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Big Art
zif ofoz26 June 2016
This documentary's focus is on a brief art movement that manifest itself during the 1960's and 1970's. These artist worked in a monumental scale that required heavy machinery like bulldozers, cranes, big trucks, and in some cases the use of dynamite. Their creations are so large it is best seen by airplane!

If you have an interest in art this one hour film will fascinate you and have you wondering just how these geniuses accomplished these creations that are basically unknown outside of the academic art community. These artist - some deceased, some still living - are obscure today but in their youth their energy and creativity captured the imagination of benefactors that helped fund these larger than life creations.

My favorite is the artist that placed giant concrete pipes in the desert, drilled holes through them to mimic stars in the heavens. The sunlight shown through the holes during the day to create an image of the stars then at night you could look through the holes and see the very stars the holes represented. (Something like that)

Give it a look - it's a real eye opener!
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