Celebrity Deaths (1996)

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A list of all the celebrity deaths in 1996 in no order. If I am missing a person let me know. Thanks

1. Tupac Shakur

Soundtrack | Poetic Justice

Born in New York City, Tupac grew up primarily in Harlem. In 1984, his family moved to Baltimore, Maryland where he became good friends with Jada Pinkett Smith. His family moved again in 1988 to Oakland, California. His first breakthrough in music came in 1991 as a member of the group Digital ...

2. Don Simpson

Producer | Days of Thunder

Mr. Simpson was an extravagant movie producer whose blockbusters Flashdance (1983), Beverly Hills Cop (1984), and Top Gun (1986) helped define the pop culture of the 1980s. Mr. Simpson teamed with Jerry Bruckheimer in 1983 to produce these hits. In 1985 and 1988, the duo were named producers of the...

3. Adam Roarke

Actor | Frogs

Burly Brooklyn-born tough guy Adam Roarke made an infamous name for himself in 1960s biker flicks, usually donning a black leather jacket and a mean, mean scowl, typically the head of a bunch of hell-raisers. Nine of his more than 30 films would be in motorcycle movies, sometimes at odds with young...

4. Al Silvani

Actor | Rocky

Al Silvani was born on March 26, 1910. He is known for his work on Rocky (1976), Rocky III (1982) and Magnum Force (1973). He died on January 10, 1996 in North Hollywood, California, USA.

5. Gene Kelly

Soundtrack | Singin' in the Rain

Eugene Curran Kelly was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the third son of Harriet Catherine (Curran) and James Patrick Joseph Kelly, a phonograph salesman. His father was of Irish descent and his mother was of Irish and German ancestry.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was the largest and most powerful studio in...

6. Albert R. Broccoli

Producer | Dr. No

Albert Romolo Broccoli was born in Astoria, Queens (New York City) on April 5th, 1909. His mother and father, Cristina and Giovanni Broccoli, raised young Albert in New York on the family farm. The family was in the vegetable business, and Albert claimed one of his uncles brought the first broccoli...

7. Alexander D'Arcy

Actor | The Awful Truth

Alexander D'Arcy was born on August 10, 1908 in Cairo, Egypt as Alexander Sarruf. He was an actor, known for The Awful Truth (1937), The Spider's Web (1960) and Man on a Tightrope (1953). He was married to Arleen Whelan. He died on April 20, 1996 in West Hollywood, California, USA.

8. Aliki Vougiouklaki

Actress | Madalena

Aliki Vougiouklaki was born in 1934 (or 1933, according to some sources), in Maroussi Attikis, Greece. She studied at the Drama School of the Greek National Theater and made her stage debut in a 1953 Athens production of Molière's "Le malade imaginaire". Around the same time she made her movie ...

9. Al Zarilla

Actor | The Winning Team

Al Zarilla was born on May 1, 1919 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Allen Lee Zarilla. He was an actor, known for The Winning Team (1952). He died on August 28, 1996 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

10. Aline Towne

Actress | Radar Men from the Moon

She spent the last 25 years of her life doing what she loved most: travelling the world. Before her death in 1996, she travelled extensively to Asia, Africa, India, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America, Russia, Scandinavia, Middle East. Aline Towne was not only an ...

11. Althea Henley

Actress | The Phantom Broadcast

Althea Henley was born on July 23, 1911 in Egypt, Pennsylvania, USA. She was an actress, known for The Phantom Broadcast (1933) and Find the Lady (1936). She was married to Arthur Markham and Bud Ernest. She died on April 25, 1996 in Smith's Island, Bermuda.

12. Ali Hatami

Director | Hasan Kachal

Abbas Ali Hatami was born in Tehran, Iran in 1944. He graduated from the College of Dramatic Arts and began his professional career as a writer of short TV screenplays and also as a playwright. Among his plays are: The Demon and the Bald Hassan, Adam and Eve, The Fisherman's Story, City of Oranges,...

13. Alyce Ardell

Actress | Magnificent Obsession

Alyce Ardell was born on November 14, 1902 in Paris, France as Marie Alice Pradel. She was an actress, known for Magnificent Obsession (1935), Songs and Bullets (1938) and Remember Last Night? (1935). She died on March 3, 1996 in Laguna Hills, California, USA.

14. Alyce King

Actress | On Stage Everybody

Alyce King was born on August 14, 1915 in Payson, Utah, USA as Alyce Golda Driggs. She was an actress, known for On Stage Everybody (1945), Larceny with Music (1943) and Cuban Pete (1946). She was married to Robert Clarke and Sydney de Azevedo. She died on August 21, 1996 in Los Angeles, California...

15. Annabella

Actress | 13 Rue Madeleine

At age 16, Annabella was chosen by Abel Gance to appear in Napoleon (1927). In the 30s, she became a star of French movies. She made movies in numerous other countries, before being called to Hollywood in 1938, where she met and married Tyrone Power. She remained in the USA until 1947. Then she ...

16. Annie Ducaux

Actress | Rendez-vous à Paris

Annie Ducaux was born on September 10, 1908 in Besançon, Doubs, France as Anne Marie Catherine Ducaux. She was an actress, known for Rendezvous in Paris (1947), Night in May (1934) and Le chevalier de Maison Rouge (1963). She died on December 31, 1996 in Champeaux, Seine-et-Marne, France.

17. Armando Calvo

Actor | Los últimos de Filipinas

Spanish actor (although reportedly born in Puerto Rico) who relocated to Mexico in 1946 and became a popular leading man opposite stars like María Félix, María Antonieta Pons, and Gloria Marín. Calvo, the son of well-known Spanish actor Juan Calvo, began working on the stage at the age of 5. His ...

18. Arthur Peterson

Actor | Soap

Arthur Peterson was born on November 18, 1912 in Mandan, North Dakota, USA as Arthur Peterson Jr. He was an actor, known for Soap (1977), Mission: Impossible (1966) and The Waltons (1971). He was married to Norma Ransome. He died on October 31, 1996 in Pasadena, California, USA.

19. Audrey Meadows

Actress | The Honeymooners

Audrey Meadows was born in New York City as Audrey Cotter, the youngest of four children. After she was born, her family returned to Wu'chang, China, where they worked as missionaries. Her family returned to the US and settled in New England when Audrey was age 6, and she and sister Jayne Meadows ...

20. Audrey Munson

Actress | Purity

Audrey Munson was a model and actress who achieved fame in the early part of the 20th Century in the United States. Born on June 8, 1891, in Rochester, New York, Munson was the only child produced by the marriage of Edgar Munson and Katherine Mahoney Munson. After her parents divorced, Munson was ...

21. Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr.

Director | One Way Ticket to Hell

Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr. was born on June 10, 1925 in Tulare County, California, USA. He was a director and actor, known for One Way Ticket to Hell (1955). He was married to Diana Joy Dubois, Margaret E. Richardson, Diane J. Coldwell and Anne Francis. He died on August 23, 1996 in Los Angeles, ...

22. Barbara Jordan

Self | Sammy and Company

Barbara Jordan was born on February 21, 1936 in Houston, Texas, USA as Barbara Charline Jordan. She died on January 17, 1996 in Austin, Texas.

23. Barton Heyman

Actor | The Exorcist

Barton Heyman was a "working actor", a character actor whose career spanned 30 years. He appeared on the stage in several New York Shakespeare Festival productions, including "A Doll's House", "Henry V", "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "A Private View." He appeared in numerous feature films, ...

24. Ben Johnson

Actor | The Last Picture Show

Born in Oklahoma, Ben Johnson was a ranch hand and rodeo performer when, in 1940, Howard Hughes hired him to take a load of horses to California. He decided to stick around (the pay was good), and for some years was a stunt man, horse wrangler, and double for such stars as John Wayne, Gary Cooper ...

25. Bernard Edwards

Soundtrack | Commando

Bernard Edwards was born on October 31, 1952 in Greenville, North Carolina, USA. He died on April 18, 1996 in Tokyo, Japan.

26. Beryl Reid

Actress | The Killing of Sister George

Beryl Reid was the daughter of Scottish parents and grew up in industrial Manchester, England. She left home at the age of 16 to go and work in a shop. She lasted 6 weeks. She applied for and was accepted in a revue in the Summer season in Bridlington. She had no formal training but joined the ...

27. Bibi Besch

Actress | Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Bibi Besch was born in Vienna, Austria, to race car driver Gotfrid Köchert and actress Gusti Huber. She was a very busy supporting actress who had worked in television for over twenty years before being nominated for an Emmy Award as a supporting actress for Doing Time on Maple Drive (1992) and ...

28. Bill Monroe

Soundtrack | Men of Honor

Born in Rosine Kentucky, he was the youngest of eight children. Orphaned at age 11 he was raised by his uncle, fiddler Pendleton Vandiver. Learning the fiddle from his mother and taught further by his uncle, at an early age he began playing dances with uncle and brothers. Besides his uncle (whom he...

29. Bob Hannah

Actor | Driving Miss Daisy

Bob Hannah was born on February 13, 1939 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. He was an actor, known for Driving Miss Daisy (1989), Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) and Love Crimes (1992). He died on August 14, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

30. Bradley Nowell

Soundtrack | Hardcore Henry

Bradley Nowell was born on February 22, 1968 in Long Beach, California, USA as Bradley James Nowell. He was married to Troy Dendekker. He died on May 25, 1996 in San Francisco, California.

31. Brigitte Helm

Actress | Metropolis

After her role in Metropolis (1927) she made a string of movies in which she almost always had the starring role, easily making the transition to sound films. Her last film was An Ideal Spouse (1935) (An Ideal Spouse) in 1935.

32. Bruce Lidington

Actor | Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Bruce Lidington was born on January 30, 1950 in Harrow, London, England as Bruce Howard Lidington. He was an actor, known for Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (1984), Jesus of Nazareth (1977) and The Devil's Crown (1978). He died on August 5, 1996 in Harrow.

33. Camilla Horn

Actress | Faust: Eine deutsche Volkssage

The daughter of a railroad official, Camilla Horn was educated in Germany and Switzerland. She initially trained as a dressmaker and received her first job experience in a fashion salon in Erfurt. This was merely a stepping stone for a performing career which began with dance lessons in Berlin and ...

34. Carl Sagan

Writer | Contact

Astronomer, educator and author Carl Sagan was perhaps the world's greatest popularizer of science, reaching millions of people through newspapers, magazines and television broadcasts. He is well-known for his work on the PBS series Cosmos (1980), the Emmy Award and Peabody Award-winning show that ...

35. Charlene Holt

Actress | El Dorado

Born Verna Charlene Stavely. Holt, a former "Miss Maryland," enjoyed a rewarding modeling career prior to her screen work in both films and television that began when caught director Howard Hawks's attention when he saw her in a lipstick commercial. After her debut appearance in the Sandra ...

36. Chas Chandler

Music_department | Flame

Chas Chandler was born on December 18, 1938 in Heaton, Tyne and Wear, England as Bryan James Chandler. He was married to Madeleine Stringer and Lotta. He died on July 17, 1996 in Heaton.

37. Christian Haren

Writer | Medicine Ball Caravan

Christian Haren was born on February 1, 1935 in San Bernardino County, California, USA as Charles Vance Robbins. He was an actor and writer, known for We Have Come for Your Daughters (1971), The DuPont Show with June Allyson (1959) and The Lieutenant (1963). He died on February 27, 1996 in San ...

38. Christine Pascal

Writer | Le petit prince a dit

Christine Pascal was born on November 29, 1953 in Lyon, Rhône, France. She was an actress and writer, known for And the Little Prince Said (1992), Félicité (1979) and Let Joy Reign Supreme (1975). She was married to Robert Boner. She died on August 30, 1996 in Garches, Hauts-de-Seine,...

39. Claire Rommer

Actress | Leontines Ehemänner

Claire Rommer was born on December 7, 1904 in Berlin, Germany as Klara Romberger. She was an actress, known for Leontines Ehemänner (1928), Hoheit tanzt Walzer (1926) and Die Frauen von Folies Bergères (1927). She was married to Adolf Strenger. She died on August 19, 1996 in London, ...

40. Claudette Colbert

Actress | It Happened One Night

One of the brightest film stars to grace the screen was born Emilie Claudette Chauchoin on September 13, 1903, in Saint Mandé, France where her father owned a bakery at 57, rue de la République (now Avenue Général de Gaulle). The family moved to the United States when she was three. As Claudette ...

41. Dana Hill

Actress | National Lampoon's European Vacation

Dana Hill was born Dana Lynne Goetz on May 6, 1964, in a suburb of Los Angeles, to parents Sandy Hill and Ted Goetz, a commercial director. Despite diabetes ending a promising future in athletics when she was just ten years old, Dana gamely threw herself into acting when still in her early teen ...

42. Delia Magaña

Actress | Los chiflados del rock and roll

Delia Magaña was born on February 2, 1903 in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico as Gudelia Flores Magaña. She is known for her work on Los chiflados del rock and roll (1957), Charros, gauchos y manolas (1930) and Historia de un abrigo de mink (1955). She died on March 31, 1996 in Mexico City, ...

43. Dervis Ward

Actor | Gorgo

Dervis Ward was born on December 5, 1923 in Dowlais, Wales as Dervis Ward Pugh. He was an actor, known for Gorgo (1961), The Avengers (1961) and BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950). He died on March 27, 1996 in Ascot, England.

44. George Burns

Actor | Oh, God!

George Burns was born on January 20, 1896 in New York City, New York, USA as Nathan Birnbaum. He was an actor and producer, known for Oh, God! (1977), Going in Style (1979) and The Sunshine Boys (1975). He was married to Gracie Allen and Hannah Siegel. He died on March 9, 1996 in Beverly Hills, Los...

45. Donna Mae Roberts

42nd Street

Donna Mae Roberts was born in Los Angeles, she was the daughter of Walter Roberts and Cora H. Myers. She went to the University in California, where she majored in psychology and belonged to two honorary scholastic fraternities. She left her classes at the end at the end of her junior year to join ...

46. Dorothy Hyson

Actress | Turkey Time

Dorothy Hyson was one of the British cinema and theatre's most gifted players. Noted for her great beauty and striking looks, the songwriters Rogers and Hart dedicated their song, "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World", to her. Her second husband, the actor Anthony Quayle, described her as "the ...

47. Dorothy Lamour

Actress | Road to Bali

In addition to being Miss New Orleans in 1931, Dorothy Lamour worked as a Chicago elevator operator; band vocalist for her first husband, band leader Herbie Kaye; and radio performer. In 1936 she donned her soon-to-be-famous sarong for her debut at Paramount, The Jungle Princess (1936), and ...

48. Eddie Harris

Soundtrack | Casino

Eddie Harris was born on October 20, 1934 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Edward Harris. He died on November 5, 1996 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

49. Ella Fitzgerald

Soundtrack | When Harry Met Sally...

On Saturday, June 15th, 1996, an era in jazz singing came to an end, with the death of Ella Fitzgerald at her home in California. She was the last of four great female jazz singers (including Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, and Carmen McRae) who defined one of the most prolific eras in jazz vocal ...

50. Erik Blomberg

Cinematographer | Valkoinen peura

Erik Blomberg was born on September 18, 1913 in Helsinki, Finland. He was a cinematographer and producer, known for The White Reindeer (1952), Kihlaus (1955) and Aila, Pohjolan tytär (1951). He was married to Maria Karpowicz and Mirjami Kuosmanen. He died on October 12, 1996 in Kuusjoki, ...

51. Erma Bombeck

Writer | Maggie

Often called one of the greatest humorists America has produced in the last 50 years, Erma Bombeck was a product of the American midwest. A journalist at the Dayton Herald in Ohio for four years, she quit to raise a family. Bored as a housewife, she began to write humorous columns for a local ...

52. Ethel Smith

Soundtrack | Dirty Dancing

Ethel Smith graduated from Carnegie Tech, having majored in piano. She got a job as an organist in California, and then went to Rio de Janeiro for a four-week booking. She returned to the United States during WWII, and "Tico Tico" ("Tico Tico no Fubá", the Brazilian title) became a major hit in New...

53. Ethlyne Clair

Actress | Jane's Sleuth

Ms. Clair, a natural happy extrovert, starred in silent comedies, Westerns, and serials. She was most popular in Westerns opposite cowboy stars such as Hoot Gibson although her career was less than a decade long. She made her Hollywood debut in a series of comedies called 'The Newlyweds and Their ...

54. Eva Cassidy

Soundtrack | Love Actually

Eva Marie Cassidy was born on 2nd February, 1963 in Washington Hospital Center in the United States to Barbara and Hugh Cassidy. Eva grew up with her siblings, Anette, Margaret and Dan, in Bowie, Maryland. The Cassidy family was very musical. From an early age, Eva could master harmonies and first ...

55. Eva Hart

Self | In Search of...

Eva Hart was born on January 31, 1905 in Ilford, Essex, England as Eva Miriam Hart. She died on February 14, 1996 in London, England.

56. Evelyn Laye

Actress | The Luck of the Navy

London-born Evelyn Laye, daughter of actor parents, was already treading the boards at the age of two. Her father managed the Palace Theatre in Brighton and this was where Evelyn first made a name for herself. A seasoned stage performer by the age of fifteen, she graduated to the London West End ...

57. Faron Young

Soundtrack | Country Style, U.S.A.

Faron Young was born on February 25, 1932 in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. He was married to Hilda Margo Macon. He died on December 10, 1996 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

58. G. David Schine

Producer | The French Connection

G. David Schine was born on September 11, 1927 in Gloversville, New York, USA as Gerard David Schine. He was a producer and director, known for The French Connection (1971) and That's Action (1977). He was married to Hillevi Rombin. He died on June 19, 1996 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

59. Gene Nelson

Actor | Tea for Two

Gene Nelson was barely a teen when he saw the Fred Astaire movie Flying Down to Rio (1933), which would change his life. It was then that he decided he would be a dancer. After graduating from high school, Nelson joined the Sonja Henie Ice Show and toured for 3 years before joining the Army in ...

60. George N. Neise

Actor | Zorro

George N. Neise was born on February 16, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as George Nicholas Neise. He was an actor, known for Zorro (1957), Valley of Hunted Men (1942) and Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady? (1968). He was married to Danielle Dreyer and Lorna Thayer. He died on April...

61. Gerry Mulligan

Soundtrack | L.A. Confidential

Born in New York, raised in Philadelphia, Mulligan was the foremost baritone sax player of his generation, as well as an acclaimed composer and arranger, and one of the founders of the post-WWII "West Coast" school of jazz. In addition to his three marriages, Mulligan was the long-term lover of ...

62. Gloria Gordon

Actress | My Friend Irma

Gloria Gordon was born on May 7, 1881 in West Darby, Lancashire, England as Bertha St Leger Palliser Wilson. She was an actress, known for My Friend Irma (1949), My Friend Irma (1952) and Dancing Days (1926). She was married to Charles T. Aldrich and William Singleton. She died on November 21, 1962...

63. Greer Garson

Actress | Mrs. Miniver

Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson was born on September 29, 1904 in London, England, to Nancy Sophia (Greer) and George Garson, a commercial clerk. She was of Scottish and Ulster-Scots descent. Her childhood was a normal if not non-descript life. Greer showed no early signs of interest in becoming an ...

64. Greg Morris

Actor | Mission: Impossible

Born in Cleveland, Morris came to Hollywood in the early 1960s. His acting experience at that time consisted of a few minor roles on the Seattle stage. He found work appearing on Television series such as The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961) and The Twilight Zone (1959) before being cast in Mission: ...

65. Guy Doleman

Actor | Thunderball

Tough-looking New Zealander, with a long string of credits as an actor in Australian films and theatre. He was also prolific on radio as actor, announcer and compère. In August 1952, Doleman won a £300 prize for his performance in an Actor's Choice half-hourly play, entitled "The Coward". He used ...

66. Guy Madison

Actor | The Beast of Hollow Mountain

Guy Madison appeared in 85 films, on radio, and television, finding his niche in the 1940s and starring as James Butler Hickock in the television series Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (1951). A radio version of the show aired on the Mutual network from 1951-1956.

67. Haing S. Ngor

Actor | The Killing Fields

Haing S. Ngor was a native of Cambodia, and before the war was a physician (obstetrics) and medical officer in the Cambodian army. He became a captive of the Khmer Rouge during the and was imprisoned and tortured; in order to escape execution he denied being a doctor or having an education. He ...

68. Harvey Vernon

Actor | Teen Wolf

Harvey Vernon was born on June 30, 1927 in Flint, Michigan, USA as Chet Smith. He was an actor, known for Teen Wolf (1985), All of Me (1984) and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993). He died on October 9, 1996 in Sun Valley, California, USA.

69. Helen Cohan

Actress | Kiss and Make-Up

Helen Cohan was born on September 13, 1910 in New York City, New York, USA. She was an actress, known for Kiss and Make-Up (1934), The Penal Code (1932) and Lightnin' (1930). She died on September 14, 1996 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

70. Herb Edelman

Actor | The Odd Couple

Herb Edelman was born on November 5, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Herbert Edelman. He was an actor and assistant director, known for The Odd Couple (1968), The Golden Girls (1985) and Barefoot in the Park (1967). He was married to Louise Sorel. He died on July 21, 1996 in Woodland Hills, Los ...

71. Hillevi Rombin

Actress | Istanbul

Hillevi Rombin was born on September 14, 1933 in Alfta, Gävleborg, Sweden as Anna Kerstin Hillevi Rombin. She was an actress, known for Istanbul (1957), The Adventures of Hiram Holliday (1956) and Miss Universe (1955). She was married to G. David Schine. She died on June 19, 1996 in Los Angeles, ...

72. Howard E. Rollins Jr.

Actor | Ragtime

Howard E. Rollins Jr. was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1950. He was the youngest of four children born to Howard E. Rollins Sr. (steelworker) and Ruth R. Rollins (domestic worker). Rollins graduated from Towson State College, where he studied theater. His first break into acting came when a ...

73. Howard Vernon

Actor | Delicatessen

Swiss-born actor Howard Vernon (né Mario Lippert) would make his infamous claim to fame as a stock lead player for the lowgrade, campy horror features of notorious director Jesús Franco, starring as Dr. Orloff, Dracula, and other terrorizers, most of them produced in Spain or France. Born in 1914 ...

74. Jack Weston

Actor | Dirty Dancing

In a 40-year career that spanned Broadway, television and movies, the versatile actor played everyone from sleazy villains to terrifying killers to clumsy comics. His bad-guy roles included a stalker who, along with Alan Arkin terrorized a blind Audrey Hepburn in the 1967 cult classic Wait Until ...

75. Jane Baxter

Actress | Blossom Time

A distinguished stage and film actress Jane Baxter was one of the most glamorous performers on the London stage. Winston Churchill, an ardent fan, once described her as, "that charming lady who grace personifies all that is best in British womanhood". Her stage career spanned half a century and she...

76. Jean Howell

Actress | Superstar

Jean Howell was born on November 21, 1927 in Pomona, California, USA as Jean Cameron Howell. She was an actress and writer, known for Superstar (1999), State Trooper (1956) and The Fast and the Furious (1954). She was married to Larry Thor. She died on July 23, 1996 in Santa Monica, California.

77. Jean Muir

Actress | Fugitive in the Sky

Tall (5' 9"), blonde-haired US stage, screen and TV actress from the 1930's through the mid-1960's. Upon retiring from acting Jean went on to teach drama, first, for eight years beginning in 1968, at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, where she headed their new drama department, and afterwards...

78. Jeanne Bal

Actress | Star Trek

Jeanne Bal was born on May 3, 1928 in Santa Monica, California, USA. She was an actress, known for Star Trek: The Original Series (1966), Perry Mason (1957) and Thriller (1960). She was married to Edward Richard Lee and Ross Bowman. She died on April 30, 1996 in Sherman Oaks, California.

79. Jed Johnson

Director | Bad

Jed Johnson was born on December 30, 1948 in Alexandria, Minnesota, USA. He was an editor and cinematographer, known for Bad (1977), Women in Revolt (1971) and Heat (1972). He died on July 17, 1996 in East Moriches, New York, USA.

80. Jennings Lang

Producer | The Concorde... Airport '79

Originally a lawyer from New York City, Jennings Lang came to Hollywood in 1938 and set up an office as a talent agent. In 1940, he joined the Jaffe agency and, within a few years, became the company's president and one of Hollywood's leading agents. He joined MCA in 1950 and, two years later, ...

81. Jerry Siegel

Writer | Superman

Jerry Siegel was born in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1931, he met and befriended his future partner, Joe Shuster, when the latter moved from his birthplace in Canada. Siegel and Shuster were both avid science fiction fans, publishing a fanzine in the mid-1920s. It was during this period that they read ...

82. Joe Seneca

Actor | The Blob

Prior to his illustrious Hollywood and television careers, Joe Seneca (nee Joel McGhee) belonged to a top flight singing group - The Three Riffs - that worked the better supper clubs in New York City. He was also a fine songwriter and had a big hit with "Talk to Me" sung by Little Willie John.

83. Martin Balsam

Actor | All the President's Men

Martin Henry Balsam was born on November 4, 1919 in the Bronx, New York City, to Lillian (Weinstein) and Albert Balsam, a manufacturer of women's sportswear. He was the first-born child. His father was a Russian Jewish immigrant, and his mother was born in New York, to Russian Jewish parents. ...

84. Jo Van Fleet

Actress | East of Eden

Jo Van Fleet was born on December 29, 1915 in Oakland, California. She established herself as a notable dramatic actress on Broadway over several years, winning a Tony Award in 1954 for her skill in a difficult role, playing an unsympathetic, even abusive character, in Horton Foote's "The Trip to ...

85. Joan Perry

Actress | The Lone Wolf Strikes

Born in Florida, Joan went to New York where she worked as a model. In 1935 she went to Hollywood where she was signed at Columbia Pictures. While at Columbia, Joan appeared in a number of films and worked with leading men such as Ralph Bellamy, Melvyn Douglas and Lew Ayres. She also caught the eye...

86. Joanne Dru

Actress | Red River

The daughter of a West Virginia druggist, Joanne Dru came to New York in 1940. In New York she worked as a model and was cast by Al Jolson as one of the showgirls in his Broadway play "Hold Onto Your Hats." When the show closed in 1941, she married popular singer Dick Haymes and went with him to ...

87. John Alton

Camera_department | An American in Paris

Starting out in 1924 as a lab technician at MGM, John Alton left there for Paramount to become a cameraman. He traveled to France and then to South America, where he wrote, photographed and directed several Spanish-language films. Returning to Hollywood in 1937, he soon achieved a reputation as one...

88. John Breckinridge

Actor | Plan 9 from Outer Space

John Breckinridge was born August 6, 1903 into a wealthy family and descended from former U.S. Vice President John C. Breckinridge. He got the role of the Ruler in Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) because he was a house guest of Paul Marco at the time the film was shooting, as was David De Mering, ...

89. John Snagge

Actor | Danger UXB

John Snagge was born on May 8, 1904 in London, England as John Derrick Mordaunt Snagge. He was an actor, known for Danger UXB (1979), Dr. Finlay's Casebook (1962) and Comedy Playhouse (1961). He died on March 25, 1996 in Buckinghamshire, England.

90. Johnny Johnston

Actor | The Man from Texas

Nightclub singer; leading man in a few Hollywood musicals of the 1940's. Mr. Johnston began his career in small nightclubs and soon became a singer with Art Kassel and his band, "Kassels in the Air". He also appeared on many radio shows in the late 1930's. In 1942, he signed with Capitol Records - ...

91. Jon Pertwee

Actor | Doctor Who

Jon Pertwee is best known for his portrayal of the Third Doctor on the BBC's science-fiction television series Doctor Who (1963) from 1970 to 1974. He was also the first to play the role following the transition of BBC One from black and white to colour. His 60-year entertainment career included ...

92. Jonathan Larson

Soundtrack | Rent

Jonathan Larson was born to Allan and Nanette Larson in Mount Vernon, New York, on February 4, 1960. A talented actor and musician, he was offered a full scholarship to Adelphi University on Long Island, where he met his idol (and later mentor) Stephen Sondheim. After graduating, he moved to the ...

93. Joseph Brodsky

Writer | Khrustalyov, mashinu!

Joseph Brodsky was a Nobel Prize-winning Russian-Jewish poet, writer, director and translator, who was arrested and prosecuted by the Soviet regime before his emigration.

He was born Joseph Aleksandrovich Brodsky on May 24, 1940 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg, Russia). He survived the Nazi siege of ...

94. Judith Allen

Actress | Texas Trail

The very pretty Judith Allen certainly had the makings of a great actress but her career fell far short, to the point that she came to be more sensational in the tabloid news than she was in the "B" films she graced.

She was born Marie Elliot in New York City on February 8, 1911, of Scottish ...

95. Juliet Prowse

Actress | G.I. Blues

Born in India to South African parents, Juliet studied to be a dancer from the age of 4. Attending the Royal Academy of Dance, by the time Juliet was 14, she was deemed too tall to enter the world of ballet. She signed as a chorus dancer with the London Palladium and then pursued a career as a ...

96. June Carlson

Actress | Jeep-Herders

June Carlson was born on April 16, 1924 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Helen June Carlson. She was an actress, known for Jeep-Herders (1945), The Jones Family in Borrowing Trouble (1937) and Off to the Races (1937). She was married to Donald C. McKean. She died on December 9, 1996 in San ...

97. June Gale

Actress | Pardon Our Nerve

Best known as Mrs. Oscar Levant and for the acute tabloid problems that accompanied that title, gorgeous blonde actress June Gale started things off in a vaudeville sister act that led to her becoming a Broadway and second-string movie actress of the 1930s.

June began life as twin Doris Gilmartin on...

98. Kiyoshi Atsumi

Actor | Otoko wa tsurai yo: Torajiro monogatari

Kiyoshi Atsumi was born on March 10, 1928 in Ueno, Tokyo, Japan as Yasuo Tadokoro. He was an actor, known for Tora-san Plays Daddy (1987), Talk of the Town Tora-san (1978) and Village of Eight Gravestones (1977). He died on August 4, 1996 in Tokyo.

99. Krzysztof Kieslowski

Writer | Trois couleurs: Bleu

Krzysztof Kieslowski graduated from Lódz Film School in 1969, and became a documentary, TV and feature film director and scriptwriter. Before making his first film for TV, Przejscie podziemne (1974) (The Underground Passage), he made a number of short documentaries. His next TV title, Personnel (...

100. Larry Gates

Actor | Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Larry Gates spent much of his early career waiting for that "big break." That Big Break finally came when he was cast in the 1956 Broadway comedy 'Bell Book and Candle' opposite Rex Harrison and Lili Palmer. Already middle aged, the role was the first in a long line of character roles that Larry ...

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