Year 1919

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1. J'accuse! (1919)

Not Rated | 166 min | Drama, Horror, War

The story of two men, one married, the other the lover of the other's wife, who meet in the trenches of the First World War, and how their tale becomes a microcosm for the horrors of war.

Director: Abel Gance | Stars: Romuald Joubé, Maxime Desjardins, Séverin-Mars, Angèle Guys

Votes: 1,315

2. Leonard Maltin: 3.5 of 4 stars: (French); Vividly filmed classic, one of the earliest cinematic indictments of war.

2. Endurance (1919)

TV-G | 88 min | Documentary, Adventure, History

The story of the 1914-1916 Antarctic exploration mission of Sir Ernest Shackleton. The ship sails south, breaking the ice, and ultimately getting trapped by the fast-changing weather. The ... See full summary »

Director: Frank Hurley | Stars: Ernest Shackleton, Frank Worsley, J. Stenhouse, L. Hussey

Votes: 460

6. Leonard Maltin: 3.5 of 4 Stars: Nothing can compare to this original, straightforward account--with startlingly clear footage that looks as if it was shot this morning.

3. When the Clouds Roll by (1919)

85 min | Action, Comedy, Romance

Psychiatrist Dr. Ulrich Metz attempts to drive Daniel Brown to suicide.

Director: Victor Fleming | Stars: Douglas Fairbanks, Albert MacQuarrie, Kathleen Clifford, Frank Campeau

Votes: 744

7. Leonard Maltin: 3.5 of 4 stars: Douglas Fairbanks film

4. Male and Female (1919)

Not Rated | 116 min | Adventure, Drama

Lady Mary Lasenby is a spoiled maiden who always gets her way until shipwrecked with her butler, then learns which qualities are really admirable in a person.

Director: Cecil B. DeMille | Stars: Thomas Meighan, Theodore Roberts, Raymond Hatton, Robert Cain

Votes: 1,673

10. Leonard Maltin: 3.5 of 4 stars: Cecil B. DeMille film.

5. Blind Husbands (1919)

Not Rated | 99 min | Drama, Romance

An Austrian officer sets out to seduce a neglected young wife.

Director: Erich von Stroheim | Stars: Sam De Grasse, Francelia Billington, Erich von Stroheim, Gibson Gowland

Votes: 1,274

16. Leonard Maltin: 3 of 4 Stars: Erich von Stroheim film. Arresting visuals and perverse psychological details.

6. Broken Blossoms (1919)

Not Rated | 90 min | Drama, Romance

A frail waif, abused by her brutal boxer father in London's seedy Limehouse District, is befriended by a sensitive Chinese immigrant with tragic consequences.

Director: D.W. Griffith | Stars: Lillian Gish, Richard Barthelmess, Donald Crisp, Arthur Howard

Votes: 8,804

17. Leonard Maltin: 3 of 4 Stars: One of Griffith's more modest, and more successful, films.

7. The Oyster Princess (1919)

Not Rated | 58 min | Comedy

An American heiress seeks the hand of an impoverished German prince.

Director: Ernst Lubitsch | Stars: Victor Janson, Ossi Oswalda, Harry Liedtke, Julius Falkenstein

Votes: 1,549

19. Leonard Maltin: 3 of 4 Stars: Ernst Lubitsch film. Delightfully nonsensical farce

8. The Spiders - Episode 1: The Golden Sea (1919)

Not Rated | 130 min | Adventure, Western

Kay Hoog finds a message that indicates that some Incas are still alive, but the secret organisation "Die Spinnen" wants the Incas' gold....

Director: Fritz Lang | Stars: Carl de Vogt, Ressel Orla, Georg John, Lil Dagover

Votes: 987

20. Leonard Maltin: 3 of 4 Stars: Fritz Lang Film. An exciting curio

9. True Heart Susie (1919)

Not Rated | 87 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Susie, a plain young country girl, secretly loves a neighbor boy, William. She believes in him and sacrifices much of her own happiness to promote his own ambitions, all without his ... See full summary »

Director: D.W. Griffith | Stars: Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, Wilbur Higby, Loyola O'Connor

Votes: 1,528

21. Leonard Maltin: 3 of 4 Stars: D.W. Griffith/Lillian Gish film. One of Griffith's most charmingly old-fashioned films, made with a warm innocence and purity of style that is truly refreshing.

10. Victory (1919)

Not Rated | 62 min | Drama, Romance

Axel Heyst, an uncommitted wanderer, has settled on an island in the South Seas. He takes pity on a troubled young woman, Lena, and gives her refuge on her island. But the piratical Mr. ... See full summary »

Director: Maurice Tourneur | Stars: Jack Holt, Seena Owen, Wallace Beery, Ben Deeley

Votes: 310

25. Leonard Maltin: 3 of 4 stars: Intriguing . . . Chaney is well cast as a sniveling villain.

11. The Doll (1919)

Not Rated | 48 min | Comedy, Fantasy

Because the Baron of Chanterelle wants to preserve his family line, he forces his timid nephew Lancelot to choose one of the village maidens to wed. Lancelot flees to a monastery to escape ... See full summary »

Director: Ernst Lubitsch | Stars: Ossi Oswalda, Hermann Thimig, Victor Janson, Max Kronert

Votes: 1,545

27. Leonard Maltin: 3 of 4 Stars: Ernst Lubitsch film.

12. Different from the Others (1919)

Not Rated | 50 min | Crime, Drama, History

Two male musicians fall in love, but blackmail and scandal makes the affair take a tragic turn.

Director: Richard Oswald | Stars: Conrad Veidt, Leo Connard, Ilse von Tasso-Lind, Alexandra Willegh

Votes: 1,054

29. Leonard Maltin: 2.5 of 4 Stars: (German) Landmark melodrama features an early depiction of an openly gay character . . . Preachy at times but fascinating as social history. Only 50 minutes long or less [most prints burned by Nazis].

13. The Busher (1919)

Not Rated | 63 min | Drama, Sport

A young baseball pitcher in the bush leagues is discovered by a big-league manager and given his chance in the major leagues. But will he be up to the challenge?

Director: Jerome Storm | Stars: Charles Ray, Colleen Moore, John Gilbert, Jay Morley

Votes: 622

30. Leonard Maltin: 3 of 4 Stars: Engaging comedy-drama . . . Of special note are the idyllic country scenes featuring Ray and Moore.

14. The Wicked Darling (1919)

59 min | Drama, Crime

A slum girl is forced to steal for a living. After she swipes a rich society's matron's necklace, she hides out at the home of a man who turns out to be the socialite's former fiance.

Director: Tod Browning | Stars: Priscilla Dean, Wellington A. Playter, Lon Chaney, Spottiswoode Aitken

Votes: 311

32. Leonard Maltin: 3 of 4 Stars: Chaney and Dean offer vivid performances in this atmospheric melodrama-morality tale.

15. Daddy-Long-Legs (1919)

Unrated | 85 min | Comedy, Drama

An orphan discovers that she has an anonymous benefactor who is willing to pay her college tuition, unaware he's the same man who has been romantically pursuing her.

Director: Marshall Neilan | Stars: Mary Pickford, Milla Davenport, Percy Haswell, Fay Lemport

Votes: 1,287

34. Leonard Maltin: 3 of 4 Stars

16. A Romance of Happy Valley (1919)

Not Rated | 76 min | Drama, Romance

John Logan leaves his parents and sweetheart in bucolic Happy Valley to make his fortune in the city. Those he left behind become miserable and beleaguered in his absence, but after several... See full summary »

Director: D.W. Griffith | Stars: Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, George Fawcett, Kate Bruce

Votes: 318

43. Leonard Maltin: 2.5 of 4 Stars: Only 60 minutes and D.W. Griffith/Lillian Gish Film. Preachy but sincerely told piece of rural Americana.

17. Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley (1918)

Unrated | 67 min | Comedy, Romance

Amarilly comes from a large family in a working-class neighborhood. She is happy with her family and her boyfriend Terry, a bartender in a cafe. But one day she meets Gordon, a sculptor who... See full summary »

Director: Marshall Neilan | Stars: Mary Pickford, William Scott, Kate Price, Ida Waterman

Votes: 732

49. Leonard Maltin: 2.5 of 4 Stars: Solid (albeit by-the-numbers)

18. Eerie Tales (1919)

112 min | Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

A demon, a reaper, and the ghost of a prostitute read gothic short stories and act them out.

Director: Richard Oswald | Stars: Anita Berber, Conrad Veidt, Reinhold Schünzel, Hugo Döblin

Votes: 406

50. Leonard Maltin: 2.5 of 4 Stars: Strange, decidedly not for all tastes, but worth a look, particularly if you're an Edgar Allan Poe fan.

19. Back to God's Country (1919)

Unrated | 73 min | Adventure, Romance

A woman finds herself all alone in a remote harbor with the man responsible for the murder of her father. With seemingly nobody around to protect her, she has to be resourceful.

Director: David Hartford | Stars: Nell Shipman, Charles Arling, Wheeler Oakman, Wellington A. Playter

Votes: 828

53. Leonard Maltin: 2.5 of 4 Stars: Atmospheric melodrama offers a pointed story of female and canine empowerment, but it's told in broad strokes, with ludicrous plot coincidences.

20. Heart o' the Hills (1919)

87 min | Drama, Romance

Family tensions in the Kentucky hills are inflamed by an outsider's dishonest scheme to exploit the area for its coal.

Directors: Joseph De Grasse, Sidney Franklin | Stars: Mary Pickford, Harold Goodwin, Allan Sears, Fred Huntley

Votes: 500

54. Leonard Maltin: 2.5 of 4 Stars: Picturesque but overly familiar yarn.

21. The Girl Who Stayed at Home (1919)

Passed | 60 min | Drama, War

When Ralph Grey visits France with his father, a shipbuilder, he falls in love with Blossom, the granddaughter of his father's friend, a Civil war veteran not reconciled with the Union. ... See full summary »

Director: D.W. Griffith | Stars: Adolph Lestina, Carol Dempster, Frances Parks, Richard Barthelmess

Votes: 75

55. Leonard Maltin: 2.5 of 4 Stars: D.W. Griffith film

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