Les indispensables du cinéma 1914

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Au programme :

La mode des séries continue, avec toujours Fantômas, mais aussi Les Exploits d'Elaine (ou les Mystères de New York ou The Perils of Pauline, on n’y comprend plus grand-chose). Avant d’être envoyé sur la côte est des États-Unis où il tournera Fille de pirates, Maurice Tourneur réalise en France un petit film d’horreur : Figures de cire.

Les studios italiens imposent leurs superproductions épiques grâce à Cabiria, ce que Griffith ne manque certainement pas de voir d’un coin de l’œil alors qu’il gonfle lui aussi son format en passant au long (et avant Naissance d’une nation) avec Judith de Béthulie.

Pendant que Griffith regarde ailleurs, Mary Pickford s’émancipe et part travailler pour la Famous Players Film Company, ancêtre de la Paramount, avec laquelle elle tourne Cendrillon et Tess of the Storm Country : elle deviendra la plus grande star du muet avec Charlie Chaplin… Chaplin, lui, n’est pas encore Charlot (du moins the tramp, car à l’export, il l’est déjà avec Charlot papa) et s’éclate avec Roscoe Arbuckle ou Mabel Normand pour le compte de la Keystone (The Rounders, Charlot concierge, His Trysting Place…).

Le cinéma commence à prendre ses quartiers sur la côte Ouest, pas encore à Hollywood, mais le climat y est idéal pour le western qui devient un des genres les plus populaires du cinéma : 1914 voit les débuts de William S. Hart dans Le Serment de Rio Jim ou ceux de Cecil B. DeMille à la réalisation avec The Squaw Man .

Avant que Hollywood s’impose comme leader de la machine à rêve “cinéma”, en dehors des pôles français ou italien, c’est grâce aux pays scandinaves que le cinéma fait aussi rêver (les films de Benjamin Christensen ou de Urban Gad). En Russie, Yevgeni Bauer compose des drames sophistiqués qui seront longtemps méprisés par le futur pouvoir soviétique.

sur la saveur : Les indispensables du cinéma 1914

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1. Cabiria (1914)

Not Rated | 148 min | Adventure, Drama, History

Three centuries before Christus. Young Cabiria is kidnapped by some pirates during one eruption of the Etna. She is sold as a slave in Carthage, and as she is just going to be sacrificed to... See full summary »

Director: Giovanni Pastrone | Stars: Italia Almirante-Manzini, Lidia Quaranta, Bartolomeo Pagano, Carolina Catena

Votes: 2,825

2. Gertie the Dinosaur (1914)

Not Rated | 12 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

The cartoonist, Winsor McCay, brings the Dinosaurus back to life in the figure of his latest creation, Gertie the Dinosaur.

Director: Winsor McCay | Stars: Winsor McCay, George McManus, Roy L. McCardell, Thomas A. 'Tad' Dorgan

Votes: 2,741

3. Fantomas: The Mysterious Finger Print (1914)

Not Rated | 59 min | Crime, Drama

The mystery of the drama is the appearance of the finger-print of a dead artist upon the neck of Princess Sonia Danidoff, whom Fantomas, as Nanteuil, relieves of her pearl necklace, and ... See full summary »

Director: Louis Feuillade | Stars: René Navarre, Georges Melchior, Laurent Morléas, Renée Carl

Votes: 1,107

4. Fantômas: The False Magistrate (1914)

Not Rated | 70 min | Crime, Drama

Having committed murder in Belgium, Fantomas is sentenced to life imprisonment. Two crimes committed in France suggest to inspector Juve that the Fantomas gang is still at work. He ... See full summary »

Director: Louis Feuillade | Stars: René Navarre, Edmund Breon, Georges Melchior, Mesnery

Votes: 883

5. Tillie's Punctured Romance (1914)

Not Rated | 82 min | Comedy

A con man from the city dupes a wealthy country girl into marriage.

Directors: Mack Sennett, Charles Bennett | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Marie Dressler, Mabel Normand, Mack Swain

Votes: 3,153

6. Sealed Orders (1914)

84 min | Drama, Mystery

On the brink of war, Lt. van Hauen is summoned to take command of the cruiser, but due to unforeseen events, he is wrongfully convicted as a traitor.

Director: Benjamin Christensen | Stars: Benjamin Christensen, Karen Caspersen, Otto Reinwald, Fritz Lamprecht

Votes: 446

7. The Wishing Ring: An Idyll of Old England (1914)

54 min | Comedy, Drama

After being expelled from college, Giles runs away from home and meets a young lady who he falls for.

Director: Maurice Tourneur | Stars: Vivian Martin, Alec B. Francis, Chester Barnett, Gyp Williams

Votes: 210

8. Daisy Doodad's Dial (1914)

9 min | Short, Comedy

Daisy and her husband both go in for a face-pulling contest, but when the big day comes she is unable to attend the competition, and her husband wins instead. When the next opportunity ... See full summary »

Director: Laurence Trimble | Stars: Florence Turner, Tom Powers

Votes: 175

9. The Avenging Conscience: or 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' (1914)

Not Rated | 78 min | Crime, Drama, Horror

Prevented from dating his sweetheart by his uncle, a young man turns his thoughts to murder.

Director: D.W. Griffith | Stars: Henry B. Walthall, Spottiswoode Aitken, Blanche Sweet, George Siegmann

Votes: 1,044

10. The Perils of Pauline (1914)

Passed | 199 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Young Pauline is left a lot of money when her wealthy uncle dies. However, her uncle's secretary has been named as her guardian until she marries, at which time she will officially take ... See full summary »

Directors: Louis J. Gasnier, Donald MacKenzie | Stars: Pearl White, Crane Wilbur, Paul Panzer, Edward José

Votes: 919

11. Cinderella (1914)

52 min | Fantasy, Drama

Though mistreated by her cruel stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella is able to attend the royal ball through the help of a fairy godmother.

Director: James Kirkwood | Stars: Mary Pickford, Owen Moore, Isabel Vernon, Georgia Wilson

Votes: 908

12. Child of the Big City (1914)

37 min | Drama, Short

Seamstress Mary dreams of a better life in luxury instead of her badly paid job in a sweatshop. Her dreams come true, when she draws the attention of Victor, a burgeoise, who invites her ... See full summary »

Director: Yevgeny Bauer | Stars: Elena P. Smirnova, Nina Kosljaninowa, Michael Salarow, Arsenii Bibikov

Votes: 277

13. The Squaw Man (1914)

Not Rated | 74 min | Action, Drama, Romance

A chivalrous British officer takes the blame for his cousin's embezzlement and journeys to the American West to start a new life on a cattle ranch.

Directors: Oscar Apfel, Cecil B. DeMille | Stars: Dustin Farnum, Monroe Salisbury, Winifred Kingston, Mrs. A.W. Filson

Votes: 797 | Gross: $0.53M

14. Judith of Bethulia (1914)

Not Rated | 61 min | Drama

A religious woman seeks to save her people from destruction by seducing and murdering the enemy leader, but her plans get complicated once she falls for him.

Director: D.W. Griffith | Stars: Blanche Sweet, Henry B. Walthall, Mae Marsh, Robert Harron

Votes: 1,189

15. The Rounders (1914)

Unrated | 16 min | Comedy, Short

Two drunks live in the same hotel. One beats his wife, the other is beaten by his. They go off and get drunk together. They try to sleep in a restaurant using tables as beds and are thrown ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Chaplin | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Phyllis Allen, Minta Durfee

Votes: 1,308

16. The New Janitor (1914)

Not Rated | 16 min | Short, Comedy

Charlie is janitor for a firm the manager of which receives a threatening note about his gambling debts. He throws a bucket of water out the window which lands on his boss and costs him his... See full summary »

Director: Charles Chaplin | Stars: Charles Chaplin, John T. Dillon, Al St. John, Glen Cavender

Votes: 796

17. Max and the Daughter of Albion (1914)

10 min | Short, Comedy

Scene, a first-class railway carriage. Max and delightful girl alone. "May I smoke?" breaks the ice, and then Max brings all the arts of fascination to bear on the lady, who is by no means ... See full summary »

Director: Max Linder | Stars: Max Linder, Cécile Guyon

Votes: 72

18. War Is Hell (1914)

50 min | Drama, War

An army pilot is on a visit at the home of another army pilot in the neighboured country. He falls in love with his sister. After the outbreak of a war between the two countries, her ... See full summary »

Director: Alfred Machin | Stars: Baert, Suzanne Berni, Fernand Crommelynck, Nadia D'Angely

Votes: 111

19. The Bargain (1914)

70 min | Western

After the bandit Jim Stokes robs the stage he is wounded fleeing. Recuperating at a ranch, he falls in love with and marries the daughter. Now wishing to go straight he tries to return the ... See full summary »

Director: Reginald Barker | Stars: William S. Hart, J. Frank Burke, Clara Williams, J. Barney Sherry

Votes: 119

20. Love Everlasting (1914)

90 min | Drama

Leslie Swayne, an adventurer, in order to obtain enough money to satisfy the needs of his extravagant life, has been bribed to steal the plans of the fortification from the staff officers ... See full summary »

Director: Mario Caserini | Stars: Lyda Borelli, Mario Bonnard, Gian Paolo Rosmino, Vittorio Rossi Pianelli

Votes: 90

21. The Exploits of Elaine (1914)


With the help of a private detective, Elaine tries to catch the masked criminal mastermind The Clutching Hand, who has murdered her father.

Directors: Louis J. Gasnier, George B. Seitz, Leopold Wharton, Theodore Wharton | Stars: Pearl White, Arnold Daly, Creighton Hale, Raymond Owens

Votes: 41

22. His Trysting Place (1914)

32 min | Short, Comedy

Charlie's wife sends him to the store for a baby bottle with milk. Elsewhere, Ambrose offers to post a love letter for a woman in his boarding house. The two men meet at a restaurant and ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Chaplin | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Mack Swain, Phyllis Allen

Votes: 650

23. Engelein (1914)

49 min | Comedy

To inherit, 18-year-old Jesta must pretend to only age 12 when her American uncle arrives.

Director: Urban Gad | Stars: Asta Nielsen, Alfred Kuehne, Max Landa, Fred Immler

Votes: 69

24. Tess of the Storm Country (1914)

80 min | Drama

A wealthy resident attempts to dispossess squatters who live near his home, which leads to a false accusation of murder.

Director: Edwin S. Porter | Stars: Mary Pickford, Harold Lockwood, Olive Carey, David Hartford

Votes: 153

25. The Man with Wax Faces (1914)

11 min | Short, Horror

On a dare, a man vows to spend the night in a wax museum filled with ghoulish scenes of true crimes. At first, he scoffs, but soon the scenes that are depicted begin to affect his mind.

Director: Maurice Tourneur | Stars: Henry Roussel, Emile Tramont, Henri Gouget

Votes: 121

26. Mute Witnesses (1914)

65 min | Drama

In order to allow another servant to go home to be with her children, Nastya agrees to serve in her place, as a maid in the household in which Nastya's grandfather is a porter. Soon ... See full summary »

Director: Yevgeny Bauer | Stars: Aleksandr Chargonin, Aleksandr Kheruvimov, Dora Tschitorina, Viktor Petipa

Votes: 69

27. Amor Pedestre (1914)

7 min | Short, Comedy

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Director: Marcel Perez | Star: Marcel Perez

Votes: 94

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