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loving it
marig-4917017 October 2016
this show is great! It points out the humor and absurdity to suburban life. Some people get their drawers wadded up when you make references to Stepford wives or soccer moms. I've been the suburban soccer mom. I don't get my feelings hurt. It is incredibly funny to see caricatures of what I saw every day at scouts, church, pta, etc. Don't be so sensitive people. This is a hilarious look with exaggerations for humor. It's not meant to attack you or your American way of life. This show is fun. If you see yourself a little bit in there, laugh some more. No this woman isn't fat but she FEELS it based on images she sees and the women killing themselves with the diet and the leisure apparel day and night. And face it, society says size 6 is fat. So for her, she's reflecting what many women in the country are seeing, the reality of today, but with humor. The show points out that she and her husband have a healthy relationship and he helps her deal with body image by appreciating HER. and that happens every day in real life too.
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Hey mom, you are not going to believe this, but YOU are being characterized on TV's new sitcom "American Housewife"
Ed-Shullivan11 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Well the pilot episode was just aired and I must say that the story line about a slightly overweight mother and her husband raising three children in the suburbs of Westport Conneticut will resonate with a lot of household families. Actress Katy Mixon who just came off six seasons of the successful sitcom Mike and Molly plays mom Katie Otto, who feels a bit uncomfortable in what she feels is her over sized body compared to all the neighborhood school moms who remind her of the perfect Stepford wives. Now Katie's husband Greg, played by Diedrich Bader is just your normal dad who enjoys his morning read on the bathroom throne with a cup of java. Greg doesn't think Katie is as fat as Katie thinks she is. Nor does Greg think that two (2) of his three (3) kids are a bit weird, but Katie sure does.

Fat Pam is Katie's neighbor from across the street and she is moving which will leave Katie as the second fattest mom in her neighborhood. Katie convinces her husband Greg that he has to help her find a heavy woman to buy the house across the street so she won't be looked upon as the fattest mom in the neighborhood and she can feel better about herself. But common sense prevails and Katie ends up eventually having to welcome another Stepford looking wife to the neighborhood named Viv, played by Leslie Bibb. The initial interaction between Viv and Katie one could imagine it would not be exactly a warm welcome and thus we have the making of a new sitcom.

Katie and Greg are the proud parents of two daughters and one son. Their son Oliver's ambition is to be the next Warren Buffet but I don't think that Katie and Greg have the heart to tell their son that they actually are just renting the house they live in. Their younger daughter a cutey patootie named Anna-Kat is scared of germs and shows sign of having an obsessive compulsive disorder. Their older daughter Taylor fits right in the neighborhood with all the slim good looking girls and Katie resents that Taylor may grow up as just another plastic Stepford type wife, shallow but beautifully slim.

What I really like about this new sitcom is there is no "canned laughter" barreling at the audience during and after every conversation the family may have. The laughter will have to be earned and they earned my laughter during the first episode. This family themed comedy format has a good chance of becoming a weekly "must see" as we the audience get to know the personalities of Katie, Greg their three children Oliver, Anna-Kat, Taylor and their new neighbor Viv. I look forward to future episodes of American Housewife.

I give the pilot an 8 out of 10 rating.
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Every time I watch it just gets better
chrisdye-3186715 December 2016
OK yea I am a family comedy junkie and I love this show and speechless equally though I have to say while Katie mixion was the only selling point for me at first I thought she was all I was going to enjoy from the trailer but I have fallen in love with the family kind of yes it's not really new but it is great.yes I get abc aring two family comedies too close to each other could be a problem but not here it's perfection like I Sayed it's not new just great my favorite part actually isn't even Katie . much to my surprise. It's the youngest daughter Anna Kat that has me in stitches every time I watch but the whole family is lovable and the adorable Katie mixion is just as sweet as always gotta love the show
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only watched for katie at first
chrisdye-7881712 October 2016
the whole thing that excited me for this show at first was the leading mother i think miss katie is hilarious let along beautiful but it turned out i got so much more from it then i ever expected too its an all around good show i laughed out loud a lot during the premiere if this keeps up it should be yet another hit for the folcks at abc i love how miss katie has such sass and is yet so sweet and charming the youngest daughter is hilarious too and a total sweetheart i say give this new family a try u might bge surprised by what u find 'no its nothing new just something lovable' warning though' there's talk of the boob fairy coming to see a teen girl and a conversation about the same girls period' but aside from that the shows wonderful i love it cant wait for more to come
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Loving this
Kathrine Jensen28 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
How can you not love this? It makes fun of everybody who's seemingly perfect. And I'm guessing those who strive to be like that are the ones who's having difficulties with this show. Don't get me wrong - I'd love to look perfect too - but looking perfect and looking down on every one who's not distorts that perfectness and makes it dirty. Katy is a full grown woman who's given birth to several people, who's living in a loving home, who's desired by her husband and doesn't feel like drinking kale and denying herself food and cookies to look like a stick insect.It's not about healthy or unhealthy - it's about how SHE feels. She feels fat next to the skinny mums. She feel their condemnation and she's not wrong. They are looking down on her. So she defends herself by thinking negative thoughts about them. All very human and how we women are. Women are masters of the art of putting other women down. She tries to teach her kids values and give them direction. I loved that she had them pick up garbage by the road. Cruel punishment - nah. In my country all the kids have to pick litter off the street and schools to clean up before and after our independence day celebrations - no one's died of shame yet.

I'm only done with episode three - and I'm looking forward to each and every episode to come.
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Best show ever.....
dalbergo23 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Finally a real show. I love this show I tell everyone I know about it. The cast is perfect. I can't believe how all the cast have a perfect role. This show makes you feel normal. So realistic it makes you realize that certain people make a perfect show. I can't say it enough this cast works perfect together. GREAT SHOW!!! A perfect 10 stars.
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I did not care for the show and it's negative view of women.
robintfm13 October 2016
The American Housewife show.

I have several issues with this show. The protagonist Katy Mixon playing the Mom. She dislikes her surroundings, the people around her and their values. She calls herself fat and she is average weight. She attacked her children her daughter by her food and her son by his values. She was only kindly towards her youngest child. Another issue was if this was a comedy I did not laugh.

Mixon I actually liked in Mike and Molly. If you were trying to explore weight issues it was a miss. Instead it was self- deprecating. The actress in Mike and Molly Melissa McCarthy was actually overweight. She was self-improving motivated and working proactively to improve her life. She was a positive character. She went to meetings and learned how to cope with stress and found someone to love. Her sister Mixion was dealing with her issues like the mother in that show chose to treat their pain with substance abuse, not food.

The children reminded me of Family Ties. The daughter liked by her peers a stock American daughter. The son was a dead ringer for Alex P. Keaton. He was an entrepreneur with a solid gold heart and no personal empathy but dollar signs. The difference was the youngest child was an odd child, dealing with overwhelming OCD issues, not the stock little girl.

Let's talk about the where, they are living in a neighborhood that is not compatible with their core values. This is America if you do not like where you live move. Now the socioeconomic struggle and difference was perfectly shown in Gilmore Girls. A girl from that neighborhood moved away because she did not accept their core values. She had to deal with the values when she needed money for her child to attend private school. If the mom does not need to interact with the other people in her neighborhood. She had friends, so why was she comparing herself despairingly? The skinny women were not competition at work, her husband's work, social clubs, church or family. So why?

The only positive thing I saw was a husband that sexually desired his wife. So that in itself is the only positive value is given by a man.

Now I liked the individual actors. I just did not like the premise of the show or the negative display of women.
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Wanted to like it...but can't
socialmedia-470792 November 2016
Saving money, bad. Eating healthy, bad. They move to a white, wealthy neighborhood because of the schools, but the mom hates everything about it and everyone in it. And is constantly telling her kids why everything in the neighborhood is bad. I just can't buy it. If you hate the "rich school" and the kids that go there, why would you want your kids there? You do not need to go to the best school to get a great education and get into a top college...if that's their goal.

I'm waiting for the redeeming message, where she realizes that constantly comparing herself to everyone else is self defeating, and harmful to her children, but it never comes. The "white privilege" stereotype is annoying. The "I'm fat and have a negative body image" stereotype is annoying (and honestly, she's too small for that stereotype, so it makes it not believable). The "over achieving Asian" stereotype is annoying. The only stereotype that's believable and you are rooting for is the OCD daughter.

Having said all that, I like all the actors, they cast it well. I just wish it was a better sitcom. I've watched 2 episodes and don't think I can stomach a third...
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A Suburban Sitcom That's Not For Everyone.
atlasmb13 October 2016
"American Housewife" is a sitcom starring Katy Mixon (Katie Otto) as the titular housewife whose cynicism pervades every scene. Although she is attractive and sexy in my estimation, the character focuses on her weight, comparing herself to the exercise-and-diet housewives that populate Westport, CT, where her family rents because of the superior school system.

"Suburgatory" did it better. So did "Odd Mom Out", but this series attempts to make hay from Katie's observations about the shallow values of those around her. Unfortunately, Katie is hypocritical She wants to be "not fat", but her eating habits say otherwise. She criticizes the lean physiques of her neighbors, but really envies them. We can forgive the fact that she's hypocritical, but she's also mean, sometimes to her own children.

One daughter suffers from OCD, (Dad-induced) germophobia and other assorted personality disorders. The other hangs out with the shallow children of the shallow neighbors. And her son, who is Alex P. Keaton reincarnate, already has life goals that involve making plenty of money.

Oliver, the son, runs rings around his mother intellectually. She wants to turn him into an altruist (because we all know capitalists are never altruists, right?), but she has difficulty making arguments for her beliefs in the face of his comprehensive belief system. He points out how happy he made someone in one of his money making schemes and she realizes he has a point.

In some comedies, you laugh AT the lead character ("All in the Family") and in others you laugh WITH the protagonist ("Seinfeld"), and I think the audience for this show may consists of equal parts of each. Katie is part Leah Remini and part Roseanne Barr, but we mostly laugh WITH those two comedy greats.

In some ways, the show is non-PC, allowing Katie to take shots at many social "norms", but her two best friends are a black lesbian and an Asian woman. And she is clearly left-leaning. The result is an interesting mix.

Her husband, Greg (Diedrich Bader)--like most sitcom husbands--is primarily fodder for her jokes, but he does serve to offset some of Katie's neurotic behaviors (as she does for him).

Despite the fact Katie is sometimes mean to her children and sometimes lies to them, I think some American housewives will identify with her and find laughs in the dialogue. Personally, I only laughed once during the pilot episode, but it was a good one.

There are better shows, but this might tickle the funny bones of some viewers.
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Family Ties wannabe with Obnoxious Mother
K M3 May 2017
The show is so negative about everything. The mother is probably the worst example a child could have, not counting mothers who are criminals. She is rude, hateful, self-loathing, and thinks it is wrong to try and get along with people. It's one of those shows you don't want your children to watch, while it's tolerable to watch during re-run season.
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