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So funny
anca maria ciubotariu1 April 2017
I usually don't enjoy comedy sitcoms, as they are rarely funny and often boring, cliché with second hand humor. I watched this only because John Lithgow. I love his work and I think he is delightfully funny. So I am glad watched the show because I fall in love with it. I love this show so much it's so original, has a lot of dark humor, witty humor, it's a delight. I hope there will be many seasons to come. I love all the characters as they each add to the show. Well done! Finally, a sitcom worth watching!
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I love this show!
teejk-4849114 April 2017
Perhaps not suited for people that don't pay attention (there is a lot of stuff going on in the background). I watch it and always mutter that "this show is REALLY WRONG on so many levels (even say "f***ed up often)" but in a good way. It reminds me of "Blazing Saddles" and Animal House and the "Airplane" movies. Mindless entertainment at a time when we need it I think.
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Wonderful and funny! Great Characters
guylaine_madden29 March 2017
Really love this show. I liked the characters right off the bat, I laugh out loud at every episodes, multiple times. It's just a good, light, fun show to help you relax and forget about all the sh*t that's happening in the world right now. I look forward to new each new episodes ;-)
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Best new comedy in a very long time!
ChristianCage17 March 2017
If you love slapstick characters, fast paced smart writing with endless humor, surprising emotional twists with a murder mystery still being the focus point of this show for the season as a who done it, then Trial & Error is for you.

This show is so ridiculous & is only going to get better & better as the season progresses, think of it as if Law & Order had a love child with Parks & Rec. :)
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labman-4064926 March 2017
This is the funniest television show I have seen in the last 25 years. My family and I laugh the entire length of the show until we are crying!!! Keep up the awesome work. You are the true Kings and Queens of Comedy!!!! The entire cast is beyond brilliant!!!! I truly hope this show will be on as long as Gunsmoke was.
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Fresh, Fun, Hilarious
jmsnyder-9126118 April 2017
Absolutely one of the best comedies in years! ! John Lithgow shines in this as he does in everything. The thing is that every single cast member is Amazing! Seriously, I had no idea how addicting this show was going to be. I can't recommend it highly enough! We laugh from beginning to end. Every episode somehow finds a way to be better than the previous one. Can't wait for season 2!
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Just goofy fun
thrall714 April 2017
Like a lot of people, I'm a big fan of John Lithgow, who is a very versatile actor. He's one of a select bunch who are adept at serious drama and broad humor, as seen in his turn on "Third Rock from the Sun" and his hosting SNL.

This show isn't pretentious about the humor. It's broad and fast-paced in most episodes. If you don't like one joke, wait thirty seconds or so and we've got another one for you. The writers make use of a lot of devices to get the humor across, including some quick-hitting sight gags you need to watch for or you'll miss them. (As an example, check out the slogan for the health club in one of the episodes as the trial begins.)

Jayma Mays is a bundle of sexual tension in her role as the ambitious DA and is nearly as funny as Lithgow's character. Sherri Shepherd is great in a sometimes too small part. Overall, the cast is wonderful and seems to be having a lot of fun with the show.

I will say that I don't know if this is a show that has a lot of staying power, though, because it's hard to see where it can go after this first season. Still, it's a very funny half-hour that really is a lot different from most of what's on right now. The only show that takes the same approach to fast-paced, packed with jokes is "Angie Tribeca." It works for them and it works well for this show.
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Great mix of characters, quirky, funny show...
wildsparrow1620 March 2017
I have loved Lithgow since 3rd Rock From the Sun, back in the day. This is a funny show and the characters mesh very well together. I love his office staff, especially his secretary and her numerous neurosis conditions. The law office shares space with a taxidermy outfit. This show is especially funny if you are southern and familiar with certain southern traits such as our dislike of strong displays of painful emotion ("I've never seen my wife so upset!" Camera zoom on wife showing no emotion whatsoever). The show is surprisingly tender and sweet, too.
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Lithgow is perfect for 'Trial and Error'
LiquidPoetry192115 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
With the popularity of true crime shows like 'Making of a Murderer' and 'The Jinx', you knew it wouldn't be long before a show came along to spoof them...and this is definitely it!

Starring John Lithgow (The Crown) as Larry Henderson, a roller-skating obsessed poetry professor who has been accused of killing his wife by throwing her through a plate-glass window. Unfortunately for Larry, this is also how his first wife died. Hired for his legal defense is 'northeasterner' Josh Segal (Nick D'Agostino), who is assisted by bumbling ex-cop Dwayne Reed (Steven Boyer) and completely ineffective secretary Anne Flatch (Sherry Shepard).

Viewers of the show "Parks and Recreation" might find this show quite similar to that one. Although there were funny lines from all the characters, is was definitely Lithgow who carried the show with his incredible comedic timing and dead-pan expressions. Although the first couple of episodes may have been a little too similar to other 'documentary style' sit-coms, 'Trial and Error' has one important thing that those other shows did not...Lithgow. And for that reason alone, this show might just make it!
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drjgardner31 March 2017
Trial and Error has an entertaining premise and great acting. The cast is uniformly wonderful though some (Cristine Rose, Bob Gunton) are under utilized. It's got clever writing, but unfortunately it generates snickers and smiles rather than belly laughs.

I like comedies like "Big Bang", "Mom", "Fresh off the Boat", and "Life in Pieces" and each of these comedies delivers the big laughs. "Trail and Error" doesn't but it is entertaining and it's always good to see John Lithgow
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