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Unbelievably good, brings back all those Paddington memories
I used to read all the Paddington books when I was a small boy and my wife when she was a little girl. We both loved all the crazy escapades that Paddington got into and he did it all with a good heart.

I very much enjoyed seeing the first Paddington but did feel it wasn't quite Paddington with the scary woman and the scary scenes.

Paddington 2 completely captures the essence of the the books and really wrings out the most of some of the characters.

Brendan Gleeson is superb as the 'nasty' Knuckles who quickly warms to Paddington. This might sound far-fetched but the whole film is very childish. Now that's not childish in the sense of "silly and immature" but in the other definition of "appropriate to a child". The whole film shows and plays scenes as a child might imagine things to be - for example how the prison works and especially the lovely idea that the warden reads the inmates a bedtime story to help them all get to sleep.

There are superb performance from all the actors and a huge number of cameos. Even the small scenes put in by the like of Joanna Lumley and Rob Brydon are clearly done with great love from the actors. Hugh Grant puts in a superb over the top performance as the baddie, which really let him flex his vocal talents!

The whole film is done in bright colours and with a superb musical backing track. When you are watching the film be careful to pay attention to all the small details, such as the newspaper headlines and the To Do list in the Brown's Kitchen, there a huge number of little jokes in the background and I suspect I'll spot a whole load more when I watch this again on Blu-Ray!

Not really spoilers but there is only one really 'scary' scene near the end but it is so beautifully done and you know that Paddington will win so even the little ones won't cry. And make sure you stay for ALL the credits as they play out to an amazing "what happened after" montage.

I have noticed that that at the time of writing this review there were 927 votes and 15 people have given the film a 1-star. Now I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but in this case I suspect these people might not really understand Paddington and what he's all about, if you have young children and they love Paddington then they will love this film.

This film is suitable for young children aged 4 to 104 :)

Let you into a secret, when my wife and I went to watch this film there were a lot of people in the cinema but not one was under 18! From the looks of it the audience was aged 20 - 80!

I cried and I laughed through the whole film and rekindled my inner Paddington.
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For once a sequel that doesn't disappoint
trevorwomble10 November 2017
I was hugely surprised at just how good the first film was and was tentatively cautious when this sequel was green-lighted that perhaps it might cheapen Michael Bond's beloved family friendly creation.

However, fear not, for this sequel is absolutely terrific on all levels. Firstly it is as funny and witty and as brilliantly animated as the first film. The excellent cast from the first film is also enhanced by a superb turn from Hugh Grant, who hasn't been as good as he is here in a long time. In fact it is quite clear to the viewer that Grant is thoroughly enjoying himself by playing against type and sending himself up as a faded egotistical actor and total cad who sets Paddington up to be the fall guy (or should that be Bear?) for a dastardly deed. There is a touch of the pantomime villain to his performance, but it works splendidly and it fits his character perfectly.

All the wit and heart of the first film is still evident here and in some ways, built upon. Brendan Gleeson is also excellent as an old lag and prison cook who loses his angry nature when he succumbs to Paddington's charms and talents in the kitchen. There are also loads of great jokes too, some pitched at younger children and some deliberately aimed at the more adult viewer.

All in all this is a worthy sequel and a great memorial to Paddingtons creator, Michael Bond, who died whilst this sequel was still being filmed. It is full of laughs, thrills, action sequences, great characters, some wonderful animation (one scene is an obvious nod to the 2D paper cut-outs of the human characters in the 1970s children's TV show) and you would have to have a hard heart indeed to not burst into tears at the wonderful ending. Also, don't leave the film until you watch Hugh Grant gloriously send himself up with a musical song and dance act as the end credits roll.

Thoroughly recommended to anybody who wants to see 100 minutes of family friendly fun that isn't either sickly sweet or too dark for youngsters and still thoroughly watchable to adults too. Great fun and a worthy sequel to one of the best British films in recent years.
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Somehow - and thankfully - as good as the first
rogerdarlington13 November 2017
I loved "Paddington" and - to my delight - I loved "Paddington 2" too.

Of course, we start with the adorable character created by Michael Bond (who died between the release of the two films), the brilliant CGI representation of our furry friend, and the purr-fect voicing by Ben Wishaw. This is such a British franchise with so very many British character actors (OK, and one Irish) and so many London locations, although this is the kind of gentle London that we saw in "Notting Hill" (most notably in the prison scenes). Indeed the villain this time is less threatening than Nicole Kidman's character in the first film and played brilliantly by the ever-so- English star of "Notting Hill", Hugh Grant, who - following his success in "Florence Foster Jenkins" - shows that he is not just a pretty face.

The film is endlessly inventive, not least in bringing to life a pop-up book of London landmarks which is at the heart of the plot, and it is stuffed full of visual gags as well as so many funny lines, a few aimed at adult viewers rather than little ones. My granddaughter (almost seven) found it delightful with one of her favourite scenes being Paddington's window-cleaning efforts. Be sure to stay for the credits - a final delight in 100 happy minutes.
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602nd review: A Superb Children's Movie
intelearts12 November 2017
Paddington 2 really is a fine children's movie. In fact, I would go as far as to say one of the best children's movies I have seen. It is not just charm and whimsy and genuine laughs though it has those in buckets - it is a real plot, and a solid caper movie to boot. By building on an ingenious crime element and real plotting it has turned from a sentimental journey to something more. As an avid reader of the books as a child, the main worry is the spirit of the bear who believes in the good in everyone, while creating untold chaos around him, will get lost to serve the storyline or some idea of updating Paddington. Luckily, none of the spirit is lost, and instead, we have an immensely enjoyable, fun, funny, and charming film. The whole family loved it - and we all laughed, cried, and cheered. Just be sure to stay seated for the credits. A really excellent children's film.
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One of the year's biggest delights
TheLittleSongbird10 November 2017
Loved the first 'Paddington', was not sure whether that would be the case but it turned out to be one of that year's biggest surprises and delights. Was enthused about hearing that there was a sequel with the same crew returning, always a plus when it comes to sequels, but there was the concern as to whether it would fall victim to "sequel-titis".

Very luckily, 'Paddington 2' does not fall victim to that. It is one of not many sequels to actually be equal in quality to its predecessor and come close to being even better. It maintains all of 'Paddington's' heart, fun and charm, maintaining everything that made that film so good, and even builds on that appeal. For such a hit-and-miss year and seeing my fair share of overblown big-budget blockbusters with little soul, films that waste great premises and films that attempted laugh-a-minute laughs and doing it in a way that came at the expense of heart, 'Paddington 2' was a much needed refreshment. Not saying at all that it has been a completely bad year, actually there have been very good to great films, just that 'Paddington 2' stood out in the best of ways in recent weeks.

Maybe it could have been ever so slightly longer and would have again liked to have seen more of Mr Curry and his acrimonious relationship with Paddington. Everything else is magic.

'Paddington 2' once again looks great. It's beautifully shot and vibrant in design with a little bit of grit and Paddington as to be expected couldn't have looked more perfect. The music score is suitably soothing, rousing and whimsical, while the direction keeps things moving at a bright and breezy pace. A pace that never slows down but doesn't ever feel too hasty either.

Scripting is also spot on. The comedic moments are incredibly funny, the best of it hilarious, with rapid-fire wit, endearing quirkiness, clever gags that don't feel like pale retreads of before and perfectly pitched misunderstandings and physical comedy. Underneath all the humour and the darker and more suspenseful mystery/action-oriented elements of the story is a big heart and strong emotional core, with some lovely inspiring messaging and values that are very much current and some touching parts. It's also incredibly intelligent, not many films this year have treated its audience with the amount of respect that 'Paddington 2' has, and has such an endearing innocence.

A large part of that is the character of Paddington himself. Can't fault his design or Ben Whishaw's beautiful voice acting, nor can one fault his truly adorable personality, absolutely love how he tries to still remain even in the grimmest of situations and he is easy to root for and love throughout. The story may on the slight side structurally but has a lot going on, without being cluttered, that makes it very much eventful and to me there weren't any tonal issues.

Every ounce of the heart, charm and fun seen in 'Paddington' is here and everybody gets a chance to shine, especially Mr Brown and Mrs Bird of Paddington's family. The new characters are great additions, with a superior villain and the character of the cook Knuckles being one of the film's nicest surprises. Only Mr Curry could have been done better.

Performances across the board are great. Hugh Bonneville balances comedy and drama with ease, Sally Hawkins is compassionate and Julie Walters is a hoot. Jim Broadbent is always a welcome presence and the younger actors are appealing. Brendan Gleeson excels in a departure role, a dramatic actor in a more comedic role in a family-friendly film could have gone wrong but Gleeson brings a curmudgeonly charm and great comic timing. Hugh Grant is also cast against type and brilliantly sends up himself and the world of acting. This is Paddington's film though.

Overall, an absolute delight and refreshing. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Practically perfect Paddington production
ramonster_uk20 November 2017
I was an unexpected fan of the first Paddington movie, walked into it expecting not to enjoy it, but I was proved wrong. When I heard that a sequel was coming, I just hoped it would retain the magic of the first and it did, with a cherry on top! This movie invoked the inner child within me and was just a perfect viewing experience for this time of the year.

The casting was genius, featuring many well known British actors, in roles big and small. It was like a gathering of all the best of British, all having the best of time together. A huge hats off to Hugh Grant, pure brilliance!

The imagination that went into this movie and the skill that managed to put this across to the audience was second to none! You will find yourself being absorbed into this world and will not want to leave. I've read some people complaining that this isn't what London is like today, but this is exactly how London was in my childhood mind, where fantasy and reality met. Don't let go of your imagination, suspend reality and just enjoy.

I cannot recommend this movie highly enough. You will laugh and you will cry. Go see it, on your own, with your partner or with you family, you won't be disappointed.
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Alanjackd12 November 2017
For starters ..I have given a 10 for this as a family movie and nothing else.

As family movies go you won't get better. A delight from start to finish with everything you could possibly .baddies..robbery ...everything.

Everybody hams it up perfectly..and also some of the direction and animation is actually very awesome.

Perfect family trip to the cinema here for young and old.

One thing to the drama of the Weinstien troubles...some expected a boycott here..nothing of it at all..the theatre was rammed at every showing..I don't know what that tells us but I thought it was worth mentioning!!
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You'll believe a bear can fly
iandbaldwin19 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
From the opening moments to the end credits this film is a fitting epitaph to the author Michael Bond. I can honestly say this is the best "children's" film I have seen since Mary Poppins when I was 6. Like a very good marmalade it is bitter sweet, with moments of comedy that will have tears of laughter running down your cheek and moments of pathos that will do the same - a good thing I was in a darkened cinema. The animators are the star (Paddington) but special mention must be made for Hugh Grant who throws everything at this Oscar worthy role (Don't leave before the end credits or you'll miss one of the best moments) and Brendan Gleeson is suitably menacing and lovable at the same time.

Spoiler Alert :- The film flashbacks to Peru when Paddington was rescued by Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo from a fast flowing river. When you see the quality of the animation of this scene you know you are seeing movie platinum. The pop up book that Paddington wants to buy and send to Aunt Lucy for her Birthday present comes to life at the Quayside with Paddington welcoming his aunt to London and showing her the sights - these scenes are inspired and worth the admission price alone. When Paddington gets sent to prison for being wrongly accused of stealing the pop up book his transformation of the prison and the chef Nuckles McGinty (Gleeson) is amazing - and it all starts with marmalade. There are too many other excellent scenes to mention but when Paddington has been cleared and released from prison and is back home he goes to the front door to open it and at this point, thanks to first rate animation throughout, you will believe a bear can fly.
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Great sequel
jshoesmithkr12 November 2017
The first Paddington film was cleverly made but just wasn't long enough. This film however lasted longer and had way more to it which made it better. Phoenix as the villain was kind of better than Millicent as he was more cunning. Knuckles was a great addition, how you couldn't like him is just wrong, if you like Knuckles The Echidna then you'll like Knuckles McGinty.

Mr Curry could have done more although they gave Mr Gruber a more dominant role like in the books. The scenes were mainly funny. Judy was attractive like in the last film but three years' film difference can emphasize how much actors can change, especially Johnathan and Judy. The prison bit was a bit like Muppets Most Wanted as Paddington befriends his cell mates and then they start to enjoy themselves and then at the end they help his escape, only difference is that some of them join him. Overall a 9/10 for this film. Can't wait for Paddington 3.
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Pure bearfection 10/10
pada21 November 2017
To think I had second thoughts about even going to see this !

A perfect film in all ways suitable for all the family for children 8 months to 80 years and beyond .

A total delight . Cinema-photography was excellent, giving an interesting nostalgic feel set in modern times , at times you felt you were being transported back to your childhood in the 1950s - 1970s with many aspects such as steam trains and Victorian architecture and prisons - the Hugh Grant Phoenix Buchanan character was almost as if Terry Thomas had been reincarnated to play the role! Shots of Windsor gardens and the Shard juxtapositioned the tourist view of London old and new .

The theme of good versus evil reigned supreme throughout . Together with love conquers all and community spirit . Michael Bond the author sadly died in Paddington on the last day of filming never reaching the age of Aunt Sally but at 91 he lived a long life and left us with a masterpiece .

The cast was absolutely superb - the animation top notch - you'd forget that Paddington is a bear as did the characters at times - watch the credits right to the end for Hugh camping it up to the max .

Superb - you'll love it

Pad.A 10/10'
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A perfect family film
benpeyton10 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Paddington 2 Written by Ben Peyton @BenPeyton007 10th November 2017

Ben Whishaw swaps James Bond for Michael Bond's Paddington Bear in the sequel to 2014s hugely successful Paddington, simply named Paddington 2. Simply named, but ingeniously signalled by Paddington himself in the film's opening.

In search of the perfect gift for his Aunt Lucy, Paddington discovers an old pop-up book in Mr Gruber's antique shop and takes on a series of odd jobs to pay for it. When the book is stolen, Paddington enlists the help of the Brown family and some new-found friends to retrieve it and unmask the thief.

Director, Paul King, unveils some wonderfully creative moments; an interactive sequence involving the pop-up book utilising some of London's most famous landmarks, a hilarious slap-stick Mr Bean-esque barber scene, a beautifully lush tropical jungle sprouting from a single tear and concluding with an exciting train-top chase reminiscent of Skyfall. Seriously.

Joining King are writers Simon Farnaby and Jon Croker. Their terrific script makes full use of the glittering cast's comedic talent and they all seem to be having an absolute blast.

None more so than Hugh Grant as washed-up thespian, Phoenix Buchanan. Grant plays a plethora of characters and it's a welcome reminder of just how good an actor he is. The twinkle in his eyes, lacking from some of his films over the years, that infectious grin and his positively charming accent are cranked up to 11 and he lights up the screen whenever he appears. Whether he's a not so noble knight or a surprisingly attractive nun, Grant is having a ball as his pantomime performance hits all the right notes.

Brendan Gleeson also has free reign to exaggerate his character, a grizzly convict by the name of Knuckles McGinty, to superb effect. Gleeson leads a host of some of Britain's best comedy actors, including Tom Davis and Noah Taylor, to make their jailhouse rock.

Leading the way as the voice of Paddington, Ben Whishaw's impeccably pitched innocence, naivety and comic timing, combined with some exceptional CGI make you forget you're watching an animation.

The supporting characters are all played to perfection by an impressive ensemble cast including, Julie Walters, Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville and Jim Broadbent with excellent turns by Tom Conti, Peter Capaldi, Joanna Lumley and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith.

Dario Marianelli's delightful score is also a highlight, with a There's Something About Mary style band, Tobago and d'Lime, appearing every now and then to belt out a tune.

Paddington 2 is a joyful smile all the way through. I grinned and would happily bear it again. The ending, although predictable, is surprisingly moving and the perfect conclusion to a wonderful family film full of charm and love. As Aunt Lucy would say, "If we're kind and polite, the world would be right." It's a simple message and one we could all learn from.

Oh, and do stick around for a little treat during the credits. Prison has never looked so much fun!
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michellesusankelly18 November 2017
I watched and enjoyed the first Paddington movie but have to say that , unusually for a sequel, this is better. I found all the characters so endearing, the story was fantastic, a great number of cameos, and hats off to the actors all great. Beware, a hankie may be needed during this film, and I have to say, best movie I have seen this year. Wonderful family movie.
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Amazing, suitable for all
tahemairis26 November 2017
With no shame in saying so, i teared up at the end of this beautifully crafted family-flick. There i was, a 20 year old, sitting in between at least 8 ten year olds, cheering for the charming Brown family and of course, the adorable Paddington.

It is a delight for all, with clever and tasteful British humour that will satisfy all viewers, from 5 year olds (i actually witnessed a 5 year old laughing her heart out at the screening i was at) to full grown adults (many parents and also my mom who i was seeing this movie with, had a blast seeing many, more adult- oriented, but still appropriate and child-friendly themes throughout the movie).

The casting is great, plenty of A-lister Brits give an endearing performance and for not once will you think they did it for an easy paycheck. The film is pleasant for the eyes and has a positive, vibrant color-scheme. The plot is good, does not have that well- feared "sequel syndrome" (which i was indeed a bit sceptical about before buying the ticket) and can very well stand on its own.

This movie provides an important lesson of kindness and understanding and is a deeply moving depiction of family, community and motherly love. Perfect film to warm you up for the winter ahead.

Go and see it, you won't have an ounce of regret later!
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Paddington 2: Could a sequel be better than the original? This one is!
brankovranjkovic14 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a CGI animated film sequel of the charming bear character called Paddington, the bear who always looks for the good in people. In this film we see that one year on from the original film Paddington has really become part of the Brown family and very much part of the local community.

Paddington is looking for the perfect present for his Auntie Lucy's 100th birthday, he sees a pop-up book in an antique shop, but it's very expensive (£500). None-the-less, he decides to buy it as his Auntie only ever wanted to see London, so this seems perfect. Paddington needs to do a string of different odd jobs to earn the necessary money to buy the book, all with disastrous slap-stick comedy consequences. The book also provides clues to the location of some treasure.

Late one night Paddington witnesses the book being stolen from the shop, he chases the villain but he escapes. The police arrive on the scene and have no alternative but to convict Paddington, the Brown family need to clear Paddington's name and find the thief.

Whilst in prison, which is colourful and largely resembles The Grand Budapest Hotel, Paddington makes friends with several of the eccentric inmates, his exchanges with them are all hilarious including some use of the famous 'hard stare'. Paddington manages to break out with three other inmates, they (and the Browns) are now in pursuit of the book thief. Of course they catch the devious thief, and recover the book.

Go see this gem of a film, generally better than the original with a who's who cast of British acting royalty, and an emotional ending.

Stay for the closing credits for a comedy dance sequence. Very highly recommended.
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Great family entertainment
Figgy66-915-59847020 November 2017
20 November 2017 Second Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight - Paddington 2. Three years after the amazing original movie Paddington bursts back onto our screen. Full of good intentions, his naivety lands him in hot water and he finds himself locked up with everyone trying to clear his name. All our old favourites are back, Hugh Bonneville as Mr Brown, Julie Walters as Mrs Bird and Peter Capaldi as Mr Curry among others, however I think the real human star of the show was Hugh Grant, who played the dastardly Phoenix Buchanan with aplomb. Phoenix is a washed up actor reduced to doing dog food commercials who takes advantage of Paddington and makes you want to yell Boo Hiss from the audience. There is some brilliant acting from everyone who is interacting with Paddington, you wouldn't know there wasn't a real talking bear there. A great film for all the family to enjoy, oh and stay sat down for the credits on this one!!!
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a feel good family friendly movie about that cute lovable bear
mikenontonmulu14 November 2017
Just like in the original movie, this one was also truly a family movie. Almost the same formula was used in here where Paddington, being a naive, friendly kind bear caught in trouble due to the bad things done by the villain, and had to be rescued by the Browns. There was definitely a lot of laugh and love around in this movie. So get ready for some funny moments and of course some touching emotional moments.

The movie itself focused on the feel-good factor that you would experience when watching it and especially the happiness and emotional sensation after the climax scene in the end. However, this movie was not a very deep one filled with intelligent conversation. Instead it was a light movie filled with scenes where we would be feeling happy or sad for Paddington. Of course some of the things were also a little bit illogical and have a sense of absurdity in it, but we could still tolerate and just enjoy the movie. It was made purely to be enjoyed by the whole family and I think it would be nicer to see this one during Christmas period. I do not know why, but it had a Christmas aura in the movie.

The CGI to create Paddington was as nice as the original film, but I especially love the scenes shown during the imagination of Paddington when he was looking at the pop-up book. It was very nice and wonderful to see it and I could actually experience what he was imagining. The Brown family affection and of course the whole neighborhood's appreciation towards Paddington was very lovely to see as well. And be reminded to see the warm feeling when you see the scene involving Brendan Gleeson and his friends. There was a fun mid credit scene that you could enjoy too, but no end credit scene.

In the end, this movie was just to be enjoyed and not to be overly thought. You would need to have good imagination and also better to have watched the original movie to have better appreciation of Paddington and the Browns relationship. But even if you did not see the first one, I think you could still understand the movie as it was not too overly complicated. My wife and I were pretty entertained with the movie, especially my wife who had some emotional moments in the touching scenes. We were definitely glad to have seen this one, even though a bit late. The only thing I quite regret was the scenes of the trailer were a bit too much and some of the funny scenes were already shown there.

So if you are looking for a family friendly movie with some of those funny moments plus if you want to enjoy seeing that cute cuddly bear with his naivety and kindness to brighten up your day, this one definitely would be a good choice.

for my complete review, pls have a look at
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Paddington 2 is amazing!
Fadi_Michel12 December 2017
The first movie was in my opinion the greatest family movie in recent years. Surprisingly, the sequel is better!

Ben Whishaw as Paddington is still amazing. Hugh Grant is GREAT! I want to see him more in this type of roles. Brendan Gleeson is excellent. All the other characters from the first movie have strong presence here.

The movie is extremely funny and entertaining. You may notice some similarities between this and the first movie but the script and the direction took everything one step forward and deliver pure joy and entertainment. This is a strong achievement.

I left the cinema with a big smile on my face. I really enjoyed every minute in it.
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How the f**k am I rating this 10/10?
KrazyJoke23 January 2018
What the hell was that ? How the hell is this movie so good? It's a child movie, it a sequel too a great film who din't needed a sequel, and it uses CGI for it's main character. This movie had everything to be bad and worst than it first movie who was already a suprise. Yet it's so good ! I'm 14 years old i'm way passed the age of watching movies with small jokes that child love and all, yet I loved the movie mucn more than childs at the theater ! I was focused on this film like I was with Oscar candidate like The Shape of Water, Billboards and all of them, this movie is a decent family movie classic for years to come, Paddington is for me the new Toy Story franchise, since just like Toy Story it has an excellent first movie and yet they still improve for it's sequels! Funny,cute, heart-warming, dazzling,fun, magical and interesting this movie had it all! The cast is great, nothing is missplaced in the movie, the plot makes sense not a single scene is wasted ! The first 20min of introduction are amazing, with all the 80's british nostaligia looking like some Instagram Boomerang while introducing the characters was an excellent scene! The Scrap-Book scene was done brillantly with some insane visuals and a charming way of telling a story! Finnaly almost every scene with Paddington is great, he is cute funny and the visuals or should I say the CGI on him is insane. So i'm just saying this may be for now one of my favorite movie of the year and I never thougt I would of said something this crazy only Toy Story and Zootopia made me feel this way! So it his a 10/10 for me great job on the direction the actors, the characters and everyone involved in this movie I truly had a great time!
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All of the film's highlights are in the trailer
2001ASOfan23 January 2018
Just as a warning and to give you a sense of how much "Paddington 2" was ruined by my involuntarily seeing the trailer multiple times prior to its opening (I go to the movies in theaters a lot), all of its major plot points and surprises are in the trailer--there are no additional joke punchlines, plot twists, or revelations at all. The trailer is one big, long, Spoiler. But my 2 out of 10 star rating and reaction to seeing the film is also as much about what a wisp of a movie it is even if it's been ruined by seeing the trailer--and don't start assuming I hate sweet films that are meant to be inoffensive and loveable: Just the opposite--I'm often overcome with emotion in G or PG-rated films that are a stark and daring contrast to all the snark and violence in many mainstream films. But "Paddington 2" all but fluffs up, softly twinkles, and disappears while you're watching it. It feels like there's nothing there. Even a bright, primary-colored onscreen carnival and its rides have been scrubbed and painted to a glossy sheen, and it struck me as so odd that no one is seen actually riding and enjoying them in the background. The whole film feels just as sterile and lifeless as that carnival. One critic lovingly compared this film to a roll of Charmin toilet tissue--and I'm assuming he or she meant soft, fluffy, and comforting. But, for me, it was so sweetly bland it lost me early on, and never regained my interest--and there was that nagging, recurring realization that I'd seen all of its best moments in the trailer. I'm happy for those who love this film, and Paddington the bear and the books that feature him--it is undeniably well-intentioned to be a comforting, inoffensive family film (and character), but somehow it left me bored, cold, depressed, and very, very disappointed.
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Excellent movie
andrewwin-2195023 January 2018
This movie Paddington 2 released on November 9, 2017. The actor includes Mary Brown, Henry Brown, and Paddington. The film was directed by Paul King. The movie is an advantageous comedy which took place in London.

The movie was a fine day, he spots a pop-up book in an antique shop -- the perfect present for his beloved aunt's 100th birthday. When a thief steals the prized book, Paddington embarks on an epic quest to unmask the culprit before Aunt Lucy's big celebration.

In conclusion, this movie is very good for people who love watching action comedy is because they combine the genre of the movie perfectly. This movie has a meaning that tell us that if a good person like the bear will have a happy ending while the bad ones will get consequences. Many of the actor's acts are very funny and enjoyable to watch.
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A really fun film but has some messy story points
secretzfan22 January 2018
I really did enjoy this movie. Much like the first film it still has the wit and charm to it that makes it really fun to watch. It is very innocent and cute too. All the cast members give it there all in making this film come together and helping to create a more satisfying experience.

But this film has a major fault in its plot. There are things in it that don't make a lot of sense especially when the investigation comes together it is very messy and doesn't make a once of sense. I understand that this is a film about a talking bear so there is some suspension of disbelief that needs to be had, but when your plot is being focused on that part of the film needs to make some sense.

Now this doesn't change my love for the film at all. I just really wanted to give this movie a 10 and have found cause of this one mistake it made I really can not now. Still though the film has a very funny and entertaining villain that was very eccentric that I liked. And some of the prisoners were very good too.

Overall the Paddington sequel is a very great add on to the franchise.
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I can't believe I'm giving this film 10 stars... but it deserves it!
keal22 January 2018
I went to see this film simply because the critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes was 100%, and I had already seen the rest of the films at my local theater (Jumanji, Molly's Game, The Commuter) and this was the last thing I had to see before the next week's new shows would come around.

I hadn't seen the first Paddington. No one I knew had yet seen Paddington 2. So I saw it knowing nothing except that everyone I talked to loved the first Paddington. Whew. I was floored. I immediately took to the main character. The voice actor is just perfect for Paddington. So polite, and so likeable.

I laughed when the kids in the theater laughed, and cried a few times during the heartwarming scenes. The very end scene made me sob because it was so extremely touching. I tell people that this stupid kid's movie made me cry. Paddington 2 is AWESOME.

I then watched the first Paddington movie at home. This sequel is better, and you don't need to see the first one to enjoy it, but if you saw the first one? It continues the story with many of the same characters. Not just the main ones, but also the secondary characters!

I don't care for films aimed at children, simply because there's enough films aimed at adults like me to take my theater money, but at this very time, with films like Jumanji and The Last Jedi.... Paddington 2 is at the top! If you have to spend your hard-earned money to watch something on the big screen, you will not regret spending it on this!

All the prison scenes, and scenes with the characters from the prison, are just the most enjoyable things I've seen in years. Nuckles the chef is just the best! The final scene... I'm talking about the very last 30 seconds of the film... make the whole movie worth more than anything else playing in the theater right now. Bring your tissues!
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manmeetkang-7237521 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I love bears I love bears I love bears I love bears I like hats Go Green Lantern!!!!!!!!
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A rare sequel that's better then the original, Paddington 2 is a sweet reminder why we need those who see the good in everyone
RforFilm19 January 2018
A couple of years ago, the world got an adaptation of the Paddington stories. Unlike a lot of other children stories adaptations, it was clear that the bear's optimistic nature wasn't just going to translate to the character, but to the entire film. Oddly, seeing a movie with such a cheery nature was rare. In the age where the idea of good "storytelling" is to keep going dark, Paddington enforces the notion that there is a lot of good in the world that we seem to have a hard time finding. I too believe that the world would be a better place if we had more people that were just as supportive as Paddington.

What I also liked about both the Paddington movie and stories is that they do acknowledge that there are bad people out there. They do understand that not everyone is going to give in to a sunny attitude. They even show that Paddington himself questions his positive persona and whether it's the best way to respond to situations. It's a story that may not offer something big to think about, it just feels like a nice breath of fresh air that we don't see as often as we should. That's why I'm glad to see his further adventures in Paddington 2.

Paddington (played by Ben Whishaw) seems to have everything he wants; his human family, a neighborhood full of friends, and most importantly, everyone's happiness. He now wants to get a special present for his Aunt Lucy's one-hundredth birthday. Given she's always wanted to come to London, he finds a pop up book that he thinks would finally show her the beauty of the city. The problem is when he tries to buy it from the antique shop, the owner Samuel (played by Jim Broadbent) tells him that it's rare and will cost a thousand pounds.

Paddington takes this time to get a variety of jobs to raise the money. At the same time, he remains supportive of his family's goals; Henry (played by Hugh Bonneville) wants a promotion at his job, Mary (played by Sally Hawkins) is getting ready to swim the English Chanel, daughter Judy is running her school's newspaper, and son Jonathan is trying to become a musician. Things reach a breaking point when Paddington is accused of trying to steal the book and is sent to jail. While he tries to make the prison a better place, the family tries to catch the real thief, a struggling actor Phoenix Buchanan (played by Hugh Grant).

Paddington 2 is proof that with proper care, a sweet character not only can pull off a sequel that's just as good, it might be even better then the original. The first Paddington is certainly a great movie, though it did embark on a lot of "fish out of water" tropes that you see in stories about people moving. Here, Paddington is faced with further challenges about whether he can help everyone. He also goes through more "fish out of water" elements in the prison, but they feel harder then before.

The story is elevated thanks to two people. Ben Whishaw continues to take a character, that could have been a bland ray of sunshine, and gives him a sense of honesty that makes his optimism more genuine. I think it's the fact that you see him work hard to try and find what makes people think better for themselves. The other is Hugh Grant who is just fun as the over-the-top villain. He's hammy, but in a way that does manage several laughs. You can tell he's having fun making this guy arrogant.

The story itself is also interesting. Paddington's original goal was simply to get a present, but he's also forced to confront just how mean the world can be. He finds most of his answers in the prison he's sent to. And I do like just how far his human family sets to get him out. Even the climax, which is a lot more action orientated then I would expect from a Paddington movie, get in a thrilling train chase. This is the kind of story that children and their parents will like.

I'll give this ten Paddington hats out of ten. It relieve me to know that there are storytellers out there that want to show that there are good people out there and are fully aware that they too have their struggles. Paddington is a character that we all need to have to show how much care can provide. Go see this and get a smile. Maybe a pop up book as well.
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Lovely, absolutely lovely!
peterbreis19 January 2018
A delight to watch a children's movie that makes you smile from ear to ear.

Clever and smart on many different levels and acted to a T.

Having recently come from that waste of space the latest Star Wars movie my faith in humanity was once again restored. Its not just about cash, cliches and commercialism! Well actually it is, but can it hurt to do it with style and good humour and without tub thumping commercialism?

Four thumbs up. Just because of this movie I am actually going back to the cinemas.
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