Favorite Stars

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1. Adam House

Actor | Black Mud

Adam House is an actor, known for Black Mud (2017), Backstage (2016) and Helltown (2017).

2. Ucal Shillingford

Actor | Killjoys

Ucal Shillingford is known for his work on Killjoys (2015), How to Make a Film (2017) and Salvage.

3. Rose Muirhead

Actor | Book of Monsters

Rose Muirhead is an actor, known for Book of Monsters (2018), Dona & Vixen (2020) and Sex, Lattes & Hideous Dates (2019).

4. Cora Matheson

Actress | Life Line

Cora Matheson is an actress, known for Life Line (2018), The Drownsman (2014) and About Mermaids and Sailors (2019).

5. Jae Macpherson

Actor | Book of Monsters

Jae Macpherson is an actor and writer known for the feature film Clouds (2018) and the feature film Book of Monsters (2018). He studied at ALRA and Act Up North. Experienced in both film and theatre acting as well as stand-up and improvisation. He is based in the North of England.

6. Jake Runeckles

Actor | Impulse

Jake Runeckles is an actor.

7. Carter Easler

Actor | His Quiet Mind

Carter Easler is an actor, known for His Quiet Mind (2017), Reign (2013) and The Latest Buzz (2007).

8. Ran Yatim

Producer | The Comfort Zone

Ran Yatim is known for his work on The Comfort Zone (2020), Hawaii Five-0 (2010) and Contract to Kill (2016).

9. Clément Noblecourt

Casting_department | Balthazar

Clément Noblecourt is known for his work on Balthazar (2018), Profilage (2009) and Dead Shadows (2012).

10. Gioele Viola

Actor | Label Me

Gioele Viola was born on January 9, 1995 in Stuttgart South - West Germany.. Gioele Viola was raised in Stuttgart. He's living in Cologne,West Germany He is an Italian - German actor, known for the Horror movie "Blood Feast (2016)" by director "Marcel Walz", in which he played the Homeless Person. ...

11. Kendrick Kirk

Actor | The Deuce

Kendrick Kirk is an actor, known for The Deuce (2017) and B-Roll (2013).

12. Brandon Black

Actor | Dear White People

Brandon Black is an actor, known for Dear White People (2017), You're the Worst (2014) and 13 Reasons Why (2017).

13. Joon Rhee


Joon Rhee was born as Brian Joon-Su Rhee. He is an actor, known for BEDTIMESCARRIES.com (2015), Elsewhere (2017) and Zombie Cats from Mars (2015).

14. Johanna Seror

Actress | Comme les cinq doigts de la main

Johanna Seror is an actress, known for Comme les cinq doigts de la main (2010), Dead Shadows (2012) and It Boy (2013).

15. August Blanco Rosenstein

Actor | The Purge

August Blanco Rosenstein is an actor, known for The Purge (2018), Grand Army (2020) and The Last Full Measure (2020).

17. Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton

Actress | The Good Neighbour

Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton, (formerly Lizzie Stanton) is a British actress and writer who trained at Brown University, USA and The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London. She has two Best Actress awards for the films 'Be Prepared' and 'Drama' and received critical acclaim for playing the lead ...

18. Christopher Judge

Actor | Bozonova

Christopher Judge was born on April 15, 1991 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He is an actor, known for Bozonova (2018), NarcoLeap (2018) and The 100 (2014).

19. Justice Hedenberg


Justice Hedenberg is known for his work on Homeland (2011), Daredevil (2015) and Tell Me a Story (2018).

20. Alec Van Bibber

Actor | Lemonade

Alec Van Bibber is an American actor best known for his performance in Jak (2018), Lemonade (2016), and Promontory (2017). He was raised in Cleveland, Ohio to Heather Anne (Toney), who worked as a nurse, and Richard Van Bibber, who worked as a painter. Van Bibber credits his passion for acting to ...

21. Ben Sanders

Actor | Briarpatch

Ben Sanders is known for his work on Briarpatch (2019), Brockmire (2017) and Wounds (2019).

22. Julian Alexander

Actor | Blue Bloods

Julian Alexander was born on July 24, 1992 in Miami, Florida, USA as Julian Alexander Garcia. He is an actor and producer, known for Blue Bloods (2010), Alison's Choice (2015) and Fantasy Life (2015).

23. Marcus Haccius

Actor | Killing Time

Marcus was born in the small farming town of Shipka, Ontario, to parents Linda and Hubert Haccius. Quickly realizing that his passion and love for performance out-sized his rural upbringing Marcus moved to nearby London to immerse himself into a more artistic community and begin to hone his craft. ...

24. Andrew Pimento

Actor | Letterkenny

Andrew was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.Andrew Pimento is an actor in film, television and theatre based in Toronto, Canada. He trained at Ryerson Theatre School and now studies at The ProActor's Lab with Bruce Clayton. Andrew will appear in the next season of Letterkenny. Andrew has ...

25. Albertine Jonas

Actress | Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Albertine Jonas is an actress, known for Power Rangers Beast Morphers (2019), The Cul De Sac (2016) and Ash vs Evil Dead (2015).

26. Stephanie Christiaens

Producer | O Christmas Tree

Stephanie Christiaens is a talented young actress who's no stranger to the theatre world, and has in the last few years, managed to crack her way into the film world.

Having had the chance to work with a local writer/director Jason Armstrong on her first major role as Kristen Chalmers in 48 Hours in...

27. Roland Freitag

Cinematographer | La Petite Mort II

Roland Freitag is a German actor. He grew up in Jena/Germany and the USA. He speaks fluent German and English, also a little of Spanish and French. He started with television series in 2011 and become an actor for German and international cinema productions in Europe. Roland is also a talented ...

28. Robert T. Cunningham

Actor | Mom and Dad

Robert Cunningham is an actor known for his roles in the horror film Mom and Dad (2017) starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair and the Chicago-based feminist noir Knives and Skin (2019). He was born in Atlanta, Georgia on May 5, 1996 and grew up in the nearby suburb of Lawrenceville. He is a ...

29. Charles Tyler Kinder

Actor | H.

Charles Tyler Kinder is an actor and director, known for H. (2018), NCIS (2003) and Bad Kids of Crestview Academy (2017).

30. Rema Kibayi

Actor | Menage

Rema Kibayi is an actor and producer, known for Menage (2016), Zoo (2015) and Wu Assassins (2019).

31. Raphaella Dreyer

Actress | Moms Anonymous

Raphaella Dreyer is an actress and director, known for Moms Anonymous (2017), Madison (2014) and Celebrity Name Game (2014).

32. Darien Martin

Actor | Legends of Tomorrow

Darien Martin is an actor, known for DC's Legends of Tomorrow (2016), Flora and Ulysses and Altered Carbon (2018).

33. Griffin Powell-Arcand

Actor | Mixed Blessings

Griffin Powell-Arcand was born on October 19, 1997 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is an actor, known for Mixed Blessings (2007), DreamKeeper (2003) and The Windigo.

34. Lyndsey Craine

Actress | Book of Monsters

Lyndsey Craine graduated from York St. John University with a degree in Film and Television Production in 2010. Lyndsey's feature film roles have gravitated towards the horror genre including parts in The Creature Below (Dark Rift Films) and Zomblogalypse (Milestone Films). Book of Monsters was ...

35. Taylor Jorgensen

Actor | Claude

Taylor Jorgensen was born on May 5, 1993. He is known for his work on Claude (2018), Heirlooms and From the Depths.

36. Daniel Hayek

Actor | Someone Marry Barry

Daniel Hayek is an actor and writer, known for Someone Marry Barry (2014), Grey Sheep (2013) and Drunk Parents (2019).

37. Dempsey Bryk

Actor | The Silence

Dempsey Bryk is an American and Canadian actor, born in the New York, NY. Growing up, Dempsey was a competitive boxer (Champ of the Ontario Bronze Gloves tournament), soccer player, debater, and mathematician. He graduated high school with an IB (International Baccalaureate) and an OSSD diploma, ...

38. Ryan Melander

Camera_department | Mark's Secret to Eternal Life

Ryan Melander is an actor and producer, known for Mark's Secret to Eternal Life (2013), Dark House (2009) and Desecrated (2015).

39. Cat King

Actress | Let Me Make You a Martyr

Cat King was born as Catherine Eva King. She is an actress, known for Let Me Make You a Martyr (2016), Lost Angeles (2019) and The Institute (2017).

40. Cameron Crosby

Actor | To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Cameron Crosby started acting at a young age and has always had a passion for performing. He was active in theatre and film but took time off to pursue a career in music where writing songs consumed all the time he had. After a brief stint in college studying literature, poetry, drama and music he ...

41. Chris Vernon

Actor | The Warriors

Chris Vernon is an actor, known for The Warriors (2005), Unsure (2011) and Wentworth (2013).

42. Nan Vernon

Music_department | Guardians of the Galaxy

Nan Vernon was born on October 7, 1967 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Nancy Vernon. She is known for her work on Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) and Dawn of the Dead (2004).

43. Karen Tiegren

Actress | The Trojan Women

Karen Tiegren is an actress, known for The Trojan Women (2004), The Vampire Diaries (2009) and People Glue (2012).

44. Sarah Jenazian

Actress | Chase

Sarah Jenazian was born as Sarah Johnson. She is an actress, known for Chase (2010), The Locker (2011) and Language of a Broken Heart (2011).

45. Cheyenne Freitas

Actress | The Psychic's Daughter

Cheyenne Freitas was born on July 23, 1992 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is an actress, known for The Psychic's Daughter (2010) and Overruled! (2009).

46. Joy Walker

Actress | A Joyce Story

Joy Walker is an actress, known for A Joyce Story (2003), Sanderson County (2002) and The L Word (2004).

47. Kate Vokral

Actress | Antisocial

Kate Vokral was born on April 7, 1999 in Canada. She is an actress, known for Antisocial (2013).

48. Danny Zaporozan

Actor | The Killing

Danny Zaporozan is an actor and producer, known for The Killing (2011), The Goods (2012) and Roommates (2012).

49. Nathan Eswine

Actor | The Big C

Nathan Eswine is an actor, known for The Big C (2010), Tonight She Comes (2016) and Marshall's Miracle (2015).

50. Austin Duffy

Actor | The Haunted House on Kirby Road

Austin Duffy is an actor, known for The Haunted House on Kirby Road (2016), Dead Rush (2016) and The Ray-Gun: A Love Story (2014).

51. Will King

Actor | The Heretics

Will King is an actor and director born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has trained at the University of Windsor, the Moscow Art Theatre School, the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium, and the Stratford Festival. He is also Artistic Director of Seven Siblings Theatre, a Toronto based company ...

52. Joseph Cannata

Actor | My Perfect Romance

Joseph Cannata is a Toronto born actor and model. After completing two years at Wilfrid Laurier University, studying communication and film, he opted to invest the little money he had with acting courses in Toronto. Under advisement of his agent, he enrolled in acting classes and had headshots ...

53. Obssa Ahmed

Actor | Pet Sematary

Obssa Ahmed is known for his work on Pet Sematary (2019), The Expanse (2015) and Assassin's Creed: Origins (2017).

54. Emma Johnson

Actress | The Arrangement

Emma Johnson is an actress and editor, known for The Arrangement (2017), The Detour (2016) and Supernatural (2005).

55. Jarett John

Actor | The Possession

Jarett John is an actor, known for The Possession (2012), The 100 (2014) and Arrow (2012).

56. Courtney Falsey

Writer | Solve: The Podcast

Courtney Falsey is a writer and actress, known for Solve: The Podcast (2020), A Place Between and Golden.

57. Ross Kernahan

Actor | Beautiful Devils

Ross Kernahan is an actor, known for Beautiful Devils (2017), The Loft (2017) and The Faction of Farce (2015).

58. Jerome Velinsky

Actor | Love Child

Jerome Velinsky is an award-winning actor, writer and creator from Melbourne, Australia. He is professionally trained, having studied in the work of Strasberg, Laban, Stella Adler and Uta Hagen in both Australia and Canada. Jerome was cast in his first feature film role alongside movie greats Guy ...

59. Julia Knope

Actress | In the Shadow of the Moon

Julia Knope is an actress, known for In the Shadow of the Moon (2019), Impulse (2018) and White Lie (2019).

60. Jay Jay Warren

Actor | Bosch

Jay Jay Warren is an immensely talented actor who enjoys the task of taking on challenging roles and bringing dynamic characters to life on screen. He was born James Wray Warren II and is originally from Big Spring, Texas, a small west Texas town. His father was a chiropractor who took over the ...

61. Sarah Mezzanotte

Actress | Royal Pains

Sarah Mezzanotte is an actress, known for Royal Pains (2009), Central Park (2017) and Search Party (2016).

62. Gwenlyn Cumyn

Actress | Barbelle

Gwenlyn Cumyn is an actress and producer, known for Barbelle (2017), Chasing Valentine (2015) and The Dwelling (2016).

63. Michaela Longden

Actress | Terminal

Michaela graduated from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in 2014. She has worked in many major playhouse venues, had roles in a variety of daytime and prime-time TV and has appeared in several award winning short films and feature films that have circulated to a global level. Film roles ...

64. Aaron Chartrand

Actor | The Ninth

Aaron Chartrand is an actor and producer, known for The Ninth (2019), Carmilla (2014) and Tormented (2014).

65. Behtash Fazlali

Actor | Sahar

Behtash Fazlali is known for his work on Sahar (2014), The Evil in Us (2016) and Arrow (2012).

66. JoAnn Nordstrom

Actress | Stella Maris

JoAnn Nordstrom is known for her work on Stella Maris (2017), Son of the Sunshine (2009) and Mourning Has Broken (2013).

67. Will Tomi

Actor | Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Will Tomi is an actor and producer, known for Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2019), A Daughter's Plan To Kill (2019) and For Life (2020).

68. Madison J. Loos

Actor | Peelers

Madison J. Loos was born in Vancouver, BC, and resides in Surrey, BC. He spent the majority of his youth playing soccer and lacrosse and snowboarding on the weekends. When not acting he works as a carpenter by trade and in his leisure time you'll find him riding the dirt bike trails, playing ball ...

69. Harrison Saunders

Actor | My Pet Dinosaur

Harrison Saunders is an actor, known for My Pet Dinosaur (2017), Freakshow (1995) and Ready for This (2015).

70. Blandine Papillon

Actress | Dead Shadows

Blandine Papillon is an actress, known for Dead Shadows (2012), Plus belle la vie (2004) and Twiggy (2011).

71. Gregory Mikurak

Actor | Notes from the Underbelly

Born in Princeton, New Jersey on April 15, 1988, Greg is the youngest of three children. From an early age Greg showed signs stardom. He enjoyed making people laugh especially his family and friends. Soon, Greg began preparing himself for his future as an actor. He began to hone his skills by ...

72. Katie Kirby

Actress | Boy Eats Girl

Katie Kirby is an actress, known for Boy Eats Girl (2005), Dark Touch (2013) and Raw (2008).

73. Patrick Thomas Cragin

Actor | Jeepers Creepers 3

Patrick Thomas Cragin is known for his work on Jeepers Creepers III (2017), State and Back Roads (2018).

74. Alicia Marie Beatty

Actress | Cyclists

Alicia Marie Beatty is an actress and writer, known for Cyclists (2016).

75. Texas Watterston

Actor | Next Gen

Texas Watterston is an actor and director, known for Next Gen (2018), Nowhere Boys (2013) and The School (2018).

76. James Gomez

Actor | 5000 Years of Heroes

James Gomez was born in Rexdale, Ontario, Canada. James graduated from York University with a Specialized Honours B.A: Individualized Studies focused on Dance and Communications. James began his acting career while in University, and soon after graduating pursued it full time. Aside from acting, ...

77. Romaine Waite

Actor | Crossword Mysteries: Abracadaver

Romaine's acting career began with numerous short and independent films. He has also demonstrated true acting dexterity in well-reviewed stage performances. As an actor, Romaine is committed to telling true-to-life stories that not only entertain, but also provoke frank conversations about the ...

78. Cade Burk

Actor | Jeepers Creepers 3

Cade Burk is an actor and producer, known for Jeepers Creepers III (2017), Greyhound (2020) and Murder Made Me Famous (2015).

79. Fiorella García

Actress | The Last Ship

Fiorella García is an actress and writer, known for The Last Ship (2014), ZOE and Human Behavior (2015).

80. Olivia Ancona

Actress | Suspiria

Olivia Ancona is a professional contemporary dancer, certified Gaga teacher, movement coach, and multi-disciplinary performer. Trained at Juilliard, Olivia has performed internationally as a company member for Batsheva Dance Company, founding member of Sharon Eyal's company L-E-V, guest dancer with...

81. Robbie Graham-Kuntz

Actor | Utopia Falls

Robbie Graham-Kuntz is an actor known for the HULU television series Utopia Falls. He grew up in Port Credit, Ontario. He went to Etobicoke School of the Arts high school, where his mentors fostered his singing, acting and dancing talents. After performing as 'Kurt Von Trapp" in Mirvish's ...

82. Danika Frederick

Actress | I Still See You

Danika Frederick is an actress and assistant director, known for I Still See You (2018), I Am Somebody's Child: The Regina Louise Story (2019) and Once Upon a Christmas Miracle (2018).

83. Kahli Williams

Actress | Neighbours

Kahli Williams is known for her work on Neighbours (1985), The Doctor Blake Mysteries (2013) and The Siege of Robin Hood.

84. Gabriel Darku

Actor | Impulse

Gabriel Darku is an actor, known for Impulse (2018), October Faction (2019) and Shadowhunters (2016).

85. Zach Martin

Actor | The Flash

Zach Martin is an actor, known for The Flash (2014), The Tomorrow People (2013) and The 100 (2014).

86. Alex Braunstein

Actor | Tactik

Alex Braunstein is an actor, known for Tactik (2008), Shut In (2016) and The Sound (2017).

87. Elma Begovic

Actress | Bite

Elma Begovic was born on June 6, 1989 in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is known for her work on Bite (2015), You Got Trumped: The First 100 Days (2016) and Undone (2019).

88. Denise Yuen

Actress | Man Underground

Denise Yuen is a Canadian actor most recently seen in the leading role of Kirsten in Bite-- a joint production between Black Fawn Films and Breakthrough Entertainment. The film had its world premiere at Fantasia Film Festival 2015 winning the Silver Audience Award and has since received numerous ...

89. Annette Wozniak

Actress | Secret Santa

Annette has been performing since she was six years old, dancing and singing with a competitive folk group until the age of 14. She modeled throughout her high school years where she attended competitions around the world for runway and print (sent everywhere by her agency at the time) and brought ...

90. Adam Christie

Actor | Man-O

Adam Christie was born on March 5, 1990 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is an actor and director, known for Man-O (2017), Weak Ends (2014) and It Remains Unsaid (2011).

91. Sydney Kondruss


Sydney Kondruss is known for her work on Killjoys (2015), Haunted or Hoax (2016) and Save Yourself (2015).

92. Michelle Mylett

Actress | Letterkenny

Michelle can currently be seen on the hit Crave TV series LETTERKENNEY. For the past 3 seasons, MICHELLE starred in the sole female lead role of 'Katy.' The show, created by Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney, just wrapped their 4th season and has gone onto win the Canadian Screen Award for Best Comedy ...

93. Cody Ray Thompson

Actor | The Shape of Water

Cody Ray Thompson was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. He later moved to Calgary, where he attended the University of Calgary, graduating in 2011 with a Bachelor of Humanities in Philosophy (with distinction) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama (also with distinction). He also attended the ...

94. Ana Alic

Actress | Decline

Ana Alic is an actress and producer, known for Decline (2013), Antisocial (2013) and (Love) That Kind of (2012).

95. Alanna LeVierge

Actress | Let Her Out

As an only child, born and raised in the rural countryside of Abbotsford, BC, Alanna's imagination and passion to create from a young age propelled her in to a world of performance. Her first lead role at age 8, was as a young girl living in a box car in the Depression of the 1930s. After ...

96. Nina Kiri

Actress | The Handmaid's Tale

Nina Kiri was born on September 3, 1992 in Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia. She is an actress, known for The Handmaid's Tale (2017), The Heretics (2017) and Let Her Out (2016).

97. Jorja Cadence

Actress | The Heretics

Jorja Cadence was born and raised in Byron Bay, Australia. She starred in the indie horror hit, 'The Heretics' and has appeared in several other films and series, including upcoming David Bowie biopic 'Stardust', Hallmark Channel's 'Good Witch', CBC's 'Murdoch Mysteries' and Global's 'Private Eyes'...

98. Clare Bastable

Actress | Remember to High Five the Salesman

Clare Bastable is a Canadian actress, born December 3, 1990 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. She began performing at the age of five when her parents enrolled her in ballet lessons. She continued her dance training well into her formative years and began to explore acting in high school. Clare went on...

99. Gemma Bird Matheson

Actress | The Housemate

Gemma Bird Matheson is an actress and writer, known for The Housemate (2017), Bertram Poppingstock: Problem Solver (2016) and The Drownsman (2014).

100. Caroline Palmer

Actress | Shazam!

Caroline Palmer is an alumnus of Western University, where she performed regularly on stage and at the London Fringe Festival. Caroline returned to Toronto to complete a masters degree, and pursue a career in film and television. She soon landed a lead role in the feature film The Drownsman, from ...

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