Short Films - Fast Dose of Horror

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All the short horror movies I've seen & want to see in the future.

A lot of these can be found on YouTube, Vimeo and in anthology movies.

The list is in no particular order. My rating's below each title.

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A little bit about me: I'm a 21 years old self-proclaimed horror addict with an ambition to become a director. I'm writing stories & making zero-budget horror shorts on Youtube (link below). Hit me up anywhere if You want to talk horror.

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1. Death Scenes (2012)

7 min | Short, Horror

On a dark and stormy night, a man is interrogated for a series of grisly slayings, but all is not quite as it seems.

Director: Joel Morgan | Stars: Robin Berry, Charlie Bond, Ayden Callaghan, Paul Jibson

Votes: 119


2. The Visitant (I) (2014)

7 min | Short, Horror

A mother protects her children from a demon inside their home.

Director: Nicholas Peterson | Stars: Dee Bradley Baker, Ashleigh Buxton, Sibyl Gregory, Doug Jones

Votes: 84


3. The Body (I) (2013)

17 min | Short, Comedy, Horror

The tale of a murderer (Allen) who uses the cover of Halloween night to causally transport his latest victim from the scene of the crime to his final resting place. Wrapping the body in ... See full summary »

Director: Paul Davis | Stars: Alfie Allen, Hannah Tointon, Christian Brassington, Jack Gordon

Votes: 139


4. The Banishing (2013)

Not Rated | 12 min | Short, Horror

Two sisters decide to take the supernatural into their own hands.

Director: Erlingur Thoroddsen | Stars: Alicia Harding, Danielle Kotch, Haley Kotch, Stephanie Wortel

Votes: 111


5. Daniel (I) (2014)

4 min | Short, Horror

A young child is hiding in a closet from a dangerous intruder, but is all what it seems?

Director: Peter Dukes | Stars: Dominic Pace, Peter Le Bas, J.P. Giuliotti, Varda Appleton

Votes: 16


6. Downstairs (2015)

18 min | Short, Comedy, Horror

An inquisitive night security guard is tormented by evil spirits.

Director: Lee Boxleitner | Stars: Lee Boxleitner, Sam Boxleitner, John Lyke, Phoebe Neidhardt

Votes: 157


7. Mamá (2008)

3 min | Short, Horror

A young girl wakes up and tells her sister that their mother has returned home.

Director: Andy Muschietti | Stars: Victoria Harris, Berta Ros, Irma Monroig

Votes: 2,659


8. 2AM: The Smiling Man (2013)

4 min | Short, Horror

While walking home late one night, a man notices another man walking as well. Only this man has an eerie smile. What are his intentions?

Director: Michael Evans | Stars: Sean Simon, Paul Foltz

Votes: 834


9. The Sleeping Plot (2013)

5 min | Short, Comedy, Crime

The Sleeping Plot is the short journey of a young girl committing tiny crimes in innovative ways to earn money for something she really wants.

Director: Dean Hewison | Stars: Richard Falkner, Aidee Walker, Nova Waretini-Hewison

Votes: 17


10. Evaded (2013)

10 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

A mother and her son are struggling through the frozen countryside. The birds no longer rule the sky and whatever is to be found on the ground is as dead as winter itself. A spark of hope ... See full summary »

Directors: Johannes Persson, Rasmus Wassberg | Stars: Jonatan Bökman, Carl-Petter Eriksson, Annika Hultman, Annika Ryberg Whittembury

Votes: 31


11. Don't Move (2013)

14 min | Short, Horror

Set on one fateful night, six friends gather for their monthly 'games night'... and accidentally unleash a demonic force that might tear them - and their friendships - to pieces.

Director: Anthony Melton | Stars: Rachel Bright, Jake Hendriks, Beth Cooper, Kate Braithwaite

Votes: 656


12. Bedfellows (2008)

3 min | Short, Drama, Horror

It is only a few minutes before one in the morning and the rude and repetitive noise of an incoming call ruptures the stillness of the night. Who could that be at this hour? And why is the husband as stiff as a corpse?

Director: Drew Daywalt | Stars: Kerry Finlayson, Peter Giliberti, Edin Gali

Votes: 962


13. One Last Dive (2013)

1 min | Short, Horror

With only 20 minutes left to investigate an underwater crime scene, a diver goes for one last dive.

Director: Jason Eisener | Stars: Catherine Maltais, Peter Allen

Votes: 248


14. The Birch (2016)

4 min | Short, Drama, Horror

A bullied schoolboy takes drastic measures against his tormenter, summoning an ancient being in the woods using a spellbound book passed down through the generations of his family.

Directors: Ben Franklin, Anthony Melton | Stars: Aaron Thomas Ward, Corinna Marlowe, Charlie Venables, Dee Sherwood Wallace

Votes: 826


15. Lights Out (V) (2013)

Not Rated | 3 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

When you are all alone in a small dark room, what do you fear the most? Is it the temporary blindness or is it the uneasy deep feeling that someone, or rather something, is observing your every move?

Director: David F. Sandberg | Star: Lotta Losten

Votes: 5,090


16. Closet Space (2016)

3 min | Short, Horror, Sci-Fi

Inexplicably--deep inside a young couple's closet--physical laws, common sense, and above all, reason, are all bent into shape in a horrific and mind-boggling microcosmic reality.

Director: David F. Sandberg | Stars: Lotta Losten, David F. Sandberg

Votes: 589


17. The Backwater Gospel (2011)

Not Rated | 9 min | Animation, Short, Horror

Backwater is doomed by the regular visits of the undertaker and its dwellers blame a tramp.

Director: Bo Mathorne | Stars: Zebulon Whatley, Lucien Dodge, Phillip Sacramento, Laura Post

Votes: 1,177


18. Alexia (2013)

9 min | Short, Horror

Although Alexia, Franco's ex-girlfriend, has been deceased for some time, Franco still has her as a contact on his social network. When he decides to delete her and move on, something strange starts to manifest through his computer.

Director: Andrés Borghi | Stars: Sergio Berón, Paula Carruega, Pilar Boyle

Votes: 508


19. Vicious (2015)

12 min | Short, Horror

A young woman comes home one night to find her front door unlocked and suspects she might not be alone in the house.

Director: Oliver Park | Stars: Rachel Winters, Isabelle King, Alex Holden, Rachel Winters

Votes: 265


20. The Cabinet in the Woods (2016)

5 min | Short, Horror

Two friends on a lad's day out in the woods discover a foul piece of furniture containing nothing but nightmares.

Directors: Ben Franklin, Anthony Melton | Stars: Charlotte Barrett, Tom Geoffrey, Tom Sawyer, Kel Winser

Votes: 26


21. Coffer (2014)

3 min | Short, Horror

On a common night like any other, a solitary woman suddenly hears a muffled but nonetheless alarming sound coming from a plain wooden family chest. Will she confront face-to-face whatever hides inside?

Director: David F. Sandberg | Star: Lotta Losten

Votes: 645


22. See You Soon (2014)

1 min | Short, Horror

Alone in the bedroom, an inconsolable young widow stares at her beloved husband's photograph with her eyes wet with tears, however, more than anything else, she needs to get out of that room. Now.

Director: David F. Sandberg | Star: Lotta Losten

Votes: 419


23. Cam Closer (2013)

3 min | Short, Horror

Suddenly, a lonely young woman senses that something is not quite right with her eyesight. What could possibly be altering the boundaries of human perception, telling her eyes to see things that simply do not exist?

Director: David F. Sandberg | Stars: Lotta Losten, Lovisa Perman

Votes: 525


24. Not So Fast (2014)

2 min | Short, Comedy, Horror

A sudden power outage traps an unsuspecting young woman within the restrained space of an empty straight corridor, where an abstract but malevolent entity is in total control. Can the powerless woman run towards the escape door?

Director: David F. Sandberg | Stars: Lotta Losten, David F. Sandberg

Votes: 548


25. Sebastian's Voodoo (2008)

4 min | Animation, Short, Horror

A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death.

Director: Joaquin Baldwin

Votes: 1,433


26. He Dies at the End (2010)

Not Rated | 4 min | Short, Thriller

Alone in an office, a man is taking part in a strange online quiz, to find out how he will die.

Director: Damian Mc Carthy | Star: Fintan Collins

Votes: 532


27. Dead Man's Lake (2012)

10 min | Short, Horror

When 3 campers visit a private lakeside hideaway for some summer fun, little do they know the horror that awaits them. Based on true events that took place in Norfolk, England in 1984.

Director: Ben Franklin | Stars: Caroline Haines, Lewis Osborne, James Powell, Jon Campling

Votes: 201


28. Jack Chop (2010)

3 min | Short, Comedy, Horror

Adam Green's annual Halloween short film spoofs televisions infamous Slap Chop commercial with an accident prone Bostonian selling a jack-o-lantern carving kit.

Director: Adam Green | Stars: Paul Solet, Adam Green, Jason Richard Miller

Votes: 145


29. Sloven (2015)

7 min | Short, Horror

A man comes home to find his untidy roommate has left the house particularly messy. Or has something unearthly created the disorder?

Director: Marc Cartwright | Stars: Baker Chase Powell, Erynn Petrulis, Scott Aschenbrenner

Votes: 49


30. Deathly Presents (2015)

6 min | Short, Horror

A family gather around the tree on Christmas Eve - but a strange noise upstairs heralds the arrival of a sinister threat.

Directors: Ben Franklin, Anthony Melton | Stars: Sian Breckin, Jonah Russell, Oliver Ebsworth, Fergus Rattigan

Votes: 90


31. Maniac (I) (2011)

Not Rated | 10 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

Short horror mockumentary about a camera crew that follows two serial killers.

Director: Shia LaBeouf | Stars: Shia LaBeouf, Kid Cudi, Chris Palko, Ron Ayers

Votes: 904


32. Attic Panic (2015)

3 min | Short, Horror, Mystery

In the underlit attic, an unsuspecting woman tidies up an already cluttered space; however, in the mysterious dimness, her eye catches a motion. Is this a trick of the mind, or is there something sinister hiding in the thick shadows?

Director: David F. Sandberg | Stars: Lotta Losten, David F. Sandberg

Votes: 775


33. Lovefield (2008)

6 min | Short, Drama, Horror

Horror, suspense and drama create a story that takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

Director: Mathieu Ratthe | Stars: Bianca Gervais, Pierre Lebeau

Votes: 253


34. Suckablood (2012)

7 min | Short, Horror

A gothic tale of a girl scared to suck her thumb, lest the monstrous Suckablood should come.

Directors: Jake Hendriks, Ben Tillett | Stars: Holly Jacobson, Samuel Metcalf, Robin Berry, Ben Tillett

Votes: 467


35. Still Life (III) (2005)

9 min | Short, Horror, Sci-Fi

A pill-popping, over-caffeinated driver accidentally hits something. Panic-stricken, he searches for help in a strange and desolate town that offers very little in the form of human kindness.

Director: Jon Knautz | Stars: Trevor Matthews, Kyle Brydges, Joe Newton, Sam Pollack

Votes: 982


36. The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow (2008)

6 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

The film centers on an unusual photograph dating back to the 1930s. An investigation of its particulars reveals a tapestry of secrets hidden in the details, and a tale of kidnapping and murder captured in a haunting moment.

Directors: Rodrigo Gudiño, Vincent Marcone | Stars: Julian Richings, Alan Alderton, Lea Lawrynowicz, Tony Morrone

Votes: 547


37. Rake (2015)

14 min | Short, Horror

After graduating college, seven friends go camping in the desert, only to be terrorized by a vicious monster. Inspired by the popular Creepypasta, "The Rake."

Director: Tony Delgadillo | Stars: Mike Bash, Jacob Chattman, Hawk D'Onofrio, Nate Eco

Votes: 59


38. Thin Walls (2016)

Short, Horror

A young woman hums to herself in her apartment and hears a neighbor hum the same tune back. Thin walls. However, maybe that hum wasn't coming from another apartment...

Director: Jay Ruzicka | Stars: Katrina Chamberlain, Amanda Rodriguez

Votes: 18


39. Rubber Johnny (2005)

6 min | Animation, Short, Horror

An experimental music video about a wheelchair-bound boy who morphs and moves to an Aphex Twin song. The experience gets weirder when he takes cocaine and everything gets out of control.

Director: Chris Cunningham | Stars: Elvis, Percy Rutterford, Chris Cunningham

Votes: 2,793


40. Absurd Encounter with Fear (1967)

2 min | Short, Fantasy, Horror

A Man approaches a Women in a field.

Director: David Lynch | Stars: Jack Fisk, Peggy Lynch

Votes: 930


41. The Cat with Hands (2001)

4 min | Animation, Horror, Short

The dark, surreal story of a cat who wants to be human.

Director: Robert Morgan | Stars: Livy Armstrong, Daniel Hogwood-Kane, Victoria Hayes

Votes: 1,603


42. Tuck Me In (2014)

1 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

Alex asks his father to tuck him in, but that's not the only thing he asks for.

Director: Ignacio Rodó | Stars: Luka Schardan, Mark Schardan

Votes: 536


43. The Angel (2007)

7 min | Short, Horror

A terrified young girl comes face to face with Death and only one can save her.

Director: Paul Hough | Stars: Eddie McGee, Celine Tien, Thomy Kessler

Votes: 293


44. Bobby Yeah (2011)

23 min | Animation, Short, Horror

Bobby Yeah is a subhuman creature who experiences a series of increasingly bizarre, nightmarish encounters after stealing a malevolent baby's prized pet.

Director: Robert Morgan

Votes: 464


45. Ghost Train (2013)

17 min | Short, Drama, Fantasy