paranormal reality TV show 'Bloody Legends' go missing while hunting down the mythical Yaramayahoo in the Australian bush.

Director: Doug Turner | Stars: Franck Bossi, Rosalie Davison, Amber Gokken, Melissa Hanes

32. The Ranch (II)

Horror, Thriller | Announced

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Director: Daniel J Cunningham

33. The Trip (I)

88 min | Horror | Post-production

When a group of young, sexy, party-loving friends stop for the night at a small town motel, they soon find themselves in a nightmarish chase for their lives - from what seems to be towns people turned evil.

Director: John D. Piper II | Stars: Jamie Teer, Mel Heflin, Chelsea Rowland, Kody Downs

34. The Red Dahlia

Horror | Announced

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Director: Dan Ast | Star: Cory Driscoll

35. [fd]

Horror | Announced

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Director: Borja Brun

36. Zombie Schoolgirls, Attack!!

Horror | Announced

In a post zombie-war world, teams of bounty hunters are hired to clean up the last of the undead. Top of the game is the Schoolgirl Alliance, a highly trained, beautifully lethal (and sometimes clumsy) trio of girls.

Director: George Clarke | Stars: Jean-Paul Van der Velde, Rachael Galloway, Chloe Sacco, Gareth Myles

37. Zombie Party Massacre

Horror | Announced

Roommates Jeff and Jason are throwing a costume party. Things take a turn for the worst when the party guests unexpectedly start to turn into zombies.

Director: Jessica Houlihan

39. Zombie Frat House (2020)

Not Rated | 92 min | Horror | Post-production

The worst frat house on campus is the last stand against a zombie apocalypse

Director: Ross Bigley | Stars: Brian Miracle, Kj Lyn, Bo Johnson, Dan Katula

40. Z (I)

Action, Horror, Thriller | Completed

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Director: Manuel Pifano | Stars: Zapata 666, Francisco Díaz, Mohammed Alkhaldi, Carlos Antonio León

42. World of Fear


Brooks, a Royal Marine returns from service in Iraq as a pandemic sweeps the world and engulfs Scotland. His girlfriend is murdered by the infected and Brooks seeks revenge. Two years later... See full summary »

Director: Paul Thomas Cunningham | Stars: James Gerard, Andrew McLaughlin, Rebecca MacAngus, Courtney Cunnigham

43. Woodland (I)

Horror, Thriller | Pre-production

A bloodstained abandoned car belonging to Matthew Thomas has been found in an open field, his wife Jessica, the prime suspect of his murder and his mistress, however she has a perfect alibi... See full summary »

Director: Timothy Fielding | Star: Kelly Downes

44. Witches' Tide

Horror | Announced

Based on the comic book story "Witches' Tide" (Eerie #7 Warren Publishing 1966) by Eugene Colan and Archie Goodwin, cover art by Frank Frazetta.

45. Witch in the Woods

Comedy, Horror | Announced

Jasper and Sedhu are two 20 something's that have not quite done anything with their lives since high school. When children in their town start disappearing they decide this is their calling. Jasper and Sedhu are on the case.

Director: Todd Rodgers

46. When the Devil Rides Out (2017)

82 min | Horror

After a car accident, an author of horror stories starts to see visions of the Devil.

Director: Richard Driscoll | Stars: Richard Driscoll, Tom Sizemore, Michael Madsen, Oliver Tobias

47. Wheeler (I)

Horror, Thriller | Announced

Do you believe in ghosts?

48. What Lives

Horror | Announced

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49. What Happens Next Will Scare You

Comedy, Horror | Post-production

Staying late in their office on a Friday night, a motley crew of click-bait article authors are tasked with finding the top thirteen scariest online videos in preparation for a Halloween ... See full summary »

Director: Chris LaMartina | Stars: Bianca Allaine, Sharrie McCain, Maddie Howard, Tracey Allyn

50. Welshgate

Horror | Announced

The horrifying story of a young couple's final hours after they become stranded in a modern ghost town in Mississippi and its most iconic attraction: Welshgate State Mental Hospital, whose ... See full summary »

Director: Jason Cox

51. We Were There

Horror | Post-production

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Director: Robert Cathcart | Stars: Adrian Scott, Jose Pena, Mallorie Halsall

52. We Live Here

Horror | Announced

After a young family find themselves being stalked by a strange homeless man, it soon becomes clear that there's something supernatural happening in their own home.

Director: Juan Martínez Moreno

53. Voodoo: Retribution

Horror | Filming

Emmanuel got married and moved into a new house to start a new life, only to be haunted by his past.

Director: Romane Simon | Stars: Vanessa Ross, Maria Olsen, Tony Curtis Blondell, Steven Skyler

54. Viral (II)

Horror | Announced

A group of popular high school kids lives are in danger when a prank video they shoot of a fringe student takes on a life of its own.

55. Vex

Horror | Announced

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56. Vampiria

120 min | Horror, Thriller | Filming

It tells creature born from a combination of vampires and demons.

Director: Hasan Karacadag | Stars: Sultan Köroglu Kiliç, Murat Sevis

57. Vampire Soul: Hidden in Plain Sight

Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi | Announced

For centuries they have walked among the living undiscovered, until one woman's desire to be a mother leads to another family's revenge.

Director: Jessica Soss | Stars: Natalie Lymor, Christian Boeving, Jobeth Wagner, Ronee Collins

58. Vampire Schoolgirls

Comedy, Horror | Announced

In a town infested with Vampires, the citizens hire a priest and his team of sexy Vampire Hunters to drive them out, but a new girl in town could be the secret weapon they have been looking for in their war with the vampires.

Stars: Victoria Levine, Jessica Jade Andres, Matthew Ashford, Catherine Annette

59. Vampi's

Action, Comedy, Fantasy | Announced

Savannah realizes getting hired at Hollywood's next "it" spot Vampi's takes more than beauty, blood, sweat and tears, but once you're in, you're in for life.

Director: Marie Adler

61. Utero

Horror | Post-production

An agoraphobic unwed mother finds her psyche unraveling as she becomes convinced that her unborn child is more monster than human.

Director: Bryan Coyne | Stars: Jessica Cameron, John Gulager, Peter Stickles, Diane Ayala Goldner

62. Usher's Legacy

105 min | Horror | Post-production

A modern day update of the classic Poe story, The Fall of the House of Usher, has gay themes incorporated into the main story.

Director: Joseph Naylor | Stars: Adrian Colbert, David Pfrimmer, Scott Wong

64. Under a Blanket of Blue

Not Rated | Horror, Thriller | Announced

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Director: Anthony Edward Curry | Stars: Tina Krause, Anthony Edward Curry, Tim Cronin, J.D. Brown

65. Undead Redemption

100 min | Action, Horror, Western | Announced

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Director: Matthew Campagna

66. Mindeath

Comedy, Horror | Post-production

Sveta is a young cleaner who is forced to fight with demons and creatures that inhabit her floor. Everything changes when she befriends a young actress... And changes not in a good way.

Director: Yuri Gavrilov | Stars: Anna Troyanskaya, Irene Muscara, Vladimir Zagorodnyuk, Sergey Guryev

67. Twinge

Crime, Horror, Thriller | Announced

A van load of bickering students fall prey to a murderous mother looking to add branches to her twisted family tree.

Director: Steven Goldfried | Stars: Moses Jones, Lee Perkins, Anna Margaret, David Schifter

68. True Stories of Halloween

Horror | Announced

Three towns. Three Stories. All true.

69. Trip Into Hell (2022)

95 min | Horror, Thriller | Announced

A weekend get-a-way to their dead parents cabin turns horribly wrong when the flesh eating cannibals rise from the basement of the 3 year thought to be abandoned cabin.

Director: Jaydon Taylor | Stars: Jaydon Taylor, Karen Yamileth, Donovan Rodriguez, Sergio Jaimes

70. The Empties

Horror | Announced

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Director: Kristen Renee Gorlitz

71. Trailer Park Vampire Hookers

Horror | Announced

An off the grid trailer park provides the setting for this tale of a missing young lady submerged into a vampire subculture.

72. Torture

Horror | Post-production

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Director: Jason Wright | Stars: Laurence R. Harvey, Aria DeMaris, Mark Haldor, Paul Dewdney

73. Torn (II)

Action, Horror | Announced

Group of Mercenaries travel to the Philippines to recover a Red Cross Relief Crew when they are met with a disaster they didn't expect to encounter.

74. Tormenta

Action, Horror, Thriller | Announced

HEROES ARE BORN OF FIRE AND RAIN. Esteban Rivera spends his nights hanging from rooftops and overpasses, covering gray concrete with murals depicting heroic struggles and forgotten heritage... See full summary »

Director: Elias Matar | Stars: Barbara Nedeljakova, Aldo Gonzalez, Davonna Finley

75. Tobacco Jack

Horror | Completed

A legendary figure brings terror to Tall Root County when twenty-two people disappear within the shadow hills. Nearly three decades later, people are disappearing once again. Lauren Abrams,... See full summary »

Director: Marc Dube | Stars: Kerry McGann, David Gere, Robert Sciglimpaglia, J.P. Valenti

76. Tick Tock Trick

90 min | Horror, Thriller | Completed

Selik Manor draws in a group with a love of the gothic world. The visitors desire for history, ghosts and magic is excited inside. The themed hosts charm the guests in the haunted setting ... See full synopsis »

Director: Bronwyn Edwards | Stars: Ed Johnson, Bhawana Jimi, Samuel Webster, Jack Beale

77. Thy Kingdom Come

Horror, Thriller | Announced

In the ultimate game of cat and mouse. The hunters become the hunted as they are forced into to play a game of survival.

Director: William Tims

78. Three Days (I)

Horror | Announced

The next three days of Devon's life hang in the balance as he confronts his fears after delving in things that should have been left well alone.

Director: Richard L. Davies | Star: Vladimir Nikolashin

79. This Film Hates You

Drama, Horror, Mystery | Post-production

A gritty detective and a murder victim both hunt for the same killer through a dark, twisted, and surreal world.

Director: Anthony Kilburn | Stars: Krystyn Tsagarakis, Seth Langner, Christina May, Walter Colson

80. Thesis Unlimited

Horror | Announced

How far may you go to prove your thesis?

81. There's a Dark, Dark House

Horror | Announced

When five strangers sit out a storm at an isolated dwelling their conversation turns to scary stories, but unlike traditional tales of terror these accounts all share a common secret - each somehow links to a different member of the group.

Director: George Mihalka

82. Theories

100 min | Horror | Post-production

Five friends go into the woods on a tip that something something is going to happen and unfortunately for them, it does. One goes missing and the others are left to try and find him, while ... See full summary »

Director: Mike Tyrrell | Stars: Ali Johnson, Benjamin Robitaille, Jordan Heron, David Parisian

83. Them (III)

Horror | Announced

In a desperate attempt to cure his wife's early onset Alzheimer's, the brilliant but arrogant scientist, Dr. Robert Follis, performs experimental gene therapy on her. The improvements are ... See full summary »

Director: Mike Soccio | Stars: Matt Passmore, Shelby Young, Lucas Kerr

84. The Woods (III)

Horror | Announced

A group of friends find themselves trapped in the woods by an unseen terror.

Director: Derek Cole

86. William Froste

Drama, Horror, Thriller | Announced

Plot unknown.

Director: Michael Leavy | Stars: Miko Hughes, Leslie Easterbrook, Adrienne King

87. Wild Boar

Horror, Sci-Fi | Completed

A hidden colony of blood thirsty mutant pig-men prey on innocent humans who cross their path.

Director: Barney Burman | Stars: Daniel Roebuck, Augie Duke, Reina Hardesty, Douglas Tait

90. Wendigo Rising

Horror | Post-production

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Director: Seth Roberts | Stars: Sheri Lee, Ethan Rodgers, David Rickards, Ben McLean

91. We Are Here (I)

Horror, Thriller | Announced

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Director: Michael Grodner

92. Wait, Wait, Don't Kill Me

Comedy, Horror, Mystery | Filming

An unknown virus spreads in a poor neighborhood. The infected victims crave water and begin going after the residents of the densely packed neighborhood in gruesome ways. When the military ... See full summary »

Director: Adam Lippe | Stars: Greg Pronko, Justine S. Harrison, Ed Feldman, David Lee Denny Jr.

93. Vernon Metzinger Presents: Presidents Day Massacre (2015)

67 min | Comedy, Horror

In the city of Little Jamestown, Presidents' Day is a joyous and celebratory occasion, unless you're the senior class who associate the once wonderful holiday with a traumatic event that ... See full summary »

Director: Matthew Williams | Stars: Tyler Caldwell, Caleb Mosley, Cassidy Cornett, Cody Gay

94. Vampire Escorts

Horror | Announced

Jewel has kept the vital affairs of her business and what goes on behind closed doors safe from any suspicion. However, Diamond and Onyx want to reveal all by bringing vampire sexiness and seduction to the urban streets.

Director: Richard Davis | Stars: Shawn Eric Jones, Kevin Tillett, Billionna Olivia Reyes, Alexis Schneider

95. Unlucky Winners

Horror, Thriller | Post-production

Four lucky employees win the opportunity to bond with the boss on a weekend get-away. Things don't go as planned when they run into two unhappy rednecks.

Director: Darren Wiczek | Stars: Craig Larson, Craig Knitt, Shawn Brantmeier, Jason Adair

96. Tomado

Horror | Announced

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Director: Carlos G. Gananian

97. The Wishbox

Horror | Announced

A mother finds a mysterious ornate music box for sale in an antiques store and gifts it to her son for Christmas. Soon after it appears all they are wishing for comes true, but she soon ... See full summary »

Director: Paul Rock

98. The Forest (I)

2 min | Short, Horror | Pre-production

A man's emotional turmoil manifests itself as a torturous and physical force.

Director: Julian T. Barbosa | Star: James Bacon

99. The White Room (I)

Horror | Announced

Single mother Emma McIntyre wakes up to find herself trapped in a white-tiled, windowless prison. A space where everything is automated. There are no guards, no surveillance cameras - just her & ten strangers; her daughter, Mandy, missing.

Director: Norbert Keil

100. The Walkers (II)

Action, Drama, Horror | Announced

A group of underground biochemists conduct illegal testing of an incurable flesh-eating virus on human subjects, until, one of the test subjects escapes. Now, three weeks later, a group of ... See full summary »

Stars: Brendan Byrne, Marissa Kaye

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